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The Thatchers with Skye McAlpine, daughter of Lord McAlpine, who was the Conservative Party Treasurer while MargaretThatcher was prime Minister.

Margaret Thatcher enjoyed the company of young Skye McAlpine, the daughter of Alistair McAlpine.

Skye once played play hide-and-seek with Margaret Thatcher at the McAlpine estate at West Green.

They didn't tell anyone what they were doing


West Green.

Skye spent many Christmases with the Thatchers, sometimes at Chequers, sometimes in London or Venice.

http://www.dailymail. / aangirfan: THATCHER; LESBIAN MP; LESBIAN PARTY ...

'Groper' Alfred Roberts and his favourite daughter, who became Margaret Thatcher.

There are reports that Margaret Thatcher's father sexually abused young girls.

In 1997 the magazine Punch published an article by ProfessorBernard Crick featuring allegations, including one from an alleged victim, that Alfred Roberts had been involved in several sexual assaults on young women.

The article claimed that Roberts was the inspiration for a lecherous character who was a local councillor and grocer in the 1937 satire of Grantham, Rotten Borough[12]

Child abuse, arms deals, murders, deep state, Cyprus.

Alistair McAlpine (above) was accused of being involved in a child abuse scandal.


Lord McAlpine - Page 28 - David Icke's Official Forums.

"In May 2003 the London Evening Standard reported that Lord McAlpine was the 'well-known and anonymous collector' for whom Bloomsbury Book Auctions was selling a collection of 344 'fashion and eroticism' photographs, including '10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by Graham Ovenden'."

Graham Ovenden – Peter and Juliette Blake (1976). Ovenden jailed for sexual abuse.

Alistair McAlpine 'died' on 17 January 1014.

His daughter Skye "had three missed calls from him in the days before his death" and she "had not got round to calling him back."


Skye 1989.

When Skye was a child, Alistair McAlpine wrote a play for her puppets and had it bound in a leather book, with illustrations by the Venetian artist Ludovico de Luigi.

Ludovico de Luigi

Alistair McAlpine "wasn’t one for school plays and parents’ evenings."

But "even at the age of four" he would take Skye for lunch "with the photographer Terence Donovan or grandees of the party, such as Norman Tebbit."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Photo by Terence Donovan






NASA moon rock from Apollo mission revealed to be fake



shirlz007 said...

It's funny you should post a piece on 'fake moon rocks'... Im being told (after pushing for answers on the 'ET agenda')...

'We haven't even been to the moon. All three Apollo missions where faked. Stanley Kubrick was hired by NASA to direct them... most of NASA where unaware of the deception'

'Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission
to the moon, proving that the crew never left earth orbit.'

'it drove the late Stanley Kubrick to the point of insanity... as evidently displayed in The Shining'

The Shining Code

'they even put it in a Bond film... Diamonds are Forever!'

(God damn it!)

Missing Malaysian flight MH307

24 hours later and no wreckage has been found. Are the Chinese authorities certain their looking in the correct location? I mean... this has happened before! Korean Airlines 007 (1983), shot down over disputed 'Soviet Airspace'.
Air traffic control believed the flight be in one location, when the pilots readings stated it to be in another. Because of the discrepancies of the flights final location, wreckage wasn't found for days... (leaving plenty of time for TPTB to spin their story, plant fake wreckage etc.)

Passports stolen years prior? Israeli Mossad? :D

Anon said...

Anonymous said...
Good work Aang, even during the so called "Twitter Storm" when the b.... Lord McAlpine was manipulating the media you guys here stood your ground and printed what every one else was too scared to. The scumbag McAlpine was playing a very clever game by ensuring that ALL the child abuse scandals involving top people in the UK would be pushed back under the carpet for a very long time because people are scared of being sued. If he is "dead"...

Anonymous said...

Did Skye attend a "funeral"? *innocent face*?

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