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In 'Scandal', a sort of American TV soap, a junior staffer has sex with the president.

The junior staffer is then murdered by the president's chief of staff.

The president's chief of staff is a happily married gay man.

The chief of staff, the first lady, a Supreme Court Justice and an oil baron are involved with voter-fraud software and the murder of six people.

“Scandal”: oddball soap opera.

TV and cinema are sometimes linked to sexual abuse.

Child stars such as Michael Jackson, Scotty Beckett, Bobby Driscoll, Judy Garland, River Phoenix and Brad Renfro may all have been victims of sexual abuse and mind control. 

The TV soap Coronation Street.

According to the Sunday People, police in the UK want to probe an allegation of child sex abuse against a FOURTH star of the TV soap Coronation Street.

Neville Buswell, faces a claim made in the Bill Roache trial that he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl in his dressing room in the 1960s.

Coronation Street star Bill Roache was recently found not guilty of child abuse.


However, a woman in the Bill Roache trial says she is planning civil action against him over an alleged sex assault.

The woman describes the police investigation as ‘abysmal’.

The woman claims there is evidence which the jury did not hear and she accuses police officers of failing to pursue leads.

And, several new witnesses have come forward to claim they were sexually assaulted by Roache.


Coronation Street kids

Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell was charged with 19 child sex offences including rape, indecent assault and sexual activity with a child aged 6.

BBC News - Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell in court on child sex ... / Child abusers and TV

Coronation Street kid

Andrew Lancel has appeared in Coronation Street.

He was accused of two counts of indecent assault on a child under 14 and two counts of indecent assault on a child under 15.

Coronation Street actor Andrew Lancel denies child sex charges

Peter Adamson has appeared in Coronation Street.

He was accused of indecently assaulting two young girls, aged 8, at a public swimming pool.

Street's shamed Len Fairclough dies | Mail Online - Daily Mail

EastEnders kid

It has been reported that a child abuse ring operated within the BBC’s soap opera called EastEnders.

EastEnders kid

Curiously, a former policeman, formerly of the West Yorkshire police, has appeared in a well known UK soap opera.

Savile with his friend Mick Starkey, a West Yorkshire police inspector

(West Yorkshire Police child abusers here).

Child abusers and TV

Ben fellows

According to former child actor Ben Fellows, the British entertainment industry is crawling with pedophiles.

"I ran a gauntlet of pedophiles - both at the BBC and at other television production companies, and also in theatres, as well as on commercial photo shoots...

 "I was chased around the dressing room by a naked actor who had invited me into their dressing room at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane - and this actor was extremely famous. 

"I was advised by the director of the musical that I was not to complain, or tell anyone of this incident. I was thirteen years old... so I didn't."

On one occasion he was seduced by a female BBC producer who regularly had sex with teenage boys. 

On another he was reportedly molested by cabinet minister Ken Clarke MP, who reportedly gave him alcohol and groped his penis through his trousers.

Fellows says he knows child actors who committed suicide because of the abuse they suffered.

Satanist Pedophiles Rule Great Britain -

Byker Grove

According to Anonymous:

" I had friends who acted in ... the TV series' Byker Grove and Latchkey Children ...

"All had claims of sexual abuse and grooming …. all of whom are damaged as adults today."

Simon Gipps-Kent.

"The child actor Simon Gipps-Kent was being groomed...

"There were all sorts of rumours at the BBC when he was murdered.

"Look up the murder of actor Peter Arne.

"Also look up the death of the lovely actress Imogen Hassall (1942-80)"

- Anonymous's comment on "CHILD ACTORS; CHILD ABUSERS; TOP PEOPLE"

Tommy Steele, Peter Arne, Carole Lesley and Richard Todd on their way to Moscow.

Reportedly, Peter Arne supplied rent boys to the film and aristocratic world. (Cached)

Reportedly Arne shared boys with the head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, Noel Coward, several bishops, and an archbishop. (Cached)


Simon Gipps-Kent (1958 - 1987) was a British 'child actor' in the 1970s.[1]

He died 'of a morphine overdose' in 1987.[3]

Simon died at his flat in Cavendish Road, London NW6, but for years many fans remained unaware of the tragedy.

A week after his death, no obituary had appeared in national newspapers.

Simon (left) in the TV series The Tomorrow People. (The Gay Guide To The Tomorrow People)

Simon attended the London Oratory School in Fulham, London.

His television credits include: the 1973 BBC television adaptation of M.R. James' Lost Hearts; The Tomorrow People; Edward the Seventh (playing young Edward), a role he played again in the BBC's The Prince And The Pauper; Great Expectations;[2] To Serve Them All My Days; V for Victory, an episode of the 1978 TV seriesEnemy at the Door; A Traveller in Time; the 1979 Doctor WhostoryThe Horns of Nimon and the Southern Television serials, Midnight is a Place and Noah's Castle.

A version of Lost Hearts has also been directed by directed by Patrick Amery. 

Simon (right) in the TV series The Tomorrow People.

In the original series the Tomorrow People are also referred to by the term Homo superior. This term appears in David Bowie's song "Oh! You Pretty Things"

In 1975, in the third series of The Tomorrow People, Tyso Boswell is captured and held prisoner by the Secret Intelligence Service, who see the Tomorrow People as a potential weapon to be used in the Cold War.

Peter Arne

On 1 August 1983, Peter Arne attended a costume fitting for his character in the BBC Doctor Who television serial.

Shortly after Arne returned to his Knightsbridge home, neighbours reported hearing a violent argument coming from his home.

Arne's body was found inside his flat, beaten to death...

BBC Producer John Nathan-Turner (right) who died in 2002.

A new book claims that, in the 1980s, two senior BBC staff, working on the chidren's TV series Doctor Who, sexually exploited teenage boys who were fans of the show.

Reportedly, producer John Nathan-Turner and his 'partner' production manager Gary Downie preyed on young men.

The book, JN-T: the Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner  is by former Blue Peter editor Richard Marson.

Richard Marson says he was propositioned in 1984, aged 17, after visiting the Dr Who studio.

He says he was later assaulted by Gary Downie, who died in 2006.


Marson says a wealthy fan supplied Nathan-Turner with male escorts.

Marson writes: "I don’t think he (Nathan-Turner) was predatory . . . I don’t think he forced himself on the unwilling. I was much more cautious about Gary.’

Police have dismissed reports of a suspected paedophile ring at BBC soap EastEnders.

Dr Who with Jimmy Savile

In 1982, Elm Guest House was raided by the authorities.

One of those arrested was a 17-year-old rent boy.

Reportedly, this boy was a teenage actor who had appeared in the BBC's Doctor Who television series.

He had also appeared at a Royal Command performance.

Dalek from the BBC's Dr Who

The police dropped all charges against the boy.

No top people were arrested.

The Kasirs, who owned the guest house, were given suspended sentences.


Elm Guest House - boy brothel for the elite.

When, in 1982, Elm Guest House was raided by the authorities,allegedly they came to destroy written and photographic evidence.

The BBC's Dr Who

A child protection campaigner from the National Association Of Young People In Care (NAYPIC)  claimed he knew of 11 boys from Grafton Close Children's Home who had been abused at Elm Guest House.

He claimed that Elm Guest House owner Carole Kasir had told him she had photographs or video of many top people at Elm Guest House, including a bishop.

One photograph reportedly showed a former cabinet minister with a naked boy.

Haiti, formerly a child-sex destination. Photo from: "The entry for Haiti in the eleventh edition of the Spartacus International Gay Guide, published in February 1981, four months before the official advent of AIDS: 'Early in 1980, several boys aged 14 to 16, were hospitalized as a result of sodomy injuries caused by sadistic Cuacasian tourists.'" acarology : Anna Politkovskaya 

The campaigner says: "Carole Kasir had logbooks, names, times, dates, even pictures of people who went in and out of Elm Guest House."

The campaigner says of the 1982 police raid:  "I know it was done by Special Branch. That evidence - of who visited Elm Guest House - no longer exists...

"There were boys found in the home, but they were only ever interviewed as witnesses to the brothel, never as victims of abuse."

Mary Moss, a former colleague of the campaigner at NAYPIC (which is now defunct) believes Carole Kasir was murdered.

"FORMER child star of TV's Grange Hill told of the secret abuse he suffered at the hands of Rupert Massey a showbiz lawyer.

"Mark Eadie spoke out when jailed Rupert Massey planned an appeal against his conviction for 16 indecent assaults.

"The ex-actor, who has fought depression and a breakdown, was too ill to testify against Massey at the trial in Wolverhampton.

"In the late 70s, Mark was Andrew Stanton in Grange Hill - getting into scrapes with Tucker Jenkins, played by EastEnder Todd Carty. He met Massey at 14 and was invited to Bournemouth, where the lawyer lived."

Brad Renfro 1982 - 2008

River Phoenix 1970 - 1993 

Christopher Pettiet, 1976 - 2000

Darren Burn 1961-1991


John W. Cones, in WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD, told us that: 

1. In 1964 former teen actor Alan Ladd, star of Shane, died of an overdoes of sedatives and alcohol. Months earlier he nearly killed himself with an 'accidental' self-inflicted gunshot wound. Ladd's first film was "Tom Brown of Culver" (1932)

2. In 1968 child actor Scotty Beckett's death was listed as a probable suicide from sleeping pills . 

3. In 1965, the body of former child star Bobby Driscoll was found in the rubble of an abandoned tenement. He had been a drug addict. He was buried in a pauper's grave. 

4. In 1969, former child star Judy Garland took her own life in a locked London bathroom. 

5. In 1982, child actor Trent Lehman committed suicide. 

6. In 1993, former child actor River Phoenix died in mysterious circumstances. 

Former London Male Prostitute To Out ...

Boy-loving 'KGB spy' Tom Driberg and boy-loving KGB spy Guy Burgess in Moscow.

John Philby (son of Kim), KGB spy Kim Philby, KGB spy George Blake, in Moscow. 


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Keep up the good stuff man
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In the public eye. People want to know the dirt
On stars and their private lives more than politicians
or Lawyers or lets face it ordinary minions
or whistleblowers. They want it fed Hollywoodised
don't they?
Now the leaks will get bigger we hope n cracks
start to show in all walks of life so that this power
vice is broken and young boys worldwide ,
especially as we know in less affluent parts
of the world eg Goa etc,,
and people are willing to stop turning a blind
eye to the evidence n as they say stop
killing all the 'Prophets' or symbolically anyone
willing to speak out
Just saying but hey ones oPinion doesn't count
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Hope your reporting gets a bigger following
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Loony Corner so to speak or People who've
Seen The Light via whatever path(or religion

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