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What may link Senator Lamar Alexander, AZOV FILMS, Jerry Sandusky, Mitt Romney and the Bush family?

Wayne Madsen and Silvija Germek have been investigating.

The Suicide Of Ryan Loskarn - A Likely Story / Loskarn Arrest Only A Tip Of A Pedophile Network That Includes Alexander, Other Tennessee Politicians

Alexander and Loskarn.
Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander's 35-year-old Chief of Staff J. Ryan Loskarn was caught in the Azov Films (child porn and pedophile ring) bust in Toronto in December 2013.

Azov Films Prosecutions.
Loskarn was found dead in January 2014.

Senator Alexander is a former governor of Tennessee and a former Secretary of Education under George HW Bush.

Alexander is co-founder of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, which operates more than 700 child care centres worldwide.

Bright Horizons was acquired by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital in May 2008.

Linda Mason

Linda Mason is chairman and co-founder of Bright Horizons.
She directed a large program for children in Cambodian refugee camps along the Thai border after the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia of 1979.

Cambodian refugee camps became centres of child trafficking.


Bruce Downsbrough

Bruce Downsbrough was the chief executive officer of the University of Tennessee Foundation.

In late 2013 he pleaded guilty to charges of possession of Azov Films child pornography.

Downsbrough pleaded guilty in Boulder, Colorado, to the sexual assault of boys.

Fired UT Foundation chief has record as child molester

The Downsbrough family has links to the USA's National Security Agency (NSA).

George Downsbrough Sr. was head of a firm (HRB Singer Raytheon) which has links to Pennsylvania State University and which provided technology to the National Security Agency.

Bill Pegues,

George Downsbrough Sr. donated $3 million to Pennsylvania State University.

Endowed With $3 ...

Star of Azov Films, who died young. 

Reportedly, there is "a giant military intellligence /political pedophile ring connected network spanning from Russia via Toronto and DC, on through Tennessee ... all the way to SE Asia."

WAYNE MADSEN SPECIAL REPORT : The Suicide Of Ryan Loskarn - A Likely Story

Lamar Alexander and Jesse Ryan Loskarn

Wayne Madsen has discovered that Loskarn's body was not subjected to an autopsy.

An employee of the funeral home stated that there was no information on the disposal of Loskarn's body or remains.

WAYNE MADSEN SPECIAL REPORT : The Suicide Of Ryan Loskarn - A Likely Story


"The December 11, 2013 arrest ... of Senator Lamar Alexander's chief of staff Ryan Loskarn on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography (Azov Films) ... represents only the tip of an iceberg which connects Alexander to a network of Tennessee politicians and businessmen associated with child sex abuse.

WAYNE MADSEN SPECIAL REPORT : Loskarn Arrest Only A Tip Of A Pedophile Network That Includes Alexander, Other Tennessee Politicians

Azov Films

"Loskarn, who was identified as a child porn distributor, would have been in a position to identify actual or intended recipients of child pornographic photographs and videos found by postal inspectors in Loskarn's possession, had he lived."

George H.W. Bush and his friend Lamar Alexander

"Alexander, the Secretary of Education under George H W Bush, has been tied to a network of Tennessee politicians and businessmen associated with ... Bright Horizons and Omni Visions, Inc. of Tennessee... and the Department of Childrens' Services, accused of endangerment and sexual abuse of foster and mentally challenged children."

"Alexander's close GOP associate, Jim Henry, is the CEO of Omni Visions...

"Omni Visions has been cited in several legal cases for placing children into the foster homes of convicted pedophiles and endangering children by placing them under the care of abusive staff.

"There are also documented cases of children dying at the hands of Omni Vision care providers."

Embattled Tennessee Department of Children's Services chief resigns.

"The network of child care providers linked to Alexander is also linked to the University of Tennessee and Penn State University, the latter the nexus for the pedophilia scandal involving former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky and his The Second Mile Foundation."

Jerry Sandusky 

"Graham Spanier, the former president of Penn State who was fired over the Sandusky scandal, had previously served as chancellor of the University of Nebraska."

The Franklin/Nebraska child abuse scandal

"Spanier's close friend was his predecessor as chancellor, Ronald Roskans, a close friend of and adviser to fallen GOP rising star Lawrence King ... implicated in a major GOP pedophile scandal, known as the 'Franklin Cover-up,' said to have involved former President George H W Bush."

Lawrence King, of Franklin coverup fame

"A confidential source who investigated the Nebraska pedophile ring known as the "Franklin Scandal," believes that after the exposure of the GOP-based ring, the pedophile network moved from Nebraska to Tennessee and the protection of powerful GOP politicians, including Alexander, Haslam, Henry, and ultimately, the Bush family, which considers Tennessee to be a personal political fiefdom."

WAYNE MADSEN SPECIAL REPORT : Loskarn Arrest Only A Tip Of A Pedophile Network That Includes Alexander, Other Tennessee Politicians


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Man executed for rape, murder of Florida boy Jimmy Ryce in 1995

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Two more Coronation Street stars cleared over child sex abuse claims they were caught in a bed with underage girls

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Sold into slavery by her parents at just eight-years-old. Forced to work 20 hours a day and kept in a cell for FOUR years. One woman's horrific ordeal

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shirlz007 said...

Coincidently, I watched the documentary about this last night, which was pulled by The Discovery Channel.

"Conspiracy of Silence" is a powerful, disturbing documentary revealing a nationwide child abuse and pedophilia ring that leads to the highest levels of government. Featuring intrepid investigator John DeCamp, a highly decorated Vietnam war veteran and 16-year Nebraska state senator, "Conspiracy of Silence" reveals how rogue elements at all levels of government have been involved in systematic child abuse and pedophilia to feed the base desires of key politicians

It alerted me William Colby, an interesting character! (considering he was head of CIA!... there not all nutters!)

I've been searching for some credible documentaries concerning 'Satanic' child abuse, both in UK and US...

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What Makes Aaron Swartz a Hero?

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Disney World workers among 23 arrested in underage sex sting after being lured to house by police posing as children online

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Meanwhile in the government of the largest Canadian province (charged, not yet convicted):

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I once had a link to an article about Mittens and his Bain Capital concerning Saudi camel boys.

Looked but didn't find it right now, but if I remember, I'll look through some folders tomarrow.

Getting late and tired.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan, nice to see you are still at the barricades...

Long time no see.


Anonymous said...,24212
The Evening Independent - Apr 1, 1980
Child Pornography Operation Reached From Florida To California, Police Say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - A roll of film mistakenly dropped off at a photo lab led to the breakup of an alleged child pornography operation reaching from Florida to California, police claim.

Police on Monday charged Winsor Stockton, 37, of Memphis with aggravated rape and using a minor for obscene purposes in connection with the case. Stockton, a salesman for a wholesale plumbing firm, was in jail in lieu of a $75,000 bond Monday night.

Clyde Keenan, police legal adviser, said more arrests may follow.

And in California, police have linked last week's suicide of a Burbank man to the investigation of the case.

Jimmy Smith was found fatally shot in his garage March 25, Keenan said. Smith, a former Memphis resident who worked at several photography studios, left a note indicating his death was linked with the investigation, Keenan said.

"Smith was apparently developing the film or having it developed," he said. "We don't know how the pictures were being used or being distributed commercially."

Keenan said Memphis police entered the case March 24 after a roll of film containing pornographic scenes was accidentally dropped off at Fox Photo lab. Officials at the lab called vice squad officers after developing the film.

Stockton, who left the color film to be developed, was arrested last Friday, Keenan said. A police source said officers confiscated "imn excess of 200" pornographic photographs from Stockton's apartment.

Keenan said most of the pictures were taken on a farm mear Marks, Miss. He said boys were brought to the farm under the pretext of a hunting-fishing excursion.

So far, Keenan said, police have linked 12 boys from North Mississippi, ages 9 to 12, to the case. But the police source said boys as young as 7 were involved, some of them from as far away as Pennsylvania and Florida. Others came from Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia, he said.

"They would be flown to Memphis or Jackson, Miss. and taken by chauffered limousine to the farm, the source said.

Marks is in Northwest Mississippi about 70 miles south of Memphis and 125 miles north of Jackson.

Keenan said the youth were given expensive toys and clothing and taken on trips in exchange for posing for the photographs and engaging in sexual activities with adults.

Some of the confiscated pictures showed boys with Stockton or Smith at either Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida.

Keenan said Stockton apparently intended to have the amusement park pictures developed when he mistakenly left a roll of the pornographic material.

All the youths involved apparently had permission from parents to visit the farm, police said.

A Mississippi woman, the mother of one of the boys, said it was common for youths in her area to visit the farm.

"They would go down on weekends to swim, hunt and fish," she said.

She said her son met the farm owner through other youths.

"It was two years before I would let mine go down there," she said. "I checked with the other kids' mothers and they assured me that it was OK."

Anonymous said...,2890646
Daily News - Aug 14, 1986
Former Professor Convicted in Child Pornography Case

MEMPHIS (AP) - A former Memphis State University professor will be sentenced next month on charges of sending child pornography through the mail, federal court officials said.

Dr. Lee R. Johnson, 57, was convicted by U.S> District Judge Robert M. McRae Jr., who heard testimony in the non-jury trial in April.
Elizabethton Star - Feb 18, 2004
13 indicted on child porn charges

MEMPHIS (AP) - A federal grand jury indicted 13 people on child pornography charges Thursday, with four accused of enticing minors to take part in sex acts.

The charges allege that children between the ages of 3 years old and 13 years old were abused.

The accused range in age from 19 to 68 years old, with the charges against them in multi-count indictments each carrying penalties of five years to 30 years in prison.

Though the indictments were released at the same time, the accused aren't charged with being part of a pornography ring. Many of the charges are unrelated.

Authorities refused to discuss the investigation or describe the alleged offenses.

Those charged with producing child pornography were accused of distributing sexually explicit pictures via computer disc and other means.

The other accused were charged with a variety of offenses including possession or distribution of child pornography.

[Same Grand Jury, all from Memphis, four of them kidnapping kids, but, OH NO!, there was no pedophile ring here in Memphis. Bet this case got buried from the public.]

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