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Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party. (Photo Peter Brunskill)

On 5 March 2014, at the Market Oracle, 'policy analyst' Andrew_McKillop asks: Would England Use Force To Stop Scottish Independence? 

According to Andrew McKillop (Biography):

1.  Any English action to prevent Scotland from becoming independent would be a land and resource grab. 

2. Scotland can model itself on Norway or Switzerland.

"Neither Norway nor Switzerland are member states of the EU, which they rightly regard as a dangerously unstable Debtors Union run by the 20th century champion of European lebensraum and aggression – Germany."


3. Scotland is 'saturated' with nuclear weapons and nuclear-related 'assets'. 

"Scotland was the Northern Fortress for London-minded strategic planners – and also a nice distance from the English Heartland."

Chapelcross in Dumfries and Galloway produced material for the London government's nuclear weapons.

Dounreay in Caithness became the second-largest plutonium storage site in Europe.

A major accident at Dounreay could wreck one third of Europe.

Hunterston B and Torness have added to the massive stocks of ultra-dangerous nuclear materials.

4. We should remember that, in order to keep hold of Ireland or parts of Ireland, the English split the Irish into nationalist and Unionist camps.

Churchill stoked the early phase of the 1918-1923 Irish Civil War. 

"Gangsters and paramilitaries are always waiting in the wings."

England used the policy of 'divide and rule' to try to hold onto its colonies.

St Andrews


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Newspaceman said...

Is that a set square that Salmond is carrying, or just a trick of the light ?


shirlz007 said...

Would England use force? Maybe it already did in regards to that Glasgow helicopter 'False Flag' crash? (which looks highly suspicious... but without a clear motive)

British Intelligence is to ingrained with Scottish politics/Freemasonry for it to be truly independent... some would speculate Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is the most powerful institute in the land.

Alex Salmond... I don't trust anyone who has dinner with Rupert 'Elliot Carver' Murdoch! (unless their planning on lacing it with cyanide)

Stephen Gash said...

The most malign influence upon England has been the union with Scotland.

Far from England 'land grabbing' from Scotland it has been Scotland grabbing territory from England. A good example is the Solway Firth border being moved south to bring wind farms under Scottish control. The North Sea border does not presently follow international guidelines and indeed, until the late 90s merely followed a line of latitude, thus placing 5000 square miles of English water under Scotland's maritime control. This was rectified shortly after devolution, with much wailing from Scots. The border still needs further rectifying as it still favours Scotland.

English independence and concrete and barbed wire borders are far more likely than an English invasion.

Stephen Gash said...

We English are fed up with being the whipping boys of this blasted Union. Until Scottish banks wrecked the UK economy all we heard from Scots was how they ran the country and once ran the Empire. It was Scots who gleefully enslaved Black folk in the Caribbean providing a disproportionately high number of slave owners. It was Scots who disproportionately suppressed the native peoples of the Empire.

England was the first country to be invaded by both the United Kingdom and the British Empire. This was particularly true of the Irish, who not only pored into England but flooded the colonies. Every Irish bar in the world pays testament to Irish hypocrisy. Ireland for the Irish and everywhere else for the Irish.

The only country to have truly benefited from the United Kingdom is Scotland. Yes, without the United Kingdom Scotland's history would have resembled Norways, without the Vikings, and Scotland's shipbuilding would have been akin to Switzerland's.

Newspaceman said...

Stephen, please just expand :

"It was Scots who disproportionately suppressed the native peoples of the Empire."

Who's Empire, and who built it, and by what means ? How was the Sottish influence on this disproportionate. What you basing that on, disproportionate to what exactly ?

Then we can maybe debate the rest of the shite you write.


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