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The Dutch journalist Fred de Brouwer (above) helped 'expose' the 'child abuser' Joris Demmink.

On 15 March 2014, it was reported that Fred de Brouwer had been killed in a 'suspicious' traffic accident in Chonburi in Thailand.

The 'untouchable' Joris Demmink is linked to the 'satanic murder' of a young boy (above).


Demmink (above) was the Director General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

He is believed to be part of a major pedophile ring, used by the security services to control the top people.

In 2003, Fred de Brouwer was the author of the first articles on Joris Demmink's links to child abuse.

Brewer had recently collected new evidence. 

Reportedly, a number of whistleblowers have been murdered by the 'Demmink squads'.

Among those are reportedly Demmink's driver Mustard, Joyce Labruyere pediatrician, lawyer Wilfred Brinkhuis and lawyer Gerard Hamer. 


Anonymous said...

Panorama Demmink journalist Fred Brewer 'suddenly' deceased

Today proved that happen tough reality. Fears of Van Huet that sometimes what would with him At the end of a week full Demmink hearings before the Utrecht court turns Panorama journalist Fred Brewer to be deceased after he had come with his scooter fall and according to witnesses then needlessly was run over by a car. in Thailand Fred Brewer served as a reporter for Panorama hard work in the prelude to the Anne Frank publications. These publications were proof that Joris Demmink in the Anne Frank to park in Eindhoven molested minors and spent Demmink affair rolling. Brewer noted that the Demmink Pinnokkio bar visited Prague. He interviewed former Minister Hildebrand Nawijn about Joris Demmink where Nawijn explicitly alluded to murder as a result of the case Demmink. Brouwer was a reporter for Panorama and co-author of the piece on Demmink. Brewer traveled to the story among other things, to Prague. As he delved into the gay scene and got into the infamous Pinocchio bar - where prostitutes offering their services - in his own words confirm that the Dutch top official who also frequented. "Was and purposes that our hardest evidence against Demmink. There are two people independently confirmed that Demmink came. A driver and the bar owner. She recognized him from the picture. There was to get "no flaw says Brouwer. Fred Brewer has to Thailand because he no longer felt safe in the Netherlands. According to some media he would no longer feel at home in our country.

An enumeration:

Lawyer Frank L. Gerard Hammer - death of bicycle cases

Gerard Hammer, the lawyer 'jeugdprosituee' Frank Leenders, died from his bicycle on the road between his office and his home in the pipe.

Frank Leenders is one of the main sources and witnesses for criminal child abuse of the highest man of justice. On October 14, 2003 did "Frank L. ' claims against Demmink.

Shortly before Frank L. had declared that Demmink was involved in the shooting of a porn film in which a boy's death fucked 'with a dildo. In an ex-Panorama journalist Fred Brewer He also told that Demmink a large birthmark is "on his left buttock," and a penis as small as a toothpick.

The return of Frank L. "off the table" by the judiciary after Frank L. was prosecuted and convicted for "making a false declaration"

Anonymous said...

Private Chauffeur Demmink, Mostert - heart attack

Mostert driver drove both Aad Kosto and Joris Demmink. He complained to his supervisor about the behavior of Demmink on the back seat of his car abused boys. He is no longer alive. He died under suspicious circumstances, heart attack heralded the official statement. In the background of the suicide of the driver has not been investigated by the Justice Department.

Panorama journalist Fred Brewer has both spoken to the widow and the daughter of Mostert. Both gave no useful information, according to the documents partly because the widow receives a pension of Justice and the "would not be in her interest" to clarify the death of her husband. Further information from that point

Former police officer Henk Laarman wrote to Gaykrant: Gaykrant writes to a driver of the Ministry of Justice which driver died of a heart attack at the age of 50. This is possibly caused by stress at work. What was the case? His boss, a top official of Justice had to pick his official car. Habit prostitutes on He committed sexual acts with the boys in the back seat of his official car driver while it might enjoy it. In his letter, the former detective also describes an incident in the royal city: when the top official in the habit of made at two o'clock in the morning to call to get a well-known gay club in The Hague, and he him his driver from his bed the official under vomited because he was drunk, something snapped from the driver. He went to his boss and reported this behavior. Chef who spoke out on his DG. Who wanted no publicity and thus created a cover-up case that the chef came to be transferred. That driver died a short time later. The widow knows all these stories.

Mr. Wilfried Brinkhuis - deceased under unknown circumstances

Wilfred Brinkhuis organized sex parties for adults in Utrecht. He came into contact with high-ranking officials who wanted to use pedo parties. Spaces are There he would not cooperate and complained to the OM. He is no longer alive. Under unknown, suspicious circumstances he died.

Brinkhuis suffered from parties with children such as those organized by a group of around Eindhoven and Weert. The group of the "lean" of the Anne Frank parking. Thereby is always the name of Joris Demmink. Wilfred know him through his profession, a lawyer, and through the sex circuit, yet are polar opposites.

One of the men with whom he has a lot of contact, has a transport company in Weert, along the provincial road. At the corner of his property is a brothel. Normally meet men there working women, but occasionally there are celebrations for pedo's organized. Most straight-pedo, but twice a year, for gay pedo's.
JD would be seen there. There have even photos are in circulation. There is a lot to have been. Do The owner would have his guests blackmail.

Anonymous said...


Fred Brewer hit by an accident of his scooter off and was then run over by a car. The drive over was not necessary. That report our sources from Thailand. These indicate explicitly that it probably involves "no accident". Also, sources confirm that he would be at Peacock & Witwasman to come and talk about Demmink. Guest next week Given the reputation of these two men should seriously take into account that they have reported to the pedophiles. Coming from Brewer The accident took place in Pattaya where Brewer lived. To remain absolutely anonymous for fear of their lives. Sources (The picture is from Google and is not Fred)

shirlz007 said...

What did anyone get from 'Page Eight' broadcast last night on BBC2?

- If top MI5 Officers are going to state they had no knowledge of 7/7, their either:-
A) Lying through their the teeth
B) absolutely clueless about what goes on within their own corridors

- In reference to the Americans
'' their planning something right on our doorstep, and this time it's dangerous''
Is this a reference to the unfolding events in Ukraine?

- Journalist secretly on MI5 payroll, up his own arse, thinks it's all a game of spies and glamour, as gay as they come... Daily Mail? Surely not a Guardian journo! (sorry)

The best scene was the MI5 meeting with the female Home Secretary character! Quite 'The Thick of It', but done realistically...
Well done to David Hare and his Anonymous top level MI5 source! Looking forward to the next...

Anonymous said...

Alabama children’s pastor tells police he ‘cannot remember’ how many boys he molested

Anonymous said...

David Cameron's Corrupt & Pedophile Friends in High Places

Anonymous said...

Now Chief Coroner is exposed as paedophile apologist who wanted age of consent to be 14

Anonymous said...

Best way to keep up with the Demmink case is Mischa Kat's site:

Unknown said...!In-good-company-/cuhk/24F9989B-3A4B-4D9A-A562-CD91EEA913C3

shirlz007 said...

Page Eight (2011) -
''I don't know who runs England anymore. It use to be the bankers, but look what happened to them''

What happened to THEM exactly? :/ They where exposed as a bunch of Mexican Cartel money laundering, international terror financing, Libor Market rigging, tax payer money pocketing, greedy inhuman bastards... and not a single one is facing criminal charges? In fact... they got bonuses!

Turks & Caicos - Thursday 21:00 BBC2

Anon said...

Dear Shirlz007,

Re- Page Eight.

A real Benedict Baron, Director General of MI5, might be dining with Jimmy Savile, watching films of torture, and taking part in the satanic ritual abuse of young boys.

David Hare may be part disinformation, or a bit naive.

shirlz007 said...

@Anon 5.42
Indeed he probably would! Funny how 'they' still keep little things like 'paedophile blackmail rings' out of fictional portrayals of British Security!

Most probably naivety (judging from The Guardian interview)...

If 'M' from Bond was suppose to be a fictional portrayal of Baroness Manningham-Buller (I can't think of any other female head of a Brit Intel Agency)... they missed out the fact she was US rollover, who got the top position by:-
a) Helping cover-up the true events of Lockerbie, and framing Libya
b) Working with/for the US during the first Gulf War, and providing the British Tory Government with false intelligence needed for Government support
c) Keeping schtum on 9/11, and going along with 'the great pretend'
d) completely selling out her country and being instrumental in the narrative spun for the '7/7 London false flag attacks'

The 'Fleming' dramatization on Sky Atlantic also gave no indication of Fleming being:-
- Gay
- A potential paedophile and lover of young boys
- A Satanist, with close Occultic ties to Roald Dahl, Allistair Crowley.

Anonymous said...



Brother of victim calls shortly after publishing this site.

Old Panorama Journalist Fred Brewer crashed in Thailand, just before he would speak about Joris Demmink Pauw and Witteman. Confirmed!

Saddened and shocked brother of the victim, Rene Brewer calling this site 10 minutes after the publication of the shocking news.

Our condolences to him, his family and friends at this!

Journalist Fred Brewer felt threatened and was already in hiding because of Demmink issue. Then Brewer has moved to Thailand confirmed his brother

Friday summary proceedings relating to delete this site.
I will now remove the site directly, I wonder?

Nico van den Ham also get a fatal accident?

Fred Brewer was briefly chased!
Offender on the run and nowhere to be found!

Most censored state media remains silent until now

Notification concerning Demmink perhaps an additional reason to prohibit this site! Interim measures 21-03

Website Journalist Micha Kat with cogent response to death Fred Brewer. Speaks here >>> Micha Kat

Anonymous said...

How much more spectacular can it get? Everything indicates that top-rated Demmink journalist Fred Brewer had been targeted to be killed in Thailand.

This happened at the exact moment that a judge in the Netherlands was hearing for the first time evidence on the Demmink affair. Brewer was 58 years. His name will remain attached to this startling trial forever. Nevertheless, national newspapers devoted little attention to it today. Business as usual. It recalls the startling e-mail from the prison director Pieter Omtzigt, who initially received no attention whatsoever.

According to The Telegraph, friday Brewer was on his scooter being chased by a white car in the Thai coastal town of Chomburi Brewer died because they failed to find out who hit him from his scooter and then drove over him. A private clinic refused proper treatment for him because the certainty of this could not be directly found out.

Between Brewer and the editors of Pauw and Witteman lately would have been contacts. However, the editors deny that they wanted to invite, which corresponds to the policy has often identified by P & W to keep walking. Concerning the affair Demmink him in stride

It is remarkable that De Telegraaf reported that the Brewers Publications 2003 would be rectified "by order of the court" about Demmink's presence in the parking of Anne Frank. That is, as we have explained here before, not the only standard deception in the case. Gay Krant and Panorama would have had it corrected in 2003, except neither Demmink nor the Ministry of Justice ever litigated against the reports, therefore, no correction was ever needed to be enforced.

Whoever the visitor of the Anne Frank parking in Eindhoven that did succeed in finishing off the Limburg priest and dean Van der Valk, who exactly knocked off that allegation in the news has remained unclear. In any case, the Gay Krant and Panorama failed to keep it. Standing without hard evidence that message is rectified, but not the allegations against the "senior official."

However Demmink succeeded so hard to to withdraw the publication that they saw no other option than to correct it. Counterparty succumbing under pressure to rectify pressure is different. The latter entails a recognition that anything you have published is factually incorrect. Apparently Brewer had written things that definitely cut against the grain, but would not have the right. And that throws another light on the successful attempt on the life Brewers at the precise moment that the public witness hearings have begun. For the first day in the Demmink trial, who wanted to have this potential star witness off the case in time?

Of course, Mr Brewer's violent end also have to deal with another conflict. However, the moment is so striking that this is not obvious. The file on Demmink was always grim and sinister. The allegations about pedophilia go, after all, also with all the broken children's lives, the abuse of power, secret networks, blackmail and other crimes that are connected. Murder was previously rumored, for example, on the driver, Mostert, but was not proven. However, while the affair is still denied, all indications are that after the brutal attack on Brewer where the only motive may be guessed, a new stage of fury has been reached.

Anonymous said...

Dutch journalist fled death driver
by Annelie Langerak and Bart Mos

The Dutch journalist Fred Brewer last Friday in Thailand died after a traffic accident with his scooter was hit by a white car that was chasing him.

Shortly before, eyewitnesses have stated this to Fred's girlfriend Araya, who also lives in Thailand, that the car was the cause of the accident, driving over Fred Brewer after he had hit his scooter.

Brewer was seriously injured when hit by the collision. The Thai police are now conducting a study of the perpetrator and his white car, reports Araya from her home in Chonburi, just north of the tourist town of Pattaya.

The wounded journalist was initially taken after the accident to a state hospital in Chonburi. But because there was not enough equipment available to treat him, it was decided for him to go to a better-equipped private clinic situated in Pattaya. Brewer, however, was refused to be taken because his family had not been able to pay the required deposit of 200,000 bath (4500 euros). Subsequently, Brewer deceased at the emergency ward of a state hospital.

Fred Brewer (58) in 2003 was the author of the first articles in the Gay Krant and Panorama on (the then unnamed) Joris Demmink, former Secretary-General (SG) of Justice.

Demmink is currently a suspect in a criminal investigation into child sexual abuse. De Brouwer traveled for his articles about child abuse among other places to Prague to do research on an article about the Pinocchio-bar [Warwick Spinks], a place with dubious reputation where Demmink would have been spotted regularly.

The journalist emigrated to Thailand shortly after his publications on Demmink, which in his own words, had to be because he no longer felt safe at home in Netherlands.

In recent days, he had frequent contact with Dutch journalists on the Demmink case, including with reporters from The Telegraph, following the testimony of witnesses on the former SG, which is currently taking place in Utrecht.

According to his former colleague Henk Krol Brewer, he would have considered coming to the Netherlands to tell us about his knowledge of Demmink file. In the television program, Pauw & Witteman, the editors of Pauw & Witteman deny this. "We have had an appointment with Fred to come to our broadcast to the Netherlands last week, but there was no contact," says P & W editor Danielle van Lieshout.

Anonymous said...

Column : On the death of Fred Brewer

This is not Jeroen Krabbe'tje .

In 2004, I was in the race to be the editor of the weekly magazine Panorama. Until I heard that one of the editors had said : "If that Dijkgraaf editor is here, I'll thrust a knife into his heart." When I reported this to publisher Sandra Dol, who asked me to apply, she said that Panorama did not need a new editor but a psychiatrist, and I retired from the procedure (it was then given to Mels Dees, a conductor). I knew the guy that uttered those words when I previously landed himself worked, I politely had great adventures with him with the sports editors and I lied to his girlfriend about his 'overtime' as only true friends could. So I told this Judas that he could drop dead in the future.

He did almost ten years later. At least, he fell off his scooter and was then killed by a car .

Fred Brewer.

Jesus Christ.

Fred Brewer was the man of Henk Krol's Gaykrant, who had tried to bring the Demmink affair rolling in 2003. They were the first journalists who dared to publish that the Secretary-General of Justice would grope young boys and now, finally, the subject seems to be a serious judicial investigation. Therefore, there was between Brewer, who retired living in Thailand, and Dutch media in recent weeks frequent contact again. Like Krol and former Panorama editor Frank Hitzert Brewer his life had to prevent personal bankruptcies so to be silenced by Demminks state attorneys. But now the Court has yet to prosecute the OM Demmink, it seemed the old swagger (or a well-developed sense of justice ) has won. Pauw and Witteman had him already booked to speak .

And precisely at that moment a car drove over him and he can never ever say anything again.

Oh, wonderful coincidence. How that the fate of Joris Demmink is again favorable.

Unknown said...

thank you so much for putting my video on ur blog

Anonymous said...

Goosebumps: 'Demmink journalist' warned in email for accident

A month before his own death

The man who brought the train rolling in Panorama on Demmink in 2003 - journalist Fred Brewer - appears to have had the Paw family warn of just such an 'accident' a month before his death . "I am fully informed at the time by an ex-minister on how far the power of D. reaches and what action he is and can be capable of. Killing one of them - all will call it an 'accident' or 'tragic circumstances'," wrote Brewer last month.

The Paw Family consists of real estate developers who have been asking for more attention to the Demmink issue. Telegraph journalist Bart Mos put the forewarned e-mail on Twitter.

Even a more bizarre aspect of death v Fred Brewer in Thailand: e-mail that he sent to Peter Leg 1 month ago.

Anonymous said...

Fred Brewer Leg warned recently for Demmink

Fred Brewer, who last week died after apparently deliberate 'accident' in Thailand appears to have just such a 'mistake'. Previously Paw family warned a month

"I am fully informed at the time by an ex-minister on how far the power of D. reaches and what action he is capable and has been murder one of them -. Already called it an 'accident' or 'tragic circumstances' "says the journalist.

The email from Brewer to Leg (with cc to Robert Rubinstein, the president of The Rusty Nail) yesterday twittered by Telegraph journalist Bart Mos. It is striking that Brewer does not speak Demmink but 'D.' and also does not mention the former minister. This refers Brewer apparently Hilbrand Nawijn, with whom he had an interview.

See also KN-commentary on March 17 Brewers untimely death.

Anonymous said...

" Krol warned of attack '

People in the area of Henk Krol fear for the safety of the former editor of the gay community. That says Krol PowNews following the death of his colleague Fred Brewer .

Murder would not be a coincidence '

The Dutch journalist Fred Brewer died last Friday in Thailand after a traffic accident with his scooter . He was hit by a white car that would have haunted him. Shortly before

Fred Brewer ( 58 ) in 2003 was the author of the first articles in the Gay Krant and Panorama on ( the then unnamed ) Joris Demmink , former Secretary -General ( SG ) of Justice .

" Let's hope it was all a coincidence . If in the future is that happens to me , it becomes increasingly difficult to even believe in coincidence ," said Krol PowNews .

Demmink is currently a suspect in a criminal investigation into kindermisbruik.De Brouwer traveled for his articles about child abuse among others to Prague to do with the Pinocchio - bar , a research opportunity with dubious reputation where Demmink would have been spotted regularly.

Anonymous said...

10 cases that the Madeiran justice not unlocked

Suspected English pedophile

Warwick Spinks was charged in 1997 in Madeira, belonging to the pedophile network with links to Belgium and the Netherlands and used Madeiran children between 1982 and 1997. Pornographic films were marketed in centers linked to homosexuality in European cities like Tense, and Hults Utrecht (Netherlands). In ten films Madeiran children were identified.

The trial comprised six defendants, five foreign and Madeira Augustine Garcês sentenced here to 30 months in prison in 1999. Of the remaining, Richard Harder was acquitted by the Joint Court of Funchal in 2001, Cristian Mullanders was sentenced to four years of imprisonment by the Tribunal of Funchal, in 2002, Norbert de Ryck to eight years in prison in Belgium, Van Der Naaten to two years in Holland.

As for Warwick Spinks, sought in Madeira and in the UK, there is no news of his arrest or trial.

Why didn't Britain or Spain extradite Spinks to Madeira when he was released early from British jail in 2013 to face the charges filed against him in Spain?

Maybe he had appointments to keep with Demmink at the Pinocchio Bar in Prag?

Anonymous said...

Date of posted article about Spinks
Sol - January 24, 2014

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