Saturday, March 01, 2014


Photos from some brilliant photographers.

Rubina, aged 11, lives in Dhaka,Bangladesh and works as a garbage collector. Her mother died when she was 1 year old. Her father left her when she was 7. Sometimes guys give her money for sex.

"I think it is severe Autism."




Anonymous said...

Birth control anyone?

Anonymous said...

anony 8.57 I have wreaked my brain as to why and how, in this day of freely available contraception AND knowledge/information, even amongst the poor, there continue to be too many infants born, that noone really wants.

Aangirfan the photos you present here are heartbreaking.

Heartbreaking because children are so innocent and pure, yet who CARES for them, when the adults do not.

Once upon a time, whole Orders of religious devoted their entire lives to care of the poor, the sick, the elderly and the frail, susceptible and of course, the orphans.

For all the destructive acts that befell them, there was also a great deal of good, without which they might have died, been worse off.

With the destruction of all that is Godly, the state and its dehumanising processes have resulted in some of the material presented here.

I am so glad that whatever heart-break Aangirfan has experienced, the Story goes on.

Whatever heart-break I have endured/survived is made more bearable in finding people of Like experiences and Mind.

Thank you again for all you do Aangirfan and co-operatives.

Anonymous said...

Here here..thank you for your work on pedos...not many people are interested in the subject/scared/turned off with the viciousness.

Hopeful signs. Frontline in the US had an entire show on the catholic pedo problem. Said it went back to the middle ages..

And there is the work done by Kevin Annette

Anonymous said...

I know there are many Jewish lawyers making big bucks suing the Catholic church. It is very interesting how all this scandal came out at the perfect time when Israel was attacking the Christian church in Israel. Just a coincidence, I suppose.

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