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In Thailand, in 1980, one third of the rural population lived in absolute poverty.

This could mean one meal a day and no money to buy shoes or typhoid medicine.

In 1980, a child working 11 hours a day, in a workshop in Bangkok, would earn £36 per year!

Great for the Americans getting their cheap shoes and clothes made by child labour.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej

The King of Thailand is worth at least US$30 billion [1]

In 1946 King Ananda was found shot in his bedroom in the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

This ensured that the teenage Bhumibol became king.

And it ensured that pro-American Field Marshal Pibul became the power behind the throne.

The fascist Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram (Pibul) was Prime Minister and military dictator of Thailand from 1938 to 1944 and 1948 to 1957.

Bhumibol had once said of his brother's murder, "It was not an was political."

King Bhumibol has a difficult job, surrounded as he is by certain 'corrupt fascist' generals who allegedly have links to the CIA.

Thailand has hosted one of the CIA's secret prison sites.

The CIA has met its al Qaeda friends in Pattaya in Thailand.

Reported CIA and MI6 links to al Qaeda in Chicago, Pattaya...

King Bhumibol

The child brothels in Thailand are said to be protected by certain Thai generals.

The military is said to have links to drugs and karaoke bars. 

Pattaya - child abuse, murder, mafias and spooks.

In 1973, the army shot pro-democracy students.

In 1992, when there was an uprising in Bangkok, the generals killed hundreds of people.

In 2001, Thaksin Shinawatra (above) became prime minister of Thailand.

Thaksin's policies reduced rural poverty[2].

Thaksin provided affordable health coverage to the people.

Because of this, his main support base has been the rural poor.[1]

Yingluck Shinawatra (right) who became Prime Minister in 2011.

Thaksin made "new strategic overtures towards Beijing" and undermined "the US's near monopoly on military-to-military training in Thailand. 

"Thaksin also increased Thailand's arms purchases from China during his tenure." 

Thaksin was toppled by the military in 2006.


When Thaksin was toppled, (reportedly by the CIA) "Bush's emissaries in Thailand... too swiftly and too warmly embraced the military coup-makers, many of whom are known to have close ties to top US officials."

(Asia Times 7 August 2008 US, Thailand: A conflicted alliance)

The coup "was orchestrated by several Thai security and military officials with close and long-time ties to Washington.

"They include CIA-trained Squadron Leader Prasong Soonsiri and the US-trained General Winai Phattiyakul, former director of the Directorate of Joint Intelligence at the Supreme Command's headquarters where US intelligence officials are allegedly in residence.

Boyce with General Surayud who took control of Thailand after Thaksin was toppled.

"US security officials and former US ambassador to Thailand Ralph 'Skip' Boyce are also known to have generational ties to Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda, who Thaksin's supporters have accused of masterminding the 2006 putsch..." 

Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck are most popular in the RED areas shown above.

Yingluck Shinawatra became Prime Minister in 2011.

Currently there are attempts to topple Yingluck.

In Thailand it has been the Red Shirts (supporters of the Shinawatra family) against the Yellow Shirts (traditionalists).

The big question is - does the CIA support the Red Shirts or the Yellow Shirts?

Or, does the CIA simply want to cause Libyan-style chaos?

Tony Cartalucci Destabilization and Breakup of Thailand?

Most Thais apparently do not support either the militant Yellows or the militant Reds.

The Economist gives us a clue as to what the CIA may be trying to achieve in Thailand.

The Economist recently suggested that we may see the Destabilization and Breakup of Thailand?

Yingluck Shinawatra's government could flee to the north and set up a separate state.

Tony Cartalucci ( refers to the modern imperial agenda of divide and rule.

Chatham House corporate member Robert Amsterdam is currently representing Thaksin Shinawatra.

According to The Economist:

"Many red shirts say Bangkok is already lost."

Suthep Thaugsuban (above) is the leader of the Yellows, the opposition to the Shinawatras.

Courts have ruled that he is responsible for deaths and injuries sustained by red-shirt protesters during the political unrest 2010. He thus faces murder charges.

He was also found responsible by a Court for the assassination of Italian journalist Fabio Polenghi, who was covering the 2010 protests. [13]

According to The Economist:

Suthep has nearly free rein in Bangkok, closing down most government offices.

The police have charged him with insurrection and seizing state property, but no attempt has been made to arrest him. 

Political crisis in Thailand: You go your way, I’ll go mine

Yingluck Shinawatra and son

The blogger Tony Cartalucci is an opponent of the Shinawatras (the Reds) 

He writes that Yingluck Shinawatra's government "has bankrupted a disastrous vote-buying rice subsidy and has subsequently failed to pay rice farmers..."

He suggests that the Shinawatras are increasingly unpopular.

Northern Thailand

Tony Cartalucci writes:

"The Thai 'civil war' Western analysts have long been predicting ... would most likely only materialize using the 'Syrian-model' of covert invasion combined with a coordinated propaganda campaign already being carried out by the Western media.

"Instead of Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and northern Iraq feeding militants into Syria, this new war would consist of Cambodia feeding militants and material in through northeast Thailand, with the resulting conflict appearing to be between 'Thaksin’s political stronghold' there and the rest of the country...

"Secession and 'civil war' in Thailand are impossible.

"Thailand is not divided. If anything, now more than ever it is united in purpose against an increasingly destructive, perpetually self-serving regime that has long since overstayed its welcome..." 

The CIA may be supporting all the different factions.


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Careful with Cartalucci, Aangirfan.

Cartalucci is an agent who was parachuted into Thailand, work visa arranged and all. Your readers will not get closer to understanding Thailand if they read Cartalucci. He is intel.


Anonymous said...

I've got an 18 yr old Thai half sister and have visited for 23 years about 10% of which was in both Pattaya and the Issan - and I like Cartalucci's patter.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Tony Cartalucci never talks about the Lese Majeste Laws that prevent an honest debate. Either one is in favour of the few or the many.

Even if the many are are misrepresented by both sides.

People have to learn their own lessons.

Anonymous said...

"People have to learn their own lessons."

Truest words in the world. :-)

in their own way and in their own time.

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned in an earlier article, the yellows had the cheap hospital care plans, the reds adopted them and took the credit.


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