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Lord Alistair McAlpine, who was accused of sexually abusing boys from a UK children's home, died in PUGLIA in Italy in January 2014. 

"And as with Savile - no real cause of death?"

Police say that Satanists are particularly active in Puglia.

Puglia is famous for? McALPINE, PUGLIA.


On this post, Anonymous comments on the relationship between Lord McAlpine and whistleblower Steve Messham who made accusations of child abuse against Lord McAlpine.

There is a suggestion that 'the accusation' was 'set up' to discredit the accusation against McAlpine.

The police gave Steve Messham Lord McAlpine's name.

And if you want to find out more, this is what you may find: Error 503 Service Unavailable. Lord McAlpine.

Anonymous writes: 

"There were 5 other witnesses at the Waterhouse Inquiry who also made the same claims, but again, the name of the accused was prevented from being disclosed to the media, despite the hearings being held in open session.

"Of these 5, I believe that 3 are now dead, and the other 2 have disappeared..."

Interestingly, our post 'WARWICK SPINKS AND VIOLENT PEDOPHILE RINGS', like so many of our similar posts, is almost impossible to find on Google.

This video is worth watching. A doctor reports on Satanism, and then two 'cover-up' agents provide their disinformation.

The doctor makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Those who state that this is nonsense are essentially equating the belief in the stories of those abused with belief in Satan. People have many strange beliefs, so not a stretch to say some believe in Satan. We know that abusers and killers exist so putting the two together is not hard to believe. Whether the abusers believe in Satanism or whether they use it to terrify victims and claim connections to power they may not have is irrelevant. They act in this way and it has an effect of making the victim unbelievable. Some threaten children with exposure and the lives of their families, some use Satanism. It could be Psuedosatanism or genuine belief. These matters ARE conspiracies in any case. Why WOULDN'T we believe this? Why would professionals put forward the theory that this is impossible?

Anonymous said...

Police get break, identify sex offender, in 1975 missing girls' cold case


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Hollywood star Shirley Temple dies


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Anonymous said...

read "God of the Witches" and Witchcraft in Western Europe'by Dr Margaret Murray.English Kings and Queens have always been the God/Goddess representative on Earth.
The Old Religion or Witcraft has nothing to do with Satanism.Neither has The order of The Garter.General public doesent know the differences between Satanism and The Old religion of England and other countries.One lead is that people involved in the Occult may experience the activation of Chackras.This opens them up to all sorts of energies.Including possession by spirits both positve and negetive.people playing in the occult should understand these things are real.And there is good and bad energies and people.

shirlz007 said...

''Whether the abusers believe in Satanism or whether they use it to terrify victims and claim connections to power they may not have is irrelevant. They act in this way and it has an effect of making the victim unbelievable.''

THAT IS A THOUGHTFUL COMMENT PAL! COMPLETELY AGREE! Those who I've spoken to with a background in law enforcement, seem to believe that the abuse/murders hide under the disguise of Satanism, it's just a way of them carrying out such crimes, and only a small number involved actually have real genuine Satanic beliefs.

My mother helped expose a 'Satanic child abuse ring' in Manchester a number of years ago. She said the abuse was 'Satanic' in nature, spanning three generations (those who had been victims went on to continue the abuse), and the reason it was ignored for son long was because of the 'Satanic' claims. I suspect it was covered up by Social workers, police etc, because, although the 'paedophile ring' was in a working class deprived area of Mancs, doctors and other middle/high class members of society where said to have been involved. (she still doesn't believe the extent of the 'conspiracy')

I believe (as many others do), Freemasonry is a big part of this conspiracy (it's no secret Freemasonry has been essential in the cover-ups... North Wales). A 'conspiracy within a conspiracy' so to speak, where again, only a small number of those involved truly know the true 'secrets' of Freemasonry.

You've got to admit, 10% of the population seems a little far fetched!

I may be mistaken here, but Im sure I read an Anonymous comment a few years ago, from someone claiming to be a former detective who investigated the initial claims made against Lord McCalpine, who said he/she was adamant McCalpine had buried children alive on his estates and construction sites. (knowing that s**t and being completely helpless and stifled to do anything about it would drive you crazy!)

Anonymous said...

Captain Bartle Frere, 50, is accused of indecent assault, gross indecency, a serious sexual assault and child porn offences


Anonymous said...

Boarding school was closed down in 1989 following a series of child abuse allegations revealed in BBC documentary


Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased you distinguish and identify that Satanists can claim 'immunity' from anything on 'mind control' which is a vast field but like you say,rightly so, can lead to negative energies 'feeding' on as was once said ' lost souls'who can become aware of chakras and energy and can be convinced its because xyz!
I have spent 20 yrs working in the field if you like, beginning as a naive Psychology/English graduate with MA gonna conquer world. I worked in as US would call Behavioural Sciences in a large City 'institution ' but not strictly your One Flew Over
There was satanic abuse going on at time I and a friend were conscious off and actively sought out both where we worked and in nearby forest
I had a lot of evidence but was aware these energies too large to fight alone. Learned then of healing etc and had help ,if you like
However I decided for career break as an English Teacher and my job become untenable with colleagues telling me of reports of voodoo dolls used against me etc
I returned home ,disillusioned by NHS with diagnosed M.E and then pregnant. My child suffered malpractice at birth from a drunk on charge obstetrician and fortunately lived but severely disabled. Then some have been 24hr carer-healer until realised same thing happening where I'm living now which does involve ex PM and is satanic and no secret
My point is these practices are as real as people become born again Christians n lIKE ( not naming names) n like turquoise n have same psychological abilities to mind/brainwash as the Behavioural therapists and Satanists. They are dangerous potentially life changing people? who corrupt on all levels of mind and body but the fact they can claim immunity is their 'connections' whether Masonic or Satanists
At least there are people who have experienced sadly too much of child sacrifice n abuse to talk but so many more can't n the Law must address that
Fortunately the Law recognised my sons 'malpractice at birth' in spite of my name slurred as crazy etc and my son won't be apart of the system which his mum experienced I hope and pray
Thanks for reporting on these issues in the correct light

Anonymous said...

Psmy comment about working with Chakras healing n behavioural sciences a reply to teddy bears comments. Thanks again Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Dutch Minister of Justice Ivo Opstelten avoids confrontation with demonstrators for Anass

On February 6, 2014, a demonstration was held in front of the Dutch parliament, in The Hague. Anass Aourag was on dead in the Wassenar woods, exactly one year ago.


Newspaceman said...

Anon at 11.09 & shirlz007 :

Firstly Shirlz, re 007 (and magick) :


Satanism is "black" magic - which in itself incorporates hypnotism. The rituals that the freemaons undergo in their level rising are a fusion of both, although they may not agree.

I thinks "satanism", is an ill well thought out term, these practices that these scum involve themselves in are about power and control.

It boils down to - there is no God or He is dead - let's act as gods and do what we want. The magic (and one perhaps should breathe/think most deeply) will help...

Do what one wants be the whole of the law.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think no God. Can you not
accept there are good n bad energies just as
people and spiritually the same. Anyone can
become energised. Problem is cunjuring only
real negative energies for not just to enable
bad thing but for want of better word evil
Satanism's not just a word or term, it is recognised
in many religions, muti(sp) and is practiced
here too now where dismemberment of bodies of babies
The soul aim as well as sexual rituals

shirlz007 said...

I gotta thank AangIrfan for enlightening me as to what Elvis Presley was! What Ian Fleming was!
(would of made a good Bond theme though... The Pierces should do it!... wait only the Freemasons will get involved in that request!... much like Amber Lyon!


Anonymous said...

Nancy Shaffer US CPS whistleblower and State Assemby now dead. Apparently murdered for book and video never published linking CPS with pedo ring and child trafficking in southern US. She is not a nut case. Here are two working links.

Pink Rabbit

Anonymous said...

So, how are Lord McA's funeral arrangements coming along? "Not very well, you cry?

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M√ľnchausen syndrome.

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