Sunday, February 09, 2014


Edward Snowden has revealed some of the dirty tricks used by the spies to control top people.

Leaked documents from the USA's National Security Agency reveal the methods used by the UK's Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group (JTRIG) to 'destroy, deny, degrade and disrupt' enemies.

These methods include honey traps and the spread of disinformation.

Supplying boys and girls to top people?

In 'false flag' operations, JTRIG have used Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube for disinformation, mass messaging and 'pushing stories'.

The spies can hack computers and cause them to crash,

JTRIG (part of GCHQ) uses a computer virus called Ambassadors Reception.

The virus will delete all emails, encrypt all files, make the screen shake' and block the computer user from logging on.

The spies use blogs for disinformation.

The spies use honey traps to discredit people.

A programme called 'Royal Concierge' uses hotel reservation systems to track the location of top people.


shirlz007 said...

HE HE HE!!! The story of 2013!!! :D
(that Amber Lyon should have had it!... she's f*****g sweet!)

Serious questions need to be asked concerning Ed Snowden. The story seems a little too convenient for me.
1) Realistically, in reality... Snowden has given information to the FSB (that's not even debatable, anyone who suggests otherwise is living in fantasy world. 'Happy Valentines President Putin!')
2) GLENN GREENWALD! Religious identity aside... it seems Mr Greenwald is selling the documents to the highest bidder.
3) The Guardian is MI6 controlled
4) Regardless, The Snowden Leaks have got a lot of people rattled... both sides of the pond!
5) Israel! 'NSA shares raw data with Israel'... enlighten us please! (VT crew have jumped on this, but we want more!)
6) The pace of the leaks means it will take 70 years for ALL the information to be released... I might not have 7 months!
7) Snowden had help from within Booz Allen (Im not getting into this... but he wasn't alone!). Does he still work for CIA?
8) Rumours of financial manipulation on Wall Street... give it to us!!!

The Corbett Report seems to be asking questions... I quite like James Corbett. Sibel Edmonds... again F****G SWEET!

shirlz007 said...


Edward Snowden, the former contractor at the National Security Agency took with him multiple "Doomsday" packages of information when he departed the country and began revealing how intensely the US Government is spying on its own citizens. He has the personal home info for all Elected Officials, Law Enforcement, Judges, Bankers, Corporate Boards of Directors and more!

At a classified briefing for members of Congress which took place on Wednesday, members found out that Snowden took with him:
•a complete roster of absolutely every employee and official of the entire US Government.
•The names, home addresses, unlisted personal home telephone and personal cellular phone numbers, dates of birth and social security numbers of every person involved in any way, with any department of the US Government.
•The files include elected officials, Cabinet appointees, Judges, and **ALL** law enforcement agency employees including sworn officers.
•Similar files with the personal information of EVERY government contractor and all employees of that contractor!
•Similar files with all the personal information of EVERY Bank Corporation, their operating officers and their Boards of Directors, including all current and former members of the Federal Reserve
•Similar files with all the personal information about anyone holding any type of license from the Government such as Doctors, Lawyers, Stock Brokers, Commodities Traders . . . . and many more.
•Similar files with all the personal information of EVERY non-bank Corporation in the U.S., including their operating officers and Boards of Directors.

Snowden has made it clear that if he is arrested, if he vanishes, or if he "dies" from any cause whatsoever, ALL of the information in his possession will be published publicly.

shirlz007 said...

regardless of motivations and CIA involvement... The Snowden Leaks have awoken a lot of people up to the realities of Government control... can't knock him for that!
Ed... I think your a legend pal! :D (it's just the journalists you chose to give the information to)... Russian Vodka!

Anonymous said...

The boys at Abel Danger have been onto the VIP hotel booking system and honeypot extortion for some time before these latest Snowden leaks. What's Snowden's game?

Chris Jacob said...

Guys...Snowden It self is a CIA...PSY-OP operative...He is still at Langley....This whole drama is one big gigantic PSY-OP

His information is as useless as Julien Assange one Both are CIA made to look like rogue spies...I bet Hollywood is writing scripts as we speak to make him look like a hero

Anonymous said...

At Anon,12.32.
Is that the Hal Turner who was revealed to be spying on White activist groups for the FBI about 2-3 years ago when he was jailed in the US?.

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