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In 1982, 12-year-old "Johnny" Gosch (above) was kidnapped in West Des Moines, Iowa, while he was delivering newspapers.

Johnny was taken to a farm in Sioux City, Iowa, owned by Charles A. Kerr.

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch.

Charles A. Kerr

Johnny was drugged and reportedly handed over to Lt. Col. Michael Aquino who has been part of the CIA's mind control programme.

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch


Aquino became General Aquino of the USA's National Security Agency.

"According to Johnny Gosch and at least three others... it was Aquino, who picked him up and paid for him in Sioux City weeks after he was kidnapped...

"Reports have connected him to Johnny Gosch, Eugene Martin, Jacob Watterling and other Mid-western boys. All kidnapped to participate in a government program..."

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

Offutt Air Force Base

Child abuse victim Paul Bonacci claimed the mind-control was based at Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha.

Paul Bonacci said he was abused at the air force base from the age of three onwards. The abuse began in 1970.

At Offutt, Paul said he was "trained" by tortures, heavy drugging and sexual degradation.

George H W Bush and 'Johnny Gosch'.

Reportedly Johnny Gosch was mind-controlled by the CIA.

Reportedly Johnny was mind-controlled to become a sex slave for members of the elite, including, allegedly, George H W Bush and Tony Blair.

The prostitute who ended Tony Blair's chances.

No suspects have ever been questioned by any law enforcement agency.

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

Noreen Gosch

Reportedly, Noreen Gosch, Johnny's mother, told abuse victim David Shurter and others that her ex husband was one of those involved in Johnny's abduction.

The Reason for the Fallout Between Me and Noreen Gosch ...

In August 2006, Noreen, Johnny's mother, began receiving 'photographs of Johnny' taken soon after his kidnapping.

The US National Security Agency's General Michael Aquino "was long the leader of an Army psychological warfare section which drew on his 'expertise' and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homosexual pedophilia and murder."

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

"Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this depravity."

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

The CIA and its friends make use of SATANISM  in their mind control exercises.

Johnny Gosch was reportedly subjected to 'satanic programming'.

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

Paul Bonacci in front of the ranch where he says Johnny Gosch, and other boys were held captive. Paul Bonacci has stated that, as a youth, he was forced to participate in 'satanic' snuff films. He identified Bohemian Grove as the location of a 'satanic' murder. Paul A. Bonacci said that, as a child, he was kidnapped by the US military, tortured and subjected to sex abuse and mind control. In 1999, in a court in Omaha, he won $1,000,000 in damages. 

Child abuse and mind-control victim Paul Bonacci took his case to court.

Judge Urbom granted Bonacci a million dollars in compensation.

Lawrence E. King, Former Franklin Credit Union Manager, was one of the key people in the kidnap-child abuse ring. The child abuse scandal became known as the FRANKLIN scandal.

According to the evidence given in court, Bonacci suffered burns, broken fingers, beatings of the head and face and other indignities over a period of eight years...

"He is a victim of multiple personality disorder, involving as many as fourteen distinct personalities.

"He was subjected to repeated sexual assault, false imprisonment, infliction of extreme emotional distress, organized and directed satanic rituals."

Bonacci was forced to scavenge for children, forced to engage in numerous sexual contacts and participate in deviate sexual games and masochistic orgies with other minor children.

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

Orval Cooney, Former West Des Moines, Iowa Police Chief.

"As the people searched throughout the day, the police were not helpful in any way....the police chief, Cooney, would arrive use a loud speaker and say to the crowd: Go home folks, the kid is probably just a damn runaway."

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

Troy Boner

In 1989, Troy Boner told investigator Gary Caradori: "From about age 14 to 17, I was seriously involved in sexual and drug and related activities with a wide range of individuals but primarily and specifically Alan Baer, Larry King, Robert Wadman, Peter Citron, Eugene Mahoney, and others of prominence and wealth..."

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

Boner died in mysterious circumstances. Caradori died in a plane crash.


Robert C. Wadman, Former Omaha, Nebraska Police Chief.

"Robert Wadman according to Senator Loren Schmit and the Nebraska Franklin Investigation was a major figure in pedophile activity in the Omaha area as well as a major figure in the cover up."


According to Paul Bonacci: "The man called Emilio was part of a highly organized national and international kidnapping ring...

"Emilio... said most of the kids were sold in Las Vegas at a ranch he took me to one time for an auction.

"I went with him to Toronto several times where boys were sold. I saw a few girls once in a while. He said virgins could bring as much as $50,000.

"They called the boys toys, used toys brought in money but not as much...Most boys were sold out of America cause it's harder to find them. The men who bought them had planes and could transport them easily."

"Paul Bonacci comments that Emilio, who was in charge of the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch, bragged: The FBI lets me do whatever I want with children."

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch


"They pulled up along side Johnny... Paul and Mike started to talk to him to lure him over to the car. They opened up the car door.... Tony had been told to come from behind Johnny and push him into the car. Paul and Mike held Johnny down and placed a cloth with chloroform over Johnny's face, as Emilio ran the stop sign and turned left onto 42nd Street and headed towards the Interstate 80."

SUSPECTS - Justice for Johnny Gosch

Alisha Owen

A little girl called Alisha Owen gave evidence in the Franklin child abuse scandal.

Reportedly, the Omaha police chief, Robert Wadman, had got her pregnant.

Her brother was murdered.

She named top politicians.

A judge sentenced her to 27 years in jail for perjury. 


Anonymous said...

When I was about 16, around 1972 I took a Greyhound bus trip. I was in Omaha, at the bus stop one night around 2 am. In the men's room, a man approached me and asked if I wanted to see the city. I said, 'No,' and left the bathroom.

That's a long time ago, but I remember the guy had kind of sandy colored hair. Could've been that guy in the picture. Wadman or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Scitland's shane. Still no justice for Hollie Greig. Also google Robert Green. He has been arrested again for standing up for Hollie and her mother in their fight for justice from the slimy fish's corrupt legal system.

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Bravo. Most succinct. Anyone want to research Sodium Pentothal? It's history, current use by secret services, the Supreme Court case which made evidence thereby obtained inadmissible in the US? It's what the elite global pedophiles fear most.....

Troyhand said...,5461365
Eugene Register-Guard - May 21, 1989
Accused credit union head called reverse Robin Hood
By The Associated Press

OMAHA, Neb. - The head of a failed credit union has been portrayed by authorities as a reverse Robin Hood who diverted millions of dollars of deposits from the poor to fund a lavish lifestyle of parties and private jets.

Lawrence King Jr., a flamboyant Republican Party activist who once ran up a $1,1 million American Express bill, was released Friday on his own recognizance after being charged in a 40-count federal indictment accusing him of fraud and violating income tax law.

King's wife, Alice, who faces 12 federal counts, also was released on her own recognizance by U.S. Magistrate Richard Kopf. Both were schedules for Tuesday court appearances.

Last November, the National Credit Union Association shut down King's Franklin Community Federal Credit Union and filed a civil lawsuit, saying that as much as $39 million was missing from Franklin coffers.

The victims were not only neighborhood depositors who used the credit union for their small accounts, but businesses and even convents in North Dakota and South Dakota who invested.

King, 44, owned restaurants and bars in Omaha and had a home near embassy row in Washington, D.C. He chartered jets and limousines. He wore expensive clothing and jewelry, including a $69,000 watch when a judge ordered King's property into receivership.

King declined to comment on the indictment Friday, but has denied any wrongdoing in the past. Calls to his residence Saturday were forwarded to his catering business, and an employee there said he was out and declined to take a message.

Friends and associates describe King as a generous man who donated to community projects and AIDS research.

King, who is black and a one-time Democrat, said he became a Republican because blacks need "to be on both sides of the bargaining table."

He sang the National Anthem at the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas and threw extravagant parties, including one at the Southfork Ranch where the television show "Dallas" is filmed.

Last year, King spent $100,000 for parties at the GOP Convention in New Orleans, according to court documents.

Troyhand said...


Government documents allege that he used credit funds to make more than $40,000 in political contributions to Republican candidates and causes.

King's affluent lifestyle caused some high-ranking Nebraska Republicans, including Gov. Ray Orr, to keep their distance.

Orr received a $2,250 campaign donation from King, but later balked at his offer to be the host of a fund-raiser.

"We couldn't figure out where his money was coming from," said George Spence, Orr's finance director.

In a November letter to King, assistant U.S. attorney Thomas Thalken said the grand jury investigation into Franklin's collapse included allegations of false entries, mail fraud, wire fraud and federal tax violations.

Thalken said the probe also centered on violations involving the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations act. RICO contains criminal and civil provisions aimed at racketeering and organized crime.

Court documents said King sold millions of fraudulent, dishonest and illegal acts by which funds were transferred from (the credit union) to himself," other people and entities, the government alleged.

During a 13-month period in 1987 and 1988, he made $32,120 in Republican campaign contributions, according to government documents.

The biggest single contribution, $25,350, was to Citizens For America, a lobbying group for President Reagan's economic and defense policies.

Documents show King also gave money to Americans for Bush, Jack Kemp for president, Robert Dole for president, the Republican National Committee and the National Black Republican Council.

The indictment opened Friday named King in 40 counts on charges of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, credit union embezzlement, making false entries in credit union records and filing false tax returns.

The indictment accused Alice King in 12 counts of alleged conspiracy, wire fraud and bank fraud.

Troyhand said...,4654750
The Milwaukee Journal - Apr 15, 1990
A firestorm of suspicion
Allegations of financial, child-sex scandals consume Omaha
By Rick Atkinson
Washington Post service

Omaha, Neb. - Lawrence E. King Jr., everyone now agrees, had a remarkable knack for stretching a dollar.

On a salary of $16,200 a year, the credit union manager drove a $70,000 white Mercedes - and still could afford to spend $10,000 a month on limousines. His credit card charges topped $1 million, he owned a four-story house on 26 acres overlooking the Missouri River, and his floral bill alone came to $146,000 during a fragrant, 13-month period in 1987-'88.

A former McGovern Democrat who converted to the GOP, King threw a $100,000 party for 1,000 close friends at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans two years ago, leasing a warehouse used to store Mardi Gras floats.

Four years earlier, before singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Republican convention in Texas, he hosted a similar bash by renting Southfork, the ranch used to film "Dallas." When visiting Los Angeles, King preferred a two-story suite at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel; in Washington, he paid $5,000 a month to occupy a palazzo on California St., next to the Venezuelan Embassy.

A federal jury this summer had been scheduled to decide whether King, 45, was guilty as charged of looting $38 million from the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in a predominantly black neighborhood of north Omaha. But on April 6 a federal magistrate here said King was mentally incompetent to stand trial now and should be hospitalized for what a psychiatrist has called "probable delusional paranoid disorder-grandiose type." Yet it isn't Larry King's finances that has Nebraska in a Great Plains pother. Two weeks ago, a county grand jury, under the direction of a special prosecutor, began sitting through allegations tying King to a child prostitution and exploitation ring that reputedly catered to some of Omaha's most respected burghers.

Those implicated - in this city's venomous rumor mill if nowhere else - include businessmen, media personalities, lawmen and educators. "We've got a firestorm of suspicion and rumors of hurricane force," said James Martin Davis, a former Secret Service agent who is now an attorney here. "And if it doesn't stop, Omaha is going to gossip itself to death."

Moreover, King's high profile in the GOP has "got the Republican Party here as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs," added former state senator John DeCamp, a Republican.

Troyhand said...


King had pleaded not guilty to 40 counts of embezzlement and fraud. The sexual allegations, which he has denounced as "garbage," are based on murky and still unverified reports from half a dozen young people who reportedly have described being auctioned as love slaves, flown to the coasts for wild parties, or plied with drugs and alcohol as part of a bisexual bacchanal. According to a recent story in the Lincoln Journal, two of the witnesses recently "failed" FBI lie detector tests.

"I don't know if the witnesses are telling the whole truth or part of the truth, but they appear credible to me," said state Sen. Loran Schmit, chairman of the legislative committee appointed to investigate the scandal. "I'd rather cut my arm off than find that these allegations are all true, not just because of the alleged perpetrators, but because if true, there has been a series of heinous crimes against children here for a long time."

The recriminations are bitter, brutal and apparently bottomless. "The whole damned shebang of investigative agencies were lax in pursuing this," Schmit charged. That "shebang," including the Omaha police, FBI and state attorney general, contends that investigations were thorough and failed to turn up sufficient corroboration of sex crimes. The local media have been upbraided for being either too timid or recklessly irresponsible; others in Omaha have been accused of McCarthyism or, conversely, abetting a cover-up.

"We're a very populist state - ordinary, decent, solid individuals who, in our own minds, are classless," Davis said. "But an ugly flame has been lit to set Nebraska ablaze on that prairie of populism in that these child exploitation accusations seem to focus on bigwigs. And populists by nature are against bigwigs.

"This is an opportunity for people with old scores to settle: They mention an enemy's name two or three times and suddenly it's all over town. People want to believe it. . . . We have people's reputations being assassinated in the shadows without them even knowing it."

Larry King was a self-made bigwig. Son of a meatpacker, he claimed to have been offered a job singing for New York's Metropolitan Opera in the 1960s, but preferred to make his way in the business world. After training in a bank, he took charge of Franklin Community in 1970, two years after the credit union was founded to provide consumer loans and other financial services in Omaha's minority neighborhoods. For 20 years, Franklin remained, as King later put it, "my baby."

Glib and energetic, King "preached a bootstrap philosophy with much appeal among the business and civic elite here," as a profile in the Wall Street Journal once put it. He persuaded charities and other nonprofit organizations to deposit money at Franklin as a means of helping the city's blacks. One of his biggest supporters was Harold Andersen, publisher of the Omaha World-Herald, who helped underwrite the remodeling of Franklin's main office on North 33rd St. and even plugged the credit union in a television commercial.

King also had friends in Washington. When the National Credit Union Administration warned that Franklin was financially shaky 10 years ago, several Nebraska members of Congress fired off letters of support to the federal agency. The late Democratic senator Edward Zorinsky, in a note obtained by the World-Herald, even hailed King as "a young man of integrity and one who has rendered great service to the total community."

Troyhand said...


But according to the federal indictment and an NCUA lawsuit, King was rendering his greatest service to himself. In 1976, Franklin's chief accountant, E. Thomas Harvey Jr., discovered that credit union money was being used to pay some of King's personal expenses. Not to be outdone, Harvey began paying his own bills with Franklin money. He and King covered their tracks by drafting phony ledger cards at night, the indictment alleges; to fool federal examiners, King rubbed the cards on his office carpet to make them look older. By the end of the year, the credit union was short $400,000. (Harvey and his mother, Mary Jane, subsequently pleaded guilty to embezzling $1 million and are cooperating with authorities; King, through his attorney, declined to be interviewed.)

By the early 1980s, King allegedly had latched onto the same scheme that made multimillionaires of so many high rollers in the savings and loan industry: He set up a "boiler room" at Franklin, where salesmen peddled certificates of deposit at unusually high interest rates. As the money rolled in, more and more deposits were needed to pay interest on the deposits and underwrite King's lavish lifestyle. US government insurance guaranteed Franklin's accounts, but federal scrutiny was less than rigorous; when Franklin eventually went belly up in November 1988, the books had not been audited in four years.

The proximate cause of that failure, according to a report submitted to a congressional subcommittee, was "unbridled consumption." Even the boiler room had trouble keeping pace with King's extravagance. NCUA records showed he had spent $1,500 a month just to have his swimming poll serviced. When King threw a birthday party for his wife, Alice, according to one press account, he flew in a band from Las Vegas, ordered an eight-tier carrot cake and gave her a diamond pin shaped like a cockroach.

King liked to share the wealth, particularly with his young male friends. For example, according to the World-Herald, he reportedly gave a $2,800 deerskin coat and 18-karat gold bracelet to 29-year-old Charlie Rogers, who later killed himself with a shotgun. Another young man told the newspaper that King "wanted to own you - a sugar daddy thing. Over two years, he bought me $2,500 in clothes and $23,000 in furniture." A third man recounted flying with King to Los Angeles to buy a $23,000 crystal chandelier for King's house. King has denounced the comments as "outlandish lies" uttered by "scum."

King once served as business committee chairman of the National Black Republican Council, an organization with official ties to the party.

Whether Omahans should have been alerted by King's conspicuous spending remains hotly disputed. "I didn't know King from a bale of hay and I was suspicious," said DeCamp, the former state senator who attended both the New Orleans and Texas convention parties. "For the people who knew him intimately, the signs of his lavish lifestyle should have screamed out that something was wrong."

But G. Woodson Howe, editor of the World-Herald, replied, "If I were still a reporter, I would find it offensive if somebody said, 'Hey, there's a black man driving a Mercedes. Why don't you find out why?' "

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Can Washington overthrow three governments at the same time?

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