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Philip Wood and Sarah Bajc.

James R reports

ReportedlyPhilip Wood, a passenger on MH370, posted a message and photo on a forum, after he disappeared.

Allegedly, the phone message below was left on March 19th by ‘anonymous’ who later says that his name is ‘Philip Wood’ and he titles his message ‘help’ and goes on to say:

"I have been held hostage by unknown military personnel after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). 

"I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my @ss during the hijack. 

"I have been separated from the other passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. 

"I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."

Reportedly, the photo is completely black; information encoded in the photo viewed by right clicking the file and selecting Properties and then Details, provides access to a number of details about when and where the photo was taken. 

These indicate that the photo was taken at a place with almost identical co-ordinates as Diego Garcia. 

This could be faked.

One big problem is that Wood's partner Sarah Bajc clearly does not believe it, neither do his family apparently.

Above, we see the details of the 'black' photo.

Stroppy Me said...

Wood  may have sent his message to a phone contact, who opened it in Photoshop to see if he/she could make out what was in the photo, then posted it to 4plebs board.

The GPS coordinates contained in the photo take you directly to a biulding on Diego Garcia (south of the runway and inland from a beach).

Of course this doesn't rule out the fact that a nonce stationed at the base did it for a laugh.

Given the reluctance of the US to help recovery in any meaningful way, at least until every other country had given up its secrets/data, its still the most probable theory.

Matthias Chang (above right), political secretary and adviser to former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (above left), asks:

Was MH 370 weaponised before its flight to Beijing?

If so, what are the likely methods for such a mission – Biological weapons, dirty bombs?

Was Beijing / China the target and if so why?

Was the plane ordered to turn back, if so who gave the order?

Why were no questions asked about whether the flight path of MH 370 was within the geographical parameters of the Intelligence capabilities of Diego Garcia?

Why were no planes deployed from Diego Garcia to intercept the “Unidentified” plane which obviously would pose a threat to the Diego Gracia military base?

Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370: The Trillion Dollar Question to the U.S. and Its Intelligence Services

WantaChinaTimes, Taiwan reported:

"The United States has taken advantage of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight to test the capabilities of China’s satellites and judge the threat of Chinese missiles against its aircraft carriers...

"Erich Shih, chief reporter at Chinese-language military news monthly Defense International, said the US has more and better satellites but has not taken part in the search for flight MH370...

"Shih claimed that the US held back because it wanted to see what information China’s satellites would provide."

Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370: The Trillion Dollar Question to the U.S. and Its Intelligence Services

27 March - a Pentagon operation involving a Boeing 777 flying from Asia to Seattle.

 Schwarzman of Freescale.

Yoichi Shimatsuformer editor of The Japan Times Weekly, writes that A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

(Link from John Alan)

According to Yoichi Shimatsu:

Freescale Semiconductors, based in Texas, has design centres in Kuala Lumpur and in China.

In February 2013, Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02, a tiny device that is the key to next-generation warfare.

It also has civilian uses and could make lots of money.

Kinesis KL02 is made in Kuala Lumpur

The Pentagon does not want China or Russia to get its hands on Kinesis KL02.

Freescale Malaysia was preparing to test Kinesis KL02 in China.

Stephen Allen Schwarzman, the chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group. He and George W. Bush were both in the Skull and Bones society.

Freescale has connections to the Carlyle Group, and is financially contolled by Blackstone whose major investors including the Rothschilds.

In November, Joanne Maguire, who has links to the Pentagon, joined the Freescale Board of Directors. 

"The target group for the hijack is narrowing down to 20 tech employees working for Freescale" who were on board MH370.

A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

Cotswold Airport (Formerly RAF Kemble), United Kingdom, 2012. http://www.flickr.com/  airport-data.com/aircraft

"On 26 October 2012, we see Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-4H6 in the UK to end its life.

"It diverted to Gatwick due to fog at its final destination of Kemble."


"We have already heard, first hand, how the plane tracks itself in ways that can’t be turned off.

"Thus, we know the team at Rolls Royce can tell us within 30 yards of where the engines were first turned off yet they have never said a word.

"I accept this as proof that a British intelligence agency is very much a part of the fate of flight 370. This is now 'a given.'"

Malaysia Flight MH370 Missing - Page 120

An article in the media suggests that the MH370 pilot may have committed suicide, but the public are not fooled.

MH370 pilot upset over wife moving out

Comments from the public in the Mail Online:

1. "This article centers around claims made by "A close friend who wishes to remain anonymous" and "An aviation industry source who wished to remain anonymous".

"While they remain anonymous there is no way to verify if they are telling the truth on who they claim to be, or if in reality they are actually just globalist stooges being paid to spin more disinformation to the media as part of the obvious cover up going on.

2. "Are our tails being wagged? I mean it takes almost a month to mention the pilot had a marriage breakdown before getting on the plane and was `distressed`? Come off it."

3. "There would have been no need to climb to 45,000ft to depressurise the aircraft and disable the occupants.

"The same effect would have been achieved at normal cruising altitude, though hypoxia would have taken several tens of seconds to set in rather than just a few seconds.

"The pilot would have known this, so why bother with the climb?

"Further, as the transponder was switched off, how was the aircraft's altitude measured with any accuracy?"

There are a number of reasons for believing that the pilot of MH370 did not commit suicide.

For example:

1. The lengthy flight path along navigational way points does not tie in with the suicide story.

2. Australian aviation expert Neil Hansford accuses the Malaysian government of being evasive about such matters as boarding procedures and stolen passports.

He says that the evidence points to the plane's crew being involved.

3. Before the flight, passenger Paul Weeks took off his wedding ring and watch and gave them to his wife with strict instructions to pass them to his sons if anything happened to him.

4. "The announcement that MH 370 was still airborne and detected on radar at 8.11am Malaysian time indicates that the whole search in the South China sea has been a farcical waste of time.

"And yet someone had this information, and apparently sat back and let a futile search continue for almost a week."

In other words, there has been a deliberate attempt by the authorities to mislead the public.

"The 777/200 is a 'fly by wire' aircraft with controls in place that allow the CIA to remotely pilot the plane...

"The CIA along with joint military commands ... tracked Flight 370, monitoring it continually, monitoring the murder of its passengers, monitoring its landing, monitoring its refueling and know exactly where it is."

Flight 370 The CIA Hoax

On 24 March 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (above) announced that, based on satellite data analysis from UK company Inmarsat, Malayian Airlines flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean, and no one on board survived.

In 2006, a former aide to Najib Razak, Abdul Razak Baginda, was accused of abetting the murder of Altantuya, his Mongolian ex-lover.

Abdul Razak Baginda, and three members of the Malaysian Police counter-terrorism unit working for the then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, were arrested after the murder.


Altantuya had worked as Najib Razak's translator on a 'shady deal' involving buying submarines from France. 

(MURDER IN MALAYSIA) ( Corruption Allegations in the Purchase of Submarines)

Najib Razak was educated at Malvern College, a private school in the UK, and at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

Shortly before take-off, the M370 pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah (above), received a two-minute phonecall from a mystery woman.

This discovery suggests another possible link between Captain Zaharie and the CIA.

Shah is related to 'CIA asset' Anwar Ibrahim.

When buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Malaysia you have to fill out a form giving the number of your your identity or passport.

The police have discovered that  the SIM card was bought 'very recently' in a shop in Kuala Lumpur.

On 23 March 2014, it is reported that, strangely, Shah's wife, Faizah Khan, has not yet been formally interviewed by the police.

This computer game about to be released involves a passenger plane that crashes on to a desert island in the South China Sea

Shah's flight simulator, seized from his home, had certain programmes deleted. He had a programme allowing him to practise landings on the US air base in Diego Garcia.

The FBI have grabbed the equipment relating to the deleted files.

The Malaysian Minister of Defence (above), who is also Transport Minister, in charge of the MH370 crisis, is Hishammuddin Hussein, who is allegedly gay.

The allegedly gay Hishammuddin Hussein is seen above with his friend Chuck Hagel, US Secretary of Defence.

Australian aviation expert Neil Hansford accuses the Malaysian government of not telling the full story of what happened.

He told Sky News: "I'm finding in any interviews I'm doing with Malaysians, there is a fair bit of spin, there's a fair bit of denial of the boarding procedures and the manifest checking with the stolen passport list, and inconsistencies all the time."

Pouri Nour Mohammadi, 19, and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, 29, who boarded Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with stolen passports. Agents of the CIA?

According to Neil Hansford: "Nothing that I'm hearing is giving me any warmth about the two passengers with the stolen passports," he said.

"If they were heading for Germany, why would they be on a Malaysian aircraft going to China? It just doesn't make sense."


Neil Hansford (above), chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions, says:

1. What had happened to MH370 was not an accident.

2. The evidence points to the plane's crew being involved.

3. The disappearance "has been well structured and well planned."

4. The Malaysian investigator's have never had control of the incident.


 Tony Ryals (Wolfblitzzer0) alerted us to Paul Weeks (above), a passenger on MH370.

New Zealander Paul Weeks, a mechanical engineer, is based in Perth, Australia.

Before the flight, Weeks took off his wedding ring and watch and gave them to his wife with strict instructions to pass them to his sons if anything happened to him.

Mrs Weeks told has told her son Lincoln aged 3: "You know Daddy has gone away... and on the way Daddy got lost."

The media describes Weeks as an ex New Zealand soldier.

Just before he boarded flight MH370, Weeks sent a text to his wife saying she and their children meant the world to him. 

Paul Weeks from MH370

Tony Ryals notes that there is a Paul Weeks who is a Boeing mechanical engineer specializing in Boeing 777's.

Paul Weeks | LinkedIn

And what about the pilot and his wife?

MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah

Reportedly, the wife and three children of MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah vanished from the family home the day before the flight went missing.

Malaysia Airlines MH370 pilot Zaharie Shah

2005 : William Cohen, Anwar Ibrahim and Paul Wolfowitz

MH370 pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah is related to Anwar Ibrahim, who is reportedly an asset of the CIA

Anwar Ibrahim; CIA, GAY BARS.

Reportedly the CIA has secret prison facilities on Diego Garcia.

"Five major technological communications military contractor companies have high-tech employees and executives on the MH370 passenger manifest.

The companies involved are: "China Telecom, Business Machines Corp., Austin-based Freescale, International Business Machines (IBM), ZTE Corp., and Huawei Technologies Co. 

"Combined, they have 26 high-tech experts on the passenger manifest list."

Spies On Malaysia Plane

China Telecom executive Hualian Zhang, network planning vice president for China Telecom Global, is on the passenger manifest.

ZTE employee Li Yanlin, an engineer who is part of the company’s telecom gear installation and maintenance team is on the passenger manifest.

Huawei, the China-based telecom company with military ties, has two employees on the manifest list, but declined identifying them.

Spies On Malaysia Plane

The USA's National Security Agency (NSA) created “back doors” into networks maintained by the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, according to a report.

The report comes from a document provided by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and disclosed by the New York Times and Der Spiegel.

And, Huawei spied for China, claims ex-CIA head Michael Hayden.

Freescale Semiconductor, a US technology company, had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Twelve were from Malaysia, while eight were Chinese nationals.

On 3 March 2014, just five days before MH370 went missing, Freescale launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems.

Freescale's shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US president George Bush Sr and whose past investors have included the bin Laden family.

Reportedly, "the 20 technology nerds aboard, who happen to work for China designing 'classified' leading edge computer/internet control software, are carrying the matching hardware with them on the plane...

"The jet lands by wire at Diego Garcia, and the appropriate hardware and software is offloaded as are the nerds."

Malaysia Flight MH370 Missing - Page 83 - David Icke

On 20 March 2014, an Australian search and rescue official said that planes had been sent to check on two objects possibly related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that were spotted on satellite imagery in the Indian Ocean about 2,500 kilometres (1,550 miles) southwest of Perth.


It had been predicted that "The plane’s wreckage would later be carefully deposited by (presumably by air) on a location far away from Diego Garcia..." 

From Diego Garcia to the USA?

"If suppose we are to assume that the plane was indeed diverted to Diego Garcia, it is reasonable to assume that the plane and its passengers would not be kept there indefinitely."

Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Redirected to Diego Garcia and then South carolina?

"If we are to follow the logic of some devoted conspiracy theorists who are pursuing this on other forums, the plane and its passengers would be flown to the Eastern mainland of the United States, over the Atlantic Ocean to escape scrutiny (and comparatively less distance than the other way around). 

"Of course, the plane’s livery would be painted over. 

"The plane’s wreckage would later be carefully deposited by (presumably by air) on a location far away from Diego Garcia..." 

"Four days after the disappearance of MH370, a curious military exercise took place on the Southern-Eastern part of the United States coastline. 

"Fighter jets were reportedly 'escorting' a plane." 

To quote:

"Members of the South Carolina Air National Guard are conducting an air defense exercise along the coast. 

"Guard Senior Master Sergeant Edward Snyder says people might see fighter jets escorting a civilian aircraft Thursday over the North Charleston and Myrtle Beach areas."

SC Air National Guard plans coastal exercise - SFGate.

MH370: Indonesian Embassy regrets Utusan Malaysia report.


Investigators have discovered that Diego Garcia (above) is one of the 5 airports in the Indian Ocean loaded into Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s home-made flight simulator

US military base, South Asian airports in MH370 pilot's simulator

Diego Garcia is a U.S. military base.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's simulator was removed from his home and it was revealed today that information had been deleted from the system.

"It became apparent as I inspected SIA68’s flight path history that MH370 had maneuvered itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68...

"Singapore Airlines Flight 68 proceeded across the Andaman Sea into the Bay of Bengal and finally into India’s airspace...

"It is my belief that MH370 likely flew in the shadow of SIA68 through India and Afghanistan airspace..."

Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68/SQ68 -

Thanks to: Thirteenth Monkey

On 16 March 2014, British anti-terror expert Dr Sally Leivesley (above) is quoted as saying that, in the MH370 case, there appears to be an element of planning from someone with a very sophisticated systems engineering understanding.

Hackers could have changed MH370's speed, altitude and direction by sending radio signals to its flight management system.

It could then be landed or made to crash by remote control.

Possible culprits include a foreign power.


James R said...

"The announcement that MH 370 was still airborne and detected on radar at 8.11am Malaysian time indicates that the whole search in the South China sea has been a farcical waste of time.

"And yet someone had this information, and apparently sat back and let a futile search continue for almost a week.

"The information released by the Malaysian authorities yesterday indicates that the plane was hijacked remotely.

"People in the cockpit do not have the ability to mask an aircraft from radar.

"Radar does not depend on any equipment on a plane to operate; it cannot be switched off.

"Only very high tech electronic warfare capabilities can make an aircraft disappear from radar over the ocean...

"It is almost certainly the USA or an allied corporation under their supervision (that made the plane disappear."

As reported in the UK Telegraph, evidence has emerged of a possible 9/11 CIA style plot involving MH370.

British-born Saajid Muhammad Badat (above), a 'CIA-MI6-al Qaeda operative', recently told a court that four to five Malaysian men had been planning to take control of a plane, using a bomb hidden in a shoe to blow open the cockpit door.

Saajid Muhammad Badat said that he had met the Malaysian CIA-MI6-al Qaeda operatives - one of whom was a pilot - in Afghanistan and given them a shoe bomb to use to take control of an aircraft.

The possibility of such a plot, hatched by the CIA masterminds of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, was bolstered by an admission by Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister, that the Boeing 777’s communications systems had been deliberately switched off “by someone on the plane”.

Badat is having everything from his rent to his mobile phone costs paid by the UK taxpayer.http://www.dailymail.

Sajid Mahomed Badat's parents Muhammad Badat and Zubeida Patel came to Britain after quitting Malawi, where they had been part of the Asian community brought there to help run the country when it was the British colony of Nyasaland.

His father became a newsagent and still runs a corner shop.

Badat attended the Crypt Grammar School in the UK, where he gained four A-levels.

On 15 March 2014, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (above) said:

1.Flight 370 was likely steered off course by someone on the plane

2. Flight 370 was airborne for more than seven hours, and may have traveled as far as Kazakhstan.

Prime Minister Najib Razak said that although the movements were consistent with deliberate acts, he did not confirm that the plane was hijacked.

An American guided missile destroyer.

In relation to MH370, officials, and others, have made conflicting statements, which suggests that some of them may have something to hide.

1. One theory, put forward on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network, is that MH 370 was hit by missiles and that the surrounding countries are involved in a cover-up or conspiracy.

The Sydney Morning Herald.

However, US satellites reportedly found no blast.

2. There were rumours that MH370 had landed in China, at Xian or Nanning

These rumours were denied by Malaysian Airlines.

Email From Worker Saying He Saw MH370 go down.

3. Malaysia Airlines initially said MH370 lost contact with air traffic control at 2:40 a.m.

Malaysia Airlines later said that contact was lost at 1:30 a.m., as data on flight tracking websites had been showing.

4. The Malaysian government said, on the day of MH370's disappearance, that there were indications the plane 'attempted to turn back'.

Days later, a military official reportedly said that the military had spotted images of what might be the plane on air defense radar recordings indicating that the plane might have headed to the Strait of Malacca.

Malaysia's Gen Rodzali Daud later said he "did not make any such statements".

5. Malaysian officials initially said that four or five passengers had checked in for the flight but did not board, and their luggage was taken off the plane.

Days later, Malaysian officials said no baggage was removed.

6.  Malaysian Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi initially described the two passengers with stolen passports as having Asian features.

A day later, Malaysia's civil aviation chief, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, appeared to indicate that one of these passengers was black.

The two men were later identified by Interpol as Iranian.

The photos of the two men released by the Malaysian police had identical legs, which turned out to be digitally manipulated.

Malaysian Response To Missing Flight MH370

7. The Wall Street Journal said U.S. aviation investigators and national security officials believed that the plane, after it disappeared, flew on for a total of five hours, based on data automatically downloaded from the plane's engines.

However, on 14 March 2014, Rolls-Royce reportedly said that it agreed with the Malaysian government that reports that MH370 may have flown on for hours after it vanished were not true.

Above, we see the minimum distance - around 2,500 miles - MH370 may have traveled, after it 'disappeared'. 


However, on 14 March 2014, Rolls-Royce said it agreed with the Malaysian government that reports that MH370 may have flown on for hours after it vanished were not true.

The Wall Street Journal said U.S. aviation investigators and national security officials believed the plane flew for a total of five hours, based on data automatically downloaded from the plane's engines. 

Major military bases. 8) Brunei, 10) South Korea, 11) Japan

MH370 could have reached some of the military bases shown above.

(12) on the map is Guam - Andersen Air Force base.

(14) is Diego Garcia.

There is a military base on the Andaman Islands (not shown)


Could MH370 have been forced to land at Guam?

Could Guam have been the target of a terrorist plot using this plane?

In February 2014, on Andersen Air Force base on Guam, more than 1,800 service members and approximately 50 aircraft from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, Royal Australian Air Force and Republic of Korea Air Forces came together for a military exercise.

The field training exercise featured command and control aircraft (AWACS) from the U.S., JASDF, and RAAF

Cope North '14 Commences at Andersen AFB on Guam - 17 Feb 2014

Anderson Air Force Base, Guam - Colonel Charles McMillan, Commander, 36th Contingency Response Group, salutes members of the China Defense Ministry on Andersen, June 19, 2006. More than 40 members from different countries all over the world to include China, Australia, Japan, India, Singapore, Republic of Korea and Russia are observing Valiant Shield, an exercise exhibiting U.S. capabilities and interoperability while working together as a joint force.(U.S. Air Force photo by Miranda Moorer)(Released) Valiant Shield

Diego Garcia 

Could MH370 have been forced to land at Diego Garcia?

Could Diego Garcia have been the target of a terrorist plot using this plane? 

"The last plot on the military radar's tracking suggested the plane was flying toward India's Andaman Islands, a chain of isles between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal."

Exclusive: Radar data 

India has a naval base in the Andaman Islands.

In 2013, it was reported that the USA had plans for an air force base on the Andaman Islands.

Plans for US Military Bases in Andaman Islands

The Malaysian ambassador to China has received confirmation from the Malaysian military that it detected a rogue jet just an hour after flight MH370 vanished.

Rogue jet

It is believed that Malaysian airlines flight 377 could have been hijacked by a US air force AWACS plane.


On 9/11 AWACS planes were seen on video observing or controlling the crashes into the twin towers.


The US has AWACS bases in Asia.

AWACS means 'Airborne early warning and control'.

Two men with 'stolen passports'. Malaysia Airlines and the case of the missing legs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. investigators suspect the missing Malaysian jetliner flew on for four to five hours once it lost contact with air traffic controllers.

This is based on data from the plane's engines that are automatically downloaded and transmitted to the ground as part of routine maintenance programs.

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane 'flew on for 4 hours' after it disappeared from radar ...

On 13 March 2014, the Malaysian authorities said that there was no evidence that a jetliner flew for hours after losing contact with air traffic controllers and continued to transmit technical data.

Malaysia says no evidence missing plane flew hours after losing contact

Malaysia's air force chief, Gen. Rodzali Daud

"The Royal Malaysian Air force has now rejected a report from the Berita Harian newspaper in which an air force commander was quoted as saying that he believed the plane had turned back on itself, crossed over Malaysia and flown west over the Malacca Strait."

MH370 revealed

On 11 March 2014, three days after the plane disappeared, Malaysia's air force chief, Gen. Rodzali Daud, was quoted in a Malaysian newspaper as saying the military received "signals" that after the aircraft stopped communicating with ground controllers, it turned from heading northeast to heading west, lowered its altitude and flew hundreds of miles across Peninsular Malaysian and out over the Strait of Malacca before the tracking went blank.

Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, spokesman for the prime minister's office, said in a telephone interview that he had checked with senior military officials, who told him there was no evidence that the plane had recrossed the Malaysian peninsula

"The government and the airline have released imprecise, incomplete and sometimes inaccurate information, with civilian officials sometimes contradicting military leaders."


General Tan Sri Rodzali Daud, the Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), has now made the following official statement:

"The last time the plane was detected by the air control tower was in the vicinity of Pulau Perak in the Strait of Malacca at 2.40 in the morning before the signal disappeared without any trace".

I wish to state that I did not make any such statements as above.

Berita Harian's report on search and rescue –Rodzali Daud.


The air force commander had (reportedly) said that, according to Malaysian military radar, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 turned and flew hundreds of kilometres to the west after it last made contact with civilian air traffic control.

"It changed course after Kota Bharu and took a lower altitude.

"It made it into the Malacca Strait," the senior Malaysian military officer told Reuters.


That would appear to rule out sudden catastrophic mechanical failure, as it would mean the plane flew around 500 km (350 miles) at least after its last contact with air traffic control.

Malaysian authorities had previously said flight MH370 disappeared about an hour after it took off from Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia military tracked missing plane to west coast - source

The radar return was last seen near Pulau Perak in the Straits of Malacca.

Local Police at the city of Bharu confirmed a number of locals reported lights and a low flying aircraft at Bharu.

Aviation Herald

The International Business Times suggests that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been kidnapped.

Various newspapers report that, long after the plane disappeared, several of the passengers' mobile phones were connecting when called by relatives.

But the calls were not picked up.

The sister of one of the Chinese passengers reported: "This morning, around 11:40 am, I called my older brother's number twice, and I got the ringing tone"

At 2pm, she called again and again heard it ringing.

A Chinese man called his missing brother on the plane, and reported that the phone connected three times and rang before appearing to hang up.

Read more at International Business Times 

20 passengers on the missing plane are 'world-class electronic scientists' for Austin-based Freescale Semiconductor.

There is a theory that these scientists may know how to make planes appear to disappear.

French teenagers Zhao Yan and Hadrien Wattrelos reportedly on board MH 370.

Pattaya, in Thailand, is a major base for the CIA and its friends.

A travel agent in Pattaya has said that, on 1 March 2014, an Iranian business contact, 'Mr Ali', asked her to book tickets for the two men who turned out to have stolen passports.

She had initially booked them on other airlines but those reservations expired.

So on March 6, she to booked them again onto the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.

In 1955, it is believed that an airport cleaner at Hong Kong International Airport managed to place a bomb on an Air India flight to Jakarta in the anticipation that Chinese premier Zhou Enlai (above) would be on board.

Zhou did not travel, but the aircraft was destroyed.

On March 7, 2008 (almost six years to the day before the loss of MH370), a 19-year-old woman called Guzalinur Turdi allegedly attempted to destroy a China Southern flight en route from Urumqi, in Xinjiang Province, to Beijing.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/


Malaysia's civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman has said that the two men who boarded the plane were not of 'Asian appearance'.

A reporter asked what they looked like 'roughly'.

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman replied: 'Do you know of a footballer by the name of (Mario) Balotelli? He is an Italian. Do you know how he looks like?'

A reporter then asked, 'Is he black?'

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman replied, 'Yes'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Reportedly, the CIA and its friends brought down PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

In 1988, the United States Navy guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655, an Iran Air civilian passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai.

The attack took place in Iranian airspace, over Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, and on the flight's usual flight path. The aircraft, an Airbus A300 B2-203, was destroyed by SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles fired from the Vincennes.

All 290 on board, including 66 children and 16 crew, died.[1]

Abu Nidal (above) reportedly carried out the Lockerbie bombing.

Abu Nidal was a US agent.

Former UK Labour MP Tam Dalyell and Edinburgh law professor Robert Black "have long believed Abu Nidal, who died in Iraq in 2002, and his PFLP-GC, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command, were responsible for co-ordinating the bomb that blew up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie on 21 December, 1988 with the loss of 270 lives."

Dalyell and Black have urged the Scottish and UK governments to answer reports that Abu Nidal was a US agent.

(Was Lockerbie suspect working for US? - Scotsman.com News ) (Abu Nidal - Mossad terrorist) (Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy') LOCKERBIE IS ABOUT HEROIN

The two passengers travelling on stolen passports on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are reportedly Iranians.


An Iranian friend of one of the men told BBC Persia he hosted the pair in Kuala Lumpur after they arrived from Iran in the days before their flight to Beijing.

The source, who claimed he knew one of the men from his school days in Iran, said the two had bought the fake passports because they wanted to migrate to Europe.

They had bought the passports in Kuala Lumpur as well as tickets to Amsterdam, via Beijing.

The correspondent told BBC Persia that one of the Iranians was heading for Frankfurt, Germany, where his mother lives, while the other wanted to travel to Denmark.

BBC Persia's UN correspondent told The Telegraph that the two Iranians were "looking for a place to settle".


We do not necessarily trust the BBC or the Telegraph. There appear to be lots of red herrings being produced by the spooks.

On 9 March 2014, a group called the Chinese Martyrs' Brigade claimed responsibility for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

The group, unheard of before now, sent an email to journalists across China that read: "You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as pay back."

The burden of empire.

Malaysia’s acting transport minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, told reporters he doubted the claim’s legitimacy.

Other officials said the claim could be a hoax aimed at increasing ethnic tensions between Uighurs and Han Chinese in the wake of the recent knife attack in the southwestern city of Kunming on March 1 that left 29 people dead and injured about 140 others.

Chinese group claims responsibility for missing jet

The Pentagon's Operation Northwoods. Aircraft were to be brought down and the incidents blamed on Cuba. WHO DID 9 11?.

Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Chief Azaharuddin Abdul Rahman said officials had reviewed surveillance tape of the plane’s boarding and are now saying the pair were not Asian, as they had originally indicated.

“We confirmed now they are not Asian-looking males,” Rahman said, adding that one of the men was black.

One had been identified, officials said, though they refused to release a name or nationality.

A telephone operator on a China-based hot line for KLM airlines confirmed Sunday that the passengers traveling with the stolen passports had booked one-way tickets on the same KLM flight from Beijing to Amsterdam on Saturday.

Chinese group claims responsibility for missing jet

PanAm 103, Lockerbie. LOCKERBIE .

The South China Morning Post said that Taiwan's spy chief had received warning of "planned attacks on Beijing airport and the city’s subway system" on March 4, three days after a knife attack on Kunming railway station in China left 29 civilians dead.

"Security chiefs were believed to have received the alert from China Airlines, following a phone call to the company earlier in the day, from a man speaking in French who claimed he wanted to warn of possible terrorist activity."


Malaysia's interior minister said two passengers who used stolen passports to board the Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing had "Asian facial features", according to a report.

Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/

Rupert Murdoch tweets that jihadis are behind the Malaysian Airlines incident.

Murdoch sees this as an opportunity for the USA to become more friendly with China.

777crash confirms jihadists turning to make trouble for China. Chance for US to make common cause, befriend China while Russia bullies.

Are 'terrorists' behind Malaysian Airline crash? Fears grow after it emerges two passengers were using stolen passports.

"A European official said he was surprised that it had been possible to check in with stolen passports at the Kuala Lumpur airport and that an alert should have popped up on the airline agent’s computer."

Passport Theft Adds to Mystery of Missing Malaysia Airlines

"Five passengers booked on the flight did not board."

"The BBC has confirmed that a man falsely using an Italian passport and a man falsely using an Austrian passport purchased tickets at the same time, and were both booked on the same onward flight from Beijing to Europe on Saturday."

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane 'may have turned back'

An unnamed American government official told the New York Times that the Pentagon had reviewed its surveillance system that looks for flashes around the world, and saw no evidence of an explosion.

Counter-terrorism agencies alerted over missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370


Some of the 'CIA planning' for the 9 11 attacks in the United States was done in Malaysia.

 Malaysia and 9 11

'The main planner' of the 'CIA bombings' on the Indonesian island of Bali in 2002, Riduan Isamuddin, is Malaysian

The CIA in Malaysia and Indonesia; Hambali / BALI BOMB - inside job.

In the case of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the Malaysian authorities are probing possible foul play after a missing passports claim.

Authorities probing possible foul play after 'missing' passport claim - MARCH 09, 2014

Reports have emerged that two passengers - one Italian and one Austrian - listed on the flight manifest never boarded the plane.

Italian Luigi Maraldi and Austrian Christian Kozel had their passports stolen some time ago.

Malaysia's Deputy Transport Minister, Datuk Aziz Kaprawi, said the authorities are probing the matter for possible foul play.

According to the UK's The Telegraph, the 37-year-old Maraldi told his parents he was in Thailand and never boarded the flight, after his name turned up on the manifest.

In a report in The Guardian, Austria's foreign ministry spokesman Martin Weiss was quoted as telling media that the Austrian citizen listed on the manifest is safe in Austria and had his passport stolen some years ago in Thailand.

9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA – Whistleblower Michael Springmann


China's President Xi Jinping (R) and Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak in Kula Lumpur, October 2013.

In October 2013, "China and Malaysia agreed to strengthen mutual ties and to almost double bilateral trade to $160 billion by 2017.

"Observers believe that the arrangement underscores the growing influence of China in the region at a time when the U.S. is struggling to cope with its own internal political and fiscal crisis.

"Both countries' leaders announced plans to boost economic cooperation and defense ties and Chinese President Xi Jinping told a news conference in the Malaysian administrative capital, Putrajaya: 'We have agreed to strengthen our partnership with naval defense, joint military exercises to combat terrorism, transnational crime and promote security.'

China, Malaysia To Boost Defense Economic Ties


Ed(itor) said...

I'm just speculating here, but...


Newspaceman said...

If one was an occultist, then Christian Kozel's (3/11) passport might come in handy :

Kozel Name Meaning

Ukrainian, Belorussian, Czech, Slovenian, and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): from Slavic kozel ‘buck’, ‘billy goat’, hence a nickname for someone thought to resemble a buck or a goat, or else a metonymic occupational name for a goatherd. Americanized form of Slovenian Koželj or Kožel, a nickname or occupational name from koželj ‘upper part of a spindle’ (part of a spinning wheel).

Astronomically speaking, the goat was extremely prevalent at the time of the Lockerbie "bombing".


Anonymous said...

aircraft mostly crash during take-off and landing, when engines fail or obstacles are hit when too close to the ground due to pilot error. It is very rare that aircraft during level flight at cruising speed "fall out of the sky". Airfrance 447 off Brasil, LaudaAir 004 in Thailand and Swissair 111 off Canada were examples when the official explanation of the crash sounded very fishy. If the claim with the missing passports prove true, MH370 was obviously bombed out of the sky. There is very strong evidence, that "the usual suspects" were not shy to set-up this kind of "accidents" in the past..

Greg Bacon said...

Maybe some nervous bankers were on the plane and since having them commit 'suicide' by jumping off roofs is getting old...

Or maybe it will be blamed on Russia, to give FOX and ZNN more BS to hyperventilate on and keep Wolf Blitzer smiling about Gentile deaths.

It's damn strange that it just 'disappeared.'

Anonymous said...

Propaganda Psy-Op? “Worldwide Wave of Action”. The “Global Spring” Begins


Anonymous said...

China Is Crashing. Unsurmontable Credit Bubble, Financial and Industrial Bankruptcies, Debt and Bond Busts


reddpill said...

Wasn't there a report yesterday that stated that there were a number of government officials from a certain asian country onboard?

Anonymous said...

It seems Vietnam are claiming the plane crashed on their territory, whereas everyone else says it is still missing.

Anonymous said...

yup, if you look on wiki at the suspicious plane crashes mentioned in the comment above you will find some intersting names in the notable victim's section as well.

shirlz007 said...

WHOA WHOA!... pipe up Rupert 'Elliot Carver' Murdoch! Talk about 'Tomorrow Never Dies'!!! Writing headlines before the 'facts' have been released...

-Incidents like this have happened before in the region. Korean Flight 007 in 1983. Shot down by Soviet Air Force, after venturing into 'disputed' Soviet Airspace. Problem was, the air traffic radar reading AND the cockpit readings where completely different to where the plane actually was when it was shot down (indicating a third party had 'hijacked' both the planes and air traffic control systems... and steered the unsuspecting plane off course without anyone none the wiser). Senator Larry McDonald was on board, many believe may have been the main reason for it's downing (plus blame the Soviets!)

Concerning MH307... find the 'clear' motive, you can be 95%certain of who the real perps are.

-Who was on board?
Apparently some quite important Chinese Officials where on board... anyone from Intelligence community? Maybe even journalists?

-Geo-political reasons?
Who's being blamed? (wait for what authorities and media say). A 'covert' attack against The Chinese Communist Party? Is someone attempting to stir up Military/Naval tensions in the region? Disputed Chinese territories?

-The black box emits a signal which can be picked up hundreds of miles away... still no sign of wreckage more than 36 hours after disappearance from radar
-no adverse weather conditions
-no kind of distress signal sent
-the pilot has (had) over 18,000 hours of flight experience, since 1981
-the plane model has no significant history of safety or mechanical failures
-stolen passports needs investigating (though this could be a coincidence and related to immigration)... let's face it, stolen passports from years prior usually indicates Israeli Mossad involvement! :D

Im suspecting the flight was lead off course by radar manipulation by unknown third party. If the wreckage is discovered 100s miles away from where it's expected, (taking into account tides, currents and weather)... Id be suspecting foul play (as another commenter said 'statistically crashes occur during take off or landing'... planes don't often just drop out the sky!

Any US/NSA spy vessels in the area!
Air force activity (Chinese or US?)

Either shot down, or bomb explosion... and if the wreckage is not where they are looking, it's leaving ample time to plant evidence/recover evidence

Either that... or an accident! (they do still happen ya know!)... The fact old Elliot Carver is tweeting makes it all the more suspicious! Muppet!

shirlz007 said...

Two of the more 'serious' comments on RT from A. Smith...

''The Boeing 777 has inflight 24/7 direct data links to Boeings Computer centre in Seattle, Washington. All data links were immediately severed which only a very large military plastic explosive is capable of doing either 100-200lbs smuggled on board or a typical guided anti-aircraft Missile such as from one of the USS Navy Guided Missile Destroyers known to be in the South China Seas area at that time.

The USA 7th. Fleet in the South China Seas on ship radars would have tracked the doomed airliner, knew it exploded and dropped into the sea. The radar tracking would have also precisely known where the parts impacted.''
''The USA Recon Satellites would have immediately seen the Malaysia airliner explode in mid-air. The Recon office would also have immediately spotted if a solid boosted anti-aircraft missile had been launched immediately beforehand. Within a mere 7hrs the results would have been poured over and certified.

Yet, not a single word of either direct result from the corrupt Obama Whitehouse. This adds to the suspicion that either the Israeli Mossad or the Obama goons in the CIA were directly involved.

This gives me the impression of a high level statement by the West to Chinese leaders. China should redouble militarization''
THIS LOOKING EVER MORE SUSPICIOUS! Im waiting now for what the authorities (both Chinese and US) are going to stay. Incidents like this can take years... sometimes decades to get to the bottom of.

Thoughts go to the victims and their families.

It's Time To Wake Up said...

Remember this scumbag Murdoch TV channel FOX aired this TV series 'The Lone Gunmen Pilot - 9/11 Predictive Programming' on the 4th March 2001 here's the link to the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3WW6eoLcLI this show was basically the script for what really happened on 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the answer for such strange events...http://youtu.be/bTCQvhlz4L8

Anonymous said...

obviously, the victim in this tragedy seems to be Malaysia, with her airline.
If China should have been punished, the killers would have chosen a Chinese carrier..
Could it be, that the mega crime was committed in reaction to following story
In Malaysia, Anwar has often been mocked for having "Jewish friends." Najib's mentor and predecessor, Mahathir, even went so far as to say Anwar "would make a good prime minister for Israel."

Anonymous said...

The Destabilization of Ukraine: A Classic “False Flag” Operation


Anonymous said...

Thai police target 'passport ring' in vanished flight probe


shirlz007 said...

If this was a pre planned 'psy op' (months or years advance) to be blamed on 'Islamic Extremists'... someone would have claimed responsibility already (usual fake 'Al Qaeda' video)... the fact no group has claimed responsibility, and the silence from the media, suggests to me, someone or a group of individuals on board where the targets, and this operation was hastily rushed through last minute.

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks shirlz007 and caveman.

Of all the writers on the internet, you two have offered the most valuable clues.

Like Lockerbie, we may never know the truth.

But the realities are unfolding before our very eyes.

Thank you also aangirfan, for hosting this precious site. You are indefatigable and seriously appreciated.

Peace xx

Anonymous said...


"About the Malaysian airline downing
UPDATE: There are too many reports to ignore now of various passenger's cell phones ringing when called. The only way this could happen is if the plane was either stolen or crashed on the ground within reach of a cell tower. No one has answered any of the calls.
The cell phone ringing story is NOT B.S.
My guess? The plane is intact, forced to land by a government or entity, probably under American or Israeli control to be used in an "Islamic terror attack" later. The fact that there were 20 alternative energy people aboard from Freescale Semiconductor would probably also make a good reason to take this exact plane for this purpose, kill two birds with one stone. At this point I'd be surprised by a confirmed debris trail in the ocean, but not by a crash on land.

There were employees from an alternative energy firm aboard who could have something to do with this "crash".

Update: One of the phones that was dialed got answered and quickly hung up before words were said.

II am not going to call it a bombing or a missile yet. But I will say that it was Israeli Mossad, ALL THE WAY and that it was not done by a band of rag tag Muslims.

Here is what I think we can rule out, though this may change:

There were no fake passports associated with this flight or anyone on it. This is a cover story that is always used by the Mossad.

There were no suicide bombers on this flight, and it was not taken down by explosives that were on the plane. That is a cover story that is ALWAYS used by the Mossad.

There were inconvienient people aboard and it was simply shot down by a missile or directed energy weapon. There is so much crap out there circulating regarding this that it will take time to dig through it all and reach a conclusion. But the passengers were mostly Muslim, none of them Jewish or Israelis, and Muslims don't just kill themselves off let alone like this. Someone on that plane "needed" a one way ticket out of here and that is all there is to it. As far as exactly who and why, I am figuring that out now. Updates to come.

And this is the last thing I wanted to have to look into.

Austin-based high-tech eco-friendly company Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE:FSL) has confirmed that 20 of its employees were confirmed passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Twelve are from Malaysia and eight are from China. The company’s key product solutions include those for electric vehicles. SO, we have energy interests involved here, WHO PROFITS MOST FROM GASOLINE?

We can root out the culprits in this crash pretty easy with that little tidbit of info, and expose the entire energy control grid running behind the scenes. Since we have "fake passports" and the attempt to frame up Muslims with a fake bomb plot in this story, it is fairly easy to conclude the Mossad is part of global energy policy enforcement.

Islamic countries may have oil, but they no longer set the prices or make the profits after Iraq and Libya were destroyed. WHO WOULD BENEFIT FROM BLOWING A PLANELOAD OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PEOPLE OUT OF THE SKY?"

Anonymous said...

The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld


Anonymous said...

Here is where I smell a hoax rat:
Search crews from China, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia were joined by the American Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer destroyer in a search for any evidence of the airliner in the South China Sea. The passengers included 154 citizens from China or Taiwan, 38 Malaysians, seven Indonesians, six Australians, five Indians, four French and three Americans, among others.

“At this time, we can confirm that three U.S. citizens were on board,” said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “Officials from the U.S. Embassies in Kuala Lumpur and Beijing are in contact with the individuals’ families. Out of respect for them, we are not providing additional information at this time.”

Any UK citizens? Not a word, either way.

Anonymous said...

freescale - global corporation, research who they do business with, a hint... electronic warfare

Anonymous said...

Being banded around down here in ozz [sky news] that the 2 possible terrorists with stolen passports had their tickets bought with cash by an Iranian, no elaboration at this stage, been waiting for some blame game to start ....daveinozz

Anonymous said...

fyi aangirfan -

Switzerland Seeks Precision as Nations Shape Carbon Markets (1)
South Africa, Brazil and Ukraine are among countries considering carbon markets that met last week in Mexico City under the auspices of the Partnership for Market Readiness, a World Bank program to develop nations’ emissions trading...

World Bank Carbon Finance Org: The Partnership for Market Readiness
PMR Implementing Country Participants—Proposed Activities in Other Regions

3-5 March - PMR Update: Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR)

Anonymous said...

Like in many other cases, I doubt we will ever find the truth about that. Or even that the plane wll be found. Hoaxed or not, it is as clear as daylight that Islam/Muslims is about to be the scapegoat once again.... ZIO WORK BIG TIME

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Malaysia Airlines live: search chief says 'there are some things I can't tell you'


Anonymous said...

Malaysia military tracked missing plane to west coast: source


shirlz007 said...

Im afraid the initial 'first 48 hours' has now long expired... and any information given to the public, is going to be seriously tainted by 'The Powers That Be'.

Unless someone is prepared to dedicate their life to getting to the bottom of this, the real truth may never be known.

I always have time for Jim Stone (Fukushima, NSA surveillance etc.) but he's fallible to misinformation (as we all are).

Theres an explanation for mobile phones appearing to ring through.

Killing all on board flight MH370 is a lot easier than landing the flight, and covering up the disappearance of 239 individuals (all with family and friends).

Im still maintaining the flight was steered off course and brought down by unknown third party (US Navy/NSA/CIA/Mossad?)

We know radar readings can be manipulated by US Military, and I suspect the authorities are searching in the wrong location for any wreckage.

This has left ample time for any fake evidence/wreckage to be put in South China Seas/Vietnam.

Interesting the 'alternative energy' theory... it needs verifying! (everything that comes out of Austin, Texas needs questioning! ;)

The whole search area should be regarded as a potential crime scene, and as with all crime scenes, the more people in it increase the chance of 'third parties' planting/destroying evidence (US Navy!).

As I said with Boston, if it was my crime scene... ''everyone who's FBI, kindly pack up your things and f**k off!''... same for US military in this situation! :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"If you can get hold of a book by Barry Schiff (he's an aviation writer) written a year before the incident, called Flight 209 is Down, it will explain to you, in part, in this novel form, the real scenario.

What happened, according to Fletcher Prouty's work, Bob Cutler's work, other researchers, is that 007 stayed on course, never deviated. KAL 015 right behind it, saw it, on radar and visible, all the way through. It never left course, kept along R20."

John Judge



Anonymous said...

Two of the Passengers of the Malaysian Airliner were travelling on stolen passports.

7 of the 19 "Hijackers" on 9/11 are alive, they have been interviewed and were the victims of passport theft.

There was no Mayday. There is no GPS alert. There is no wreckage.

Therefore there was no crash. It is doubtful there was any plane.

Newspaceman said...

Always look at the numbers.

Lockerbie date 21.12

Malaysia flight time 12.21

There's also JFK etc. etc.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey 9:40PM.

Freescale was purchased by a vile consortium dominated by The Carlye Group and Blackstone for almost $17Billion about 10 years ago. They are not competing with big oil. They may have wanted to whack 20 of their own worker bees for some reason, but that group are the guys who run the whole show.

Obviously this crash smells like a false flag, but so far there seems to be no clear cut obvious motive or guilty party.
But as this article points out, China is all of a sudden experiencing a lot of 'terrorism'.
So could one reason for this event be to prep us for a new push to some sort of "one world passport" for the purposes of air travel??
There are lots of hints of that sort of 'solution' being offered up to solve this problem.

This link is the opposite of what we are speaking about here. This link is the most perfect example of Orwellian propaganda I have ever seen........ever.

Anonymous said...

Balottelli ? Uygur Resistance AKA Terrorism ?? Simple Iranian students? Just reading the biased RUPERT MURDOCH (Spelled the 'Chosen' way) gives me bad chills...

Anonymous said...

Missing jetliner?


They ate the GPS.


Ian R Thorpe said...

Only one thing we can be sure of from the conventional media and that is nothing we read or hear will be the whole truth and much of it will not even be partial truth.
It will be interesting to see how this one develops, but modern aircraft do not just disappear without leaving any trace.

Unknown said...

Re your man Bob Crow, the UK's Jimmy Hoffa...


Interesting piece of info.

Wonder who might do something like that?

Anonymous said...

"They" are trying to link it with Air France 447 in 2009.

Unlikely, because that lesson ought to have been learned.

Whether one belives the transcript which "emerged" 2 year later and was leaked is another matter.

Anonymous said...

No conspiracy. Most accidents are a series of seemingly minor incidents that come together to become fatal, bit like winning the lottery - in reverse! In theory it can't happen but the fact is it does, and it's more than likely in this case it did.

This crash would be unlikely to go un-noticed in the USA/Europe etc, as the air-traffic is so dense everything in the skies, especially at night, is constantly monitored, but in such vaste areas as the Far East and oceans the traffic is actually quite sparse, limited to very narrow and few air-corridors. Anything outside these corridors and under the normal flight-paths the controllers aren't interested.

A light plane flies at a mere 2-3,000 metres (more or less the max without oxygen, even for short flights) not 35,000, and isn't allowed to fly in a control area (where a big plane might be, take-off/landing etc) and, thus, is never registered and given an indent by controllers.

If this plane turned to return due to a fault it was unfortunate that it occurred at exactly the wrong time, inbetween control-areas, one now uninterested, removing the indent from their screens, the other notified but not yet awake as the plane is still miles away from any densely-flown areas or other planes. Operators are sloppy at night with few planes to control, go for a p or a coffee, chat about the footie, a few minutes here-or-there means nothing, they can even forget about it if the indent isn't on the screen any longer, when they notice it's missing it takes a while for the annoyed operator to check back and realise it is actually missing. They generally wake up fast then, the s##t is going to hit the fan re a big plane full of people!

Accidents happen because people get sloppy. I've flown light-planes, got the certs, I'm ex-H&S in heavy and light industry, a shop-floor Hitler, I've been called some names in my time by being pushy and pedantic, but I'm still alive and all under my care survived. Others weren't so lucky. We worked out 99% of all accidents were avoidable if you followed simple rules/guidelines, talked to each other about 'minor' incidents, and however embarrassing (we all make mistakes) reported everything to the H&S. 90% of incidents were never reported when I started.

The plane possibly turned-back and lost height as there was a problem with the oxygen onboard (usually caused by a leak, it's impossible to open a door at that height) this will kill you if it continues more than a few minutes.

(A doctor friend was wave-flying a glider at a height he used oxygen, it failed, he knew he was dead and dived the glider vertically, reaching 400kph before managing to pull-out - in itself a deadly maneuver as he risked pulling the wings off, they scrapped the glider afterwards for safety-reasons - he was a big man and his huge mass contained enough oxygen to keep him from fainting completely the minute it took him to get low-enough to suck in enough oxygen to keep him alive, he barely made a survivable landing and was off sick for 6 months as he'd suffered slight brain-damage. Believe this is serious s##t!)

Thus it's possible for the plane to drop-off the radar and fly on using auto-pilot, the pilots unconscious, even dead, un-noticed out over the ocean until the fuel ran out and they plunged into the sea, to possibly disappear forever, as it's a big ocean, huge, deep, seas, I've sailed over it.

All because the pilots got sloppy. They have oxygen, this scenario can only happen if they forgot to use it.

If only just in case.

Call me Hitler if you will ...but I'M still alive... after many situations that could have killed me. And did kill 30 or so of my workmates over 25 years, despite our efforts.

No conspiracy, just an avoidable accident.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever notice that a few of passangers from PRC are multibillionaires..

Im case of hijacking the MH370, there should be a motive for that purpose..

FYI, the flight passengers are majority from China...and the destination of MH370 is Beijing.

So what u would you get from this information...?

Anonymous said...

Were any of Hillary's enemies aboard? Buddhist nun bag-ladies for example or Chinese who could embarrass her re tech transfers or some such persons, which might derail her run for president? Remember Ron Brown's plane crash, Vince Foster, etc. (Proud Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy since '96.)

Anonymous said...


Disappearance of Malaysian plane unlikely a terror attack – Interpol

BANGKOK, Thailand (UPDATED) – The two mystery passengers who triggered an international terrorism probe into a missing Malaysian jet now appear to be young Iranian migrants seeking a new life overseas, officials said Tuesday.

The case of the pair, who traveled with stolen passports, has focused attention on the murky world of people smuggling, particularly through Southeast Asia, which has long been renowned as a hub of illegal migration and human trafficking.

Interpol said Tuesday the two men were believed to have traveled to Kuala Lumpur via Doha using Iranian passports – not reported stolen – under the names of Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza, aged 29, and Pouri Nour Mohammadi, 18.

They then switched to stolen Austrian and Italian passports to board Beijing-bound flight MH370, which vanished Saturday with 239 people on board.

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said it appeared increasingly certain "these two individuals were probably not terrorists".

"Mr Ali" made the bookings by phone through Pattaya-based Grand Horizon Travel on March 1, asking for the two cheapest tickets to Europe, Pattaya police chief Colonel Supachai Phuykaeokam told AFP.

A few days later, Grand Horizon – a sub-agent – asked another travel agency, Six Star, to issue e-tickets at his request.

A friend of Ali's paid for the tickets in cash at the office of Grand Horizon in Pattaya, Supachai said.

Both agencies declined to comment when contacted by AFP.

The flights were booked under the names of Luigi Maraldi, an Italian, and Austrian Christian Kozel -- but neither European ever boarded the Malaysia Airlines plane which vanished without a trace over the South China Sea early Saturday.

The flight booked in Kozel's name was from Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt via Beijing and Amsterdam, while the final destination for the Maraldi ticket was Copenhagen.

Both Maraldi and Kozel had their passports stolen in Thailand in the past two years.

Travel documents seen by AFP confirm that the one-way tickets were issued in Pattaya on March 6 and cost 20,215 baht (US$625) each.

Maraldi has said his passport was stolen when he rented a motorbike in Phuket in July 2013.

He told police he left the passport with a Thai woman looking after the shop, but when he returned she had given it to somebody else.

Kozel also reported his passport missing in Phuket, on March 14, 2012, according to police.

According to one diplomatic source in Bangkok, tourists often lose their passports after leaving them as deposits for rental scooters. – Rappler.com

Unknown said...

The stolen passport issue is a red herring imo.

I can't understand why no one is questioning the fact that radar can still track an aircraft even if the transponder is turned off - just not what aircraft it is. Why did FlighRadar24 data get changed twice from the outset. Was any of it accurate?

And if Rolls Royce knows from data being transmitted from the aircraft's engines how long it flew after disappearing off the radar then they would know where those signals were coming from.

Also, the Chinese know where the aircraft is. They have satellites that allow them to read newsprint same as the U.S. They showed us a poor image from 9 March - my guess is they have great images from 8 March! No wonder they are so upset with the official B.S. emanating from Malaysian authorities.

I'm currently leaning to the theory that the plane was 'kidnapped' by the U.S. (or one of its allies) and flown to the U.K./U.S. base (about 4 hours) west of Malaysia, Diego Garcia. Something to do with the 'defence experts' on board. Sadly, the problem with this theory is that no one will live to tell the story.

Interestingly,whilst this has taken the attention of the world it appears other henious crimes have been perpetrated without much attention (e.g. Ukraines gold reserves being 'stolen' by ??)


shirlz007 said...

The fact the 20 'Freescale Semiconductors' employees on board story is verified... Im leaning towards this being the main motive for the disappearance.

Jim Stone was the first to mention this, and he's elaborated on possible motives and scenarios (including US military leading the flight 100s miles off course... AWACS)


I personally scoffed at the idea of the flight being landed, and the passengers being taken alive... but I take it back! IF the technologies being discussed do have something to do with the disappearance... I wouldn't put it past them! Though in reality I know they would rather kill all on board unless they had something to gain.

When something as big as this is orchestrated, there's usually a number of motives.
-Profit (patents have been discussed)
-Blame (possibility of blaming Iran)
-A show of force or technological prowess over another nation/group of people (NSA/US Air Force displaying prowess over Chinese military?)
-Obtain military technological capabilities to be used in possible future conflicts (Israel/Iran)

To me it's obvious the Malaysian Military is caught in the middle between US and China!... and is way out of it's depth!

US investigators state from engine data (Rolls Royce), the flight may have continued flying for four hours (greatly increasing the search area... and possible landing sites)

But now Malaysian authorities may confute this!


Whatever the circumstances... there is a major cover up going on! That's obvious from conflicting reports from different authorities, the confusion about exact circumstances. Its horrifying! (and must be even more so for the families of those 'lost')

Id also be wondering if there is any evidence of 'prior knowledge'
-Who didn't board? Why not?
-Unusual stock trading?
-Any signs Malaysian Air Force may have known what was going on

shirlz007 said...

It has taken the attention away from Ukraine (which has escalated!, Gold reserves stolen, military build up both Russian and NATO), also the Forex scandal has been swept under the carpet (head of Bank of England appeared before an inquiry two days ago)

Anonymous said...

Chernobyl and Fukushima Radiation Reduces Animal and Plant Numbers, Diversity, Lifespan, Fertility, Brain Size, Increases Deformities and Abnormalities


Anonymous said...

Shrouded in Mystery: Conflicting Accounts of Vanished Malaysia Airline Flight 370


shirlz007 said...

Why is The Pentagon saying it may have come down in the Indian Ocean?
Why would you say that... and only that?

(Id love to turkey Jay Carney... that's 'wedgey' to those in US)

''The Pentagon official told ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz: "We have an indication the plane went down in the Indian Ocean."


I read an article earlier describing how the lack of information released, and the 'reluctance' of certain militaries and authorities to divulge and share information is because of radar capabilities, satellite capabilities.. etc etc...
(probably The Guardian)

Anonymous said...

Diego Garcia and guam? With 5 hrs who's got the runways to handle 777? What of those Russian bombers in guam postthe meteor strike. And all the current naval assets?

Day after flight PLA said they had adequate coatings to defang us laser weapons.

Tank cloaking video clip from Iraq?

Malaysia has led charge against TPP rush to passage. Called for slowing the process.
malaysian elections anwar fail and spring like rallies (like Cambodia)

Anonymous said...

From 911 to Malaysian Airlines MH370 Mystery – The Hunt Continues

The 20 Freescale employees, among 239 people on flight MH370, were mostly engineers and other experts working to make the company’s chip facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur more efficient, said Mitch Haws, vice president, global communications and investor relations.

“These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,” Haws said. “It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

In the 1960s, one of the U. S. space program‘s goals was to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth. In 1968, NASA began manned Apollo flights that led to the first lunar landing in July 1969. Apollo 11 was particularly significant for hundreds of employees involved in designing, testing and producing its electronics. A division of Motorola, which became Freescale Semiconductor, supplied thousands of semiconductor devices, ground-based tracking and checkout equipment, and 12 on-board tracking and communications units. An “up-data link” in the Apollo’s command module received signals from Earth to relay to other on-board systems. A transponder received and transmitted voice and television signals and scientific data.

In September 2006, Carlyle led a consortium, comprising Blackstone Group, Permira and TPG Capital, in the $17.6 billion takeover of Freescale Semiconductor. At the time of its announcement, Freescale would be the largest leveraged buyout of a technology company ever, surpassing the 2005 buyout of SunGard. The buyers were forced to pay an extra $800 million because KKR made a last minute bid as the original deal was about to be signed. Shortly after the deal closed in late 2006, cell phone sales at Motorola Corp., Freescale’s former corporate parent and a major customer, began dropping sharply. In addition, in the recession of 2008-2009, Freescale’s chip sales to automakers fell off, and the company came under great financial strain.

More here : http://greatgameindia.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/malaysian-airlines-mh370-mystery-hidden-in-plain-sight/

Anonymous said...

WSJ & ABC seem to be leading the US official offensive on what has happened to this plane, which does make one wonder if the US knows even more than what has been leaked to date.

when china backed russia over ukraine, we got the uighur knives' massacre, & now this missing plane of mostly chinese.

of course, there may be all sorts of innocent & not-so-innocent explanations which would not implicate the US & its allies.

Anonymous said...

@shirlz007 12.24
Today I read this:

Bank of England Drops a Bombshell on Parliament: it Shredded Its Crisis Era Records

By Pam Martens: March 12, 2014

Apparently neither Parliament nor the public knew prior to this exchange that the records of the pre-crisis year of 2007, the financial collapse in 2008, and the monetary policy manoeuvres in subsequent years to prevent another Great Depression had been destroyed in one of the world's most important financial centres, not to mention the fact that critical recordings potentially relevant to the Foreign Exchange are also gone.

It's clear to anyone paying attention that the Bank of England is attempting to clone itself into the Fed-as questionable as that idea might be given that the full transcripts that have been released by the Fed for the crisis years show it ad blinders on in terms of the depth of the crisis.

Newspaceman said...

Look at the numbers again, the plane transponder allegedly turned off at 1.21 am.

121 is 11 x 11

Don't forget that the radar contact was lost with the Clutha helicopter crash @ 22.22.


Anonymous said...

Malaysian Airlines MH370 911 Connection

In 1985, the Margaret Thatcher led British government, signed a long-term agreement with the Saudi Arabian monarchy, under which the British arms cartel, BAE Systems, provided fighter jets and other military equipment and services, in return for vast quantities of Saudi oil. The barter agreement, known as “Al-Yamamah” (the Arabic word for “the dove”) has remained in force up to the present day.

Under Al-Yamamah, a tightly interlocking consortium of Anglo-Dutch and Anglo-American cartels—including BAE, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Lazard Bank, HSBC (formerly the British East India Company’s Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation created through Rothschild’s Colonization of India forcibly growing Opium in India and selling it to China), and the Carlyle Group—has amassed an estimated $80-100 billion in off-budget, hidden funds, which have been utilized for covert operations and gun-running on a global scale—totally outside the jurisdiction and oversight of any government. This massive offshore fund is at the center of the power of the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, which has promoted globalization and perpetual war for the last three decades and longer.

Under the Al-Yamamah agreements, which have been perpetuated by every British government, Saudi Arabia has provided 600,000 barrels of crude oil to BAE every day since September 1985.

Read full report here : http://greatgameindia.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/malaysian-airlines-mh370-mystery-hidden-in-plain-sight/


Anonymous said...

Thinking through possible scenarios. Seeing as it's an asia-based plane they might have picked-up mice (not sure of they have them, rats certainly) a snake, or a spider, if any of these were pregnant there could be a lot of them creeping around, the walls are hollow, for ex, so they can be everywhere, feeding off each other, insects, and scaps from the galley ...and chomping on electical-cables. What if the pilots did put their oxygen-masks on, not realising they were feeding them ever-worsening air through holes made by the 'chompers'. This after they set the new course and low height needed for them all to breath normally. They could have pushed the emergency-button, but the connections had been bitten through since the last check.

They change the oxygen-bottles every trip, but how often do they actually check the whole system.

All power-planes don't glide very well, power off, but if low enough and into the wind (as it probably would be, a westerly, this would give extra lift at low speeds) It's possible the plane soft-landed on the sea, though my experience is there are always big rollers (biggest ocean in world, goes all the way around with nothing in the way, stand on the beach in Perth and see the biggest rollers in y' life!) but if they landed on the crown of the down side it's feasable, and slowly sank, thus little debris.

Well, all speculation and no answer yet, we'll have to hope they find a trace.

Greg Burton said...

Have you pieced together the puzzle of missing flight 370 to Beijing China ??

If not, here are your missing pieces. Patents. Patents. Patents

Four days after the missing flight MH370 a patent is approved by the Patent Office.

4 of the 5 Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX.

Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders.

1. Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)
2. Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)
3. Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)
4. Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)
5. Freescale Semiconductor (20%)

If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will.

If 4 of the 5 dies, then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent.

That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.

Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? Jacob Rothschild through Blackstone who owns Freescale.

Here is your motive for the missing Beijing plane. As all 4 Chinese members of the Patent were
passengers on the missing plane.

Patent holders can alter the proceeds legally by passing wealth to their heirs. However, they cannot do so until the Patent is approved. So when the plane
went missing, the patent had not been approved.

Thus, Rothschild gets 100% of Patent once Patent holders declared deceased.

shirlz007 said...

I would like to say a thank you to Aangirfan, and those who have contributed in the comments, as well as researchers from various blogs (Jim Stone, and the rather wonderful Shelley Kasli on 'Great Game India'!)... many thanks to everyone.

Theres a lot of BS out there (both mainstream and 'alternative' media)... but this blog and it's readers have once again proven to be the most balanced, realistic, and level headed!

Friday night... have a drink! Raise one for Tony Benn! :D
... and Bob Crow (not too familiar with who he was... but!) ;D

Anonymous said...

I'd bet on DIEGO GARCIA as the landing base... From the image provided on point 2. you can get a raw direction towards the indian ocean: Let's consider the points from right to the left as points 1,2 and 3...

You actually get two different angulations:
one drawing a line from point 1 to point 2
another from point 1 to point 3

These two angulations create an arc. Project this arc on a map like this:

shirlz007 said...

God damn it!
The latest from The Guardian (Fri 14 - 22.26)...


Military radar-trafficking evidence now suggests flight MH370may have been hijacked or sabotaged

Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have been deliberately flown west towards the Andaman Islands after it last made contact with air traffic control nearly one week ago, military radar-trafficking evidence now suggests, in a twist that Malay officials have said supports theories the plane might have been hijacked or sabotaged.

Sources told Reuters that the flight path of an unidentified aircraft, which investigators believe was MH370, followed a route with specific navigational waypoints, suggesting someone with aviation training was at the helm.

THE MALAYSIANS (and probably some Chinese) ARE WANTING TO EXPOSE THIS!!! and so are some US 'investigators', some in The Pentagon!

''That most of the leads on the potential location, and fate, of the missing aircraft are coming from US authorities indicates that it is the Americans – and not the Malaysians – who know more than they are letting on. The fact that US investigators cannot divulge more may be due to the fact that they are merely assisting the Malaysian investigation and not leading it: per international protocols, the country where the missing aircraft was registered must lead the investigation.''

shirlz007 said...

different media outlets are reporting a difference of the number of those on board...

-Independent (latest) - 233 (221 passengers and 12 crew)

-Guardian (like everyone else up until now) - 239 (12 crew... 227 passengers)

Anonymous said...

not ruling out ukrainian angle yet - 2 ukrainian passengers were allegedly on board. plenty of dirty tricks being planned with our new friends in Kiev & propagandists like Marson/WSJ to assist.

11 Feb – Wall St Journal BLOG: James Marson: Politics Behind Plane Hijacking, Ukrainian Opposition Says
But Ivan Varchenko, an opposition politician, said the alleged hijacker—named by Turkish security officials as Artem Kozlov, a Ukrainian in his forties from Kharkiv—had told him Friday that he wanted to fly to Sochi to “free Mr. Yanukovych.”
“He said he had to save Yanukovych because Putin had taken him hostage and would use him to blackmail Ukraine,” said Mr. Varchenko, a deputy in Kharkiv’s regional council, in a telephone interview. “So he had to save Yanukovych to save Ukraine.”…
Mr. Varchenko said Mr. Kozlov worked as a volunteer on the politician’s website for one day a week for the past 18 months. He said Mr. Kozlov had appeared sympathetic to the protesters’ cause, but on Friday wore a pro-Yanukovych ribbon from the 2010 presidential election campaign... http://blogs.wsj.com/emergingeurope/2014/02/11/politics-behind-plane-hijacking-ukrainian-opposition-says/

Dec 29 – Kiev Post: Car of Kharkiv EuroMaidan organizer burnt, fifth incident there in month
The scorched Toyota that belongs to Kharkiv Oblast lawmaker and local EuroMaidan co-organizer Ivan Varchenko.

reddpill.com said...

Regarding the missing Malaysian flight, are we seeing a sophisticated "pump and dump" scheme operating with Freescale Semiconductor Ltd? As huge debts hang over the company.

"Freescale, a chip company that was taken private in 2006 by a group of private investors that included Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, Permira Advisers and TPG.".

In January 2013 the CFO retires. Feb 2013 they announce a public offering of common shares. A day later the stock increases 9.3% as it comes to the attention of the media calling it a "big mover".

"Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd. (FSL - Snapshot Report) was a big mover last session, as the company saw its shares rise by over 9% on the day. The move came on solid volume too with far more shares changing hands than in a normal session. This continues the recent uptrend of the company as the stock has now gained over 34% since Jan 24."

And then just one month later we have 20 of their employees on their way to China, just disappear. Who then owns the intellectual property of those employees patents? Would it setup an environment for a take over of the business, by the likes of Intel, due to it's financial problems it maybe be facing with debt, while allowing the original investors to profit and pull out.


reddpill.com said...

More evidence surfaces for a motive behind the missing Malaysian flight with 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductor Ltd. Follow the money...

"JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon delivered a confident message at the bank's global high-yield conference this week, telling attendees it would be no more cautious than any other Wall Street bank when it comes to lending,...with the bank's decision not to extend a revolving credit facility for Freescale Semiconductor earlier this month."

"Freescale, which was taken private by sponsors Blackstone, Carlyle, TPG and Permira in 2006 in one of the biggest leveraged buyouts of all time...Although the company listed five years later, its leverage remains high."

"Moody's latest report on Freescale, even after it pays down debt with proceeds of a recent share offering, adjusted debt to Ebitda will still remain in the low seven times range."

And with the recent skyrocketing of the share price with no real generating revenue to pay off the debt it seems this is purely a "Pump and Dump" of the share price to allow known criminal operations like The Carlyle Group to walk away "holding the bag".


giark65 (abel danger) said...

One of the best compilations of info from Aangirfan and commenters. Throwing in our Serco research from Abel Danger.

#1886: Marine Links MI-3 Mycroft’s Serco ZigBee Sting to the MH370 Inmarsat Pings

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net). United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Nicholas ‘Mycroft’ Soames’ apparent use of Serco tags and ZigBee timing signals in a bookmaker sting staged by the Langham Hotel and Resorts and MI-3 Innholders Livery Company, to Serco director Maureen Baginski’s alleged use of a cesium clock in a Boeing E-4B Doomsday aircraft to synchronize Inmarsat pings with the front-running BBC story of 20 abducted Freescale employees and hijacking of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 on March 8, 2014......

.....McConnell believes Privy Councillor Soames – former Defence Minister under the Langham Hotel habitué John Major and a skilled practitioner of MI-3 Mycroft Qui tam frauds (cf. Serco tags, FAA Contract Towers, Skynet Wi-Fi, USPTO, Obamacare) – ordered Baginski to ­­­stage a hijack in which the real MH370 was landed in China while ZigBee agents pinged Inmarsat, fed a sting to the BBC, stole Freescale timing devices and prepared for a phony Doomsday search.


Tony Ryals said...

Has anyone followed this story of the missing in France Chinese billionaire ?Also what became of the
investiigation of the dead American woman involved in the bitcoin scam whose body was found in Hong KONG SHORTLY AFTER THE BITCOIN CRASH ?
Were there really any Chinese billionaires on board the Malaysian flight ?


Body in France crash site surprises police searching for Chinese billionaire Kok Lam....

“A body was found on Saturday in the Dordogne. It was a person who had disappeared in the river in April,” Rety said on Monday, adding that the April accident had occurred about 30 kilometres from the site of the helicopter crash.

Efforts to find the remains of 46-year-old tea and property magnate Kok Lam, his interpreter and financial adviser, Peng Wang; as well as pilot and French entrepreneur James Gregoire are still ongoing after the helicopter fell into the river.

Only the body of Lam Kok’s 12-year-old son, Kok Shun Yu, has been recovered......


Head of bitcoin exchange found dead in her flat after 'suicide'
Metro-by Nicole Le Marie-Mar 5, 2014

A head of a bitcoin exchange has been found dead in an apparent suicide, ... CEO Autumn Radtke was found at her apartment in Singapore on Friday. ... Ms Radtke, was recruited in 2012 by Singapore-based investor ...

Anonymous said...

ref "may have traveled as far as Kazakhstan"
I consider the latest statement by a Malaysian government official as convincing as a fairy tale, these people are lying through their teeth with all their contradictions. If the flight in question would have been performed by a Russian or Chinese bomber, the authorities would have published the exact flight path within hours of the event.
The World's airspace is more or less divided up according national boundaries, many countries will scramble interceptors to guide any unexpected flying intruder to the next military airfield for examination. That the flight could have made it to Kazakhstan undeterred after overflying many countries is just a childish fantasy.
http://tuoitrenews.vn/international/18284/malaysia-not-actively-cooperative-in-jet-hunt-vietnams-search-chief (link found on pprune.org)
is basically confirming, that the flight suddenly disappeared both from secondary and primary Radar off the coast of Vietnam, as one would expect if an aircraft explodes in midair, but unfortunately no debris was found in the water.
Well, the tribe is spreading their hasbara at full steam, look e.g. at this nonsense
Could it be, that ThePowersThatBe tricked the Malaysian Airforce in shooting down their own airliner???

Anonymous said...

March 7

Anonymous said...

can't find a thing about either of the ukrainians on the plane:

Echoing the same sentiment was the relative of Ukraine nationals Chustrak Oleg Ukraine, 45, and Deineka Sergii Ukraine, 45.

James R said...

The announcement that MH 370 was still airborne and detected on radar at 8.11am Malaysian time indicates that the whole search in the South China sea has been a farcical waste of time, and yet someone had this information, and apparently sat back and let a futile search continue for almost a week. There must be a motive for this.
The information released by the Malaysian authorities yesterday indicates that the plane was hijacked remotely. The Jim Stone scenario is far and away the most likely to be true, at least in outline. People in the cockpit do not have the ability to mask an aircraft from radar. Radar does not depend on any equipment on a plane to operate, it cannot be switched off, switching off a transponder does not end radar contact, only very high tech electronic warfare capabilities can make an aircraft disappear from radar over the ocean. Pilots can use techniques over land to minimise radar contact, such as flying very close to the ground, but this didn't happen. Any object of sufficient size will show up on radar regardless of transponder.In the official 911 story, the planes are still tracked on radar despite transponders being switched off. There is no "off" switch for radar, and this is easy to discover and understand. Transponders tell you the exact id of an aircraft, precise speed and altitude, turn it off and you will still get an object reading, you can still chart it's course and calculate the speed.
The Malaysian authorities can't come out and say that it was remotely hijacked without proof, because they would be accusing a very powerful advanced nation of a major crime, they also probably fear looking mad. It is unlikely that any nation other than the USA, Russia or China would be capable of this. China had zero motive, the plane is already coming to them. If they wanted a passenger, they simply wait. Russia lacks bases in the Indian ocean. It is almost certainly the USA or an allied corporation under their supervision. They will probably try to go with pilot suicide after an unexplained{ and inexplicable} diversion. It's the only way they can cover this one up. They will never find the plane and just say, "We assume the pilot drove it into a deep part of the Indian ocean. Korean Airlines 007 was never found so it can be done.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious we all like a good mystery to brighten our dull lives.

But nobody's mentioned that plane that crashed in Greece (?) the one that flew itself, followed by a fighter who 'maybe' saw someone in the cockpit, no reactions from any passengers/crew otherwise.

There's no real evidence this isn't a similar situation. The difference being that plane was in an area where they rapidly realised there was a problem and got to the plane, unable to do anything about it other than witness the crash.

They still don't know if it was a botched hijack or a faulty system cause all to black-out.

In this case MH370 disappeared before anyone could locate it, there were no witnesses.

I don't buy a hijack to use the plane as a weapon, all other known cases they crashed it immediately after the hijack (obvious target the Petronas Towers (?) in KL, where the plane came from.

It's been a week now.

The risks landing the plane, hiding it, with the need to refuel and take off again, to THEN fly to the target, all this and avoiding detection, is cloud-cuckoo land. As is attacking a USA mil-base on an island. They are huge places, hugely defended with state-of-art weapons and wide-awake soldiers guarding them that WILL shoot down any UFO that comes within 10 miles, and only an a-bomb would do any damage.

There must be safer, more reliable, more discrete, 'delivery-systems' to achieve that.

As for kidnapping scientists: ditto, read the above.

As for a gold-heist: how did they know there would be gold on the plane, if so they had no time to plan the heist, if MH370 was planned it took months probably, not days/hours.

How do I explain the plane apparently being controlled after it dropped-off the radar, you snort in indignation!

Well, same thing as that Greek plane with a mystery man in the cockpit: a flight steward who didn't faint completely (we all have widely-ranging tolerances) who, despite a weakened state and feeling woozy, knew where the axe was, used it, tried to radio, tried to control plane when he saw the mountains rapidly approaching, knowing he was dead if he didn't do anything about it. Brave man ...if he existed.

It wasn't the pilot, or a hijacker, who altered the settings and switches on MH370, it was a steward (and maybe a flight-aware passenger, computer-sims nerd) desperately trying to call for help, trying to turn the plane back to KL to be closer to help.

It's what I would do in the same situation. But I wouldn't try to steer the plane, I'd leave it to fly to Beijing, hoping to get radio-contact sometime, to be talked down. I've flown light planes but that was years ago and very simple stuff, so I'd spend my time carefully examining the instruments and switches to work-out which WAS the radio/SOS-ping, they would be close-too and easily accessible to the pilots, they use it all the time,no need to dial-in a frequency, it would be on the right one already, a simple button on the joystick, perhaps, to transmit.

That plane can be anywhere. But in my view it didn't make a survivable landing.

Anonymous said...

Things to do with a plane, under the 'don't try this at home, folks' category.
There's the Ukraine option -
or, discounting Duff's 'unconfirmed' cargo as a sole reason for things 'vanishing', there's the, ho hum, US needs to galvanize support for war with Russia or Iran, take your pick and it may already be in the US -

Anonymous said...

Desperation? Closure? I really can't fathom the likely fall-out from this. It's all about Anwar apparently - http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/did-pilot-hijack-mh370-as-political-protest-against-anwars-latest-jail-term
Did the guys in the back room who came up with this think it through? will other anwar supporters follow suit?

Anonymous said...

How do the naval scandlas that saw chiefs of. ONI removed? Malaysian at center of scandals.

Also what about the story da before the dissapear of Chinese throwing up a shield to obviate the us naval laser weapons with special coatings SCMP).

Then there are all the renewed minot scandals about gorss neglegance by cadets? Circa 2007?

And the December scandals around us missle command with commander removed for galivanting with Russian women? Then us shot off an ICBM minuteman? This after Russia shot off a few land air and slbm.

Anon said...

Anwar is CIA.

The MalaysianInsider supports Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Check this out guys. This is another brilliant piece from the same site that wrote in depth on Freescale Semiconductors and the 9/11 link.

MH370 Mystery – Suspicious Cargo & Death of 2 Ex-Navy Seals aboard MV Maersk Alabama


Anonymous said...

all speculation, but...

if awacs involved, it might still be useful to have two 45-yr-old ukrainian men on board to prevent any remedial action by crew, etc.

just saying.

Anon said...


This is Sorcha Faal disinformation!

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Ukrainians also aboard that US ship taken in India... then the Indo diplomat strip search in NYC...

A13 said...

Hi Aang,
just saw this and thought of you x

kisses Cin cin x

Anonymous said...

Now this is an informative interview on the BUAP (Boeing Uninterruptible Auto-Pilot) and why it's important here:

3-17-2014 Voice of Russia Interview with Field McConnell


New autopilot will make another 9/11 impossible (03 March 2007)


Anonymous said...

We should evaluate fatcs - instead of playing with phantasies!
Indeed, the assertion of an allegedly disappeared aircraft that had disappeared on the operation of the regular flight schedule "MH370" is a TOTAL FRAUD (fake, hoax)!

Thes want us to believe that the "missed" flight "MH370" took off at 0:41 a. m. local time - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MH370.
But already that this is completely impossible! Because the line "MH370" (the term "MH370" does not name a single flight, but a permanently operated service line) always starts on LATE AFTERNOON! See: http://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/mh370/.
And o n l y (!) the service-line "MH371" starts at MIDNIGHT! See http://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/mh371!
There has never been an airplane "MH370", which started at midnight (like the supposedly missing aircraft)! A l o n e (!) "MH371" always starts at midnight!

More on http://nodisinfo.com/.


Anonymous said...

that flight of the service line "MH370", that was due for lift off at late afternoon had really taken off not earlier than 0:41 a. m. there should have been a lot of phone calls to China, like: "Babe, I am sorry, but my plane has a delay of nearly 8(!!!) hours!

Also friends in Kualar Lumpur who wanted to see their friends taking off would have had knowledge of this MASSIVE delay of about 8 (!) hours!


Anonymous said...

Even more:
IF ... their had really been a MS370-plane taking lifft off at 0:41 from Kualar Lumpur it was to been expected in China at 06:20 a. m. local chinese time.
BUT: It is winter - also in China! No sun in the morning - but darkness!
And now look at this picture of an actress 'mourning': http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/photo/55531/grief-seizes-kin-of-passenger-on-missing-malaysian-plane
Brightest(!) Daylight(!) flooding the whole airport!


Anonymous said...


If we assume that there never was this flight of MH370, the behaviour of the Malaysian officials can easily be explained:
If there was no missing MH370 those who fabricated this hoax definately would have to impose a lot of pressure on those Malaysian officals. Because: Without those Malaysians playing their part the hoax wouldn't have worked.
And how would Malaysian officals - who are massivle pressed into lying - react?

They would protest in a hidden way. And that’s exactly what these Malayan officals did:
1) They didn' t answer phones over the weekend
2) They showed pictures of "Iranians" that where so brutally fabricated ("legs"), that even stupid people coud detect that fabrication.
3) They permanently changed facts:
a) passengers not boarding
aa)5 people that checked in, but didn't appear at the gate - luggage was removed from plane
bb) No, not 5 but 4 people. they also never checked in

b) Time, the plane was on radar and on a regular way
aa) 2 hours
bb) No, not two hours, but 1 hour
cc) Both incorrekt, because now we know that from lift-off (0:41 local MYT ) to last contact (1:22 local MYT - see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia-Airlines-Flug_370 ) it was only 41 minutes.

c) One "Iranian" flying to Germnany
aa) He was to fly to Frankfurt, where his mother lived
bb) No, not Frankfurt, but HAMBURG, where his mother lived

d) Looks of those carriing stolen passports
aa) asian
bb) like italian soccer player Mario BALOTELLI (more to this below)

4) The last known position of the plane was always kept secret. Under normal circumstances this information would have been given on any press conference within the first(!!) minute.

5) Try to understand this strange statement of the Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein:
"Responding mounting criticism on the search efforts, Mr Hishammuddin said there was no “confusion”. “I don’t think so. It’s far from it. It’s only confusion if you want it to be seen as confusion,” he said" ( http://www.straitstimes.com/the-big-story/missing-mas-plane/story/missing-malaysia-airlines-plane-search-now-focused-south-china ).
Interpret this!!

6) "Malaysia's civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman has suggested that the two passengers who were travelling on stolen passports on the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 looked like black Italian footballer Mario Balotelli.
The aviation chief dismissed earlier reports that the two were Asian-looking but refused to elaborate.
"I can confirm that he is not a Malaysian, but cannot divulge which country he is from yet," he said, hinting that revealing their identity could hinder the investigation.
A reporter asked Rahman to say "roughly" what they looked like. The aviation chief replied: "Do you know a footballer by the name of [Mario] Balotelli?" Chief of Malaysia airline

Interpret this! Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balotelli and search the word "crazy". On German Wikipedia you'll find "between genius and insanity/lunacy" ("zwischen Genie und Wahnsinn"). the comment of Rahman makes o n l y sense if you interpret him as saying 'the whole thing is completely crazy'!


Anonymous said...


Also the Vietnamese officials protest!
7) First we must know that contact to MH370 was lost precisely when it should have entered the radar of Ho Chi Minh City ("The aircraft was also expected to contact air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City as it passed into Vietnamese airspace just north of the point where contact was lost" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia_Airlines_Flight_370#Disappearance ).
How convenient! So the Vietnamese gave the buck back as fast as they could: ""We informed Malaysia on the day we lost contact with the flight that we noticed the flight turned back west but Malaysia did not respond" (en.wikipedia). "turned back west" means left Vietnam - no more Vietnams matter.

8) March 7Th: "Tuoi Tre (“Youth News), a main daily Vietnamese newspaper has reported that the Vietnamese Navy has confirmed that the missing Malaysian Airways 777 crashed into the ocean" (http://boardingarea.com/wildabouttravel/2014/03/vietnamese-navy-confirms-mh370-has-crashed-into-ocean )./
Being pressed also the Vietnamese want some fun, at least! Call this 'pushing a lie over the edge'.

9) "Malaysia did not respond" (see above "7"): Why the hell should Malaysia officials respond if it is a hoax and they were only pressed to take part!

10) Look at this cartoon: http://www.gocomics.com/nickanderson/2014/03/14
- and now conclude: Neither the brain of the Malaysian government is missing - nor the plane is missing!


Anonymous said...

U-turn as Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim admits MH370 pilot is in-law's relative

Minor detail

James R said...

Daily Mail writes "Claim fire killed MH370 crew as they headed for emergency landing goes viral " which included , "Veteran Canadian pilot Chris Goodfellow says his viral online post debunks claims that the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight was hijacked
Instead, he hails captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah a hero, insisting the only reasonable scenario is that a fire broke out and the pilot was trying to make an emergency landing at the nearest safe airport
He says Shah turned the plane to aim for a 13,000 foot strip Palau Langkawi but was likely overcome by smoke before he could land
The aircraft then continued flying as a 'ghost plane' for several hours before finally running out of fuel and crashing into the Indian Ocean
He predicts the wreckage will be found somewhere west of the Maldives today. " This is only intuition, but this sounds exactly like the kind of improbable and corny story that we often see when Official stories are downright lies.
I expect that the wreckage may well be found West of the Maldives today as Mr. Goodfellow expects.
There did seem to be a couple of problems with this story however. We are supposed to believe that the fire was so severe that it caused the entire crew and all the passengers to fall unconscious [and therefore completely unable to extinguish the fire] and at the same time the fire is supposed to be so minor as to allow the plane to continue flying successfully as a "ghost plane" until all it's fuel ran out and it fell into the Indian Ocean at least five hours later.
"We old pilots were always drilled to always know the closest airport of safe harbor while in cruise. Always,' Goodfellow wrote. 'Instinctively when I saw that left turn with a direct heading I knew he was heading for an airport.'
So we old pilots all knew to head to the nearest airport when our plane is on fire, yet we weren't sure whether we should get on the radio and tell anyone that the plane was on fire and we are about to make an emergency landing.
This from the Daily Mail also
'Missing jet changed course 12 minutes BEFORE co-pilot's calm last message, say US officials
Flight plan was altered on cockpit computer before verbal contact was lost
Plotting alternative route on Flight Management System would need expert knowledge"
"The abrupt U-turn made by the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger plane is believed to have been programmed into the on board computer before the last radio contact was made with the co-pilot. The change in direction in the Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight on March 9 was made about 12 minutes before Fariq Abdul Hamid told controllers: 'All right, good night', sources have claimed.
the Guardian writes "MH370: China says no evidence its nationals caused disappearance" that "The transponder – an identifying device that replies to radar signals from the ground – appears to have switched off two minutes after the last verbal communication with air traffic control
So according to these stories, the plane is on fire, the pilots change direction heading for an emergency landing at the nearest airport, and the only comment from the cabin, at least twelve minutes after the decision to change course is "All right, Goodnight."
It also seems telling that the Malaysians have now handed over leadership of the search to others, this may assist in the manufacture and concealment evidence if required.
I have no idea what will happen, but I can feel it that they will find something soon. I know that the controlled media will be preparing the gullible public for the story that we will be expected to believe, they always do. Perhaps the chosen story will not be the "ghost plane after fire" option but another but it's guaranteed that one of the threads that is being pushed today will eventually be THE story

Anonymous said...

In addition, there are more questions, for example this one:
The "MH370" flies daily to Beijing, taking off in Kualar Lumpur always in the late afternoon (see: http://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/mh370). Now, if this flight MH370 took off at 0:41 local time (beeing eight(!) hours late - which is nowhere discussed jet), only a few minutes later, the mashine of the line "MH371" that also flies daily from Kualar Lumpur to Beijing (see: http://www. flightradar24.com/data/flights/mh371) started. In other words: Almost simultaneously two machines of the Malaysian Arilines flew from Kualar Lumpur to Beijing - MH371 following MH370 within minutes.
What now do the pilots of the flight MH371, who practically followed their colleages from the very late flight MH370, have to tell us? Why does nobody ask them?

Also: What about the blackboxes? They were made for situations like this. They permanently snd GPS-signals!

And again - like with 911 ("Larry Silverstein") - it ist a giant insurance fraud!
Allianz insurance alone will have to pay 1000 Million $.


Anonymous said...

Lots of really good responses on here - thanks all - and of course the AAng crew.

I find curious the idea now being floated that Malaysian 370:
" '...had maneuvered itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68...

"Singapore Airlines Flight 68 proceeded across the Andaman Sea into the Bay of Bengal and finally into India’s airspace...

"It is my belief that MH370 likely flew in the shadow of SIA68 through India and Afghanistan airspace..." '

Ummm... I don't know how close one jumbo jet has to get to another jumbo jet in order to 'fly in the shadow' and thus evade detection, but pilots the world over know NOT to get anywhere near the wake vortices and jetwashes that trail aircraft, especially aircraft boasting multiple jet engines. If one wants to experience one hell of a roller coaster ride, just follow 'in the shadow' of another aircraft. More detail here: http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Wake_Vortex_Turbulence


Anonymous said...

Sorry , I have to correct my false informations above:
1.) Allianz will have to pay 100 Million $$ (not "1000" - typing error, sorry)
2.) The "black box" will n o t sent "GPS"-signals. But if it gets in contact with water it will "pinger". This is: It will send acoustic signals of 37,5 kHz that can be registered even if the plane lies in very deep waters.
So the black box of MH370 is no help, as it does n o t broadcast radio-signals


dognamedblue said...

sorry if it's already been said
but did anyone catch the bbc this morning?
I was browsing the news channels to see how those kind hearted tv journolists were reporting on the poor folks in ukraine & crimea where they were talking about mh370 and said "US is controlling it from behind the scenes"
could have been a slip but occasionally they do let things slip out under the radar

dognamedblue said...

seeing as the guardian is getting some airplay I thought this was a good one to go along with current ideas on mh370 (or how things are woven together for whatever the reasons might be):
Claims of secret CIA jail for terror suspects on British island to be investigated
· Legal charity urges action on Diego Garcia claims

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

from jimstonefreelance.com

Maldives island residents report sighting of 'low flying jet'


though Jim points out that these jets are 10% of the noise of 70s planes at these low altitudes.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Star: Missing MH370: All background checks received - except those from Russia and Ukraine
"We have received passengers background checks on individuals from all countries except the Ukraine and Russia which had nationals on board. So far no information of significance on any passenger has been found, said Hishammuddin at press conference on Wednesday

the chaos in ukraine will provide an excuse for the above, just as the plane story has drowned out possibility of MSM in-depth coverage of ukraine. forget the unnamed relative of BOTH men.

Echoing the same sentiment was the relative of Ukraine
nationals Chustrak Oleg Ukraine, 45, and Deineka Sergii Ukraine, 45.
The relative, who declined to be named, said that the information announced
by Najib was incomplete...

Anonymous said...

PsychicFocus a psychic saw this ..

When I tune in, my mind is at the point of the flight where issues start to arise. I see that there is a huge electrical disturbance. What looks like a clear day turns into this dark, gloomy surrounding. It looks like heat lightening and flashes surround the plane. I also see what looks like discharges of static electricity coming off the plane. The flight attendants are trying to stand, and people are trying to stand and grab something above their heads? It is chaotic and a lot of turbulence. Oxygen masks then start to fall. Then there is this loud thundering sound that is so deafening that people are grabbing the sides of their head (I feel the pain in my ear, like it is loud and so much pressure!)

Then all of a sudden there is this silence- It is so quiet and calm. No one is talking, there is no noise. It is the ultimate peaceful feeling. I don't even hear the noise of the plane- as if the engine isn't even running. It feels like the plane is gliding, there is no turbulence. Like it is floating so peacefully through the air.

I can't help but feel like this plane went into a different layer or dimension of our current existence [I realize this is a very alternative concept, but I just report what I see]. I see the jungle, and what I notice most are the leaves. The passengers are looking at the vegetation is complete amazement, but not in complete horror, but rather amazement. They are gigantic. The climate feels warm and humid, but rather comfortable. I also have the images of the plane on a beachy coast as if it coasted to a graceful landing. I can't get the images of show Lost out of my mind, as if the fundamental situation may be similar...

arthur zbygniew said...

A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet

Tony Ryals said...

To my knowledge no one here has mentioned the case of the psychic ex New Zealand soldier Paul Weeks who left his wiife 'Danica Weeks and sons Lincoln, 3, and Jack, 11 months, in their adopted home of Perth,Australia while he headed to Mongolia' to start work as a mechanical engineer'.I can't seem to find out just who his employer in Mongolia is or why his skills were so essential to the unnamed company in Mongolia.(Or maybe the company has been mentioned and I haven't noticed it yet.)

I first read about it a while back in the dailymail or some establishment paper such as that but this from godlikproductions sort of sums up his strange ehavior and a text from Kuala Lumpur airport just before he and his fellow passengers ride out into the twighlight zone .
If anyone finds out who ex soldier Paul Weeks employer in Mongolia is supposed to be before I do let me know.:


''Prime Minister John Key says it's unfortunate the wife of a New Zealand man missing aboard Flight 370 first heard about plane's disappearance from a journalist.''


Re: WTF! Flight MH370 Passenger Paul Weeks Gave Wife His Wedding Ring & Watch Before Boarding In Case Something Happened To Him
He also sent a txt:


Wow, so....

1) He takes photos of his family
2) Gives Wedding ring & watch to wife in case something happened to him.
3) Sends a text saying they mean the world to him (Goodbye Text maybe??)

I don't know, but what was he expecting? His new job was in Mongolia, is that a bad area for kidnapping or murders or something...either that or he knew something was going to happen on that plane....

So not only is there a big mystery with this plane going missing, there obviously has been some big mystery with the occupants of the plane, from the passport fiasco and now a guy giving his wife his wedding ring and watch...

How many of you (even nervous fliers) have ever thought about giving your loved one a wedding ring like this thinking that something bad may happen to you?????

Tony Ryals said...

Oh my.I only now finished perusing thegoglikeproductions thread and one poster says that in a search of the name Paul Weeks he found a Paul Weeks who 'coincidentally' a
Boeing mechanical engineer specializing in Boeing 777's.Ha.
And the company in Mongolia is Transwest.
Well as they used to sing on the Twighlight Zone - 'do do do do - do do do do etc. :


Re: WTF! Flight MH370 Passenger Paul Weeks Gave Wife His Wedding Ring & Watch Before Boarding In Case Something Happened To Him
Well, this is darn bloody freaky.......

Paul Weeks who has disappeared is a Mechanical Engineer...

On searching Google, I found another Paul Weeks who is a Mechanical Engineer and guess what, works for Boeing....

He specifically works on guess what plane?? Yep, Boeing 777 like the one that disappeared...

Gets stranger......

His specific role:
Product Review Engineer II - 777 Wing & Final Body Join Integration at Boeing

The plane that disappeared had it's wing clipped by another plane and had to be repaired....

Here is his profile:
[link to www.linkedin.com]
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 50246560

gosh darn it. that looks just like the missing paul weeks:

The Australian News; Wife of Paul Weeks on Missing Malaysian Plane hoping for miracle...

Anonymous said...

FBI helps Malaysia analyze deleted data from pilot's simulator... OK, so something was found on the PC of the pilot. I searched the file diego_garcia.zip for Flight Simulator X and it is very light... There's no sense for deleting a small file used in a simulation program.

Diego Garcia runway found in Captain Zaharie’s flight simulator as reports circulate that MH370 landed at US base --> http://www.roomeetimes.com/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh370-landed-at-the-us-military-base.html

Cops find five Indian Ocean practice runways in MH370 pilot’s simulator, BH reports --> http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/cops-find-five-indian-ocean-practice-runways-in-mh370-pilots-simulator-bh-r

“The simulation programmes are based on runways at the Male International Airport in Maldives, an airport owned by the United States (Diego Garcia), and three other runways in India and Sri Lanka, all have runway lengths of 1,000 metres.“

MH370: Diego Garcia runway found in Captain Zaharie's flight simulator ---> http://english.astroawani.com/news/show/mh370-diego-garcia-runway-found-in-captain-zaharies-flight-simulator-32034

shirlz007 said...

Please don't censor this comment Aangirfan (it's not really my intention to insult other commentators... most have been spot on, and others I don't agree with should still be considered to an extent)... Im trying to articulate this one appropriately! :D

I must strongly disagree with Psychic Focus!
Why anyone who claims to be psychic would want to state such a scenario is beyond me!
OK... the human mind is capable of things yet to be explained, I think many psychic experiences can be attributed to unconscious information articulating itself in a way the conscious mind can comprehend.

May I have a go at 'tuning in to my psychic abilities' (most of this is actually based on the evidence presented, the most likely scenario I can personally imagine... and a bit of old fashioned 'detectives hunch')

- I can see the pilots making an announcement to the passengers about a diversion needed to be made (I think at least one pilot, if not both, may have been a part of this now).
- I think the disappearance from radar was both cockpit AND US Air Force AWACS diverting the flight, and landing at Diego Garcia.
- I can see a lot of confused and angry passengers being told it's a US military operation, and to follow strict procedures. I can see a few of these passengers realising whats actually happening, and realising their the targets of the op.
- I see a number of passengers being taken aside and placed in military custody... the rest taken away and 'disappeared' (to put it nicely)
- I see the remaining passengers 20+ ALL Chinese (Five in particular for some reason) being secretly flown back to US, after initial debriefing, and being threatened (both for their lives and that of their loved ones at home)
- I see at least two of passengers/flight staff (probably at least one of the pilots) being a part of the operation, and being given new identities and a lot of money.
- I see a plan to distribute 'wreckage' by air, over an area of Sea that has so far been overlooked by all search parties (off coast of South West Australia?)

Im not taking the mick! Truthfully, if I was to make some sort of 'psychic' reading... I can see international relations between many countries (not just East/West) degenerating rapidly in 2014. I can see war coming to Europe (Ukraine will be a civil war)... I think the disappearance of MH370 is part of something much bigger between US and China.
(Russia has been extremely quiet)

Truthfully... for the past few weeks, Ive seen, what I can only interpret as a possible nuclear detonation occurring (a purposely detonated nuclear weapon) and many, many people losing their lives and many more suffering the aftermath.
IF it ever does come to a nuclear attack, I can see two ways it could go...
a) The world is so outraged and horrified that a nuclear weapon has been used, world leaders are forced to put their differences aside and make a pledge to eradicate nuclear weapons within ten years (though a few would probably slip through the net!)
b)... the opposite

Anonymous said...

There are some notable people on board (or were) perhaps this was a convenient time to "disappear" them into the bunker prior to WWIII- just sayin'-

Unknown said...

I just figured it out - I know where the plane is.

It's in San Francisco.

In bits.

Hold on...

Unknown said...

You can't lose a Boeing full of iPhones.

That's impossible.

So that didn't happen.

But you CAN repaint it and renumber it without too many people noticing.


Anonymous said...

Diego Garcia "Camp Justice" BIOT 7º20'S 72º25'E Another stolen island



July 29, 2011 – A $47.7 million, indefinite-delivery/ indefinite-quantity contract modification. The Pentagon says this is exercising Option 1 for BOS services at U.S. Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia, and adds that the total contract amount after exercise of this option will be $479.3 million.

Work will be performed in Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, and is expected to be complete by July 2012 (N62742-06-D-4501).

NWO Prison, Spy Satellite center

Anonymous said...

Some more interesting theories, facts and thoughts can be found here:


Anonymous said...

This compilation is phenomenal and reasonably objective. It has nearly doubled my personal map of events, but there's one key account mentioned that gave me goosebumps and a eureka moment, so please follow along:

Based on ACARS network data transmitting until at least that Sunday, and a ping response near the Maldives (and witness accounts), it's reasonable to suggest a landing at Diego Garcia.

Storing a highly-sought Boeing 777-200 at a suspected landing site with limited hangars for any extended amount of time is foolish. Presumably, the plane could be chopped up and transported-out in a C5-Galaxy, or flown-out after removing or painting over MAH decals. If flown-out, a direct flight to Charleston, NC, (that coincidentally exercised a commercial jet escort with fighter jets a few days later--my eureka moment) from Diego Garcia could also be suspect, so it's logical to employ a "layover" in an allied country.

There's a little mentioned side-story in the account of events, that I find hard to believe is coincidental. Please follow me for a moment: Prince William, a member of the RAF, and Dutchess Kate went on a surprise, baby-free, vacation to the Maldives on Thursday, March 8th. It had been noted that they had a large security detail and departed to a nearby Atoll upon landing. This unplanned vacation, for which Will missed classes for, was supposed to last a week, but nowhere can I find a confirmed return date. If it is possible to hide in the radar signature of another plane, as is suspected with SIA68, then it's logical that MAH370 could have hid in the radar signature of Prince Will's aircraft back to the UK. From the UK, a trans-Atlantic flight would raise little suspicion other than the fighter jet escorts to Charleston, NC.

Also, without being too verbose, I'll summarize the following.
There are only 3 reasons to so brazenly steal this plane: 1) forced-dissemination of intel passengers, 2) high value cargo (intel hardware, Ukraine gold theory, or suspicious Alabama Maersk cargo) and/or 3) covert weapon(s) transport.

The plane itself has no logistical value for a future attack simply because too much time has elapsed since the disappearance which raises too many questions and if a plane was needed for a terror attack, it's not difficult for a Government to find one. Secondly, the passengers are likely alive especially if #1, forced-dissemination of intel workers was the objective. Therefore the 49,000 foot altitude-forced depressurization asphyxiation theory of all passengers is highly improbable as the 20-26 intel would be affected as well, unless oxygen levels were set to a non-lethal minimum to induce unconsciousness and forced cooperation.

A couple last things that may fit into my working theory, Prince William is due to make a trip to New Zealand/Australia in 10 days which may be related to the return of "Aussie Passenger" and Boeing 777-200 Engineer and former DoD employee, Paul Weeks. The Pentagon announced today that they've consumed $2.5m of the $4.0m allotted for the SAR effort that's projected to end the first week in April. Essentially, that indicates the official story will say this plane is the greatest mystery of ahem, 2014, or it's been found on the ocean floor but is too deep to recover.


Anonymous said...

Aircraft expert Ian Black previously worked as a fighter weapons instructor for the Malaysian Air Force. He speculates:

Could the aircraft have been ‘swapped’ mid-air?

Generally air traffic radars use something called a “Squawk” code - this is 4 digits, say '1234' - that is then used to transmit information to the ground radar of the aircraft’s position and other relevant detail. This is very easily disabled - it is operated with a simple on/off switch. The Boeing 777 has two separate systems for safety in the event of failure.

There is another angle which i think might be a possibility that the MH370 switched codes. If MH370 had a code of, say 4376, then it would be pretty easy to get another aircraft, say a Gulfstream 5 private jet, to fly up behind it and swap codes. The Gulfstream sets its squawk code to the same as MH370's code of 4376 then the B777 takes on the Gulfstream's code, and they then split... It would certainly make it easier for the B777 to continue on undetected.


Anonymous said...

noted the Alabama Maersk cargo... So, SEALS can escort cargos. But I wonder how many SEALS do this. Media says it's "usual" OK. How many SEALS do this "usual" escort? Wasn't the Alabama Maersk cargo some sensitive (in MIL or other terms) material? And where was this sensitive cargo, escorted by SEALS, going?

Tony Ryals said...

Yet another angle as plausible as any is that taken by nodisinfo.com that claims Malaysia flight was a hoax and no plane ever took off.I have seen it speculated maybe even somewhere on this thread that the time of flight itself may not even correspond to a regular flight from Malaysia to China which would if true make the hoax theory a fact.
Does anyone one know if this is so or not and that even the depature date was made up ?Not saying just asking......
Yet like Sandy Hook where alleged daddy Peter Lanza works for GE Capital and mommy dearest Nancy was supposedly employed in well known financial firms like John Hancock,(which did indeed hold shares of the very real Israeli ICTS International that has caused so much tragedy and terror from 9/11 to Richard Reid 'the shoe bomber' to Amsterdam Shiphol Airport's Mutallab the 'Islamic crotch bomber',etc.), it is strangethat Carlyle's Blackstone's et.al.'s Austin based Freescale
Semiconductor supposedly loses employees and that this strange 'Kiwi' Australian Weeks etc. are allegedly on board.
It seemed strange to me that all these Malaysian and Chinese that are employees of Freescale Austin were flying such an around aboyut route to China but Freescale claims they have 'work at facilities in their respective countries that manufacture semiconductor chips' in Malaysia and China.
Nonetheless nodisinfo.com view that the flight itself is a hoax
and anyone else propsing this possiblity deserve a fair hearing as well so here are links.

Australia’s Missing Malaysian Airlines Passengers are Photoshop Fakes

Desperate Zionists Publish Cover-Up Article, Insist Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was Hijacked


Fake Malaysian Airlines Passenger Kiwi Paul Weeks is Actually Zionist Extremist Bruce Leigh


Anonymous said...

The following statement is factually incorrect.

shirlz007 said...

Gordon Duff of VT has wrote a pretty good summary of what VT believes to be the truth regarding MH370 (not too different from many on here).


To summarise (for own mindset)... it can pretty strongly argued that the flight was diverted to Diego Garcia Air Base, and the US Air Force was primarily responsible...

*Captain Zaharie Ahemed Shah - Pilot
- had indicated prior knowledge through comments made to wife and family, had disappeared from family home night before
- related to Malaysian opposition leader, and known 'CIA asset' Anwar Ibrahim . (Ibrahim initially denied being related to Shah, but later retracted the statement and admitted he was related to him through his son-in-law, and had met him numerous times). Political supporter (described by some as 'fanatic')
- the flight simulator at his home, had 'Diego Garcia US Military Base' programmed into it (now seized by the Feds!)
- received a two minute phone call froma woman who had purchased the Sim card with a fake ID (Malaysian Law requires
ALL phone Sim purchases to have Passport or National ID)

* Paul Weeks - passenger
- has indicated possible prior knowledge through comments and actions displayed to his wife
- Mechanical Engineer for Boeing, specialising in Boeing 777's
- Ex New Zealand Military
- Possible CIA/Mossad recruit?

Passenger list!
26 passengers on flight manifest where top electronic experts (possible military connections) from companies China Telecom, Business Machines Corp, Freestyle Semiconductors (owned by Carlyle Group and Blackwater, International Business Machine (IBM), ZTE Corp, and Huawei Technologies Corp.

Passenger manifest list includes :-
- China Telecom Executive, Hulian Zhang
- ZTE employee, Li Yankin (Engineer)
- Huawei (China based, with military ties) had two employees on manifest. Refuse to indentify them.
- Austin based Freestyle Semiconductors (owned by Carlyle Group (Bush's, Bin Ladens) and Blackwater (Rothschild) had 20 employees on flight manifest (12 Malaysian, 8 Chinese).
5 days prior to disappearance (March 3rd), it had tested 'classified' leading edge computer/internet control software... THIS TECHNOLOGY MAY HAVE BEEN ON BOARD WITH PASSENGERS!
Unrelated (hopefully) but important... Israel has closed ALL its embassies worldwide. (unprecedented in my opinion)

''All diplomatic missions of Israel, including embassies, consulates and missions to international organizations, as well as the Foreign Ministry itself in Jerusalem, have stopped their work today due to the increase in strike sanctions, the Foreign Ministry trade union representative Yaakov Livne said.''

shirlz007 said...

There you go! British Intelligence has provided a cover story for where missing MH370 ended up... 16 days later! (not the first time the British has had to fabricate intelligence in order to bail out the Americans! Nor will it be the last I imagine!)

If a US flight ever disappeared... how long before you think The Pentagon would know EXACTLY where it was and what had happened to it? 12 hours? We got 6hours over here! The US media would be given the relevant information within 48... Fact!!!

Do you understand why so many in British Intell get so p****d off! Why people just go along with it is just beyond me

Blue Pill - believe the crock of crap their about give the world!
Red Pill - think about this logically and realistically!

Anonymous said...

BBC's Frank Gardner last nite on World Sce reminded me why i think the 2 ukrainian passengers - Oleg Chustrak & Sergii Deneika - should be investigated. any number of scenarios could still require personnel on the plane to ensure the op succeeded.

Gardner claimed UKRAINE & Russia have been demanding answers about their nationals on board the plane - saying everyone has a vested interest blah blah.

why would he single out these two countries?

find any online mention of "Ukraine" demanding answers;
indeed, find anything online about these two men, other than the anonymous woman, allegedly related to them both, as reported by malaysian insider; i also found a link about a sergii deneika reviewing a hunting knife. that's it for those two names online. plus ukrainians can enter Malaysia for 30 days without a visa.

given we had a EuroMaidan-connected urkrainian plane hijacker in February, in Turkey, one would have expected the MSM to have a least made mention of that hijacking in their 24/7 coverage. not at all.

the missing plane provided the perfect cover while we carried out the Ukraine operation.

shirlz007 said...

You realise the British private Satellite company 'Inmarsat', is going to lead down a whole new avenue of s**t!
You know British Intelligence will have been leaning on their 'investigation' for past two weeks.

A (up until now) very elusive publically traded company, with extremely close ties to Boeing.

How many British spooks and security experts are we going to find in shadows of Inmarsat? (or UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) for that matter!)

When it comes to Inmarsat, and it's owners (shareholders)...

''Harbinger Group Inc. (NYSE:HRG), formerly Zapata Corporation, is a holding company based in Rochester, New York, and originating from an oil company started by a group including the former United States president George H. W. Bush. Links between the company and the United States Central Intelligence Agency exist . In 2009, it was renamed the Harbinger Group Inc. in an attempt to thwart such affiliations.'' - Gene Tatum - VT


Anonymous said...


uploaded 13 March

Leuren Moret interviewed by Alfred Webre: Flight 370 was US demo for Putin; Patent scam; Payback for Tribunal vs Israel, US/UK

Unknown said...

Breaking news story...
Perth jailed Man Brendon O'Connell released and NOW revealing information about israeli intel operations in Australia and israeli influence over his trial...


Anonymous said...

Christopher Bollyn - Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?
Updated March 26, 2014

AUDIO: ABC Australia - Conversation with ABC Journalist Rafael Epstein about his book on Ben Zygier.
Epstein was shocked when he heard about the suicide of Ben Zygier, in an Israeli prison cell. Rafael Epstein had known Ben Zygier when they were both teenagers, and Rafael asked himself: what crime so terrible could Ben have committed that placed him in the cell reserved for Israel's most important prisoners?
Prisoner X is published by MUP.

Anonymous said...

A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370
Posted on March 27, 2014 by michaellee2009

By Yoichi Shimatsu


shirlz007 said...

Attention also be turned to 'Inmarsat'

'Inmarsat has been recognised globally, but now it has the City's attention

The previously low-profile satellite company's share price has risen 9% in the past fortnight and its future looks promising'

'Who is Inmarsat?

Inmarsat Plc is a major player in government, military, aviation satellite markets, partners with the likes of Honeywell, and refers to itself as “the world’s leading provider of mobile satcoms” with its IsatPhone range, and covers a wide range of global contracts, most notably its satellite communications for “coalition military forces” deployed on missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations, and has also been awarded a FEMA contract to continue providing Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) in the US. Reuters explains, “Under this contract, FEMA will use Inmarsat satellite services to provide reliable, mission-critical communications between supporting personnel in the event of a disaster. In emergency situations, it is essential that first responders are able to communicate immediately not only among themselves, but also with their leadership through respective command and operational centers.”

According to a 2011 interview with London’s City AM: “Inmarsat offers mobile connectivity solutions for anything from a single yacht travelling the Pacific to the thousands of US troops stationed in Afghanistan. It is a FTSE 100 powerhouse, but one which rarely makes headlines… This is despite it providing a huge proportion of the connectivity during the recent clashes in the Middle East, allowing journalists, protesters and aid workers to spread news about the fall of generation-old governments and the brutal clashes in Libya.”

In March 2012, Al-Jazeera Beirut correspondent Ali Hashim along with two others, resigned over objections over Qatar’s pro-US and UK foreign policy slanted reporting on the conflict, and revealed that Al-Jazeera spent $50,000 for smuggling phones and satellite communication tools to Syria’s rebels. Did Inmarsat provide the sat phones al Jazeera gave to Syrian ‘Rebels’, aiding foreign insurgents in Syria in coordinating terrorist attacks inside that country? Good question. Only a few firms would be positioned to deliver that service, and Inmarsat, according to their own admission anyway, would be at the top of the list.

In Sept 2013, Inmarsat announced further inroads into the aviation industry, providing “GSM and Internet services to airlines and their passengers”. Reuters reported, “Thales SA announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that would include the Company as a partner in marketing Inmarsat PLC’s connectivity solutions to the commercial aviation market. Under the MOA, SwiftBroadband and GX Aviation are the primary and preferred satellite services for Thales SA’s TopSeries IFEC system…. Financial terms were not disclosed.”

In June 2013, Inmarsat bid alongside the Carlyle Group LP and the Blackstone Group LP for control over Singapore Telecommunications Ltd’s Australian satellite unit. Reuters reported, “SingTel, Southeast Asia’s telecom operator, values the satellite business of its Australian unit Optus at more than AUD2 billion ($1.9 billion), and has put it on sale as it battles tepid growth in its key markets of Singapore and Australia. Inmarsat PLC, Blackstone Group LP and Carlyle Group LP are among the other suitors to submit bids ahead of the deadline. Blackstone, Carlyle, KKR, Intelsat, SES and SingTel declined comment.”

It also has business agreements with Malaysian shipping conglomerate MISC Berhad (MISC), signing its first big deal covering 46 of its vessels, “comprised of chemical and LNG tankers, for Inmarsat’s XpressLink service”.


Anonymous said...

A Boeing 777 Coincidence

Black Elk

An exercise is currently taking place in the USA.



James R said...

Conspiracy theorists look on the dark side and see a plot in everything. They just decided they were out by 1100 hundred kilimetres at the 20 day mark. Perfectly reasonable.

shirlz007 said...

Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370: The Trillion Dollar Question to the U.S. and Its Intelligence Services


Paul said...

"Shih claimed that the US held back because it wanted to see what information China’s satellites would provide."

Obvious lie. Imagine if China took that view toward a missing American passenger plane.

Anonymous said...



Please put this somewhere prominent.

Anonymous said...

what if someone went rogue inside command?

What if anything do the minot scandals have to do with it?

What about those seals?

James R said...

Hello Aangirfan,
I came across a very strange story at Jim Stone freelance. It is based on a five day old story on Before It's News,
and relates to a photo and message supposedly sent by a passenger from MH 370, American IBM employee Philip Wood.
"The message below was left on March 19th by ‘anonymous’ who later says that his name is ‘Philip Wood’ and he titles his message ‘help’ and goes on to say:
“I have been held hostage by unknown military personnel after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my @ss during the hijack. I have been separated from the other passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”
The photo is completely black, information encoded in the photo viewed by right clicking the file and selecting Properties and then Details, provides access to a number of details about when and where the photo was taken. These indicate that the photo was taken at a place with almost identical co-ordinates as Diego Garcia. This could be faked, I am sure, but it is strange.
One big problem is that Mr. Woods partner Sarah Bajic clearly does not believe it, neither do his family apparently, still it's interesting.

shirlz007 said...

The 'Phillip Wood' story is interesting... but it doesn't wash for me.
Consider this... the remaining passengers are the ONLY witnesses to a potential crime... the first thing The Powers That Be would do is to get rid of them.
Why keep them detained? There a liability.
Rothschild inherits Patent after 4 co-owners disappear on MH 370 Flight
The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild the sole owner of a very important patent.

International Business Times didn't muck about with this headline!!!

'Malaysian Airline Flight 370: Disappearance of Boeing 777 Made Illuminati Member Jacob Rothschild Sole Owner of Major Semiconductor Patent'


Im being told Russian Security Services had the flight (passengers and cargo) under surveillance.
Did Russian Security suspect something was about to down?

shirlz007 said...

WHOOPS! :D This little stunt may just backfire on the Americans!

'The Hong Kong daily reported that Beijing was mulling over building more than 50 orbiting probes so it could monitor the entire planet.

Chinese researchers said this would put it on par with or exceed the United States in terms of having a network of surveillance and observation satellites.'


Anonymous said...

Also, The Unhived Mind discussed patents at the Texas Company. If all the Chinese patent holders were snuffed out, Rothschild would be the only recipient holding all the patents.

reddpill said...

This is the raw EXIF data using PHP's 'exif_read_data()' function on the image supplied by Jim Stone.

[FileName] => exif.jpg
[FileDateTime] => 1396215497
[FileSize] => 13590
[FileType] => 2
[MimeType] => image/jpeg
[SectionsFound] => ANY_TAG, IFD0, EXIF, GPS, INTEROP
[COMPUTED] => Array
[html] => width="240" height="320"
[Height] => 320
[Width] => 240
[IsColor] => 1
[ByteOrderMotorola] => 1
[ApertureFNumber] => f/2.4

[Make] => Apple
[Model] => iPhone 5
[XResolution] => 72/1
[YResolution] => 72/1
[ResolutionUnit] => 2
[Software] => 7.0.6
[DateTime] => 2014:03:18 21:08:34
[YCbCrPositioning] => 1
[Exif_IFD_Pointer] => 210
[GPS_IFD_Pointer] => 802
[ExposureTime] => 1/15
[FNumber] => 12/5
[ExposureProgram] => 2
[ISOSpeedRatings] => 3200
[ExifVersion] => 0221
[DateTimeOriginal] => 2014:03:18 20:49:41
[DateTimeDigitized] => 2014:03:18 20:49:41
[ComponentsConfiguration] =>
[ShutterSpeedValue] => 6337/1622
[ApertureValue] => 4845/1918
[BrightnessValue] => -8662/1023
[MeteringMode] => 5
[Flash] => 16
[FocalLength] => 103/25
[SubjectLocation] => Array
[0] => 1631
[1] => 1223
[2] => 1795
[3] => 1077

[SubSecTimeOriginal] => 921
[SubSecTimeDigitized] => 921
[FlashPixVersion] => 0100
[ColorSpace] => 1
[ExifImageWidth] => 240
[ExifImageLength] => 320
[InteroperabilityOffset] => 928
[SensingMethod] => 2
[SceneType] =>
[ExposureMode] => 0
[WhiteBalance] => 0
[FocalLengthIn35mmFilm] => 66
[SceneCaptureType] => 0
[ImageUniqueID] => 412f1198c985b43b2eced4067e9360d0
[UndefinedTag:0xA432] => Array
[0] => 103/25
[1] => 103/25
[2] => 12/5
[3] => 12/5

[UndefinedTag:0xA433] => Apple
[UndefinedTag:0xA434] => iPhone 5 back camera 4.12mm f/2.4
[GPSVersion] =>
[GPSLatitudeRef] => S
[GPSLatitude] => Array
[0] => 7/1
[1] => 18/1
[2] => 7642665/131072

[GPSLongitudeRef] => E
[GPSLongitude] => Array
[0] => 72/1
[1] => 25/1
[2] => 72825/2048

[GPSAltitudeRef] =>
[InterOperabilityVersion] => 0100
[RelatedImageWidth] => 320
[RelatedImageHeight] => 240

sovereigntea said...

VIDEO - The BBC filming from a plane in the futile search for MH370 ... note the nozzle on the wing & the stuff coming out of it. GOTCHA as Murdoch might say.


shirlz007 said...

'Flight 370 reality check: A Boeing 777 doesn't disappear unless governments want it to disappear' by Mike Adams

As the conventional news coverage of Flight 370 becomes increasingly delusional and detached from reality, for the sake of all those families and loved ones still suffering I thought it important to publish a reality check that can help bring the discussion back to some common sense.

Let's cover five indisputable facts about governments, radar and aircraft:...

Dr Kevin Barret on PressTV...

'MH370: 9/11-style false flag gone awry?'


Newspaceman said...

From the BBC :

Malaysian authorities have issued a new version of the last communication between air traffic control and the cockpit of the missing flight MH370.

The last words spoken were "Good night Malaysian three seven zero" - and not "all right, good night" as reported...

The plane's last contact took place at 01:19 Malaysian time.

A lovely backwards 911.



shirlz007 said...

Im sure these articles have been posted somewhere before (may have even be me)... By Yoichi Shimatsu

Role Of Israel & Soros Exposed By MH370 Twin Jet In Tel Aviv


Is MH370 The Latest Casualty Of The Pentagon's Pivot To Asia?


Im at a loss now (as I think most are)...

f*****g bastards!

Anonymous said...

Why has no one mentioned the navy's Laws? laser weapon recently gave a demonstration - it totally destroyed a drone in the air. Nothing left - just as in 911. Since the evil doers in US want to see Malaysia and China break their ties, what better way to do it? This was brought to the forefront by Leuren Moret and atty Webre - You Tube. This is the most plausible and of course, US satellites are not going to confess to any sort of explosion if they picked the info up. It is time for the normal people of the world to put the sex offenders in prison and take back our world.

shirlz007 said...

(you don't have to post this)... really, what this is, the US and China get to fight it out in a really cold, cold war.
Israel, Zionism, Rothschild, Murdoch, get told to fuck off.

CIA/Pentagon/NSA run the show now...
(is anyone on the planet really going to stand up it?... I mean really?)

Anon said...

Stroppy Me said...

As I have said before - who says that Woods posted the photo and comment to the 4plebs board?

He may have sent it to a phone contact, who opened it in Photoshop to see if he/she could make out what was in the photo, then posted it to 4plebs board.

The GPS coordinates contained in the photo take you directly to a biulding on Diego Garcia (south of the runway and inland from a beach).

Of course this doesn't rule out the fact that a nonce stationed at the base did it for a laugh.

Given the reluctance of the US to help recovery in any meaningful way, at least until every other country had given up its secrets/data, its still the most probable theory imo.

That said, who would search the base for any sign of coverup?

LeMacabre said...

appears to be a large shareholder of ISAT
and apparently also has shares in Freescale.

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