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Aceh in Indonesia.

In 2000, top Al Qaeda leaders visited Aceh in Indonesia.

Los Angeles Times

'The CIA's Free Aceh Movement'.

It is believed that the both the Free Aceh Movement and Al Qaeda are tools of the CIA.

It is believed that the purpose of the Free Aceh Movement, a militant Islamist body, is to promote the agenda of the CIA.

The Free Aceh Movement has helped to keep Aceh poor, backward and feudal.

When MI6 was trying to topple Indonesia's President Sukarno, it trained and armed Islamists in Sumatra.

The CIA's use of militant Moslems over a period of 50 years

Indonesia makes parts for the Airbus380.

If Indonesia is to prosper , it can no longer depend on simply exporting minerals to China and India.

It has to develop its technology and industry.

However, the vast majority of Indonesians are very poorly educated.

This lack of education suits the 'feudal lords'.

Increasingly, Indonesia's poor and ill-educated are being conned into voting for 'feudal lords' who paint themselves as Islamists.

In Aceh, the CIA's Islamists get a sexual thrill from caning women?

The Indonesian province of Aceh is an extreme example.

Aceh does not have the easy-going liberal type of Islam found in most of Indonesia; the people of Aceh were originally converted by Saudi-type extremists.

In 2012, there were scores of canings in Aceh.

Spectator sport in Aceh - sexual perverts watch the caning of a woman?

The Aceh local parliament has introduced shariah law and is now trying to apply it to all the people of Aceh, whether Moslem, Christian or whatever.

The legislators in Jakarta, the capital, have voted to back the Aceh local parliament.

The 'home ministry' in Jakarta has 60 days to accept or reject the new code.

Zaini Abdullah, one of the 'terrorist' bosses of the Free Aceh Movement, and now the Governor of Aceh, in Sumatra, in Indonesia.

Aceh's governor, Zaini Abdullah, could be described as being a feudal lord who is using his people's ignorance to hold onto power?

Zaini Abdullah, a medical doctor by profession, is a former separatist activist of the Free Aceh Movement (or GAM, Gerakan Aceh Merdeka).

Canings in Aceh mean that Indonesia ceases to be a civilised country?

Elected with 56% of the vote, Zaini Abdullah is the second governor directly chosen by the electors of Aceh since the granting of restricted autonomy to Aceh in 2005.

In 1981, he moved to Sweden, an important base for the CIA.

Economic growth and development in Aceh has been held back by conflict stretching out over almost three decades from 1976 until the signing of a peace agreement in Helsinki in 2005.

In early 2013 it was revealed that Zaini Abdullah is to allow a vast quantity of deforestation in Aceh.

It is believed that mining and palm oil interests are influencing this process.

The new logging proposal came to light in October 2012 when Zainin Abdullah wrote to Indonesia's Minister of Forestry proposing the conversion of protected forests to logging concessions.[11]

If Aceh was to become independent it could become a base for CIA activities.

Javanese - traditionally moderate and friendly

The Starman, and Scottish Independence

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Yuswardi said...

Bullshit article. You even dont know anything about Aceh.

Anon said...

Pak Yuswardi,

Saya bertemu perwira militer di TNI dan mata-mata.

Anda tingal dimana?

- Aangirfan

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