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We can speculate about what life is all about.

But nobody has yet come up with a complete answer that can be proven to be correct.

We can, however, look at a formula for achieving happiness and bliss.

And we can put it to the test to see if it works.

Teachers such as Buddha tell us not to hold on to of pain, sorrow and fear.

"When Jack Schwarz sticks a long sailor's needle through his bicep, he feels no pain, does not bleed and has no infection.

"Why? He uses a detachment visualization technique.

"It is not HIS arm attached to HIS body, but instead it is AN arm away from his body and therefore no feeling is possible.

"Amputees sometimes suffer from the phantom limb 'itch' where they feel an itch on a limb that does not exist."

Superconscious: Pain Control Via Detachment

The Particle-Wave Duality.

Our minds can affect our bodies.

We are made up of tiny particles.

Scientists have discovered evidence that particles are continuously changing 'wavefunctions'.

A wavefunction has many 'possibilities' or 'probabilities'.

A Wavefunction only gives the appearance of being a particle at the moment it is observed or thought about by someone's mind.

Everything composed of particles is impermanent and continually changing.

According to the Buddhists, becoming is more basic than being, and existence is really just impermanence in slow-motion.

Rational Buddhism: Buddhism, Quantum Physics and Mind

According to the Buddhist Ven. Pende Hawter:

Healing: A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective - BuddhaNet.

1. The mind is the creator of sickness and health.

2. According to the idea of Karma, all of our actions lay down imprints.

3. To heal present sickness, we have to engage in positive actions now. 

To prevent sickness occurring again in the future, we have to purify, or clear, the negative karmic imprints that remain on our mindstream.

4. The basic root of our problems and sickness is selfishness.

5. Visualisation can be very powerful healing.

One method is to visualise a ball of white light above your head, with the light spreading in all directions. Imagine the light spreading through your body, completely dissolving away all sickness and problems. Concentrate on the image of your body as completely healed and in the nature of light.

Christian patients can visualise the light as Jesus, with the light emanating from him.

How Jimmy was able to Fix it.

6. A seven year old girl had epilepsy as the result of spirit harm.

Whenever she had an epileptic attack, the girl would see a frightening apparition coming towards her.

After the initial prayers had been performed, however, her attacks lessened and she would see a brick wall between her and the frightening figure. Eventually the attacks and visions disappeared altogether.

7. Another powerful method of healing is to meditate on thought transformation.

These methods allow a person to see the problem or sickness as something positive rather than negative.

If someone gets angry at us, we can choose to be angry in return or to be thankful to them for giving us the chance to practice patience and purify this particular karma. 

We can use our sickness and problems in a very powerful way for spiritual growth, resulting in the development of compassion and wisdom.

Healing: A Tibetan Buddhist Perspective - BuddhaNet.

In Buddhism, an arhat  is a person who has achieved enlightenment or Nirvana.

B. Alan Wallace wrote:


"The difference between us and an arhat, a person who has freed the mind from mental affliction, is that an arhat doesn't identify with pain

"Arhats experience physical pain vividly but don’t grasp onto it.

"They can take action to avoid or alleviate pain, but whether they do so or not, the physical pain doesn't come inside. 

"What an arhat does not experience is mental suffering." 

Some scientists believe in a non-dual world.

They believe that the idea that we are a separate self is an illusion.

"'Behind' all perception, memory, identification and thought is simply pure awareness itself. 

"Eastern mystics have described this undifferentiated consciousness for thousands of years as being the ultimate state of bliss, or nirvana."

Science and Nonduality

The Taoist Seng T'san wrote:

"For the mind in harmony with the Tao, all selfishness disappears."


B. Alan Wallace wrote:


"A buddha, one who is perfectly spiritually awakened, has gone a further step. 

"A buddha has no mental suffering of his or her own, but is vividly and non-dually aware of the suffering of others... 

"A buddha, one who is fully awakened, presents the paradox of being free from suffering and also non-dually present with other people's joys and sorrows, hopes and fears. 

"A buddha taps into immutable bliss, the ultimate ground state of awareness beyond the dichotomy of stimulus-driven pain and pleasure. 

"The mind of a buddha has been purified of all obscuration and from its own nature there naturally arises immutable bliss, like a spring welling up from the earth. 

"With the unveiling of the buddha-nature of unconditioned bliss, there is also a complete erosion of an absolute demarcation between self and other. 

"The barrier is gone. 

"This is why buddhas are vividly and non-dually aware of the suffering of others, their hopes and fears, the whole situation, and at the same time are not disengaged from the purity and bliss of their own awareness. 

"The mind of a buddha doesn’t block out anything and nothing is inhibited, and this is why the awareness of an awakened being is frequently described as 'unimaginable.'"

"All the delightful things of the world - sweet sounds, lovely forms, all the pleasant tastes and touches and thoughts - these are all agreed to bring happiness if they are not grasped and possessed.

But if you regard them merely as pleasures for your own use and satisfaction and do not see them as passing wonders, they will bring suffering.

-Sutta Nipata

Blog: Pleasure and Joy


Anonymous said...

"Wilhelmina Murray."
"I am honoured, Madame Mina."

There seems to be some notion that bliss, nirvana, is something you achieve for yourself.

"You got me feeling weightless. You make me float free."

Rather it is something you achieve for everyone but yourself.

What greater joy could there be than to help another. To bring to the light those who have chosen to isolate themselves from the world beyond this world.

You think there's nothing there? Look again. Look closer.

Bliss is an endeavour. To see yourself in others. And to ensure that there is no-one, no heavy metal atheist, no-one, that there is no-one beyond redemption.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is synchronicity, I had written some similar thoughts on this subject not long ago.


Anonymous said...

All-seeing-eye guy,

I recommend you take some care in your choice of guide.

For all of us, the path to bliss is necessarily fraught with trials and some pain.

But for the monstrously evil, this life is easy. Only later is it beset with enduring and unimaginable pain and terror.

We are all happy be superior and to point the finger at others, at the evils they commit. And we are content to fight external evil. But this is easy, the lesser battle. And we are even slowly winning in this world.

The greater battle is something far more difficult.

Bliss, inner peace, the perfecting of the soul, to be at one with others.
This is to extinguish the evil in your own nature.

You think it's not there? Look again. Look closer.

There are two paths to redemption. The straight path and the path of pain.
You absolutely do not want to take the second.

You think evil people attain bliss on leaving this world? Something for nothing.
No? So how do you remove residual evil?

Try not to think of the words 'searing' and 'flesh'.

"You wanna see pain? Swing by First Methodist Tuesday nights."

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