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Boone, a gifted five-year-old boy with autism, predicted 9 11.

Boone's mother reported that six months prior to 9 11, Boone drew over one hundred clocks, each showing the time 9:11.

When the family was traveling to Atlanta from Georgia, Boone began crying and insisted that his mother stop the car.

They stopped for lunch.

Once back on the road, they very soon came upon a huge accident involving many badly damaged cars.

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Elijah and twin brothers.

Four-year-old Elijah Howell, from Naples Florida, appears to be psychic.

Reportedly, when he was ten months old, he could speak in full sentences, and could speak to his dead grandparents.

He 'predicted his mother's miscarriage after speaking to his dead grandparents'

Elijah and parents.

His mother, heather, says: "While I was pregnant Elijah said, 'Mommy, your baby is going to go with God'...

"I did miscarry a couple of days later and he kept stroking me and telling me it was going to be OK...

"A while later he said, 'Don't worry mommy, you're going have two babies and they're two boys.'

"Months later we ended up finding out we were having twins - and that they were boys."

Denise Lescano

Elijah's parents contacted 'a psychic expert', Denise Lescano.

According to Denise: "Elijah displays all the signs of being a very gifted child with the ability to connect with the spirit world.

"He has a very strong sense of having lived before and speaks of past lives."

Jadon Billington, 10, and his sister Lucy, eight, "talk to dead people at their home in Cheshire."

"They have made friends with more than 10 spirits - including their own grandmother."

Lucy, Emily, and Jadon

Mother Pam said: "One night I was watching TV and I said to Jadon if they are really here now ask one of them to tug at my trouser leg.

"Jadon asked, then a few seconds later I felt something prod my leg and I saw with my own eyes my trousers move...

"They’ll poke me in the arm and touch me on the leg. I’ve even been poked in the eye by a ghost.

"They also made the television go fuzzy when Jadon asked one to prove that he was there."

 Elijah and parents.


Anonymous said...

Aangirfan I have numerous stories to support your thesis here.

Please keep up your fantastic advocacy for children -
they deserve to be cherished.

What a world we would have, if ALL the little children were cherished and listened/attended to by the adults in their spheres.

I LOVE how Jesus only ever doodled in the dust, telling people to go and sin no more; non-judgemental, healing and teaching.

Far too many of our LAWS are just too too stoopid, protecting the vested interests as they must, of the CRAVEN in our midsts.

With Love xx

Anonymous said...

Chinese police save hundreds of babies from online trading racket

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Psychics!!! (excuse me if this comment seems a little confusing or contradictory... it's a complicated subject, Il comment now, but Il have to have a think and come back)

As someone who has displayed 'psychic powers' all his life, I can state without a shadow of doubt... IT'S REAL! And the Security Services and 'Powers That Be' take the subject EXTREMELY seriously! :D I myself have never contacted dead people (Im actually quite sceptical of those who claim to do so)... but I've displayed telepathy, ESP, Clairvoyance and even a form of telekinesis on occasions (usually when heightened emotions such as Anger), I believe ALL humans have the 'ability' to display such powers...

1) There are a lot of frauds out there! (especially on TV)... 'Cold Reading', it's morally wrong, it deceives those who seeking comfort in times of mourning... and it does the study of the subject no favours.
2) The Security Services take the subject EXTREMELY seriously!!! (it's well documented the CIA and Soviets have experimented on the phenomena... but also British Intel, Chinese and I believe also the Iranians!)... so the idea is not to be scoffed at!
3) The ability of the sub-conscious mind to pick on things is unbelievable, and this explains many 'psychic experiences'. Including predictions of 9/11
4) There's a debate raging, whether 'psychic abilities' are the next stage in human evolution, or a suppressed form of 'human survival' that we no longer need in the modern age. (I like to believe the first!... and from what I can see, more children are displaying 'psychic powers' than ever before)
leave out the X-Men jokes please!
5) Scientific studies of the subject have proven mild forms of 'Telepathy' in labority conditions. Dr Michael Persinger.

I've looked into a manner of all things... but this is something I know about from personal experience! The Elites are TERRIFIED of adults that display Telepathy/ESP and Clairvoyance... terrified to core! ;D

Excuse me, Im going to have to think about this, and come back and try and articulate myself the best I can... because the reality of psychics and The Illuminati is a strange one!

shirlz007 said...

I tell you another thing though! The world we're creating for these children is warping their minds! Straight up destroying them! If children are displaying stronger 'psychic abilities', then switching on the TV and seeing absolute bullshit they KNOW to be untrue, and adults telling them stuff which the KNOW is bullshit... it's messing with them, and the natural order of things!

Anyone that doesn't believe that humans are evolving... 4 billion years of history!!!

Anonymous said...

What has he said about the chances for WWIII?

A. Peasant said...

my intuition tells me the Lescano woman is not to be trusted at all.

Anonymous said...

I got the same vibe about the lescano woman! And i too have had experiences of telepathy, precognition, et al.

A mirage made in heaven said...

How unfortunate that the baby twins look like being the pre-incarnation
of William Hague...

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