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James Dean

James Dean (1931-1955) was born in Marion, Indiana.

James's father Winton Dean got a job at the Sawtelle Veteran's Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. 

Veterans Administration Hospitals have been used for CIA mind-control. Mind-Control Programming Sites.

James Dean and his father Winton. "James slowly turned into a moody, unruly unpredictable boy. James liked to kill cats." Biography - The Ultimate Rebel.

James Dean's mother died when he was nine.

James Dean was sent to live with relatives. 

Two years later, around the age of 11, James Dean began an intimate relationship with a local Methodist  pastor, the Rev. James DeWeerd.

James Dean confided in Elizabeth Taylor that he was sexually abused by a minister approximately two years after his mother's death.[9]

James Dean

James Dean was helped in his career by his homosexual relationship with Rogers Brackett, the 35-year-old radio director of an advertising agency.

 In 1954, on Broadway, Dean acted in the stage production of André Gide's The Immoralist.

Dean played the part of the gay Arab boy who seduces a male British tourist.

Spooky East of Eden

Dean then  moved to Hollywood to begin filming in Elia Kazan's East of Eden (1955). 

According to Dean's friend John Gilmore: "There was no young, serious actor at that time who wouldn't have sold his soul to Satan to star in an Elia Kazan film."

Dean had publicly stated: "I have a fairly adequate knowledge of Satanic forces."

James Dean - Hollywood Unmasked

Reportedly, the CIA uses 'Satanism' in its mind control programmes. Monarch Mind-Control

Dean mixed with the Satanist filmmakers.

Dean was attracted to Satanism and to death.

According to Gilmore: "He talked about being hanged, about suffocation, and was trying to imagine being guillotined..."

James Dean - Hollywood Unmasked

James Dean.

Dean told a friend, "I've had my cock sucked by five of the biggest names in Hollywood...".

Dean said that when he first moved to Hollywood, he worked, with his friend Nick Adams, as a street hustler (rent boy).

Dean and co-star Sal Mineo used to go to Las Palmas and Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood to pick up someone for sex.

Matt & Andrej Koymasky.

Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon in California became Dean's home.

Laurel Canyon is said to be linked to CIA mind-control activity.

Clifton Webb

Dean had affairs with actors Clifton Webb, Bill Bast, and Jack Simmons, as well as producer Rogers Brackett.

Dean starred in Nicholas Ray's Rebel without a Cause (1955), the film in which the characters Dean and Sal Mineo have a gay relationship.

In September 1955, Dean was killed in a car 'accident'.

According to one Conspiracy Theory, Dean was killed by the CIA.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Dean.... It is said he was the first occult murder victim of Hollyweird....

Anonymous said...

The car Dean died in seems to have been cursed.

Dean met actor Alec Guinness (Obi-Wan Kebobi) outside of a restaurant and had him take a look at the Spyder. Guinness told Dean that the car had a "sinister" appearance and then told Dean: "If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week." Seven days later, Dean would be killed in his beloved "Little Bastard." Cue the Unsolved Mysteries theme song.

That "Little Bastard" not only killed James Dean, but killed and maimed others who came in contact with it causing many to say that the damn thing was cursed. George Barris, who customized the 550 originally, bought the wrecked carcass of "Little Bastard" for $2500 and soon after it slipped off its trailer and broke a mechanics leg. Not long after Barris sold the engine and drivetrain to Troy McHenry and William Eschrid. While the two were both racing against one another in cars that had parts from the "Little Bastard," McHenry lost control and hit a tree, killing him instantly and Eschrid was seriously injured when his car suddenly locked up and rolled over while going into a turn. Barris still had two tires from the 550 which were untouched in Dean's accident. He sold them and not long after, both blew out simultaneously causing the new owner's car to run off the road.

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Although some info on Dean and others may be true, that Hollywood unmasked site is a religious propaganda one

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was it a real car crash, or a faked one? Was it a real death?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:47 - It was a real death

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hullo aang.,
not sure iffen I showed youse this web cite before HERE
lotsa juicy gay stuff by an older generation gay I find it resonates in many uncanny ways

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