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In 2012, Harriet Harman (above), the deputy leader of the UK's Labour Party, called for a big inquiry into pedophile rings.

She said that the child abuse rings spread far beyond the BBC.

She told the BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that "if ever there was something that needs an independent inquiry, (it is) serious sexual offences against many, many children across a range of institutions."

This is Queen Elizabeth with MI5's Anthony Blunt who reportedly ran a paedophile ring which included a lot of top people (1. Sexpionage 2.THE QUEEN AND MISSING KIDS)

The Daily Mail is now attacking Harriet Harman, on the grounds that the paedophile group PIE joined her civil liberties group in the 1970s

The Daily Mail once exposed the child abuse rings operating on the island of Jersey and elsewhere.

Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London.

Queen Elizabeth visiting Jersey, in the Channel Islands. 

However, the Daily Mail then had an article by David Rose explaining that nothing very much actually happened on the island of Jersey.

It has been suggested that David Rose works for MI5, the British security service.

MI5, allegedly, has helped to organise child abuse rings in a number of children's homes from Kincora in Northern Ireland, to Bryn Estyn in North Wales.

David Rose - disinformation agent? / DAVID ROSE; AL QAEDA; CHILD ABUSE / david rose of the mail on sunday – a handy conduit for ... - Ian Bone

'Hasbara' journalist Brendan O'Neill.

It should be noted that the key disinformation agents often turn out to be Jewish, which might suggest Mossad involvement.


In the Daily Record, crime writer Val McDermid referred to "a prominent Conservative politician whose name I can’t mention because he is still alive... When he dies, everybody will open up the same as has happened with Savile and Smith."

This politician has been linked to child abuse at the boy brothel known as Elm Guest House.

In the UK parliament, in 2012, Labour MP Tom Watson, demanded that the police investigate the ‘clear intelligence’ of ‘a powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and Number 10’.

As Scallywag Magazine pointed out in an article on Lord McAlpine and Derek Laud, the Conservative Party has long been linked to child sexual abuse.

And the Labour Party's GEORGE THOMAS and LEO ABSE have also been linked to strange goings-on.

On 22 December 2013, we read, yet again, that a top UK Conservative Party politician, a former Thatcher Cabinet minister, was facing arrest in connection with child abuse.

Police investigate former Thatcher Cabinet minister over child sex abuse -
Herald Scotland

The politician is being investigated by detectives leading Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating claims that politicians and others sexually abused boys at various places in the UK.

The police say that the charges relate to seven victims aged between nine and 15, with the alleged offences taking place in the 1970s and 1980s. 

Janner (left) and fellow top Jewish leaders.

The opposition LABOUR party would benefit if the CONSERVATIVE party politician is arrested.

The CONSERVATIVE party, however, could threaten to have information about Labour party politicians investigated.

So, during late December 2013, the mainstream media have reported on:

1. The LABOUR Party's Lord Greville JANNER who has had his house searched in connection with a major child abuse investigation.


2. The LIBERAL DEMOCRAT leader Nick CLEGG who is a former pupil at the Caldicott school run by Peter Wright.

On 17 December 2013, Wright was convicted of multiple sex offences against pupils between 1959 and 1970.

Nick Clegg formerly worked for Leon BRITTAN, a former Thatcher Cabinet Minister.


3. A former CONSERVATIVE party Thatcher Cabinet Minister who is facing arrest.

Nick Clegg

Now, is it likely that there will be arrests and convictions of top people who are: 

(1) Highly influential Jews


(2) Friends of the security service MI5, which has been accused of running child brothels?

We would expect there to be a cover-up. 

Otherwise MI5 and MI6 would be exposed and discredited for ever.

What links Edward Snowdon, Julian Assange and the former head of Britain's spy service MI5?

Jonathan Evans, the former boss of MI5, was a pupil at the expensive Sevenoaks School in the UK.

Sir Jonathan Evans

Sarah Harrison, who led Edward Snowden to Moscow, was a pupil at Sevenoaks School.

Snowden and Harrison

Sarah Harrison, of the spooky Wikileaks, is said to be a former lover Julian Assange.

Sarah Harrison is currently living in spooky Berlin.

Assange and Harrison

The late Gerd Sommerhoff, who sexually abused boys, was a teacher at Sevenoaks school.

Sommerhoff worked at the spooky BBC and in spooky Cambridge, and, like Jimmy Savile, was given a knighthood.

Gerd Sommerhoff

Some of the above people may secretly be assets of Mossad, the CIA and MI5/MI6.

Sir John Sawers

Sir John Sawers, the current boss of MI6, is a former parent at Sevenoaks.

The UK's security services are reported to have run child brothels as a way of entertaining and blackmailing top people from cabinet ministers to foreign diplomats.


A former top UK cabinet minister was photographed attending a child sex abuse orgy, according to the Sunday Mirror and investigative news website Exaro.

This was one of a series of orgies organised by Sidney Cooke, who murdered a young boy called Jason Swift in 1984.

Jason Swift, one of many children believed to have been taken from government children's homes to sex abuse parties.

Some of the orgies are believed to have been attended by Sir Jimmy Savile and by Sir Cyril Smith.

Some of the children involved are believed to have been ­trafficked to Holland by Cooke’s gang.

The former cabinet minister had been photographed by police in 1986 entering a property where one of the sex parties was being held.

Sidney Cooke, whose pedophile ring has been linked to up to 20 child murders. In 1998, Cooke was let out of prison eight years early.

A former police officer, who worked on Operation Orchid which convicted Cooke and his gang, claimed they had taken pictures of the minister, and, that 16 members of an alleged VIP paedophile ring were due to be arrested.

But the day before the arrests were to be carried out, detectives were told the operation had been disbanded.

Peter Power, who was also 'involved in' the London Bombings of 7/7

In 1987 a fire hit King's Cross underground station in London.

Allegedly, certain juvenile members of a pedophile ring were in a cafe, underground, when the fire broke out.

"Just two months before the King’s Cross Fire, pop duo, The Pet Shop Boys released their second record entitled Actually.

"The final track on the album is a melancholy song entitled, King’s Cross which, in a rather bizarre coincidence, appears to foresee a disaster at the station with the lyric:

"'Only last night I found myself lost, by the station called King’s Cross… dead and wounded on either side, you know it’s only a matter of time…'"

Tales From the Terminals: King’s Cross (Part 1, History & Film)

Allegedly, certain juvenile members of a pedophile ring were in a cafe, underground, when the fire broke out.

Allegedly, the fire was started deliberately.

King's Cross.

1987: Disaster underground: the Kings Cross Fire

"Inspector Peter Power was sent to the scene of the King's Cross fire to co-ordinate the efforts of the emergency services.

"He ran the Metropolitan Police's forward command post for much of the evening and most of the night on 18 November 1987."

ON THIS DAY | 18 | 1987: Disaster underground / WagNews: The Pied Piper of the London Bombing

Reportedly, the UK government gave money to the UK's Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

PIE was set up in the early 1970s.

 Retired diplomat, Sir Peter Hayman was a supporter of PIE.

Police discovered his collection of obscene diaries but decided not to prosecute him.


Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens gave the authorities three dossiers on PIE and alleged child abusers but these dossiers were ignored.

Probe into claims government 'gave money to child sex ring in 70s'

There are child abusers in many government institutions.

Twenty-nine convicted sex offenders are serving in the UK armed forces



Jim said...

Sevenoaks School pops again, with its links to PIE members and (through its associations with teachers working simultaneously at the BBC and in the British Council) to Egypt, Turkey and Tokyo - to places and to confiscated pornography that featured prominently in the prosecutions of the PIE leadership.

Sevenoaks School and its staff, somehow, were never named.

brian said...

never piss off the chinese....esp when youre in straitened circumstances!
'China makes its displeasure of the recent events in the Ukraine clear. China to sue the Banderite-Orangist Putsch occupying Kiev for $3 billion for breach of grain purchase contract.'

brian said...

what sort of government would the ukrainian insurgents form? here is a clue:

"Democracy" at a gun point in the hands of the fascist Right Sector in Ukraine. While the Western media and leaders are telling us one thing, this is what is happening NOW on the ground in Ukraine. The video is from the session of the regional government in Roven in Western Ukraine. An armed leader of the Right Sector, Sashko Biliy is explaining the nuts and bolts of the new fascist system: 1) all opposition parties are now outlawed, 2) the Right Sector will not be disarmed, 3) he challenges any unarmed civilian present to try it, 4) force will be used with extreme prejudice; 5) confiscations of property and apartments of all the undesirables will be carried out, 6) the Right Sector will be making all the decisions, 7) no opposition will be tolerated, 8) new order and discipline will be enforced, 8) complete obedience is expected or else. He also fought on the side of the separatists in Chechnya. The video is in Ukraine, though apparently with Portuguese subtitles ...

Anonymous said...

Great work again, Ladies.

Continue beating the drums - I'm sure you see, as do I, that truth is coming forward as of late - more than at any time in recent history. Further, more folks are becoming aware that the media is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government and corporations (whether American or European media). As people become aware, more will comprehend the con that is the banker's flavoured 'democracy' under which we all suffer.

I'm not a death penalty proponent but any of these bums in high places who CONSPIRE to abuse the weakest of the weak (children without parents) deserve death.


Anonymous said...

“Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy” : A Creepy Children’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse

Anonymous said...

Half a billion dollars is awarded to seven former 'child brides' of pedophile televangelist who sexually abused them when they were girls

Alamo was born Bernie 'Mark' Hoffman to a Jewish family in Joplin, Missouri.

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