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Homophobes are often sadistic gay Nazis.

Sargento Isidório is an evangelical pastor and a politician.

In February 2014, Sargento Isidório filed a lawsuit against the Brazilian TV company Globo for showing two men kissing each other in a TV soap.

Sargento Isidório admits to having a homosexual past.

Is he yet another gay homophobe evangelical?

Gay kiss in soap opera Amor à Vida is landmark moment for Brazil / A Kiss Is Just A Kiss? Not If It's A Gay Kiss (On Brazilian TV) - Forbes /

Back in 2005, The Observer reported that a Brazilian soap was going to show a gay kiss.

The show's heart-throb said in relation to his gay kiss: 'I have received nothing but affection and respect from the public.' 

Kids in Russia kick a 'gay activist'.

But Brazil, like Russia, has its sadistic gay homophobic Nazis who like to torture and kill gay people.

In 2005, in the south of Brazil, the leader of a neo-Nazi skinhead group was arrested and charged with attempting to stab to death a gay man.

Brazil in a lather over soap's gay kiss - The Observer

 In 2005, the gay kiss was cancelled at the last moment.

Pope Francis: 'Who am I to judge' .

In 2014, hundreds of thousands of Brazil's Facebook and Twitter users have been campaigning to get a gay kiss.

However, Brazil has a vast and growing army of extreme right-wing evangelical leaders, many of whom are believed to work for the CIA.

And Brazil has had army leaders who are reportedly fans of Hitler, and who are believed by some to be paid by the CIA.

Congressman Jair Bolsonaro, the rightwing former army chief, blocked Brazil's anti-homophobia law.

The 'CIA's evangelicals' are powerful in Brazil's Congress.

Between 2007 and 2012 there were 336 homophobia-related murders in Brazil.

In the past, Globo TV censored a scene from The Simpsons in which Homer kisses his friend Moe.

Globo's main competitor, Record, is owned by the homophobic Edir Macedo, of the Neo-Pentecostal Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

The USA is using a policy of divide and rule.

The CIA and its friends seem to be organising the riots in Brazil, using the term 'Gigante Acordou' - the Giant Awakes.

Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator wrote: It's Not About 20 Cents, It's About U.S-Guided Regime Change - JUNE 22, 2013

1. The USA wants to control Brazil's oil?  "No Obama Love Affair" 

2. "To the irritation of Washington, Brazil has failed to extend support on issues such as the 2011 intervention in Libya, where Brasilia thought the Western powers were jumping the gun and abused the UN mandate to pursue regime change." 

Brazil balks at serving as junior partner to the US - by Alistair Burnett (June 13, 2013)


3. "Brazil has been irked by US failure to support its long-held ambition for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council."

4. "Washington, traditionally the main foreign-arms supplier to Brazil, won't overlook Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev's February visit to Brazil to sign an agreement on selling air-defence equipment with President Rousseff." 

Brazil balks at serving as junior partner to the US - by Alistair Burnett (June 13, 2013)

5. "Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva went to Iran with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in May 2010 to sign a confidence-building deal with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to send Iranian-enriched uranium for reprocessing abroad, so it could not be diverted to any weapons programme. 

"The US immediately rejected the deal. 

"Then secretary of state Hillary Clinton accused Brazil and Turkey of making the world 'a more dangerous place'.


6. "The countries have also had their share of trade disputes over products from orange juice to cotton, whereas the US has tried to limit access to its markets for Brazilian produce. 

"Since the 2008 crash, Brazil has accused the US of currency manipulation by using quantitative easing to devalue the dollar."

Brazil balks at serving as junior partner to the US - by Alistair Burnett (June 13, 2013)


Anonymous said...

"Homophobes are often sadistic gay Nazis"

LOL, did it take u long to draw this "brilliant" conclusion?

Anonymous said...

How a Pope called Pius turned the confessional box into a paradise for paedophiles: From a leading Catholic writer, a devastating exposé of a Vatican ruling

shirlz007 said...

I get missed signals from Aangirfan!!! I honestly don't have a problem with homosexuality! (I believe those who are so openly opposed to it, need to take a look in the mirror!... Ahem Russia!)
Sex is something intimate, special, shared between two loving consensual people... but also something quite fun!

Let's talk about Peadophelia... cos it's THE subject that needs to be addressed more than anything else!!! (consensual sex/ control/rape)

When it comes to 'gays'... whats the fucking problem? It aint effecting me or my sex life?

PUTIN! Your staunch Anti-Gay Homophobe attitude, has turned Sochi 2014, into... the 'GAYEST Olympics' that has ever been held!!! true story! :D

Anonymous said...

Communication is tricky. Sexuality is communicated through sexuality.
No need to talk about it. It is a language in itself.

So what’s the big discussion about? A bit more law enforcement?
The homo theme is just a distraction for winding people up.

So how about not getting wound up?
What’s this got to do with anything really?

Let’s consider the results of winding people up: Irritation, impatience, a punch or two usually gets a good fight going. Not news is it?

What passes for communication becomes some stressed out exchange of muddled information transmitted in some state of stress or distress.
The newspapers etc. steering the mind mess campaigns pretend that the collective ‘We’ is trying to express itself -struggling to find norms of behaviour against illiberal (imaginary) persons.
Nothing of the kind – the press are not representative of what ‘people’ ‘think’.
It is a mere claim.

It’s good that no position is taken on this site on the ‘burning and urgent issues’ of homosexuality and homophobia. Neutrality.
Why don’t we stay focussed on the real problems?

The hunting, gathering and storage, of money for a rainy day is one idea that carried us all away. Today it means all must fear a future without it.
Foraging, searching daily for a virtual value, money, then hiding away this perceived gain in a bank vault.
That’s what has brought with it the urgency, the evil, the desperation and the opportunity to exploit other people.
It exaggerated the idea of daily work. It introduced an idea – that of running a race to win it alone.
It brought into the world an evil idea of an ongoing competition.

Seems to me that the real machinery, the laws that govern the natural world allow much time for reflection and re-finding or creating solutions.
There is no real race to win, there need be no real urgency. Mankind seems to have allowed, or been forced to allow for a vicious competition to be established.

No one should be being forced to spend their own lives enriching others.
Machines were invented to reduce work not to create it.

It’s not about ‘Up the Workers!’ and rights for the poor and working classes.
It would make more sense to challenge the 'work' and factory ethic in its entirety.

It is the freedom of the creative will that can form the true basis for comfort in a civil world society.
But that was destroyed in the past and we have the distortions and deformed personalities to deal with today.
They can be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.03 you have summed up the parables in the New Testament.

The New Testament is ALL about strength of relationship, strength of action and self-mastery, in a world ruled by legalese: controlling the natural urges of others for self-indulgence of the self-chosen 'elite'.


Anonymous said...

My husband of 33 years and 4 children divorced me for a transsexual and that of course makes him a homosexual. Given that he is a surgeon, he probably wants to hide behind his new partner's female identity which truly is an affront to women. Hey - its okay to be whatever you want but I would think it would be more sensible and much more fair for M-F people to use a different name - anyway after reading about this subject for months, I have concluded that homosexuality for some is due to circumcision and one imagines that anal sex is much like the natural feel that non-circumcised males have. This all stems from the Babylonian Talmud that reinforces the hedonistic pleasure of some over the rights of the individual. Protocols of the Elders certainly has had an effect on the homosexual lifestyle that is the newest militant fad - as the protests from VietNam were so strong, so too is the agenda of the LGBH community. Why not knock it off? No one really cares -its okay to have legal marriage etc and all the rights that people enjoy but please - stop cramming this agenda down everyone's throat. I am sick of hearing about it.

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