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Shirley Temple and J Edgar Hoover.

Shirley Temple was the daughter of Gertrude Krieger and George Temple.

As a small child, Shirley Temple was in films called Baby Burlesks, which Shirley described as "a cynical exploitation of our childish innocence.

Shirley Temple by Salvador Dali.

As an infant, Shirley was employed by 'Educational Studios'.

Any child who misbehaved at Educational Studios was put into "the black punishment box." 

This box contained a large block of ice.

The infant would be confined in the box to "cool off."

Shirley was put into this box several times.

Such tortures are used by the CIA in their mind control programmes.

The Little Princess - This Shirley Temple movie was reportedly used for CIA mind-control programming.  The Illuminati Formula 12. External Controls

There is belief that Shirley Temple was a victim of CIA (MK ULTRA) mind-control.

Shirley and the lesbian Eleanor Roosevelt

Mind-controlled people are used by the CIA as sex slaves, assassins and diplomats.

Shirley in an early movie. The Illuminati Movies

In 1943, 15-year-old Shirley Temple met John Agar, an army sergeant, and they married when Shirley was aged 17. Temple divorced Agar soon after.

In 1950, Shirley met Charles Alden Black, who had been a US navy intelligence officer.

Shirley and a Rockefeller.

In 1954, Charles Black became director of business operations for the Stanford Research Institute, which is associated with CIA mind-control.

Tavistock: The Best Kept Secret in America

Shirley sat on the Disney board of directors of Disney, which has been linked to CIA mind control.

Shirley became a Dame of the Knights of Malta, an organisation linked to the CIA.

Reportedly, J Edgar Hoover preferred sex with young boys. J EDGAR HOOVER / J EDGAR HOOVER; MIND CONTROL

In 1967 Shirley Temple was supporting America's involvement in the Vietnam War. 

In 1969 President Richard Nixon appointed her as United States representative to the 24th General Assembly of the United Nations.


In 1974 Shirley was appointed United States Ambassador to Ghana, and in 1976 Shirley became America's first female Chief of Protocol at the White House.


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"There is belief that Shirley Temple was a victim of CIA (MK ULTRA) mind-control."

There is no belief but a certain thing.

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Adelaide scene of torture, cannibalism, bodies in barrels or freezers, bizarre sex serial killings

Sullen Boy said...

It would be a good thing if someone could put together a timelins tracking the development, techniques, loci, personae, outlets and intentions of mind control.

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Milwaukee Archdiocese reorganization provides $4 million for victims

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A quote from Temple's wiki says a lot about her role:

"Her admirers—middle-aged men and clergymen—respond to her dubious coquetry, to the sight of her well-shaped and desirable little body, packed with enormous vitality, only because the safety curtain of story and dialogue drops between their intelligence and their desire."

Anonymous said...

i just tried to post critique of the abc tv program u link to re palestinian children in military prisons, at an earlier ben zygier thread (don't know how i went there to post it).

anyway, listen to first minute of intro where West Bank is referred to as "disputed territory".
read transcript -

only deaths mentioned in the program are 3 israeli settlers & 1 palestinian for stone-throwing, cleverly using figures from B'Tselem.

PLUS israeli victims of palestinian suicide bombing in jerusalem, which they get the bomber's peaceful protestor cousin to condemn.

lawyer gives impression israeli settler children are prosecuted for stone-throwing (not giving figures), but in civil courts, which gives impression they are detained equally.

most heinous is getting 5-yr-old boy to say he wants to move to amman in jordan, shortly after the ultra-zionist woman featured throughout tells of plans she helped hatch over years with Sharon to leave no "no option for a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria".

all in all, it comes across as across as an apology for Israel as regards last year's UNICEF's report on 'Children in Israeli Military Detention'. btw do a search - australian newspaper ran a piece in 2011 by the same Murdoch/Australian reporter, Lyon, with the same headline(& mostly same cast) "stone cold justice", which seems an odd description of the story.

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