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Georgia Tann

Georgia Tann's pedophile ring stole more than 5,000 children.

Georgia Tann had the support of top people.

She sexually abused young girls.

She murdered scores of children.

New York governor Herbert Lehman

She supplied stolen children to top people such as Joan Crawford, Lana Turner and various mobsters.

The parents of New York governor Herbert Lehman used her services. 

Georgia Tann

Tann trafficked children to every state of the USA.

Some of the children were sent abroad.

Lana Turner

Tann and her pedophile ring kidnapped babies from hospitals.

They kidnapped children from their homes.

They kidnapped children from the street.

They tricked single and widowed mothers into signing over their parental rights.

Tann was protected by judges, police, media, lawyers and doctors.


Tann's kidnap ring operated from the 1920s until 1950.

Tann controlled the home run by the Tennessee Children's Home Society in Memphis.

She later set up a separate orphanage in Memphis.

Both were fronts for Tann's pedophile ring.

In 1945 it is estimated that 40-50 children died in less than four months while housed in Tann's orphanage.

Children were starved, beaten and molested.

They received no medical attention.

Memphis Orphans. Teenage Tupelo.

Pedophiles were employed at the home.

Children were sold to pedophiles.

Tann supplied children to politicians, in order to control them.

She sold children to act as slave labour.

If a journalist tried to report the truth, the journalist would be beaten nearly to death and forced to leave the state.

In public, Georgia Tann spoke out against child abuse.

In private she sexually abused and murdered children.

Nazi Youth

Georgia Tann, born in Mississippi, was a member of the elite.

She was a supporter of Nazi-style eugenics.

Her father, a domineering womaniser, was a top judge.

Being a child-abusing lesbian, Tann was happy to enter the world of social work.

Memphis's mayor, Edward Hull Crump

Tann's Tennessee Children's Home Society was protected by Memphis's mayor, Edward Hull Crump.

Tann's lesbian partner, Ann Atwood Hollinsworth, helped Tann traffick babies around the USA.

Joy Barner was stolen from loving parents and given to a man told her: 'I paid 500 dollars for you - I could have gotten a good hunting dog for a lot less. You come from the lowest scum on earth.'

Jim Lambert was taken from his mother by Tann. Jim ended up with a woman who hung him up from a hook in the basement of her house.

The lesbian Eleanor Roosevelt

The media loved Georgia Tann and described her as 'the foremost leading light in adoption laws'.

The lesbian Eleanor Roosevelt loved her and consulted her on child issues.

President Truman invited her to his inauguration.

By 1950, officials had begun an investigation into Tann.

But she died in 1950, allowing her corrupt protectors to escape.

The Baby Thief by Barbara Bisantz Raymond (Metro).

Abbott, Evelyn (USA), 1891 – scores of babies died

Andrasen, Fru (Norway), 1901 – 27 infants
Ashmead, Elizabeth (USA), arrested 1904, 1909, 1911 – 100s of babies died
Atherton, Dr. Bessie (USA), (with Cramer), 1926 – 3 dead babies discovered
Bamberger, Henrietta (USA), 1899 – midwife; 300 est; conv of 1 abort-murder of mother
Barnes, Catherine (England), 1879 – 3 babies died
Barthian, Mme. (France), 1893 – 25 babies died
Batten, Annie (Australia), 1904 – “alleged wholesale infanticide”
Batts, Ellen (Australia), 1889 – 3 babies murdered
“Berlin Baby Farmer” (Germany), 1892 – 15 bodies found
Bilien, Valentina (Germany), 1946 – 114 babies killed by severe neglect
Blair, Anne (Australia), 1870 – 1 baby died

Breitschwart, Christine (USA), 1892 – 4 babies abandoned in streets & gutters in winter, 1 died
Campbell, Nellie (USA), arrested 1902 – 8 babies died
Chard-Williams, Ada (England), 1899 – 1 baby died
Chivers, Daisy Ellen (England), 1928 – 1 baby murdered; suspicion of others
“Christiana Baby Farmers” (Norway), 1902 – “a small army of tiny corpses were dug up”
Claus, Charles & Catherine (USA), 1890 – 5 babies died
Clayton, Madge (Australia), 1908 – 6 babies died
Compton, Mary (England), 1673 – willfully starved 4 children
Connelly, Matilda (USA), 1912 – 4 babies died
Cooper, Martha & Daniel (New Zealand), 1922 – 3 dead babies discovered
Cramer, Marie (USA), (with Atherton), 1926 – 3 dead babies discovered
Day, Gertrude (USA), 1914 – unsolved mystery
Dean, Minnie (New Zealand), 1895 – 3 babies & 1 toddler died
De Jesus, Luisa (Portugal), 1772 – poisoned to death 28 babies
Delaware, Miss (New Zealand), 1889 – many babies killed
Delpech, Madame (France), 1869 – murdered 10 babies
Dieden, Maude (USA), 1929 – 10 babies died
Douglas, Amy (England), 1899 – 3 babies died from starvationDyer, Amelia (England), 1896 – 100s of babies died
Eckhardt, Wilhelmena (USA), 1906 – 12 babies died
Fortmeyer, Julia (USA), 1875 – 3-100 babies murdered
Geisen-Volk, Helen (USA), 1925 – 53 babies died
Gobay, Annie & Emma Kitchen (USA),1903 – at least 3 babies died
Grammage, Augusta (England), 1875 – convicted of murdering a child
“Grey Nuns of Montreal” (Canada), 1876 – 631 babies died
Gunness, Belle (USA), 1908 – 21 babies “disappeared”
Guy, Mary Ann (New Zealand) – convicted of manslaughter for one death
Guzovska, Madame (Poland), 1903 – “over 500” babies died
Hanson, Annie (USA), 1892 – at least 5 babies died
Holmen, Mrs. (Sweden), 1906 – over 1,000 babies died
Ishikawa, Miyuki (Japan), 1948 – 103 babies died
Jager, Mari Azalai (Hungary), 1897 – a very large number of babies died

Johannesen, Fru (Norway), 1901 – 27 infants
Julien, Madame (France), 1867 – midwife, many victims
King, Jessie (Scotland), 1889 – 3 babies died
Knorr, Frances (Australia), 1894 – from 3 to an estimated 13 babies died

Konopkova, Marianne (Poland), 1906 – 30 babies died
Kreis Children’s Home: Schmidt, Ella, Liesel Bachor & Kathe Pisters (Germany), 1946 – 370 babies
Kusnezowa, Madame (Russia) 1913 – 1,012 babies died
Lacroix, Diana (Canada), 1927 – 7 babies died
Laphame, Belinda (USA), 1893 – 3 or 4 babies killed, kept in jars; others killed
“Limburg Baby Farmers” (Germany), 1892 – multiple babies died
Lowry, Mary (USA), 1904 – 2 babies died, 3 babies near death
Lynn, Rachel (USA), 1911 – unknown number of babies died
Mabre, Louise (France) 1763 – 62 babies died
Makin, Jane (Australia), 1892 – 13 babies died
McClosky, Margaret (USA), 1876 – 6 babies in starving condition
McDonald, Cynthia (USA), 1887 – 2 babies died, 2 babies in starving condition
McKenzie, Emily Charlotte (England) 1884 – many babies died
Miller, Mrs. A. H. (USA), 1903 – 2 babies died; additional bodies searched
“Minneapolis Baby Farmer” (USA), 1908 – starving baby rescued
Mitchell, Alice (Australia), 1907 – 37 babies died
Mittlestedt, Pauline (USA), 1886 – “professional infant murderess”
Myer, Frau (Germany), 1892 – 58 babies died
Newman, Isabella (Australia), 1913 – 3 babies died
“Nijni-Novrogod Nurse” (Russia), 1894 – 17 babies died
Nivison, Symenthe S. (USA), 1884 – 22 babies died
Noskina, Feige (Lithuania), 1892 – 65 babies died
“Odessa Baby Farmer” (Ukraine), 1887 – 10 babies died

Olsen, Fru (Norway), 1901 – 27 infants
“Osaka Baby Farmers” (Japan), 1902 – 300 babies died
“Osaka ‘Devil Woman’” (Japan), 1906 – 100 babies murdered
Ostrovoskafa, Rachel (Ukraine), 1885 – more than 3 babies died; infanticide cult
Overbye, Dagmar (Denmark), 1920 – 11 confessed child-murders
Porro, Rose & Margarite Coraldi (Italy), 1873 – 8 babies killed
“Przemysi Baby Farmers” (Austria), 1893 – 27 babies buried in cigar boxes
Reignolds, Mary (USA), 1875 – 5 babies died
Rogers, Frances (England), 1871 – 4 children died, sentenced to 20 years
Roseberry, Edna (USA), 1948 – tortured babies routinely
Sach, Amelia & Annie Walters (England), 1902 – probably 100s of babies died
Sánchez Aguillón, Felícitas (or Sánchez Neyra) (Mexico),1941 – 40-<100 br="" murders="">Seiffert, Jennie (USA), 1889 – 2 babies dead, 4 dying
Skoublinska, Marianne (Poland), 1890 – 76 babies
Spinks, Ann (England), 1898 – at least 2 babies died
Tanaka, Mrs. & Mrs Juniki (Japan), 1924 – 8 babies murdered by fake foster parents
Tann, Georgia (USA), 1950 – 1,000s of babies died
Tooke, Annie (England), 1879 – 1 child murdered & dismembered
Turner, Maud (Canada), 1909 –suspected of numerous murders

Tydrych, Leontina (Poland), 1927 – 60 babies died
“Villa Vico Baby Farmer” (Portugal), 1854 – 9 babies died
“Vivienne Midwife” (France) 1906 – 120 babies died
“Warasdin Baby Farmers” (Croatia), 1893 – torture & maiming, child trafficking
Waters, Margaret (England), 1870 – 5 babies died
Wiese, Elizabeth (Germany), 1903 – burned babies in stove
West, Mrs. Fred (USA), 1906 – burned babies alive

Willis, Rhoda (Wales), 1907 – 2 babies died
Winsor, Charlotte (England), 1865 – unknown number
Worcester, Rozilla (USA), 1877 – 6 babies died (in 30 day period)
Young, Lila & William (Canada), 1936 – an estimated 400-600 babies died


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Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Dec 3, 1937
Christmas baby campaign opens for lonely pair

Santa Claus Aides in Memphis Renew Effort to Ease Child Hunger

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. 2 (AP) - Santa Claus renewed today his annual promise to provide "Christmas babies" for lonely couples.

Two of his aides, Ada Gilkey, "Christmas baby" editor of the Press Scimitar, who originated the plan in December, 1929, and Miss Georgia Tann, executive officer of the Tennessee children's home society, made ready to offer a new edition of infants for permanent adoption.

Apply by Letter
The first step in obtaining a baby for Christmas is the writing of a letter to the "Christmas baby" editor.

The foster parents must have recommendations from three friends and submit to investigations by workers of the society or some co-operating agency. Miss Tann is a veteran in child placement work.

The society is non-sectarian and non-political. Directors are drawn from all parts of the state. It receives as state wards homeless and dependent children, seven and under. They are surrendered by parents or committed by courts having jurisdiction.

Investigators determine if the prospective home has sufficient finances to give the child material comforts and education. They then look into the couple's reputation for honesty and morality and their fitness for child training. Out-of-state applicants must abide by regulations of their own states respecting child placement.

Year Must Pass
A year must pass before final adoption papers are signed - a year in which the society satisfies itself the child fits into its new home.

The child must be pronounced physically and mentally fit before adoption proceedings begin, and finally, the adoption must "stick" from a legal standpoint.

Foster "dads" of previous "Christmas babies" range from bankers, senators, college presidents, doctors and artists to moderate-salaried men.

No one has ever returned a "Christmas baby."

Anonymous said...,5775623
The Tuscaloosa News - Sep 13, 1950
Million Dollar Baby Adoption Fraud Charged

MEMPHIS (UP) - The sate of Tennessee set out today to recover an estimated $1,000,000 allegedly taken in by a black market in babies, worked by padding the expense acounts of adopted infants.

Attorney Robert L. Taylor of Memphis was instructed by Gov. Gordon Browning to break up the "revolting" practice and get the money from whoever collected it.

Taylor did not know when he could question 58-year-old Miss Georgia Tann, widely known welfare worker and head of the Memphis branch of the Tennessee Children's Home Society, which the state helps support. It was the adoption agency which Browning said was involved.

Miss Tann, who has found homes for more than 5,000 babies in the past 35 years, was reported critically ill.

The governor said Taylor had already reported that during a ten-year period, more than 1,500 babies from Tennessee were sent to California, and as many to New York. A number of motion picture and stage personalities are known to have adopted Tennessee babies.

Browning said that among notables with babies adopted from Tennessee were Movie Stars Dick Powell and June Allyson (Mr. and Mrs. Powell) and Joan Crawford. It was not made clear whether their foster children came from the home under investigation.

"Our immediate problem is to recover the funds that may have been realized from these practices," Browning said. "We're going to try to recover all of the money to which the institution is entitled. If it isn't repaid, Mr. Taylor will take the proper steps."

The "profits" reportedly came from charging out-of-state couples far more than the transportation expenses called for. Tennessee foster parents pay only a $7 court fee, but non-residents must also pay expenses, which State Welfare Commissioner J. O. McMahan said should average only $100.

But the Memphis office, McMahan said, collected as much as $750 from some child-seeking couples. He said the excess was not turned in to the home system, which also has brianches in Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.

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Star-News - Sep 13, 1950
Hollywood Star Defends Memphis Adoption Mart

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 13 - The civic board which controls a Memphis orphanage charged with a $1,000,000 black market in babies asked the public not to prejudge the case.

The Children's Placement Home, a unit of the Tennessee Children's Home Society, got support from two Hollywood film stars who adopted a baby through the agency.

Stars June Allyson and Dick Powell said they paid only the prescribed transportation charges for out of state foster parents.

"The charges are vicious and riduculous," the Powells said, "We didn't pay a cent except for transportation."

Gov. Gordon Browning ordered the board of directors of the agency to recover "any money" that may have been acquired by individuals in connection with the adoption and not turned back to the children's home system.

The children's home, a semi-private agency partly supported by state money, charges foster parents in Tennessee only a $7 court fee, but profits allegedly were made on out of state placements.

According to the charges couples receiving babies from the home paid as much as $750 for transportation, while the expense should average only about $100, according to officials.

One Hollywood couple which adopted a child from the home said they paid plane fare one-way for the child and round trip for a nurse - "a lot more than $100. But it certainly didn't run as high as $750."

Powell said he had "every confidence" in Georgia Tann, director of the organization's Memphis branch.

"Her assistant, Mrs. Alma Walton, flew out here at our expense to investigate our home and background," he said, "and later we had to pay the child's transportation from Memphis.

"But that was absolutely the only money we were allowed to pay. When June and I offered to contribute something to help support the home society's work, Mrs. Walton turned us down."

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St. Petersburg Times - Sep 19, 1950
Governor of Tennessee Pledges Laws To Check Baby Adoption Rackets

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UP) - Gov. Gordon Browning promised yesterday that his administration will demand "necessary corrections" in Tennessee's adoption law from the next Legislature.

At the same time, the Federal Revenue Department announced that it will re-check all income tax returns of persons connected with the case.

The announcement that the Federal Government was stepping into the alleged $1,000,000 baby black-market came from Lipe Henslee, Tennessee Collector of Internal Revenue.

Henslee said he will direct Memphis Division Chief Jim Chambers to investigate the returns of all persons concerned in the case on the possibility that fraud might be uncovered.

"The Memphis division of the Tennessee Children's Home Society (target of the investigation) is chartered as a general welfare corporation and, as such, is not entitled to make profits," Henslee said.

Governor Browning said that "I want to correct any condition that even looks like to would permit the sale of babies."

The Governor declared that his administration would sponsor whatever legislation it decides is needed when the Legislature convenes in January.

The two fast-breaking developments came after a physician revealed that as many as 50 babies died, many needlessly, during a diarrhea epidemic at the Memphis orphanage.

The late Georgia Tann, director of the Memphis branch of the tennessee Children's Home Society, ignored his warnings to close up the orphanage until the epidemic abated, said Dr. Clyde W. Croswell.

Attorney Robert L. Taylor, named by Gov. Browning to head the investigation, said there appeared little danger the foster parents would have to surrender the children.

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Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Sep 19, 1929

Tennessee Begins Investigation of Negro Industrial Settlement


Eight Killed in Flames and One Inmate Held on Arson Charge

MEMPHIS, Tenn. Sept 18. - (AP) - Charges that inmates of the Settlement Industrial Home, as institution for negroes, were placed on red hot stoves and subjected to other tortures as punishment, were laid before W. Tyler McLain, county attorney general today by Miss Georgia Tann, executive secretary of the Tennessee children's home.

An assistant attorney general immediately began questioning inmates.

Forced to Stand on Stove
Miss Tann charged that negro children were forced to stand on a hot stove and in hot ashes as punishment and that Bessie Simon, superintendent of the institution, was responsible for the tortures.

One small negro, Miss Tann said, bore scars on his face where it was seared with a red hot poker for punishment. The social welfare worker also charged the superintendent with collecting money for orphans and running a "boarding school," at the same time.

Miss Tann said one mother in Earle, Ark., had told her she paid the Simon woman tuition for her child and later had to take him to a hospital for treatment after he stayed in the home a while.

The home recently was destroyed by fire with the loss of eight lives and the fire will be investigated by the Shelby county grand jury.

44 Children Missing
Miss Tann said that of the 88 children reported in the institution at that time only 44 could be located and that some of those missing had been "loaned or hired out."

Doctors who examined many inmates reported broken bones and Miss Tann said the children had been tortured by having their fingers bent, and their bones twisted and broken.

A 15 year old negro girl. Rosebud Ankton, is facing eight counts of murder and one count of arson in connection with destruction of the institution.

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Star-News - Oct 10, 1992
After 60 years, woman finds her siblings

[Ms. Tann also had the support of a power-broker named E.H. Crump, who was said to be able to deliver 95 percent of the vote in any local election.]

[Mrs. Spruill got a job as a secretary for the Office of Naval Intelligence at aged 17 and moved to Washngton.]
Finding the baby
The three of them resolved to find baby Irene and asked everyone for help, beginning with the adoption agency in Tennessee and ending with Tennessee Sen. A Gore, Phil Donahue and the television show Unsolved Mysteries.

Nothing worked until Mrs. Spruill struck up a conversation in 1990 with Butch Lane, the manager of her trailer park. It turned out that Mr. Lane's brother was a Juvenile Court judge in Memphis, working in the same office where Judge Camille Kelley had once helped Georgia Tann sell babies.

Mr. Lane persuaded his brother to petition the Tennessee courts to open the baby's files, an effort he finally won in 1990. It took another year and a half for someone to open the file and give Mrs. Spruil her sister's phone number.

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The Deseret News - Sep 12, 1950
Baby Traffic Probed in Southern City
Edwin Price, Nashville lawyer and president of the Tennessee Children's Home Society, said last night he knew nothing of the reported sale of babies.
Reading Eagle - Sep 14, 1950
Tennessee Seeks Data From Dick Powell in Adoption Probe
Joan Crawford, June Allyson and Richard Quine are among other Hollywood notables who have adopted babies through the agency. Quine is the former husband of Actress Susan Peters.
Mrs. Joseph Orgill Jr., Shelby (Memphis) County president of the society, said the agency's books are open to anyone interested in checking the charges.

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St. Petersburg Times - Sep 29, 1950
Adoption Agency

State Welfare Commissioner J. O. McMahan said yesterday that a Memphis, Tenn., founding home under fire for malpractices has "tentacles" in at least five other Southern states. McMahan made his disclosure in a report to the advisory committee of the State Welfare Department noting that the Memphis branch of the Tennessee Children's Home Society had secured babies for adoption from Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia and Arkansas.

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Spokane Daily Chronicle - Apr 3, 1951
Children's Return Sought by Parents After Remarriage

LOS ANGELES, April 3. (AP) - Can a Tennessee habeas corpus action be applied in California? That legal paper is the crux of the fight of a couple to regain three children lost by adoption.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Russell of Hayti, Mo., formerly of Tennessee, contend that the Tennessee Children's Home Society gave their children away without authorization. They recently obtained a habeas corpus writ from a Tennessee circuit court ordering the children returned.

However, since December, 1949, the two elder children, Mary Linda, 8, and Aubrey Gene, 6, have lived with Mr. and Mrs. Grady Humphrey of Los Angeles, and the baby, Elvie Ray - now known as Craig - 3, has been the adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Burnett of Inglewood, Calif.

The Russells were divorced in 1949, remarried in 1950, and finally located their children early this year, their attorney said. Russell, 32, said he had obtained custody of the children and placed them in the Tennessee home "temporarily." When he came to see them, he said, they were gone.

Two Tennessee officials, Robert L. Taylor, special counsel, and Supervisor Vallie S. Miller of the welfare department, were present for the start of the custody hearing.
Daytona Beach Morning Journal - Apr 11, 1951
Screen Stars Plan Adoption Home

HOLLYWOOD - (AP) - A famous movie couple, Dick Powell and June Allyson, plan to found a baby adoption home here. The project, a spokesman for Powell said, grew out of an investigation last September of the Tennessee Children's Home Society in Memphis, where the Powells adopted a baby. The State of Tennessee accused the home of making "around $1,000,000" in profits by placing infants with foster parents in New York and California. Powell, who said "I did not pay one cent" for his three year old Pamela, adopted when she was an infant, countercharged that the investigation was "political snipping." The spokesman said Powell is starting the new home so foster parents can get babies without adverse publicity.

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Rome News-Tribune - Jul 24, 1977
Tennessee Sued in Adoption

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UPI) - An 82-year-old woman is suing the state to learn who adopted her son in 1927.

"In 1927," the suit reads, "Elizabeth Ingram was a young widow who was trying to support her children by doing ironing for others. She returned home from work one day to discover to her horror that two of her sons, Paul and Edward Kirby, had been stolen from the care of their 13-year-old brother."

"After desperate inquiries the plaintiff learned from neighbors that officials of the Tennessee Children's Home Society had taken the children," the suit charged. She was told that both boys were later adopted.

Mrs. Ingram said she later tracked down one son, Paul Kirby, who was reunited with his family, but she has been unable to locate Edward Kirby, who was 3 years old when he was adopted.

In 1950 the Children's Home was the subject of an investigation concerning allegations of "black market babies." The home closed in 1951, but the state was given the home's records.
Kingman Daily Miner - Jan 24, 1980
Mother finds fourth of six lost children
It was a destitute and divorced Ruby Emmons who left her six children with the Tennessee Children's Home Society in Memphis three decades ago, but she fully expected to bring them home again after her financial condition improved.
"She had been adopted by a wealthy CBS executive who also adopted two boys from the same home in Tennessee," she said.

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Eugene Register-Guard - Dec 22, 1948
Society for Uniform Adoption Created

LOS ANGELES - (UP) - A nationwide organization to obtain uniform adoption laws in all states of the United States was announced here Tuesday.

Georgia Tann, executive secretary of the Tennessee Children's Home Society at Memphis, Tenn., was chosen president of the group which will be known as the Adopted Children's Association of America.

"We are bitterly opposed to having children kept unnecessarily in boarding homes and are working for their placement in adopted homes," Miss Tann said. "It is our plan to obtain uniform adoption laws throughout the United States to make it possible to place children from one state for adoption in another."

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Berkeley Daily Gazette - 21 May 1949
Orphanages Support Baby 'Black Market' Is Charge

LOS ANGELES, May 21 (UP) - Public orphanages are supporting a nationwide "black market in babies" by retaining children who should be made available for adoption, the head of the Adopted Children's Association of America said today.

"The whole trouble is that these institutions have to justify themselves," said Miss Georgia Tann of Memphis, Tenn., during an interview. She was here on a visit to the local chapter of the organization.

Miss Tann, who also is assistant state superintendent of the Children's Home Society of Tennessee and head of its Shelby County division, said "all you have to do is check the records.

"Look at the budgets of your State Welfare Divisions now and 10 years ago, and compare the number of workers they have now with the number 10 years ago," she said. "You'll find, they are both increased tremendously."

She said the ACA hopes to establish chapters eventually in every state and facilitate the placing of children in adoptive homes instead of in institutions or foster boarding homes.

"A child has a right to the security of a permanent home," she said.

"They way things are today, you can find records of many a youngster who stayed in an institution or a foster boarding home from birth until adulthood without ever being visited by a member of his family."

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Alma Agnes Kahlfield Walton

Birth: Jun. 2, 1894
Shelby County
Tennessee, USA
Death: Aug., 1976

daughter of Oscar Kahlfield of St Paul, Minnesota and Mollie Frances Trafford of Jackson, Tennessee.

married 14 July 1911 Memphis to Roy George Walton

I find it very interesting that she was a secretary to the film company as shown on the census records. This would give a good direct tie to Hollywood actors.

1930 Memphis, Shelby Co. Tennessee part civil dist 6, ward of city 18, block 790, 15 April, pg 128a, household 368, 1114 Vance Ave
Oscar Kahlfield 61 Minn metal worker
Mollie F 55 Tenn
Alma A Walton dtr 36 divorced Tenn secretary Film Co.
Lady A Walton gr dtr 17 Tn
Virginia L Walton grddtr 16 Tn

Date: Thursday, September 14, 1950
Paper: San Diego Union (San Diego, CA)
Page: 23
Dick Powell Denies Profit In Adoption
Hollywood, Sept 13
The spotlight on a Memphis, Tenn., adoption agency--under investigation for reportedly selling infants at a profit--swung today toward filmland.

Several movie notables, among them
Joan Crawford and a famous married couple, June Allyson and Dick Powell, have adopted children from the institution--the Tennessee Children's Home Society. (Joan Crawford's twin daughters, Cindy and Cathy)

Today Powell issued a statement in which he strongly denied that he paid an exhorbitant sum for the child the Powells adopted in 1948. A Tennessee welfare official yesterday asserted that the traffic in babies ran to a million dollars and some foster parents "have paid sums of as much as $750 in each case while the average cost of transporting the babies has been less than $100."

Powell's statement said in part: "The Tennessee Children's Home of Memphis, Tenn., is one of the finest organizations of its kind in the world. I know this to be a fact as June and I got our baby, Pamela, there. I have every confidence in Georgia Tann, who is in charge of the home.

"I did not pay one cent for the privilege of adopting Pamela, other than transportation to and from Memphis for Mrs. Alma Walton who works with Mrs Tann and who came to Hollywood to investigate my background before the adoption of Pamela was possible."

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Judge orders Pakistani intelligence services to produce missing drone victim

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The Horrible Truth About Fukushima -- Helen Caldicott, MD

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School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

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Historic Memphis FILM ROW
...a bit of Hollywood on the Mississippi

Location! Location! Location! Located at the center of the Mid-South with access to major roads, bridges, and railroads, Memphis was very attractive to Hollywood when the Motion Picture studios began planning a distribution system to move their films out quickly to Arkansas, West Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri. Movie theaters changed their programs several times a week and the films had to be ready to ship at all hours of the night. An area of one-story brick buildings in Memphis was established around Vance and 2nd Street, which became known as "Film Row". Film Row rose to prominence in 1925 when the major studios began opening their individual distribution buildings. And at its peak, over 650 theaters in the mid-south were served out of Memphis.

Hollywood had planned an elaborate system of distribution, which was designed to give them the biggest profits and the largest share of the box office, by cutting down on the necessity for long shipments. Trucks would move in and out of Film Row at all hours - moving the latest films to all parts of the mid-south. By 1937 there were nine film exchanges in the Film Row area - Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Columbia, RKO, Republic, Paramount, Monogram and Universal.

Other studios followed. Each of these exchanges employed around 30 people and had fireproof vaults to protect the building from the extremely flammable film. The most powerful Hollywood studios at this time, not only made films, they distributed them, and owned the movie theaters where they were shown. The film industry reached it's peak in 1946 as 90 million people per week filled the movie theaters. The war years were extremely successful for Hollywood. But in the years after World War II, people began moving to the suburbs and taking their theaters with them...

Some addresses of the major Exchanges: MGM-Loews (158 Vance), Columbia (162 Vance), Paramount (362 S. 2nd), RKO (152 Vance), Republic (397 S. 2nd), 20th Century Fox (151 Vance), Universal (399 S. 2nd and 138 Huling), Warners (402 S. 2nd). 1st National (492 S. 2nd), Universal-International (138 Huling).

Film Transit, Inc. was founded in 1936 by M. H. Brandon at 311 S. Second - right in the middle of Film Row. Their mission was to transport all these films from theater to theater in small towns throughout the mid-south...

Anonymous said...,24212
The Evening Independent - Apr 1, 1980
Child Pornography Operation Reached From Florida To California, Police Say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - A roll of film mistakenly dropped off at a photo lab led to the breakup of an alleged child pornography operation reaching from Florida to California, police claim.

Police on Monday charged Winsor Stockton, 37, of Memphis with aggravated rape and using a minor for obscene purposes in connection with the case. Stockton, a salesman for a wholesale plumbing firm, was in jail in lieu of a $75,000 bond Monday night.

Clyde Keenan, police legal adviser, said more arrests may follow.

And in California, police have linked last week's suicide of a Burbank man to the investigation of the case.

Jimmy Smith was found fatally shot in his garage March 25, Keenan said. Smith, a former Memphis resident who worked at several photography studios, left a note indicating his death was linked with the investigation, Keenan said.

"Smith was apparently developing the film or having it developed," he said. "We don't know how the pictures were being used or being distributed commercially."

Keenan said Memphis police entered the case March 24 after a roll of film containing pornographic scenes was accidentally dropped off at Fox Photo lab. Officials at the lab called vice squad officers after developing the film.

Stockton, who left the color film to be developed, was arrested last Friday, Keenan said. A police source said officers confiscated "imn excess of 200" pornographic photographs from Stockton's apartment.

Keenan said most of the pictures were taken on a farm mear Marks, Miss. He said boys were brought to the farm under the pretext of a hunting-fishing excursion.

So far, Keenan said, police have linked 12 boys from North Mississippi, ages 9 to 12, to the case. But the police source said boys as young as 7 were involved, some of them from as far away as Pennsylvania and Florida. Others came from Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia, he said.

"They would be flown to Memphis or Jackson, Miss. and taken by chauffered limousine to the farm, the source said.

Marks is in Northwest Mississippi about 70 miles south of Memphis and 125 miles north of Jackson.

Keenan said the youth were given expensive toys and clothing and taken on trips in exchange for posing for the photographs and engaging in sexual activities with adults.

Some of the confiscated pictures showed boys with Stockton or Smith at either Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida.

Keenan said Stockton apparently intended to have the amusement park pictures developed when he mistakenly left a roll of the pornographic material.

All the youths involved apparently had permission from parents to visit the farm, police said.

A Mississippi woman, the mother of one of the boys, said it was common for youths in her area to visit the farm.

"They would go down on weekends to swim, hunt and fish," she said.

She said her son met the farm owner through other youths.

"It was two years before I would let mine go down there," she said. "I checked with the other kids' mothers and they assured me that it was OK."

kenny said...

Incredible research and additional comments aang.

Having lived in TN all my life I was not aware of this sordid history.


kenny said...

More on abuse in TN. This MSM article may just barely scratch the surface.

Top officials fired at Clover Bottom

Anonymous said...
[Page 219-235]

[Excerpts from State of Tennessee Department of Public Welfare, J. O. McMahan, Commissioner]


Section I
By Robert L. Taylor, special counsel on the investigation of Tennessee Children's Home Society

For many years I had heard the weirdest forms of stories about Georgia Tann
and Tennessee Children's Home Society. Stories were being repeated that the
local nursing homes were filled with unwed mothers who year after year returned
and gave birth to children for the market. Others told of children born to
patients at Western State Hospital for the insane being placed out for adoption
with a false background. But by far the most often repeated rumor was that
the children were being exported to California and New York in large numbers
for a price while the childless couples of Memphis and west Tennessee begged for
a child without success. Most people believed that the Tennessee Children's
Home Society was a State-operated concern and were unable to understand why
the State government permitted such a method of operation.
Before we left Memphis we discovered that Mrs. Alma Walton, an employee
of the Tennessee Children's Home Society, was in Los Angeles and had delivered
2 or 3 children. We found that she generally stopped at the Biltmore Hotel and
we were able to obtain reservations on the floor beneath her. The day after we
arrived in Los Angeles we stopped to see Mrs. Walton and she readily confirmed
our suspicions. She advised us that she had previously reported the matter to
the auditors but that no action had been taken by them.
While the financial transactions of Miss Tann were shocking enough other facts
came to our attention which disturbed us even more. We found that on many
occasions babies had been taken from their mothers at the hospitals when only
a few hours old and placed in nursing homes in and about Memphis where they
were without medical care. Many of these children died. Not only that, but the
children placed in the Memphis home, itself, were not properly cared for and
many died while there as a direct result of violations of physician's orders.
Doctors would prescribe formulas and medicines which were completely dis-
regarded on order from the director of the Memphis home.

It is now well established that Tennessee Children's Home Society made no
investigation of the background of the children and in most cases destroyed what
information they did have and in many cases falsified their background to adopt-
ing parents. It is also known that only superficial investigations were made of
the homes of the foster parents and if successful placements were made they
resulted from chance rather than from any other cause. Things hnd reached
such a stage in 1941 that the society was dropped from the Child Welfare
League of America and in 1946 caused Hon. Sam O. Bates, who was at that
time judge of the probate court of Shelby County to write a 7-page letter to
Mr. William Shoaf, who was then commissioner of public welfare of the State
of Tennessee, in which he requested a complete, thorough and unbiased investi-
gation of the Memphis office of Tennessee Children's Home Society

[page 229]
Section II
By Vallie S. Miller, Supervisor of Adoptions on the tennessee Children's Home Society, Shelby County Branch. Administration and Placement Practices and Services to Children Under Care

Anonymous said...

[Page 226]
One of the old stories being circulated by welfare workers in this community is that of a young girl who gave birth to a child by her own father. This story has turned up time and time again during our investigation and it was so shocking to us that we felt in all probability it was an exaggeration. However, we have now been able to substantiate the story and have all of the details. The facts are that the child was born in June 1940 at John Gaston Hospital in Memphis just as had been rumored. The mother of the child was a ward of juvenile court and our information is that the court had complete knowledge of the entire case and committed the child to Tennessee Children's Home Society for adoption. The background of the child was completely altered. The foster parents have no idea of the true facts.
[Page 226]
The testimony of 4 or 5 witnesses whom we have interviewed indicates that the judge of the court charged Mr. B with raping his own daughter and threatened to have him prosecuted if he attempted to interfere with the placement of these children. Judge Kelley admitted to me that she had threatened Mr. B but
admitted to me that she did not believe that Mr. B was guilty of the crime with which she had charged him. She told me that she felt that in all probability
the daughter was angry with her father because he had separated from her mother and had made this charge in retaliation.

[Page 227]
So great was the program of Tennessee Children's Home Society that little attention was paid to the homes with which the children were placed for adoption and even less to the background of the children. There are many cases in
the files of children born to families of epileptics and insanity. In one case an inmate of Western State Hospital for the Insane at Bolivar, Tenn., had three illegitimate children, each of whom was placed with the Tennessee Children's Home Society in Memphis for adoption. There are several other cases where
mothers of children received by the society were inmates of this same institution. We do not make any charge that the judge of juvenile court profited in any
way from the operation of Tennessee Children's Home Society. We have no evidence to that effect but there is evidence that she failed on many occasions
to aid destitute families and permitted family ties to be destroyed when they might well have been preserved. Our findings were made known to city officials
and on November 10, 1950, she resigned. We found that welfare workers generally had not been pleased with practices and conduct of juvenile court and
welcomed a change. Everyone with whom we have talked expressed great confidence in Judge Elizabeth McCain, the present juvenile court judge, and we
feel that she is doing a commendable job.

We received information that there were many children received by Tennessee Children's Home Society which were alleged to have been placed there for
adoption by the juvenile court of Memphis which actually had been received from other sources and that the records of juvenile court reflected placement of many children with Tennessee Children's Home Society which actually had never been received or at least where the records of Tennessee Children's Home Society had reflected that there had been no such placement. The records of
juvenile court are public documents but when the State auditors sought an examination of the dockets they were refused permission. We were referred to the city attorney who promised both privately and publicly that an audit was being made by the official auditors of the court and that a copy of this report would be forwarded to me. This promise was last made on November 17, 1950, but at this time we have not received the report and presume that no such report
is forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

[Page 234]
It was reliably reported in California that young infants had been reported by hospital personnel to have died in Los Angeles hospitals soon after being transported from Tennessee to California for adoptive placement, although no statistics have been compiled as to the number. A number of adoptive parents have reported that the child was sick when delivered to them. Staff members also reported the concern and anxiety they suffered through being forced to adhere to the travel and placement schedules even when they had reservations concerning the physical condition of the child.
[Page 192-199]

Anonymous said...

Pregnant woman who abused nine-month old baby and a five-year-old girl to please a paedophile she met on the internet is jailed for six years

Anonymous said...

amazing intelligence aangirfan.

Thank you for your tireless efforts at exposing the true and terrible risks of being born.

I write at the time of the devastating death at the hands of his mentally ill father, who was in turn shot dead by police, of a beautiful 12 year old boy in Australia.

I feel shattered, again, to realise that childhood is the greatest hazard on Planet Earth.

Suffer the little children...

brian said...

forget the pedophiles
'I am outlining the least dangerous outcomes of the crisis that Washington and its stupid European puppet states have created, not making recommendations to Russia. The worst outcome is a dangerous war. If the Russians sit on their hands, the situation will become unbearable for them. As Ukraine moves toward NATO membership and suppression of the Russian population, the Russian government will have to attack Ukraine and overthrown the foreign regime or surrender to the Americans. The likely outcome of the audacious strategic threat with which Washington is confronting Russia would be nuclear war.'

shirlz007 said...

Aangirfan! You may agree with me here!!! WOW!!!

'Feudal dynastic families'???
... Illuminati families?... maybe the past 4 years (longer) have been a complete joke in terms of 'Rothschild'. (the 'most powerful family of the past 300 years')/ The 21st century world belongs to the CIA!!! Who has main control of the CIA? (CFR/Bilderberg)... The Rockefellers and other US families.

Zionism is finished in the 21st century (WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT)... the CIA set to replace it!

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

I've been on the road for a bit and haven't caught up on all your latest. And there's so much of it! The schoolgirls have been working very hard. A gold star for all of them.

Otherwise (and off-topic) I noticed an amusing headline in the SMH. In a national debate about the current paedophilia enquiry a new culprit has been added to the current list of two (the RC church and the Salvation Army): it's the Muslims! Ta Dah! Paedophilia is not us, it's swarthy foreigners who hate us for our freedoms. We should bomb them.

And then the police come along and spoil the party! Jesus Christ, didn't they get the memo? What a shambles.

Anyway, good to see the schoolgirls are in such fine fettle.

yours aye etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

How come Memphis's mayor, Edward Hull Crump is so similar in looks to Georgia Tann?

all these old lesbians and queens are seriously creepy

Peace to all within the Aangirfan cooperative xx

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How come Memphis's mayor, Edward Hull Crump is so similar in looks to Georgia Tann?

I'm surprised how much Georgia Tann and Crump looks like evil Belgian serial rapist/murderer Andras Pandy.

Well, maybe it's not surprising anymore. Devils in disguise.

St. Estephe said...

The long 2-part article "Death on the Baby Farm" puts the Tann atrocities in historical context as well as exposing a recent attempt at politically correct apologetics for sadistic child murderers -- using bogus social constructvist theories to try to explain away the presence of sociopathic tendencies in female serial killers.

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