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The Wisdom Of Near-Death Experiences by Dr Penny Sartori, Watkins Publishing

According to PENNY SARTORI:

Researchers writing in the medical journal Critical Care Medicine kept in touch with the parents of a six-month-old boy who nearly died in hospital during a serious illness.

Three years later, the child was told by his parents that his grandmother was dying.

The child asked: was she going through the tunnel to meet God?

Tom, the four-year-old son of a British soldier called Gary, was seriously ill in hospital.

It was 'touch and go', said Gary.

A few months later, the boy told Gary he wanted to go to 'that park' again.

The boy said: 'The one through the tunnel that I went to when I was in the hospital.

'There was a park with lots of children and swings and things, with a white fence around it.

'I tried to climb over the fence, but this man stopped me and said that I wasn't to come yet and he sent me back down the tunnel and I was back in the hospital again.'

Natasha, now aged 33, was aged 9 when she nearly died from an infection.

She was woken by a bright light.

She says: 'The light was spilling into the room around the edge of the door and I could hear my name being called - even though I’m profoundly deaf.

'I got up to see what the light was, and turned round to see myself still in the bed, asleep.

'But the voice kept calling me, so I opened the bedroom door and it was just this pure brilliant white light. I stepped into it and kept walking towards the voice. I was just walking in light; there wasn't anything else.

'Then I was in a room and realised there was a presence behind me. He put a hand on my shoulder but told me not to turn around. I had to go back, he said, because I was important and had a job to do.'

The next day, Natasha was feeling much better.

According to PENNY SARTORI:

Dr Melvin Morse, who worked at an American paediatric intensive care unit, carried out research on 30 children who had had Near Death Experiences (NDE's).

Ten years on, they appeared to have benefited from their experiences.

They were good at schoolwork, mentally stable and had empathy for others.

Dr Phyllis Marie Atwater has collected hundreds of cases of childhood NDEs

According to Dr Atwater many of the children who had had NDE's considered themselves to be spiritual.

But, their spirituality was often quite separate from the religion in which they'd been brought up.

According to PENNY SARTORI:

Janice Wright, a British woman was visiting friends in Virginia, USA.

In the middle of the night, she suddenly 'woke up'.

In her bedroom was her childhood nanny.

According to Janice: "In real life, she was well over 80. But in the vision, she was ageless and surrounded by an immensely bright light. She smiled at me, put her hand out and telepathically told me all was well.

"I was shocked and stayed awake. The next morning, I told my hosts I thought my old nanny had died.

"Later that day, a cousin called from England to tell me that’s exactly what had happened."

Children's author Shelley E. Parker had a dream about a healthy three-year-old girl, the child of a friend..

According to Shelley: "I was walking along a path and in front of me was this little girl with her auntie.

"I'm not sure how accurate the image of the auntie was, as I’d never met her or seen photographs of her - I just knew that she'd died about 20 years previously.

"She smiled and telepathically told me all was well

"The aunt said she was there to take the little girl to heaven. The child was dressed in pink and had a pink bucket and spade and glitter make-up on the side of her face. She was very happy and dancing around.

"I woke up the next day and felt really unsettled. I thought about phoning the little girl's father but then thought better of it, trying to rationalise that it was just a dream. That feeling of anxiety lasted all day."

That evening, Shelley went to dinner with relatives. At one point, she glanced at her watch. It was 10.10pm.

"Suddenly, all of the unsettled feeling and anxiety just fell away and I thought: at last I'm starting to relax."

The next day, Shelley learned that the little girl had died the night before - just after 10pm. The cause of her death was unknown.

According to PENNY SARTORI:

"I’m increasingly open to the possibility that our brains are separate from our consciousness.

"In other words, the brain may be channelling what some people call the soul, rather than responsible for creating it."

According to PENNY SARTORI:

In 2004, in England, a dying woman in her 70s was unconscious in a hospital.

Her husband, Peter, and son, Harry, were holding her hands, and her daughter, Gail, had placed a hand on her forehead.

Peter suddenly noticed a bright light a little distance away.

A tall man stepped forward from the light with his hands outstretched.

Then the dying woman seemed to rise from her bed and walk towards the man.

According to Peter: "He was waiting there as if to give her a welcoming hug; there was a sense of peace and love."

According to daughter Gail: "All of a sudden, I could see Mum walking into the distance on a path.

"Around her head was like a sun, and on her right-hand side, I could see the silhouette of some people.

"I saw this tall person - I don’t know who he was. When she reached him, he took her into his arms as if in a warm embrace that was full of love.

"Mum’s breaths got shallower. And then there were no further breaths and the scene disappeared."

According to PENNY SARTORI:

Healthcare workers have recorded various phenomena at the moment of death , including: a change in temperature, a light around the body, the malfunctioning of electrical equipment and the stopping of clocks.

Hospice and palliative-care consultant Dr John Lerma has reported that 70 to 80 per cent of his patients waited for their loved ones to leave the room before dying.


Anonymous said...

There have been so many studies and reports over the years which support this that the NWO pay people to try to rubbish it.
The discretited psychologist Susan Blackmore was one of these as was the quack Chris French.
Ray Persaud was actually caught faking up paers, and in the USA the homosexual conjuror Jame Randi admits the Rockefeller foundation pay him for his anti views

Anonymous said...

"In other words, the brain may be channelling what some people call the soul, rather than responsible for

Aangirfan I have not only had several near death experiences, I have also 'walked' with a spiritual director for thirteen years, who helped me to 'see' my Life and the World through my Dreams.

Some years later, my yoga teacher told her class what I had Learned for myself:

that our bodies return to the earth and our Spirits return whence they come.

Infinite Mind/consciousness=eternity.

Our brains are our precious tools which when lined up with our guts and hearts make up our INTEGRITY.

Love xx

Anonymous said...

"I’m increasingly open to the possibility that our brains are separate from our consciousness.

"In other words, the brain may be channelling what some people call the soul, rather than responsible for creating it."

Yes, our brains are like a blank computer disc, responsable for our 'programming', and sense of ID. Where'as our consciousness is our true nature.

It has been suggested that when the brain is bypassed ( ie, the thinking part), that the true consciousness can flow freely. This may be termed as a spiritual experience. This may happen during certain situations in our lives. Regardless, we should realise that we are basically 'sprirts' in a body to allow them to flow through.

Religions as well as governments don't want you to understand this, because they want to 'shape you', 'box you', into their own little pockets of control., so it's vital that you don't identify too much with what you learn because your brain is your biggest stumbling block: We are immense beyond our imagination can conceive, and so much more than what we 'think'. If we validate our self worth according to our jobs, eduction, religion, then we are truly undermining our true nature and the fact that we are basically divinity embodied.

Realising this, the spiritual experience and that life is a miracle becomes the norm, and 'thinking' becomes alien.

Anonymous said...

At around nine o clock at night, three days after my mom passed on, I saw three extremely bright small round connected flashes of blue white light that looked as bright as the sun. I saw them against the wall just below ceiling level. They occurred one after another within the space of a second. I immediately knew in my heart it was my mom who came to say goodbye. My husbands mom passed on years later and three days after just as we had got into bed there was a single extremely bright flash of light that lit up the room. I had my back to the source of light but my husband was facing it. I knew in my heart that his mom had come to say goodbye. Would just like to state the following from a Christian perspective: Yes the evil ones agenda is to corrupt and destroy our spiritual belief. Christianity being their main target. As they know that without our Creator God our Father we are weak. This is known by luciferians/satanists who firmly believe in their father god lucifer, and they know that our God truly exists. Many people have been influenced to give up their birthright by denying God exists. Many feel ashamed to admit to any christian belief and will put in a disclaimer when discussing the spiritual side. Many people are often unable to distinguish between a church, (which is just a community of people gathered together), and Gods Word, given to us through the bible. (The bible is a copy of our fathers will and testament to us pertaining to our inheritance). The evil powers that be are winning the war, having turned many good people away from the truth, as without our Creators and combined strength we are weak and a prey for the wolves. We can see the evil in this world gathering speed, but are unable to fight it by ourselves as we have cut our ties with our Father. It is plain to see that no matter how many of us wake up to what is happening, take to the streets and revolt, we will be no match for the physical force they can muster. What has happened and is happening today is predicted and described in the bible. These filthy paedo deceitful selfish lying luciferian psychopaths have in the past through the catholic church, managed to keep many in the dark by withholding the bible from the layman. The congregation was forced to accept the clerical interpretation thereof. Some of us still rely on others to interpret the bible for us even though William Tyndale was burnt alive at the stake for translating the bible into English, so that we may read and understand. In chuch christian education we mostly hear the same quotations and discussions year in and year out. Never the controversial stuff of course). Luckily we do not have to attend churches as Christ said: Where two or more people are gathered together in my name there I am!

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