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Jens Stoltenberg.

On 28 March 2014, Norway's former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was named as the new NATO chief

What makes us think that Stoltenberg could be a CIA asset?

1. He is the son of a former defence and foreign minister.

2. Early on, just like Tony Blair, he presented himself as a leftist.

3. He joined Norway's Labour Party and pushed for it to join NATO.

4. He backed NATO's military campaigns in Afghanistan and Libya.

5. He was a strong supporter of the Lockheed Martin Corp Joint Strike Fighter programme, despite delays and high costs.

6. He appeared to be part of the 'Anders Breivik' false flag operation and cover-up.

When a country suffers from an act of terrorism, its leader becomes more popular?

Jens Stoltenberg had a 94% approval rating from Norwegians after the Norway Attacks of July 2011.

"Outside Norway some thought Mr Stoltenberg deserved the Nobel Peace Prize."

From hero to knave

Anders Breivik.

There were a number of oddities in the Breivik Affair.

1. Government buildings in central Oslo were bombed.

A tip-off identified the car licence-plates of 'the bomber'.

'The bomber' was able to drive past two police vehicles on his way to Utoya island without being stopped.

2. The police got into an overloaded boat that broke down.

The police headed for the wrong island.

It took 35 minutes for the police to cross the 500-metre (1,640 feet) channel separating Utoya from the mainland.

Terrorism carried out by government agents.

3. The Oslo bombing could have been prevented if previously approved security measures been put in place.

Terrorism carried out by government agents.

It seems to us that elements of the police may have been involved in helping to carry out the attacks in Norway.

The Norway Attacks look like an inside-job, involving, among others, fascist elements within the Norwegian police, military and security services.

On 1 August 2011, James Petras writes about Norway (Organized Political Terrorism.):

According to James Petras:

1. The car bomb was a highly complex weapon.

It required expertise and coordination - the kind available to security services, such as Mossad, which specialize in car bombs.

Amateurs, like Breivik, usually blow themselves up or lack the skill required to connect the electronic timing devices or remote detonators.

2. A lone zealot could not do all of the following:

(a) Transport the bomb

(b) Obtain (steal) a vehicle

(c) Place the bomb at the strategic site

(d) Successfully detonate it

(e) Dress up in a special police uniform

With an arsenal of hundreds of rounds of ammunition and drive off in another vehicle to Utoeya Island

(f) Wait patiently, while armed to the teeth, for a ferry boat

(g) Cross with other passengers in his police uniform

(h) Round up the Labour youth activists and begin the massacre of scores of youths

(i) Finish off the wounded and hunt for those trying to hide or swim away.

3. According to witness testimony on Utoeya Island, shots from two distinct weapons were heard from different directions during the massacre.

4. Note 'the complicity' of top police officials.

The police took 90 minutes to arrive at Utoeya Island, located less than 20 kilometers from Oslo, 12 minutes by helicopter and 25 to 30 minutes by car and boat.

The police chief, Sveinung Sponheim, made the feeblest excuse, claiming problems with transport.

A helicopter was available.

It managed to fly to Utoeya and film the slaughter.

Over half of Norwegians own or have access to a boat.

In 2008, the Norwegian Queen (above) honoured the writer Knut Hamsun, a famous Norwegian fascist.

5. The obvious question arises as to the degree to which 'neo-fascism' has penetrated the police and security forces.

It looks a though the neo-fascists 'influence' the government.

6. The police did not save a single life.

When they finally arrived, Breivik turned himself over to the police. The police did not have to hunt or capture the assassin. An almost choreographed scenario.

7. The Norwegian military has no problem sending troops to Afghanistan, half way around the world and providing Norwegian Air Force jets and pilots to bomb and terrorize Libya.

And yet they can’t find a helicopter or a row boat to transport their police to stop a domestic attack.

8. The neo-fascist right want to 'send a message' to the Labour Party:

Either it must accept a full neo-fascist pro-Israeli agenda or expect more massacres, more elected fascists, more followers of Anders Behring Breivik.

Breivik's farmhouse in Rena which had been used by a drugs gang.

Anders Breivik rented a farm in Rena, 90 miles from Oslo.

The farm is linked to drugs gangsters.

Two years ago, the farm was being used by a criminal gang as one of Norway's biggest marijuana farms.

Farmhouse rented by Anders Behring Breivik.

The 'loner and fundamentalist Christian' Anders Breivik. Does he have a double? (Anders Behring Breivik photos- Daily Mail)

The farm is also close to Norway's biggest military base and the place where Norway's special forces are trained.

The military base is linked to Afghanistan and NATO is reported to fly heroin out of Afghanistan. 

Spooky Norwegian royal family. Note the red and black.

Odin's Raven reminds us (High Crimes) that the state can function as a criminal enterprise... The governments of much of the world are almost routinely expected to be involved in crimes such as drug trafficking.

Reportedly, it was Mossad that suggested that the CIA, with the help of Monzer al Kassar, could smuggle heroin from Lebanon into the USA.

(BBC News WORLD Lockerbie: Conspiracy theories)

Reportedly, Monzer al Kassar, a Syrian, was a CIA asset.

Reportedly, profits from Lebanese heroin were used by the CIA to help finance 9 11.

Reportedly, Mohamed Atta (or his Jewish double) flew heroin for the CIA into Florida.


Nini Stoltenberg. Note the red and black. Note the Star of David.

Nini Stoltenberg is a Norwegian television personality and sister of Jens Stoltenberg, current prime minister of Norway.

(Nini Stoltenberg - Wikipedia)

She is, however, better known as a drug addict.

Nini Stoltenberg has had a long-time relationship with Karl John Sivertzen from Odda, a former drug addict who was convicted of an armed bank robbery in the 1970s.

Nini was an intravenous drug user.

By the end of the 1990s, she was close to dying.

In the interview, Nini Stoltenberg tells of a boyfriend who subjected her to punishments, psychological terror and much fear.

Most Norwegians are good people. Photo by andrius_ru

Norway has many Satanists.

They like the colours red and black.

Musicians and fans of the Norwegian black metal scene took part in over 50 arsons of Christian churches in Norway from 1992 to 1996.[14]

Mette-Marit in Red and Black.

"Prince Haakon married commoner Mette-Marit Tjessem Høiby.

"Mette-Marit is (allegedly) a druggy who consorted with several narcotraffickers and criminals, slept with a few, made a porno video with one, had a child with another man..."

(Information via anonymous)

(Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway - Wikipedia)

Morten Borg (right), who was married to Mette-Marit, with his son.

Security man Trond Berntsen was shot dead during the Norway attacks.

Trond Bernsten is the step-brother of Mette-Marit.

Trond Berntsen’s father Rolf became Mette-Marit’s stepfather when he married her divorced mother Marit Tjessem.

Mette-Marit went on to meet Prince Haakon at a rock festival a few years later.

Red and Black

Anonymous writes:

Clearly a NATO false flag and probably planned as soon as the Norwegian government began to vacillate about its role in Libya.

Would explain why Breivik's online profiles were done so recently.

Interesting that they chose a fundamentalist Christian cover story for this job rather than the usual Muslim patsy.

I suspect the global elite are now promulgating the "Christians and nationalists are a threat meme" to further advance repression in the West.

The global elite are clearly lacking in imagination and are using the same tired "NATO strategy of tension" playbook.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is descended from the Bavarian Illuminati: Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (1745-1804).(Illuminati Descendants Assemble.)

A. Since 2000,[4] former leaders of the police force of Oslo, theNorwegian Police Security Service, and the Kripos have been employed by the USA for secret work.

http://en.wikipedia.org / http://ubisurv.wordpress.com

B. One group that could have been armed was the U.S. Embassy in Oslo’s Surveillance Detection Unit (SDU), set up following 9/11 to spy on Norwegians.

theforeigner. / defence.pk / veteranstoday.com / alexandravaliente.wordpress.

US Ambassador Barry White and host of the day, MP Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Center Party) visit Rena. (Ambassador White visits Rena.)

Rena is the site of Anders Breivik's farm where police believe he planned the 2011 Norway attacks.

The valley of Østerdalen, where Rena lies, is used by the military for special forces training; the Norwegian army's Rena military camp is located nearby.

(Rena, Norway - Wikipedia)

According to Reuters, Breivik's farm is near a military base housing the 2,000-strong Telemark battalion.

(Breivik in court: Authorities may have something to hide - Global Research )

Ambassador White visited the Norwegian Army at Camp Rena in May 2011. Photo: Lars Gjemble. (Ambassador White visits Rena.)

The US ambassador to Norway visited Rena in May 2011.

"On May 20, 2011, Ambassador White traveled to Hedmark County on a visit hosted by Center Party Member of Parliament and Hedmark representative Trygve Slagsvold Vedum."

White visited some farms.

The afternoon was spent in Camp Rena visiting the Telemark Batallion and Norwegian Special Forces.

Spot the bad guys. Stoltenberg skapade Anders Behring Breivik – Nu utnyttjar politikerna - [ Translate this page ]


Anonymous said...

The Nation - 20 June 2006
Norway building 'doomsday vault'

Norway began construction yesterday of a "doomsday vault", a vast top-security seed bank in a mountain near the North Pole to ensure food supplies in the event of environmental catastrophe or nuclear war.

Built with Fort Know-style security, the depository will preserve some three million seeds representing all known varieties of the world's crops at sub-zero temperatures.

This facility will provide a practical means to reestablish crops obliterated by major disasters," Cary Fowler, executive secretary of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, said in a statement.
Dubbed a "Noah's Ark" of plant life by the Norwegian government, the seed bank is expected to open in September 2007.

Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg took part in a groundbreaking ceremony at the construction site yesterday.

Guarded by an armed police officer ready to fend off the polar bears that roam the Svalbard archipelago, 1,00 kilometres from the North Pole, Stoltenberg symbolically placed a tube filled with seeds at the site.

"The vault is of international importance. It will be the only one of its kind, all other gene banks are of a commercial nature," Stoltenberg said in comments reported by Norwegian news agency NTB.

Norway financed the construction project, estimated at US $3 million (Bt115.4 million), and is charged with running the vault, but the seeds placed inside will remain the property of the country of origin.

Release Date: 28 March 2014 (USA)

Anonymous said...

Stabroek News - 27 September 2007
Norway kicks off Clinton summit with $1 bln pledge

Jens Stoltenberg
NEW YORK, (Reuter) - Norway made a $1 billion pledge yesterday aimed at saving the lives of millions of mothers and babies in developing countries, kicking off former U.S. President Bill Clinton's third annual philanthropic summit.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said the money would be spent in novel ways - ... - during a decade-long campaign targeting Africa.

Victoria Advocate - 16 December 2005
Afghanistan's future still uncertain

In recent days Coca-Cola, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Nato have provided rays of hope to Afghanistan's fledgling democracy.

Coca-Cola [CIA] quietly has returned after an absence of more than 15 years. Now, some readers may question whether Afghans really need a Coke, even at the low cost of about a dime a bottle. But the $25 million plant, which can produce up to 20,000 cases a day, provides much-needed investment and jobs.

Meanwhile Stoltenberg, who visited Kabul last week, emphasized his nation's long-term commitment to Afghanistan's stability, underscored by Norway's reconstruction aid.

And Nato, in a major expansion of its role in Afghanistan, has agreed to send several thousand additional troops there next year - a development that could allow some U.S. troops to return home.

Anonymous said...

Philippine Daily Inquirer - 9 September 2000
UN summit photo mystery: Who are the interlopers?

The big mystery around the United Nations was who sneaked into the Millennium Summit class photo that will commemorate the biggest ever gathering of world leaders.

The suggestion of possible interlopers first surfaced at a press conference Thursday when summit spokeswoman Therese Gastault was asked if anyone had sneaked into the picture.

"Maybe, indeed, two or three did," she replied.

But being that this is the United Nations, where diplomacy is the password, the identities of the culprits were kept secret. Gastaut did, however, offer a few clues.

"The rules of the game were one person per country - and that person had to be the head of a delegation," she said.

There were three exceptions. Finland and Namibia, which are co-chairing the summit, were each allowed an extra person to represent their country, and San Marino, which constitutionally has two heads of state, was allowed to have both in the photo, Gastaut said.

The photo was snapped Wednesday after Secretary General Kofi Annan hosted a lavish luncheon for about 150 leaders attending the largest gathering of heads of states and government in history. And the United Nations released a caption afterward identifying everyone in it.

That was the most important clue - because right in the front row were two countries with two representatives that weren't on the "approved" list - Jordan and Norway.

Jordan's King Abdullah II and Prime Minister Ali Abul Ragheb and Norway's King Harald V and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg were in the photo.

Gastaut admitted the evidence was in the caption. How could it happen? "We tried to do it in the best order. We are also very gentle and the things can happen. It's OK," Gastaut said. "We are a very open house, very gentle."

There was no plans to reshoot the photo, she said.

There wasn't any immediate comment from Jordan's UN Mission. But J Erik Larsen, spokesman for Norway's prime minister, had an explanation.

"The Prime Minister escorted the King to the photo session and when they arrived there, the UN protocol insisted on including the prime minister in the photo session as well, and he accepted," Larsen said.

"It was a nice picture," he added.

Another mystery

Then, there was the mystery of US President Bill Clinton's absence from any of the closed-door roundtable discussions for world leaders, a UN innovation designed to promote more informal exchange. The leaders of Russia, China, Britain and France, which share permanent seats with the United States on the Security Council, all signed up for the second of four roundtables held Thursday morning.
Clinton, who considers himself a policy work, apparently missed some good fodder.

"It was one of the most interesting debates, discussions, that I remember in my long political life," Kwasniewski said.

Then there was the mystery of the arriving and departing guests at the gala reception Clinton hosted Thursday night in the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

There were 170 motorcades carrying VIPs - each spaced to arrive at one-minute intervals. This meant when the last guests were arriving, nearly three hours after the party began, many early arrivals had already gone.

"It was all impeccably timed," said Mary Ellen Glynn, spokeswoman for US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke.

Anonymous said...

Spkokesman-Review - 28 September 2002
Waldorf system to be explained at Cedar Grove open house

COUER d'ALENE - Jennifer Aniston and Jens Stoltenberg don't appear to have much in common.

After all, the Emmy Award-winning actress and Norway's prime minister are miles apart in geography, occupation and station in life.

However, they share at least one experience: Both are products of a Waldorf education.

One Mother’s Post-Waldorf
Report and Advice

My children attended a Waldorf school in California over a period of twelve years. Waldorf schools are run by Anthroposophists. Like most parents, we were unaware of the teachings of Anthroposophy's guru, Rudolf Steiner and how they were subtly incorporated into the children's activities at the school. It was only after we left that we learned Steiner taught that humans evolved from beings who lived in Atlantis, the darker people's skin the less "spiritually evolved" they are, gnomes are real, the heart is not a pump, some children are demons in human form, Earth does not orbit the sun, man will one day give birth from his larynx, and many more bizarre "facts" that Steiner claimed to have learned through clairvoyance.

We discovered our children had been surreptitiously exposed to Anthroposophy in many different ways, such as through rituals, "art," history classes filled with ancient myths, and a boring form of movement called "eurythmy," which supposedly links people directly to Steiner's "supersensible world." Much of it might might seem harmless, but in the long run it affects the development of a child's thinking. One of my children, now an adult, is still angry at having been led to believe things that were not true.

The son of one Waldorf parent came home and said his Waldorf high school biology teacher had taught the class that European blood is more evolved than African blood! Any mainstream scientist can explain why this is nonsense. When one is familiar with Steiner's racist theories, however, such stories suggest that Steiner's racism possibly lives on in today's Anthroposophy and makes its way into the classroom in the form of pseudoscience...
Then there's the issue of pedophiles. They are everywhere and are by no means peculiar to Waldorf schools. The problem at our school was that there were several incidents and the teachers failed to obey the laws that protect children from abuse. Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald published a story about the sexual grooming of students by male and female teachers at an Australian Waldorf school and allegations of emotional and physical abuse. I don't think there's evidence that pedophilia is prevalent in Waldorf schools. I do think, however, that parents might need to establish what the faculty's attitude is toward abuse of students by Waldorf teachers, other Anthroposophists, and Anthroposophists' family members.

Infidel said...

"Musicians and fans of the Norwegian black metal scene took part in over 50 arsons of Christian churches in Norway from 1992 to 1996."

I certainly don't condone burning churches, but to understand such acts we should know some history, and viewpoints other than those of Judeo-Christians:

The Viking Age And Christianity In Norway


War in Europe: Part V - Breivik Unveiled


The Thulean Perspective


About Christianity


We have a further word to all sorts and conditions of libellous Christians. Where are the evidences of Atheistic cruelty? The humanest of the Roman emperors were those who were least under the sway of religion. Julius Caesar himself, the "foremost man of all this world," who was a professed Atheist, was also the most magnanimous victor that ever wore the purple. Akbar, the Freethinker, was the noblest ruler of India. Frederick the Great was kind and just to his subjects. But, on the other hand, who invented and who applied such instruments of cruelty as racks, wheels, and thumbscrews? Who invented separate tortures for every part of the sensitive frame of man? Who burnt heretics? Who roasted or drowned millions of "witches"? Who built dungeons and filled them? Who brought forth cries of agony from honest men and women that rang to the tingling stars? Who burnt Bruno? Who spat filth over the graves of Paine and Voltaire? The answer is one word—Christians. Yet with all this blood on their hands, and all this crime on their consciences, they turn round and fling the epithet of "cruel" at the perennial victims of their malice.

— G. W. Foote, Flowers of Freethought (Second Series) 1894


Anonymous said...

"Breivik has also been linked to an earlier car bomb blast in Oslo city centre which killed seven people."
If it was a car bomb, then how come damage is concentrated at 4th and 5th floor? Was it a flying car?

It's Time To Wake Up said...

Are you aware of these stories in regards to MH370? 'Israel Fears Attack from ‘Hijacked’ Malaysian Flight MH370; Iran’s Role Still Suspected' http://www.ibtimes.co.in/articles/543645/20140317/israel-fears-attack-hijacked-malaysian-flight-mh370.htm
Also 'BUSTED!Israel Caught Housing Flight 370 ‘Twin’ Airplane in Tel-Aviv!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWYANJzVJvY&list=UUFGmA4owCCCb-rn0DrkDypA and 'Malaysia says there's sealed evidence on MH370 that cannot be made public'
And finally 'Pentagon Madmen Are About to Start World War III' even thro this was written back in 2008 it's even more relevant today than when it was written!

Anonymous said...

There is (as detailed in your article) plenty of evidence indicating this mass murder of children was not carried out by one individual. However, what's constantly bothered me about the event was the fact that a Muslim did not play the roll of the 'lone gunman'.

But as I write this and think back ... of all the incidents of mass murder advertised as a result of Muslims, there have (if I'm recalling correctly) always been at least Two Muslims... never an individual Muslim acting on his own accord. The phony Boston show was said to be brought to us by two Muslim brothers. The fairly recent murder in the street of the British officer was performed by Two Muslims. 9/11 and 7/7 were multiple Muslims.

Are we being told only White Christians are smart enough to carry out such hate-filled events singlehandedly? And that Muslims, dolts that they are, need a team in order to cover all their bases?

We, I guess, can be thankful that Jews do not resort to such tactics, only those who define themselves as Christians or Muslims (and note, I am being sarcastic here, in case there is any doubt).


Anonymous said...

aang - u say -

"Mohamed Atta (or his Jewish double)"

daniel hopsicker possibly got the closest to uncovering the "hijackers", tho even he seemed unaware of just how close:

hopsicker: “Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Mohamed Atta.”
Mohamed Atta had an American girlfriend with whom he lived for two months in Venice, FL., a lingerie model named Amanda Keller. You haven’t heard her story because she was intimidated into silence by the FBI...

“One time I got mad cause he broke one of my knick-knacks, so I snapped his CD’s in half,” said Amanda Keller, his erstwhile American girlfriend. “I broke all of his CD’s, cause they drove me crazy, he played the ‘Beastie Boys’ nonstop."

add the rumour Atta visited SunCruz casino, partly owned by Jack Abramoff at the time - which was never cleared up by the video which was allegedly provided to the FBI:


For instance, a US Drug Enforcement Administration report from before 9/11 noted that Israeli spies were living in the retirement community of Hollywood, Florida at 4220 Sheridan Street, which turned out to be only a few hundred feet from lead hijacker Mohamed Atta’s residence at 3389 Sheridan Street (see the DEA report, 6/01). Israeli spies appear to have been close to at least ten of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers. [Salon, 5/7/02]

and simple logic might suggest some of the hijackers were not who we were told they were.

Nikola said...


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