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Mick Jagger and Jimmy Savile are both linked to the spooks and to boys.

Mick Jagger's deceased 'girlfriend', L'Wren Scott, was raised by her adoptive Mormon family in Roy, Utah.

Nat Rothschild with L’Wren Scott

L' Wren Scott has an Eyes Wide Shut connection.

Mick Jagger and boys in Mustique

Mick Jagger reportedly had sexual affairs with David Bowie, Brian Jones, MI5's Tom Driberg and many others.

Being somewhat 'gay' Mick Jagger has always been wildly popular with the girls.

Chrissie Shrimpton took pills in an attempted overdose after Mick Jagger left her for singer Marianne Faithful.


Jagger's sex life is revealed in "MICK: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Mick Jagger", by Christopher Andersen.

Mick Jagger's affair with David Bowie revealed / Jagger and Bowie - They were sexually obsessed with each other.

Jagger says: "I had my first sexual experiences with boys at school...I think that's true of almost every boy."

Jagger liked to impersonate Marilyn Monroe, a victim of CIA brainwashing.

"I identify with Marilyn," Jagger has said.

Jagger - top right

When he moved into a flat in London with Jones and Richards, Mick liked to wear lipstick, mascara, a lavender hairnet, stockings and high heels.

According to Richards, "Mick was waving his hands everywhere. A real King's Road queen."

When Jagger and the gay interior designer Nick Haslam were at a King's Road restaurant, a man at the next table asked Jagger: "Are you a man or a woman?"

Jagger stood up and unzipped his trousers to prove he was male.

Reportedly, Jagger shared a bed with the Stones' guitarist Mick Taylor and later shared a bed with the Stones' manager Andrew Oldham.

The spooky Tom Driberg (left) with the Russian spy Guy Burgess, friend of Lord Ted Rothschild. (BRITAIN RUN BY AGENTS OF FOREIGN POWERS?)

Reportedly Jagger told his friend Barry Miles that he'd spent a night in bed with the top politician Tom Driberg and with the poet Alan Ginsberg.

Driberg was a spy and a lover of rent boys.


While Jagger was friends with singer Marianne Faithfull he liked to wear her frocks.

In her autobiography, Marianne Faithful wrote that Mick Jagger said, "If Keith (a member of his band) were here right now, I'd lick him all over."

David Bowie took Jagger to gay films.

Ava Cherry, a back-up singer who lived with the Bowies for a time, reportedly told a friend that: ‘Mick and David were really sexually obsessed with each other. Even though I was in bed with them many times, I ended up just watching.’

Mick Jagger attended THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (above). 

Former Pakistan president Musharraf stated that Omar Saeed Sheikh was recruited by MI6, while studying at the London School of Economics.

There is a suspicion that Mick Jagger is a victim of brainwashing by the Tavistock Institute and the CIA.

According to Alex Constantine: "A CIA operative arrived in the lives of the Stones.

"He claimed to be a James Bond figure and he turned up with a valise full of every drug you can imagine. 

"At this point the Stones still hadn't done LSD. 

"They woke up one morning at the home of Keith Richards and here was this character slipping LSD into their tongues as they were waking up."

LSD expert David Snyderman with Keith Richards in 1967. 

Why did the Rolling Stones's pal David Sniderman/Schneidermann have "a whole collection of different passports in different names and with different nationalities on them."

(Michael Cooper quoted in Tony Sanchez's book - Up and Down with the Rolling Stones.)

Mick Jagger had said that "war stems from power-mad politicians and patriots.

"We must end all these mindless men from seats of power, and replace them with real people, people of compassion." 

According to the book Mick Jagger by Philip Norman, MI5 and the FBI took a strong interest in The Stones

Jagger - brainwashed?

Redlands, Richards's cottage, was raided by the police.

There were reports that the police had discovered Marianne Faithfull in 'a compromising position with a Mars Bar'.

According to Philip Norman:

This story was 'pure invention'.

The Redlands raid was part of a plot, orchestrated by MI5 and the FBI.

David Snyderman, working for the FBI and MI5, reportedly infiltrated the Rolling Stones in order to supply them with drugs.


Was Jagger brainwashed and 'used' for sex?


Anonymous said...


shirlz007 said...

The Rolling Stones... followers of Allister Crowley (aswell as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, many others)

Paint it Black - Legionnaire anthem for some strange region.

shirlz007 said...

'' When you decide to be something, you can be it. That's what they don't tell you in the church. When I was your age, they would say, we can become cops, or criminals. Today, what I'm saying to you is this: when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference?''

Please Aang/Irfan... anyone else?... 'enlighten' me please!... WHATS THE DIFFERENCE?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Jean Shrimpton - it was her younger sister,Chrissie.
And,as I click onto your site with Opera 12.15 browser,I get a message about a
"security certificate has expired" & the named app is something like
Just to let you know.

Anonymous said...


I havejust come from the Tap blog


and with all due respect

this woman L'Wren who has just allegedly 'hanged herself' with her own scarf, allegedly 6m dollars in debt, this former model who these days 'dresses the 'stars'…."

the dress she designed for Nichole Kidman (pictured at the Tap) reminds me of the dresses worn by Rebekah Brooks

more like a 'Salem witch' if you ask me
but some get aroused by this 'look' I am told.

Take a look and let us know

the sick sick story

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan your 'common taters' so far are 'all on the same page'

which says something about the unfailing Universal Law of Attraction :-)

Just as Mick keeps attracting these tall, long-legged women who do not seem to know what they do!

While Mick, of course, knows all too well.

He thinks.

sovereigntea said...

Jagger used to live in Henderson Av Dartford ... The Local pub is the Temple Belle.

Album cover Their Satanic Majesties Request

The nicely dressed sweet boys sit in the foreground Saturn & the Moon in the sky the backdrop is of green planes with a backdrop of mountains and a Russian style church / Synagogue. There is a tree to the lhs and a single branch lhs forground a special branch. The mountains are the Urals. Their Satanic majesties Khazar Jews controlled the music industry & Victor Rothchild reigned.

Robert Calvert died of a heart attack at the age of 40 ish he looked well enough when I met him a few weeks before. Both he & his friend Marc Bolan had car crashes.

Robert Calvert Evil Rock (HQ)

Recall the skullduggery surrounding the British SR177 rocket powered fighter and the Lockheed F104 Starfighter. Calvert wound up the military industrial complex with an album about the affair.

Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters

Lockheed had paid out millions of dollars in "sales incentives" in each of these countries to secure the deal. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands confessed to taking more than one million USD in bribes from Lockheed to buy the F-104.

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