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Savile, who lived near two US spy bases. Charles Frith .

It has been alleged that Sir Jimmy Savile operated a pedophile ring with the help of Peter Jaconelli a top Conservative party politician in North Yorkshire in the UK.

"Real Whitby has consistently alleged that Jimmy Savile operated in Scarborough and Whitby in a paedophile-ring with Peter Jaconelli."

Savile and Jaconelli. 'AIR FORCE BROUGHT ABUSERS TO CHILD SEX ORGIES / Jimmy Savile; Jaconelli; Dr Who; Elm Guest House

Allegedly, the police, including Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross of the notorious North Yorkshire Police, protected this pedophile ring.

Savile and Jaconelli child abuse ring

RAF Fylingdales, a key base for ballistic missile warning and space surveillance, is near to Scarborough and Whitby. Savile, reportedly a top spy, lived in Scarborough. 'SAVILE THE SPY'.

The BBC One - Inside Out documentary, of February 2014, featured some of the witnesses "who confirmed that Peter Jaconelli was a rabid paedophile and that North Yorkshire Police had both known of his offending and covered it up."

According to Real Whitby, "it is quite clear from the BBC, Real Whitby, theScarborough News and the Sunday Express that the police's Operation Yewtree has not properly investigated Savile" and child abuse in Scarborough, Whitby and Rampton Hospital.

The BBC Inside Out Documentary "confirmed that Deputy Chief Constable Sue Cross had not interviewed any of the witnesses to Jaconelli's offending."

Some of them are specified here.

Fylingdales is effectively a US spy base.

North Yorkshire Police "are still limiting the witness evidence available to its investigation."

Real Whitby raised its concerns with HM Inspector of Constabulary Drusilla Sharpling CBE.

HMI Sharpling ordered North Yorkshire Police to conduct further investigations.

North Yorkshire Police's Detective Superintendent Steve Smith "is still limiting the witness evidence available to the investigation."

Fylingdales forms one of three stations in the United States Ballistic Missile Early Warning System network

The United States funds the cost of the radar units. 

RAF Fylingdales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The other two stations in the network are Thule Air Base, Greenland and Clear Air Force Station, Alaska.

The data grab obtained by Fylingdales is shared with the United States, where it feeds into the US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. 

A United States liaison officer is stationed at the base.

Savile, friend of the military.

Between 1989 and 1992, Raytheon, the US defence contractor, completed a contract that saw the domes replaced by the current tetrahedron ('pyramid') structure, housing the Active Electronically Scanned Arrays or AESA (phased array) radar.

A £449 million upgrade for RAF Fylingdales to become an NMD tracking facility is now underway by Boeing, with Raytheon as the major subcontractor.

The Independent reported that the British Government secretly agreed to a US request to station NMD missile interceptors at Fylingdales Moor in late 2004.

RAF Menwith Hill, is also located in Yorkshire and has a close arrangement with the United States.

In 2012, the Guardian reported:

"Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire (above), is being expanded in a multimillion-pound programme as it becomes increasingly vital to US intelligence and military operations, according to a study of the controversial base...

"The base, which plays a key role in the global network of the National Security Agency (NSA)... is undergoing a big construction programme.

"The study describes the programme, called Project Phoenix, as 'one of the largest and most sophisticated high technology programmes carried out anywhere in the UK over the last 10 years'.

"Work on it has been reserved for US-based arms corporations including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, and their personnel with high-level security clearance, it notes.

"Though the base is officially called RAF Menwith Hill, most of the staff there are US employees of the NSA. 

"The total number of people working there is due to increase from 1,800 last year (of whom 400 were British) to 2,500 in 2015."

Menwith Hill eavesdropping base.


Anonymous said...

Ukraine: Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots


Troyhand said...

Ann Arbor, Michigan

North Fox Island

If I've learned anything from researching and writing about crime, it's that a lot of bad things happened in the '70s. That's one of the only reasons I can think for why this wasn't a bigger story at the time.

The Fox Islands are two small, uninhabited islands off the coast of northern Michigan, about 20 miles west of Charlevoix. North Fox is the smaller island, a desolate 800 acres of woods bisected by a prominent airstrip.

Francis D. Shelden must have found the airstrip convenient. In 1976, he owned North Fox Island, and liked to fly his private plane there --- with a group of unsuspecting young boys as his passengers. But I'll get to that.

Shelden was in his late 40s then, Yale educated, an entrepreneur and heir to a family fortune whose home base was in Ann Arbor. He fancied himself something of a philanthropist. He was also sexually interested in prepubescent boys.

Shelden, with the help of several like-minded associates, decided to combine his interests and started Brother Paul's Children's Mission, a "nature camp" for boys aged 7 to 16, located on his tiny, isolated and uninhabited island.

The organization even obtained tax-exempt status as a charity from the Internal Revenue Service.

The problem was, Brother Paul's was actually a front for an underground child pornography network. Boys were coerced into sexual acts and then photographed for use in porn magazines. Pictures that later turned up in such magazines were determined to have been taken on North Fox Island.

Authorities caught on by the summer of '76, and Brother Paul's chief organizer, Gerald Richards, was arrested on charges of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Shortly thereafter Shelden was charged, but by then he'd cleaned out his Ann Arbor and island residences and fled in his private plane. The twin-engine plane was later discovered in Arizona.

His father said he believed his son was out of the country. Shelden died in 1996, having been charged but never extradited.

The story's details are almost too sensationalist to believe --- the millionaire pedophile, the scary island, the escape in a private plane.

In retrospect, it may have been that larger-than-life quality that muddied the waters; when the villains are so flamboyant, it's easy to miss the lesser bit players in the story.

Nothing appeared to link the North Fox Island porn ring with the child murders that were occurring around the same time in the southern part of the state.

A throwaway line in the Traverse Record-Eagle about one of the men involved in the porn ring could easily be overlooked:

"Police confiscated eight rolls of film from Christopher Busch, 25, of Birmingham."

Troyhand said...

San Jose Mercury News, JULY 24, 1988


Michael Aquino, Satan and the U.S. Military

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Mass Media Conspiracy Lies, Hoaxes & Manipulation (Full documentary)


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GCHQ have a small outpost nr Scarborough don't forget

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Raytheon and Boeing both placed put options prior to 9/11.

Ann Diamond said...

A woman contacted me a few months ago with a story about growing up near military bases in New Brunswick, Canada, part of a military experiment using psychic children in an early warning system. She later became involved with people in the music business including Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, all involved in Satanic cults. She claims she was also was lured into becoming the "star" of a porn film in Denver, CO in 1979 and narrowly escaped getting snuffed. FBI whistleblower Ted Gunderson contacted her about her involvement as a psychic child in the classified program in Canada. It appears these children were groomed for prostitution, trafficked across borders, used in pornography and snuff films and some even survive here and there. This woman has been homeless and suffers from PTSD, making her indistinguishable from thousands of marginal people many of whom gravitate to British Columbia which is the Canadian hub for drugs, human trafficking and also murder. Many were born into military families or in poverty, some were sold as children to the military or into university experiments which used caged orphans as human guinea pigs...

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