Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hollywood has prepared us for floods.

The Day After Tomorrow, 2004

The UK in 2014

Weather Modification in the UK?


Anonymous said...

Kristen Meghan, former Air Force Bio-Environmental Engineer gave a ground breaking presentation of what she had discovered about Chemtrails while serving her Country. This BRAVE young lady has put her livelihood / life on the line for us."


Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aangirfan, have you noticed the recent references to Biblical. It was not that long ago someone posted a comment about the USA, stating that the citizens appeared to be being herded into Old Testament values. I am sorry but cannot remember the exact post, but I sort of shared the sentiments of the writer -


David Cameron :


My personal favorite: Davina McCall, of Big Brother fame, on the first day of her Edinburgh to London trial :



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Anonymous said...

Syria: Christian City Attacked by “Freedom Fighters”. CNN, NYT Justify Rebel Assault


Noor al Haqiqa said...

And of course you know that Evelyn an Lynn Rothschild recently purchased over 70% of the Weather Network. How sweet is that? Control the weather AND how it is reported! We already see new names being applied by scientists to various types of chemfall but now they are legitimizing it with names. Soon lovely words like "cumulus" will disappear in favour of "herringbone pattern" or whatever. So... This does tie in with all the weather "stuff".

Nations (who no doubt disobey it regularly) signed an international treaty back decades ago swearing to not wage weather warfare. Heh, how is that working out for us, eh?

The US has announced that by 2025 they want full spectrum dominance over the world's weather. Anyone who believes all those floods and hurricanes in the US are natural live in what was once a fool's paradise ~ weather is a wonderful way, next to actual war, to shift civilian populations.

As for all the biblical references out there. We are dealing with Old Testament fanatics who have been using these fear tactics for millenia. They talk OT but they have their fingers on the most current forms of destruction and annihilation of all that lives.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

oh forgot... this one made it to Facebook...

Anonymous said...

This is GOD's Judgement
and very soon USA, UK, FRance Scandinavian Countries will have the same tortures, atrocities and abominations that they have done

It's Time To Wake Up said...

People should read this eye opening article "How Edmund de Rothschild Managed to Let 179 Governments Pay Him for Grasping Up to 30% of the Earth"

Anonymous said...

Dane Wigington on his site braggs formerly worked for Bechtel. Not a whistleblower there. He states global warming is true which I believe may be a NWO hoax. So this could be a limited hangout disinformation at Geoengineering watch. Although good pictures of chem trail planes "innerds"
Pink Rabbit

The Truth Seeker's Guide said...

Many thanks for linking up to my vid and article. I truly appreciate it.
All the best wishes my friend.
Carl (The Truth Seeker's Guide)

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