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Russian corvette in Sevastopol in Ukraine.

Journalist Con Coughlin, of the UK's Telegraph, gives us some clues as to MI6/CIA thinking on Ukraine.

Be wary of Vladimir Putin – not frightened of him

Con Coughlin (above) is well connected to the spooks.

(Con Coughlin and MI6-Mossad propaganda?)

Coughlin thinks there is a possibility that Putin might order the annexation of Sebastopol, "which is home to Russia's vast and decaying Black Sea fleet."

According to Coughlin: "At the very least, we can expect Mr Putin to reduce - or attempt to reduce - post-Yanukovych Ukraine to a level where it can no longer function as a unified state."

This could be translated as saying: - We can expect the USA and NATO to reduce Ukraine to a level where it can no longer function as a unified state.

August, 2013, Ukrainians dressed in Nazi SS uniform .

Coughlin gives reasons for believing that Russia is not in a strong position.

1. The Russian economy "is no longer the powerhouse it was a few years ago."

Gazprom is weaker because of "a combination of America's shale gas boom, together with a reduction in production from Russia's ageing gas fields..."

"To balance its books, the Kremlin needs a Brent crude price of $118 per barrel..."

2.  "Most experts regard Russia’s armed forces as unwieldy and poorly trained, relying on equipment that is for the most part obsolete..." 

Russia's sole aircraft carrier, the 65,000-ton Admiral Kuznetsov, "a Soviet-era rust bucket that can make the occasional forays to Russia’s naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus, but would be no match for its more powerful US counterparts."

Ukraine revolution: 150000 Russian troops on alert as US warns Putin - ‎


The Secret Playbook of Social Media Censors – The “Counter Reset”

Activist Predicts Ukraine-Style Uprising in China.


dognamedblue said...

there was an interesting point made on channel 4 news (I know spooky C4 news of all places :)
that ukraine needs 35 billion to stop defaulting so russia could just wait and let the nato/mi5/mi6/cia/mossad pick up the bill
they did fail to mention the first thing ukraine did was get in the central banks though

Anonymous said...

Venezuela, Ukraine, and North Korea: Targets of flailing American Imperialism

Anonymous said...

US Navy Knew that “Major Radiation Hits” from Fukushima Dangerously Contaminated the USS Reagan

Dublinmick said...

The largest Jewish cultural center in the world, bigger than windsor castle, is in the Ukraine. Around the net people are marveling at how closely the Ukraine nazis are working hand in glove with Israeli trainers. Just like it always is.

I would say the Ukrainians had best walk easy. If the zios do slide out to Palestine for housing on free tickets, we may be hearing tales soon of mass graves and how they were boiled in Russian motor oil. Ukrainians could end up paying reparations forever and have holomuseums erected on their territories.
Fifty years from now great western writers will present books on how Oleh and the Ukraine nazis were doing good, were not financed by the west, put a chicken in every pot, a volkswagon in every garage and built roads. It would have been paradise but the Russians invaded again.
Of course there will probably not be any Ukrainians left to read the books as they will have all been replaced by global foreign nationalities in true western style.
Many of the commenters over there on RT have mentioned how closely this resembles the Reichstag fire.
Only thing I am wondering now is if Tulia Tymoshenko, Klitschko, and oleh the nazi will be reported committing suicide in their bunkers burned to cinder while they stealthily escape in a submarine to Tel Aviv.
Tinkering in Georgia by Washington and its Israeli surrogates almost led to American involvement in a war with Russia in which Washington had no conceivable interest. Remember John McCain’s “We are all Georgians now?”

A former Israeli army officer is playing a leading role in the anti-government protests in Ukraine, PressTV has reported.
According to reports, the unnamed Israeli is commanding a group of 20 Ukrainian militants while four other Israelis, who had also previously served in the army, are reported to have taken part in opposition rallies in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.
The Israelis were born in Ukraine but migrated to Israel and joined its armed forces before returning to the European country for the demonstrations.

Yulia just got out of the joint and is in a wheel chair but still screaming for more blood and revolution. It is a tribal thing. This could go right up there with Otto Skorzeny busting the Duce out of jail. That black leather jack has some solid effect. She wants more  суворість (austerity) for the Ukraine! She has accepted treatment for her back problems from no other than Frau Merkel of the EU Reich.

Hubris said...

Con-Man Coughlin says:

Russia's sole aircraft carrier, the 65,000-ton Admiral Kuznetsov, "a Soviet-era rust bucket that can make the occasional forays to Russia’s naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus, but would be no match for its more powerful US counterparts."

Yeah, ok, Con-Man Con.

Though it occurs to me that the Russians don't seem to think that they really need to worry too much about the effectiveness of Russian Floating Fortresses compared to US Floating Fortresses.

They seem to think that they only really need to be able to counter that threat and this they seem to believe they can do with the Carrier-Killer Missile ships such as the Moskava.

Many people consider Carriers to be obsolete as they have no credible defence against latest anti-ship missile systems.

They are fine for kicking the crap out of 3rd world countries with no decent air defences or Navy.

But the Russians DO have decent air defence systems. In fact they make them, and make quite a bit of money from doing so.

Anonymous said...

Are you having a laugh? You believe the crap peddled by Fleet Street? The US military can't defeat cattle raiders on the Khyber Pass and the Brits couldn't even hold down a single province in Iraq. With the prospect of the OUN openly operating on its borders the Russian military cannot tolerate the current situation. It's talk like Coughlin's that led to Ypres and Verdun.

brian said...

'Journalist Con Coughlin, of the UK's Telegraph,',,,,

is that what he is?

brian said...

all but forgotten y the UK media is Russia HAS beaten the US....and without firing a shot! SYria

Dublinmick said...

comments on Russia today can be quite comical.

Finally!! Warlords are back in fashion!!

If the Russians roll the tanks the EU will send a very strongly worded letter. Probably get the French to write it.

Long live the resistance fractions against the jewish terrorists worldwide! GOJIM PRIDE WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to see Ukrainian muslim eat heart on TV

Κiev want to join EU?…..Im Greek and i can only say take some vaseline coz its going to be A LONG PORN MOVIE…..

Plato66 And please do us all a favor and get rid of your youtube name, Plato would spin in his grave if he knew what kind of imbicil is using his name in vein..

Also the nazi mercinaries have captured the son of the Kiev administration head.

Google: 1968 democratic convention chicago….See a real police force in action!

Putin caught with his pants down in Sochi while Yanu ran from 3000 men armed with sticks

That’s the whole point. The majority already voted not to be in the EU. I repeat Ukraine voted not to be in the EU.

Al jewzeera

DO not let sores annex kiev for his kappa pedo pals who like to have sex with childs and eat blood.

It ‘s time for Russia to prove that they are trully democratic, they should start bombing west Ukraine right now.

Whats the deal with the name Rice………..
Must the White house always have one………

Why is Susan Rice growing a mustache?

su said...

Sheik Imran Hosein mentioned in this talk how in order for the Zionist plan to succeed America had to be finished off. For Israel to become the next super power. Very interesting talk. With god knows how many US generals missing through resignation, one could well see this being that which finishes the US off.

sovereigntea said...

The mention of Con Coughlin makes me consider the well deserved fate of William Joyce.

Given the involvement of Mrs Neocon PNAC Kagan ( Nuland )real name Nudelman and Neocon John Wetstart McCain as instigators it seems likely that we are seeing a Zionist ploy to distract the Russians from Syria. An election in Syria looms and the Zios cannot afford to allow the possibility of Assad being elected by a majority of Syrians hence they desire some sort of military action / escalation to prevent an election taking place. Note Syria no longer has a chemical deterent. Also if a conflict took place between the US/allies and Russia who would that leave on the global stage ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"What has happened in Ukraine is the United States organized and financed a coup.!

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