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Sir David Hare

According to the British playwright Sir David Hare'The security services are running the country.'

In The Guardian, Hare is quoted as saying: "The reason I'm writing about the security services is that there is no democratic control of them whatsoever. 

"And now it seems the judiciary is joining in."

Hare has written three films for the BBC about an MI5 agent who is fed up with MI5's abuse of power. 

The second of these BBC plays, Turks and Caicos, to be broadcast in March 2014, is about the MI5 agent hiding on a Caribbean island.

There he meets a CIA agent who is infiltrating a group of New Jersey businessmen. 

The businessmen have built secret detention and torture camps for the US government.

But they have overcharged the US government.

Soon a body is found floating in the sea.

According to Hare: "There certainly isn't anybody in government with the guts to stand up to the security services and their effective free rein to do whatever they like. 

"That's what these films are about - our powerlessness."

Hare interviewed a large number of British spies.

He says that many of them are as worried about what's happening as he is.

"There are people inside MI5 who think what has happened in the last 10 years is absolutely disgusting", says Hare.

David Dees Illustration.

According to Hare, what is in his play is happening in real life.

He says: "The American security services have been ripped off for such huge sums of money, a lot of them for phantom projects that don't even exist. 

"They've been taken to the cleaners. 

"Apart from anything else, the war on terror has been the biggest criminal racket for the last 10 years." 


In 2000, MI5 invited Hare to give a talk about the theatre. 

Hare says: "When I went in in 2000, they had toffee accents, accents from years ago, and Le Carré was entirely accurate about how public school, white, posh and archaic it all was. 

"It was empire - it still had the feeling of empire."

Hare's trilogy includes a UK prime minister who is a bit like Tony Blair, a man who intends to become very rich.

According to Hare: "Politics is just a function of business now."

The security services reportedly run child brothels as a way of controlling the top people. 

Hare appears to be puzzled by the fact that the public are not more enraged by the actions of their politicians.

He says: "The only argument we seem to be having in the United Kingdom is going on in Scotland...

"The Scots are saying we don't want to be organised in this monetarist, austere, anti-public kind of government." 

CIA torture and mind control of children

Perhaps some of the spooks at the Guardian and at the BBC believe that "what has happened in the last 10 years is absolutely disgusting".

Sir David Hare may be their spokesman.


Anonymous said...

U.S. “Special Plans”: A History of Deception and Perception Management

Anonymous said...

Ottawa Actively Participated in Haiti Coup d’Etat: Canadians Apologize to Haiti, Ten Years after the Coup

Anonymous said...

Which Corporations Control the World?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The CIA is not now nor has it ever been a central intelligence agency. It is the covert action arm of the President's foreign policy advisers. In that capacity it overthrows or supports foreign governments while reporting "intelligence" justifying those activities. It shapes its intelligence, even in such critical areas as Soviet nuclear weapon capability, to support presidential policy. Disinformation is a large part of its covert action responsibility, and the American people are the primary target audience of its lies."
- Ralph McGehee, former CIA officer

Anonymous said...

yes yes more than internecine struggles, as we get closer to the end game this was bound to happen.


Anonymous said...

It needs saying, Hare's central premise, just for National Mental Health
On whose behalf and using whom?

It's Time To Wake Up said...

People need to read this following article Money Supply Regulator Rothschild´s Deathblow Phase to the World as soon as they can!
On this site you'll see a Y/T video titled "The Bilderberg plan to Obliterate Humanity"

Anonymous said...

some years back i used to listen to the conspiracy hour on radio
they had people like Peter Wright and T Ttokes who both agreed the way the intelligence sercives was going did not meet with their approvals, they also wanted Harold Wilson to stop reciving private visitors from the Soviet Union such as Lord Kagan, who was linked to mossad, maybe they were right ? time will tell

HuBris said...

HARE says:

"Having abandoned Labour in disgust following the Iraq war, he says he will vote for them now that everyone involved in the war has gone. But when I ask who he voted for in 2010 he goes silent and looks away. He voted Lib Dem, didn't he?

"It's so shaming, isn't it? I'm so ashamed. Nicole [Farhi, the fashion designer], my wife, I've never seen her have such contempt for me.

Nicole saw through them so clearly. She said: 'You are absolutely out of your head.'"

How long did it take him to regret his vote? "Oh, within days," he laughs. "The rose garden broke me. The minute you saw that you just thought, 'Oh fuck.'"


here's a guy, well connected (in fact sort of 'spook-connected' himself since "They invited me in") and he doesn't spot that the Lib Dems have, over the past 20 yrs been led by some people who themselves have strong Spook coonnections. People such as:

Paddy Ashdown
Ming Campbell
(and Clegg?)

SO: Kinda-Spook-connected Hare tell us abot the connections for the spooks in Brit Politics,ostensibly sheepishly admits to voting Lib dem last election, but equally curiously (for one keeping an alleged sharp-eye-out for political spooks) makes no mention of the spookiness of various Lib Dem leaders?


It's what they don't say I often find is the most interesting . . . .

hirundine said...

Right on HuBris!

The BBC is a government mouthpiece and riddled with corruption and pedophiles. It is a private company. Why should we believe anything coming from people employed by them?

The British Labour party has become usurped by suits. Like Ed Miliband, whose agenda is marxist Saul Alinsky. It is the same agenda of D.Cameron. the break-up of Britain to become vassal states of E.U.

See UKColumn ....

Anonymous said...

HuBris said...

I thought that this was a interesting blog from Adam Curtis: Bugger

But then I thought that "Well, he does work for the BBC" and also noticed that the only time he references Victor Rothschild in the whole piece is to say ". . . [the] accusation - that Lord Rothschild had been the 5th Man. It later turned out that he wasn't."

which was a bit of a let down tbh

I like a lot of what Curtis does, and think his films are innovative, even though, on the face of it, there's often little more than a voice-over, some archive footage with a few catchy sound-tracks thrown in, often for "ironic" effect (The title of the Curtis' blog above, "Bugger" - Starts off with Snowden then into Philby and Blunt - he likes his little bit of nudge-nudge-wink-wink irony, does Mr Curtis)

But unfortunately, imho, Curtis far too often for me anyway, seems to distract rather than illuminate, as he segues over into the role of "very effective gate-keeper" with some ease

For example Curtis frequently pushes the notion that the Powers that Be [including, but not limited to, the Security Services, not just MI6] are clueless bumbling idiots, who couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.

IMHO, Recent events in Ukraine would suggest otherwise.

"Regime-change" on the cheap (certainly cheaper than showers of Tomahawks or Hellfires, any day.)

"But don't worry yer pretty little hipster heads, about all that" Curtis seems to say, (to me anyway) "it's not like they'd try anything like that here, just LOOK how incompetent they are!"

Both he and Hare would make very effective Gatekeepers - and all financed by Auntie Beeb, propaganda wing of the British Gov't PLC.

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