Thursday, February 27, 2014


"Anonymous government sources said Thursday (27 February 2014) that Russia had accepted Yanukovych's request for security and that the fugitive leader was currently on Russian territory."

Defiant Yanukovych Requests Russia Protection RIA Novosti

"A respected Russian news organization reported that Yanukovych was seen in a Moscow hotel and was now staying in a Kremlin sanatorium just outside the city."

Russia Grants Protection for Ukrainian President

According to Vladimir Putin's official newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, missing Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych may have been smuggled out of Ukraine by the CIA.

We should remember that Saddam Hussein reportedly escaped to Belarus, Gaddafi reportedly escaped to Zimbabwe and Hitler reportedly escaped to Argentina.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 'many people thought it strange how easily Yanukovych raised the white flag... 

'Yanukovych would definitely have continued to resist if he had not received sufficiently weighty guarantees of safety for himself, his family, and his innermost circle...

'The State Department could have given Yanukovych any safety guarantees, so long as he disappeared from the Ukrainian political stage.

'The Americans are past masters at disappearing people. Take the episode of the CIA's flying prisons alone...

'The thugs who have seized power in the Ukrainian capital simply need to inquire about the whereabouts of the disappeared president from the US ambassador, who is becoming an ever more important figure on the political Olympus of "independent" Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych 'has been smuggled out of Ukraine ....

It is possible that Yanukovych has long had links to the CIA.

Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were reportedly put into power by the CIA.


shirlz007 said...

I think the Russians are highly suspect of Yanukovych now. Watching an interview with Russian Senator Mikhail Margelov, he made an interesting point... Yanukovych promised the countries EU supporters for years, that Ukraine would take the deal, then turned around at the last minute and WITHDRAW ALL SUPPORT! (almost as if he intended to ignite the initial protests in Dec).

He also made some interesting points regarding the security of Ukraines nuclear facilities and other, what should be considered, international security concerns, that EU and Western politicians (and media) are ignoring.
(Chenobyl? 17? other nuclear reactors)

For the people at Anngirfan (and it's readers) that are into the 'Quantum reality' stuff, past lives etc... watch a film called 'Cloud Atlas'!!! IT IS ABSOULTEY BRILLIANT! :D

Anonymous said...

Ukraine: “Thugs R Us”. Western-Backed Extremists’ Intimidation Techniques

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Great work, Aang, thanks.

Pro-Russian Gunmen Seize Ukraine Crimean Parliament; Russia Puts Jets On High Alert; Hryvnia In Record Plunge

Alexander Musienko. GRU
Ukraine has been raped, beheaded, dismembered. What's next?

Western Powers Back
Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine

The Nazi Coup in Ukraine

The Ukraine: Neo-Nazi criminal state looming in the centre of Europe‎

Neocons and the Ukraine Coup

“mass murder” for which Yanukovych is accused bears the fingerprints of the Right Sector Neo-Nazi party Svoboda, which is supported and financed through various channels by the US and the EU.

Will NATO annex Ukraine?

Ukraine: “Thugs R Us”. Western-Backed Extremists’ Intimidation Techniques

Anonymous said...

Like two mafia families fighting over a strip club. Russia and the USA fight over Ukraine.
The people of Ukraine will end up like those in Libya or Syria. They are pawns caught between two evil empires, both of which work towards the same end game.

Anonymous said...

fyi aang -

funny MSM claims the Merkel moustache pic is a "unique" picture. note the differences - there are at least two "inadvertent" shots:

Merkel Moustache #1
Later, when Sellem was sorting the photos on his computer, he noticed the image of Merkel, thought it was a unique picture, and included it in his email of photographs that go to the editors of the Post and its sister publication in Hebrew, The Post.
One of their online editors immediately saw the unique photo of Merkel and placed it on the Post’s website.

Merkel Moustache #2

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