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The Beaumont children.

In 1966, Jane, Anna and Grant Beaumont (above) vanished from Glenelg Beach in Adelaide.

In and around Adelaide, in Australia, there is said to be a powerful pedophile ring linked to the deaths of up to 18 children and the deaths of two anti-child-abuse campaigners.

The ring is said to include top politicians, judges, lawyers and police.

The media calls those involved "The Family".

Fears, rumours lurk in heart of Adelaide.

Between 1966 and 2000, 18 children were murdered in and around Adelaide in Australia.

There may be more than one pedophile ring involved.

It is believed that throughout much of the world there is a giant military intelligence political pedophile ring connected network.

In 1999, two journalists from Australia's Sun-Herald claimed to have seen evidence of the ritual abuse of children, something often connected with the CIA.

Patricia Schmidt

In 1971, Patricia Schmidt, 16, was taken from the Burger King cafe, raped, and her battered body left naked on a roadside.


In  1973, Joanne Ratcliffe, 11 (left) and Kirste Gordon, 4 (right) disappeared from a football match at the Adelaide Oval.

Marilyn Qualmann.

In 1975, 14 year old Marilyn Qualmann vanished from her family home near Adelaide.

17-year-old Alan Barnes 

The mutilated body of 17-year-old Alan Barnes was found in 1979.

Between 1979 and 1982,  a number of men and boys were kidnapped, drugged, raped, and in some cases tortured and their bodies dismembered.

Bevan Spencer von Einem

Bevan Spencer Von Einem was charged with two of the murders, that of of Alan Barnes, 17, and Mark Langley, 25, but the cases were dropped due to inadmissable evidence.

Bevan Spencer von Einem

Bevan Spencer von Einem was the leading suspect in the unsolved murders of Alan Barnes in 1979, Neil Muir in 1979, Peter Stogneff in 1981 and Mark Langley in 1982.

In the case of Neil Muir an Adelaide doctor was tried for his murder in 1980 but was found not guilty.

Peter Stogneff

In 1981, the skeletal remains of Peter Stogneff, who had been cut into three pieces, were found by a farmer in scrub.

Michaela Godau

In 1982, Michaela Godau, 15, left her Elizabeth Field home, and vanished.

Richard Kelvin

15 year old Richard Kelvin, the son of an Adelaide TV presenter, was tortured, raped and murdered around 1983.

Bevan Spencer von Einem

Von Einem is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Richard Kelvin.

Juan Morgan

In 1992, Juan Morgan, aged 15, vanished but was not reported missing and only identified by detectives as a suspected murder victim seven years later.

Melissa Brown

In 2000, 15 year old Melissa Brown disappeared.

Bevan Spencer von Einem

In February 2014, The Advertiser reports that detectives are investigating diary entries made by Trevor Peters.

Trevor Peters, who died in 2013, lived next door to two transvestites who, in exchange for drugs, assisted Von Einem in luring male hitchhikers into his car.

Peters, who mixed in the same circles as Von Einem and the transvestites, writes in his diary he saw photographs of one of the Alan Barnes, in Von Einem's possession.

17-year-old Alan Barnes 

Von Einem remains a suspect in the disappearance of the Beaumont children.

The Beaumont children.

However, 'a recent publication' identified rich factory owner, Harry Phipps, who lived near by, and who was a child abuser, and who dressed in women's clothes, as the likely killer,

Bevan Spencer von Einem

In 1972 Bevan Spencer von Einem was involved in an incident when two men, Dr. George Duncan and Roger James, were thrown into the River Torrens by a group of men believed to be police officers. 

Dr George Duncan drowned.

Roger James was 'rescued' by von Einem, who was 'driving past'. 

Roger James later declined to identify his attackers.

It is believed that the group of men who killed Duncan were three senior Vice Squad police officers. 

Witnesses claimed that the detectives were also accompanied by a tall civilian who was never identified. 

In 1986 two former police officers were charged with the manslaughter of Dr. Duncan. Both were eventually cleared of the charges after refusing to testify.[2][3]

Richard Kelvin

While von Einem was being investigated in connection with the death of Richard Kelvin, he was able to go off on holiday to Russia and to the UK.

Richard Kelvin's fatal injuries mirrored those of Alan Barnes.

A witness known as "Mr. B" informed police how he and von Einem picked up young male hitchhikers.

"B" provided information about other associates of von Einem.

Bevan Spencer von Einem was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Richard Kelvin.

Bevan Spencer von Einem was the leading suspect in the unsolved murders of Alan Barnes in 1979, Neil Muir in 1979, Peter Stogneff in 1981 and Mark Langley in 1982. 

The media dubbed those involved "The Family", an alleged group of homosexual child sexual abusers possibly involving high-profile Adelaide establishment figures.

The suspects include the brother of a well-known Olympian and other well-known members of the business community[6][7][8]

The CIA has many bases in Australia, and is believed to use pedophile rings to control politicians and others.

In 1989, von Einem gave an interview from prison to The Advertiser journalist Dick Wordley. 

Von Einem again pleaded his innocence in the murder of Richard Kelvin and of the four other young men.

He hinted that he could name people that could help police with their investigation, but feared for his life.

He claimed that his life was threatened by two police officers who ordered him not to give evidence in the inquest into the death of Dr. George Duncan in 1972.

The police interviewed "Mr. B" again.

"B" alleged that von Einem was involved in the unexplained Beaumont children disappearance in 1966, as well as the disappearance of the two girls at the Adelaide Oval in 1973. 

The police arrested Von Einem for the murders of  Alan Barnes and Mark Langley.

However, the charges were then dropped.

Bevan Spencer von Einem

In February 2014, The Advertiser reports that detectives are investigating diary entries made by Trevor Peters.

"The diary entries, containing the correct names of the three so far uncharged suspects and their associates, corroborate evidence Major Crime detectives already have linking von Einem to the Barnes murder and provide more evidence of the activities of the group in picking up young male hitchhikers, drugging them and then sexually abusing them."

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