Monday, February 10, 2014


Nazi-style torture of defenceless animals. Animal rights campaigners slam new report.

Some scientists believe that there are no profound difference between humans and other species.

1. Elephants' brains are three times bigger than human brains.

2. There are altruistic rats.

3. There are toolmaking crows.

4. There is evidence that even bees have emotions.

Animals have empathy and altruism.

5. There is evidence for what appears to be animal spirituality: a group of chimpanzees have been recorded doing a 'waterfall dance', during which they stand upright at the water’s edge, swaying rhythmically from foot to foot and stamping for up to 15 minutes.

6. Humans are not the only species with language.

7. Chimps demonstrate foresight and self-control.

8. Great apes are very social.

CIA-style torture of defenceless animals.

In 2012, in the UK, four million animals were tested in laboratories, an increase of eight per cent from 2011

This figure did not include millions of animals bred for testing and destroyed without being used.

 Animal rights campaigners slam new report.

Testing on primates had increased by 22 per cent since 2011.

Donations made to charities such as the British Heart Foundation were being used to carry out tests on animals.

Tests carried out on cats included invasive skull surgery to implant electrodes, and stitching of eyes.

Cambridge was also forced to defend carrying out "macabre" experiments on sheep, which involved depriving sheep and lambs in the womb of oxygen for 30 minutes before killing them.

 Animal rights campaigners slam new report.


rubbell said...

Scientists are either working for you or against you. I do not have the money to hire one.

Anonymous said...

This is science in a world without God. It is the new barbarism!

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