Sunday, February 16, 2014


On 31 January 2014, Egyptian TV aired a play which explained that Mossad organised the Arab Spring.

Egyptian play suggests Mossad behind Arab Spring

The play has a scene, in Mossad HQ, where a Mossad agent says, "Our perspective is a simple and humble one.

"All we want is to control the whole world."

Another Mossad agent then says that there is plan for "a huge operation, involving espionage and the sowing of disunity", which will take place in Egypt and in the entire Arab world.

"Today begins the the Arab Spring revolution," says a third Mossad agent.

Of course, it wasn't just Mossad.

It was also the CIA and NATO.



Anonymous said...

Great, great job, aang, many thanks.

War gongs are ringing! Syria
Campaign against Syria planned as Terrorists receive advanced Weapons

Anonymous said...

Libya facing prospects of economic collapse in 2014

Billionaire George Soros doubles his bet that the market is heading for a CRASH

Anonymous said...


Ambassador Prosor becomes first Israeli to chair elections to UN Human Rights Committee
Israeli ambassador to UN unanimously nominated by representatives of 170 countries to chair significant elections, says ‘central role Israel plays to advance human rights is the real answer to anyone calling for boycotts against us’.

for me, the most interesting revelation last year, which wasn't explored much further by the blogosphere. whilst there was no way to provide evidence for this claim, it was Watson alone who claimed he was told this by staff (prior to Alex even arriving at the B'berg venue) and i believe Watson was telling the truth:

Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
We were told directly that the organizers behind the so-called “Arab Spring,” which began in Tunisia and Egypt, which as we have documented is in fact a series of contrived western-backed color revolutions masquerading as organic uprisings, were recruited by Google and subsequently attended the Zeitgeist conference at the Grove...

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