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Are the USA and France planning to attack Syria?

Russia: US and France planning military intervention in Syria -

"Russia may call an urgent UN Security Council meeting to 'stop the slide towards escalation in Syria'", Russian sources told Al-Mayadeen channel.

"The source revealed that Russia had information that Washington and Paris are currently putting a plan for military intervention in Syria to stop the advance of the Syrian army...

Al-Sisi has just been to Russia.

"'Washington has been confused by Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi's visit to Moscow, and all options are open,' he added, explaining that serious developments are taking place in the Syrian crisis and the relations between Moscow and Washington."

Russia: US and France planning military intervention in Syria -

There is an Uncertain future for Syria peace talks after round two ends in gridlock.

Cheeky Boys
Photo by Sean Long. Happy, peaceful, moderate Syria, before the USA and NATO, started trying to topple Assad.

brian said...

'Russian diplomats are whispering about a planned invasion by the US-France.

'This is the second article I've read in the last week about Russian sources saying a war may still be on the cards.

'Another article mentioned that the US military rejected the first attack on Syria because they were afraid of Assad using his chemical stockpiles. 

'Now that the US is pushing for the Chemical Weapons to be out of Syria by end of March, Russian figures suspect that a new war option will be on the table.'

Child hanged by the allies of the USA and NATO.

Anonymous said...

The Syrian state media report that the Egyptian military and Russia are solid on supporting Syria. -

brian said...

According to Nawal El Saadawi "Every revolution in history has had its counter-revolution." 

Egypt: A People's Revolution

The CIA put the Muslim Brotherhood into power.

The people, and sections of the army, toppled the Muslim Brotherhood.

McCain and his al Qaeda friends. Senator McCain Hanging Out with al-Qaeda linked Syrian Rebels

According to Nawal El Saadawi: "On July 5, I watched a group of American men on CNN threatening to cut off aid to the revolutionary Egyptian people. 

"And I laughed out loud. I hope that they cut off this aid! Since the time of Anwar Sadat in the 1970s, this aid has destroyed our political and economic life. This aid helps the U.S. more than anyone else. 

"This aid goes directly into the pockets of the ruling class and corrupts it. This aid has strengthened American-Israeli colonial rule in our lands. All that the Egyptian people have gained from this aid is more poverty and humiliation."








Anonymous said...

House of Saud Gives Syrian Insurgents Anti-Aircraft Missiles with US Blessing

Anonymous said...

WSJ Report: Saudi Arabia to supply US-paid Syrian Insurgents with Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Anonymous said...

Syria's American-Born Rebels Pose National Security 'Nightmare'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

shirlz007 said...

-Saudi military spending has now overtaken the UK as the Fourth biggest in the world (Israel is not listed)
-Saudi military spending would indicate weapons/equipment for BOTH internal civil disorder, and an external military campaign (Lebanon/Syria... joint Saudi/Israeli strike on Iran?)
-It's still unclear whether Saudi Arabia is able to acquire a functioning nuclear weapon from Pakistan (unlikely but not-improbable)

It's interesting to note the UK has not been involved in drawing up any war plans with US/France! (although Im sure certain people where aware)

For any kind of military intervention from US or France, public support WILL be needed... meaning 'False Flag' on US/Europe mainland... how this could be attributed to the Assad regime is anyone's guess! Unless it's a military false flag, meaning military forces (naval?) could be targeted (Syria, Iran... maybe daw Hezbollah into it)


''war cannot be prevented, it can only be postponed for the advantage of others'' - Makiavelli

Anonymous said...

Takfiri terrorists strangulate Syrian girl in public.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Israeli minister: Israel backs Sisi for Egypt presidency
Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said that Israel supports General Abdal-Fattah al-Sisi's bid for presidency, but warned of bad consequences for Israel and the West should he fail.

US Congressional delegation leaves Cairo for Tel Aviv
US Congressional delegation held separate talks with interim President Adly Mansour and Defense Minister Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

Israel uneasy over Russian arms flooding into Syria in the north, Egypt to the south

shirlz007 said...

-Israeli army officer leading groups of Ukrainian militants in Kiev.
-Israeli tycoon provides financial support to oppositions in Ukraine, adding that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency is one of the instigators of the unrest in the country.

Is anyone else confused? Israeli support (both financial and on ground), Neo-Nazis and Far Right Professional Soccer hooligans (still maintaining trained by French Legion), Chechen (and Afghan) Islamic Jihadi veterans, John McCain and CIA support, Bosnia veterans...

Anonymous said...

Nasrallah live

Sisi civil.!/image/2939932326.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_475/2939932326.jpg

Egypt Playing Russian, American Cards,-american-cards

Al Sissi, l'homme qui éloignera Poutine d'Assad?!!,-l-homme-qui-%C3%A9loignera-poutine-d-assad

Anonymous said...

Convicted Criminals Serve as “Freedom Fighters” in Syria: Saudi, Pakistani and Iraqi Prison Inmates Replenish Al Qaeda Ranks

Anonymous said...

Israel Supports US plan to Arm Syria Al Qaeda Rebels. Financing Terrorists To Wage the “Global War on Terrorism”

Anonymous said...

US, Israel Responsible for Sudan Partition

Anonymous said...

Syrian Army Defeating Rebels. US has Boosted its Support to Al Qaeda Terrorists

Anonymous said...

really? no UK involvement?

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