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Sebastian Edathy

In Germany there is a case involving the secret services, Nazis and the Azov Films child abuse ring.

In Germany, in 2013, Social Democrat Sebastian Edathy and his parliamentary panel investigated police and secret service activities in connection with a Nazi group.

A neo-Nazi cell reportedly murdered Turks in Germany during a seven-year Gladio-style terrorism spree.

Sebastian Edathy is now being linked to the Azov Films child pornography affair (Operation Spade in Canada).

The leaders of a Nazi terror group, praised by 'Anders Breivik', and linked to the German security services and the CIA.

In 2011, the German police discovered, in a burnt-out caravan, the bodies of Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, the leaders of a neo-Nazi terror gang.

The gang had murdered a police officer, shot dead nine immigrants, carried out two bomb attacks and robbed 14 banks.

Agents of the US government were reportedly present when the gang murdered the police officer.

In November 2011, an inquiry began into neo-Nazi terrorism in Germany.
Information was leaked to the media that German intelligence services had destroyed and altered files about the neo-Nazi gang.

Heinz Fromm 

On 2 June 2012, Heinz Fromm resigned as the boss of German intelligence.

German spy chief quits over neo-Nazi investigation scandal /Errors in Neo-Nazi Investigation: German Spy Chief Quits over Botched Terror Probe

Politicians have suggested that that neo-Nazis may be working for German intelligence.

After World War II, the CIA and NATO made use of Nazis to carry out acts of terrorism, as part of Operation Gladio.

Now, the CIA and NATO reportedly use both Nazis and Islamists.

Italian intelligence services tipped off German intelligence about a meeting of European neo-Nazis in the Belgian town of Waasmunster in 2003.

Reportedly, the German neo-Nazis worked with 'Black September'.

Michele, victim of the US intelligence services?

In 2007, Michéle Kiesewetter, a German police officer, was killed 'by neo-nazi terrorists' in Heilbronn, Germany.

Her service pistol was later retrieved, when Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos, the two German neo-nazis 'committed suicide' in a caravan on 4 November 2011.

Were the 'terrorists' working for the security services?

Zschäpe, Bohnhardt and Mundlos

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On 30 November 2011, it was reported that U.S. agents may have been 'witnesses' to the assassination of the police officer, Michéle Kiesewetter . 
The magazine Stern published a U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document which suggests the involvement of the DIA; and the security services' protection of the murderers.

Turkey's Islamist government and spy services reportedly work for the CIA.

The secret document refers to two American intelligence officials and two German officials, on 25 April 2007 in Heilbronn, involved with the German-Turk Mevlüt K and an unidentified suspect. 

The 'surveillance' ended after a shooting.

The 'terrorist' Mevlüt K. is alleged to work for the CIA and Turkish intelligence.

(Mevlut K. : CIA Link To Islamic Terror Plot)

Mevlut K. who is believed to be secretly Jewish.

Were American intelligence officers involved in the murder of the police officer because she had stumbled on a meeting involving Mevlut K, neo-Nazis and US intelligence? 


Mevlut K is suspected of having helped the four members of the so-called "Sauerland cell" to get 26 detonators into Germany for a planned series of attacks on targets.

Daniel Schneider, Atilla Selek, Fritz Gelowicz, Adem Yılmaz (some of whom may be secretly Jewish)

The suspicion is partly based on a statement made by Atilla Selek, to officers from the Federal Criminal Police Office. 

Mevlüt K. had built up a network of Islamic militants in Germany and the Balkans, according to German police.

Acoording to Selek, Mevlüt K. was a contact man in Istanbul for Islamists who wanted to fight in Chechnya. 

But Mevluk K. was also an informant for the Turkish intelligence service, as SPIEGEL reported.

The German intelligence services showed little interest in arresting the various 'terrorists'.

NSU-Mörder: Hinweis auf Aufenthaltsort vergammelte beim MAD ... Translate this page

Neo-Nazis Beate Zschape, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe and Böhnhardt were implicated in the murder of the policewoman. 

Germany's Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) apparently had little interest in arrests.

The German broadcaster MDR reported that MAD was informed about the whereabouts of the neo-Nazis Uwe Mundlos and Uwe and Beate Böhnhardt, but MAD apparently took no action.

In November 2011, the police reportedly discovered, in a burnt-out caravan, 'the bodies of Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt', the leaders of the neo-Nazi terror gang who allegedly killed the policewoman.

Witnesses claim to have seen someone leave the caravan before it became 'burnt out'.

Many assume that the neo-Nazi gang, just like al Qaeda and the other Islamists, work for the CIA and its friends in NATO.

Operation Gladio, run by the CIA and NATO, used neo-Nazis to carry out its acts of terrorism.

The following is from "Germany: Nazi terror and state collusion" in Searchlight Magazine

"Searchlight and others revealed that Gladio ... built relationships with existing far-right organisations and creating its own, such as Column 88 in Britain. 

"In Italy Gladio made efforts to advance the destabilisation of society with a series of bombings over many years to launch the "strategy of tension", working with the fascist Armed Revolutionary Nuclei, led by Roberto Fiore, the friend and former mentor of the British National Party leader Nick Griffin...

"In Belgium shoppers in supermarkets were gunned down by men described at the time as being part of leftwing terrorist cells. They turned out to be serving or former police officers.

"The British section ran training camps for young, potentially fanatical members of the extremist British Movement and discussed pre-emptive strikes against members of the TUC and a wide range of people covering all shades of the left including MPs.

Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos.

"Most people thought that Gladio and its associates had melted away with the end of the Cold War but it seems it, or a successor organisation, has lived on at least in Germany. 

"The NSU robbed banks to finance its activities and killed members of ethnic minority communities, with the suspected collusion of an intelligence service agent whose extreme political views were known but apparently ignored. These features fit the bill for a Gladio-style operation.

"A question remains over why the NSU killed the police woman, Michele Kiesewetter. Had she discovered something or was she intended to look like another alleged victim of a a non-existent Turkish gang war? 

"Or was she connected with the far right herself? It appears that her father tried to rent a bar in the eastern German state of Thüringen that was used by nazis for meetings. A chef employed at the bar had the same surname, Zschäpe, as the female NSU member.

"Another question is why Zschäpe handed herself in. Was she worried that she might otherwise be found in a burning car with a bullet in her head, as happened in Italy after the nazi Bologna bombing in 1980, when far-right exiles were tempted to return home, only to be deemed unreliable and killed in cold blood by special police units."

Guns found at the NSU cell’s burnt out house in Zwickau.


Anonymous said...

Schneider, Selek, Gelowicz, ane Yılmaz?

Shades of "Islamic" terrorist Adam "Gadahn" Pearlman?

Anonymous said...

As for the NSU involvement in murders, please note that there isn't any evidence for that neither. It's rather funny that an informant was present at most homicide scenes.

Anonymous said...

AZOV Brian May's mother
Sandra Waslov was born in 1948. Sandra currently lives in Los angeles. Before that, Sandra lived in Stafford, VA in 2010.

Browse similar profiles
1. Robert Waslov, 63 from Stafford, VA

Sandra Waslow (ex)husband?
Robert Waslov
Stafford Board of Supervisors
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Canadian War Bride Lost and Found

Posted by Sandra Waslov on February 14, 2006

My mother was a war bride from England, arrived in Halifax on the Queen Mary I think? Mother is now 87. Kathleen Runyeard (Timothy married name). I'm looking for anyone that may remember travelling with her. She had a friend that made her way out to Vancouver.
thank you

Posted by Runyeard on February 11, 2007
Can,t help on this subject, but because Runyeard is not a well known name, believe this could be my Auntie Kit, who I believe I would have last seen whe she kissed me and all the other children in the big bedroom at my Gran's house in Donhead when I was 10 years old. If so would like establish contact.
Tony (Anthony) Georges Boy.

Posted by sandi on December 15, 2009
Hi Tony,

yes, it was your auntie Kit, my mother kathleen, her mother was hilda. auntie Ivy, uncle Reg, all passed on now. i did find some of mother's papers, mother passed away september 2007


Anonymous said...
Traffick Alerts - 14 November 2013

Azov was not exactly a covert operation: It was incorporated, held trademarks and fought for them in very public legal battles that stretched over years.

‪Starting in 2004, David Eisenlohr, a California mail-order distributor selling what he calls European naturist videos, complained to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that Mr. Way was stealing his films and reselling them online at a cheaper price.

‪Mr. Eisenlohr then came to the attention of U.S. investigators in March, 2006, when photo-lab employees at a Wal-Mart in Virginia saw a man, David Tetterton, trying to print explicit photos from their self-serve kiosk. Evidence seized from Mr. Tetterton’s house led to Mr. Eisenlohr, who was indicted with trading child pornography.

‪Even as he faced criminal charges, Mr. Eisenlohr continued his campaign against his Canadian competitor. In 2007, he wrote a letter to then Canadian justice minister Rob Nicholson to complain about Mr. Way “stealing my intellectual property using the internet” and ask whether there were laws in Canada to stop him.

‪“It’s crazy, guys arguing over what we consider child-exploitation material,” one police detective said about the feud.

‪In court, Mr. Eisenlohr successfully argued that his nude videos were not pornographic and he was acquitted in 2009.

‪The following year in Romania, a German man arrived in the Transylvanian city of Zalau and began offering martial-arts classes to local boys.

‪The man was Mr. Roth and he was arrested in August, 2010, and sentenced to three years of prison for taking more than 100 pornographic films of children. Authorities said the films were sold to Canada at $1,000 a piece.

Two months after Mr. Roth’s arrest, Toronto police and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service began their Azov investigation, accessing the company website and making undercover purchases.

They found that orders to the U.S. transited through a warehouse near Buffalo before being shipped by USPS Priority mail.

‪Toronto police executed a search warrant at Azov’s Etobicoke offices on May 1, 2011, and seized hundreds of DVDs, computers, business records, shipping labels and customer order histories, according to U.S. court documents.

‪Police sources estimate about 100 children were rescued as a result of the investigation.

‪Sources say the investigation identified 10 to 15 children in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, who modelled for photographers connected with Azov.

‪In addition, the sources said, as Azov clients were identified around the world, police uncovered more children who were victims of those customers, who were either “hands-on abusers” or who secretly videotaped them.

In one case, the Azov probe led to the arrest of Richard Keller, a pediatric endocrinologist in Andover, Mass.

‪A search at Dr. Keller’s house uncovered videos that appeared to have been shot at the Cap d’Agde nudist colony in southern France. The camera operator’s forearm and wristwatch are seen at one point. Investigators then executed a second search warrant to see whether they could find a matching wristwatch

Anonymous said...

understand, the 2 persons who died/were killed in the burning caravan had conveniently left behind a CD, on which they admitted to all sorts of racist crimes..
A third "possible culprit", Beate Zschäpe is detained since a very long time, German justice is apparently unable to bring forward some hard evidence without compromising themselves..
Maybe, Beate "will chose to commit suicide with a pistol in jail", similarly to Andreas Baader in "High-security-jail Stammheim" back in the seventies...
But then, what can you expect from a "democracy" which convicted Horst Mahler to 11 years in prison for speaking out against the Jewish dominance of German politics..

Anonymous said...

28. JANUAR 2014 • 12:09 90
COMPACT-Recherche zum NSU führt zu Senatskrise in Berlin

For those who may not remember, Morsi was ousted in a coup by the Egyptian people on July 4, 2013. Morsi was arrested for crimes against the Egyptian people. Moderate Muslims, Christians, and others not affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhoood, as well as followers of Hosni Mubarak rose up in the streets.
The event was said to be the largest gathering of people in known in human history:


Anonymous said...

The burning caravan is a total hoax. Who photographed the mysteriously burning caravan? A Bild Zeitung "reader". "Witnesses saw the third man... And imagine using a mobile home as a getaway vehicle for a bank robbery in Eisenach, or anywhere for that matter. What a joke.

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