Tuesday, March 18, 2014


On 18 March 2014, an unknown sniper' killed a 'self-defense member' (presumably pro-Russia) and a Ukrainian soldier near a military research centre in Crimea.

2 killed in shooting near Crimea military research center, sniper suspected

The 'suspected sniper' opened fire in two directions from a partially inhabited building near the military research centre in Simferopol.

The Kryminform news agency, citing an unnamed local police source, reports shooting came from a house under construction opposite the centre and targeted Crimean self-defense units as well the military centre itself.

According to a government source: "Earlier today self-defense units were informed that a group of armed men had been discovered in a partially inhabited building.

"As they were taking measures to check, self-defense units came under fire."

Staff inside the military centre confirmed that the shooting came from a nearby house under construction.

Earlier, Ukrainian servicemen reported that, on the previous night, unknown groups tried to break into several military bases, but self-defense units (pro-Russia) managed to prevent them from entering.

Kryminform’s police source did not rule out that anti-Russian provocateurs are at work.

The government of Ukraine (Nazi-Nato) claim that "Russian soldiers started shooting at Ukrainian servicemen".

"This is a war crime," Ukraine's Prime-Monster Arse Yatsenyuk told a meeting at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Vladik in Crimea

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who remains the darling of the neocons, is known for harbouring and giving sanction to a large child pornography industry.

Azov Films, of Toronto and Stafford Virginia, used primarily Russian and Ukrainian children from poor families or orphanages.


dognamedblue said...

lest we forget how operation barbaeossa was started by the last lot of nazis

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Shady Ukraine Linked BBC Charity Funded Out Of US State Dept & UK Foreign Aid (DFID) Budget

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