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Michael Jackson, David Blaine, Paul Boateng and Yuri Geller.

What links Michael Jackson, Jimmy Savile and Mr X?

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and Sir Jimmy Savile.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the UK's National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) has links to the opposition Labour Party and to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

In 1976, a Press release from the NCCL proposed that the official age of consent should by lowered to 14 and be dropped to ten in cases where 'the consent of the child' could 'be proved'.

Geller with former UK prime minister Edward Heath, who has reportedly been linked to pedophile rings, allegedly linked to the CIA and Mossad.

What the Daily Mail fails to point out is that the governing Conservative Party also has links to child abusers.

As the Daily Mirror has pointed out, top people in the Conservative Party have been linked to the Elm Guest House boy brothel and to boys trafficked to Holland.

Conservative Party members of the Monday Club had trips to Holland. 

The Conservative Party's Lord Carrington was linked to a pedophile scandal.

Carrington had hoped to become NATO Secretary General, but he was unpopular with the Americans.

The Sunday People revealed that the Conservative Group for Homosexual Equality (CGHE) “strongly recommended” that its members visit the Elm Guest House boy brothel.

Children as young as 10, procured from children's homes, were abused by top people at Elm Guest House in London.

In 1983, Margaret Thatcher's (Jewish) Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, wrote to the CGHE "saying he supported the wholly reasonable aim of reducing the age of homosexual consent... and that the Conservative Party supported 'all minorities'."

Uri Geller and Greville Janner. Greville Janner, VIP child abuse, mysterious death

Apparently the child abuse rings are linked to the drugs trade and the weapons trade.

The Daily Mail lists various people connected to the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), including:

Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party and 'close friend Margaret Hodge' (née Oppenheimer).

Henry Hodge, Islington councillor, former chairman of the NCCL, husband of MARGARET HODGE.

Paul Boateng, former Labour Cabinet minister who became British Commissioner in South Africa.

Michael Jackson, David Blaine, Paul Boateng and Yuri Geller.

The Paedophile Information Exchange was founded in Edinburgh in October 1974 by Michael Hanson and Ian Campbell Dunn.

Campbell Dunn reportedly raped a 15-year-old boy.

The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) joined the National Council of Civil Liberties (NCCL) and remained affiliated until 1983; Harman left her post as legal officer at the NCCL in 1982.

Marie Staunton

Harman's successor as legal officer, Marie Staunton, defended the affiliation to PIE.

She said: "The NCCL is campaigning to lower the age of consent to 14.

"An affiliate group like the Paedophile Information Exchange would agree with our policy..."

Marie Staunton has been the British director of Amnesty Internationaldeputy director of UNICEF in the UK, and head of the international children's charity Plan International.

Read more:

Michael Jackson worked for AmeriCares, reported to be a front for the CIA, and reported to have links to pedophile rings.


John Allen (Mr X) and kids.

John Allen was estimated to be worth more than 7 million pounds

He ran child care homes, which reportedly acted as child brothels.

He ran a video company called Video People Ltd.

He received lots of government money.

In 1992, a fire in a flat in Brighton killed five people, at least one of whom was known to John Allen. 

Scallywag Magazine article. / PEDOPHILE RINGS .

Mr X was close to certain cabinet ministers.

Geller and Jackson

Uri Geller, who is close to the Jackson family, has now admitted that he worked with NASA and was a spy for the CIA


The elite would appear to be heavily involved with pedophile rings, mind control and the trade in drugs and arms.


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Monarch ?

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How British Agents where duped by Zionists - Part II

Secret MI5 files reveal Zionist plot to kill Winston Churchill

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A Paul Boateng, whose son was convicted of a serious sexual assault.

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why does the former, now deceased, British PM in a suit look like one of the Pigs depicted in Animal Farm?

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Ken Livingston was presented with proof of Paul Boating's visits to Nomrod house and West Lynn children's home with a black footballer.

Yuri Geller was and still is Mossad. See youtube vid of Chris Cooper investigations; cooper said at that time Geller was a fake.

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I would like to say that Michael would not harm a child and he would not be involved with these people unless he had no choice.

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