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Dr Penny Sartori, who worked as a nurse in a British hospital for 21 years, has conducted research into the near-death experiences (NDEs) of her patients. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her research into NDEs.

60-year-old Tom Kennard was suffering from sepsis after surgery for cancer.

In his hospital ward, Tom collapsed and became unconscious for three hours.

Tom later told his nurse, Penny Sartori, what happened during these three hours.

He said he "floated upwards to the top of the room. I looked down and I could see my body on the bed. It was lovely, so peaceful - and no pain at all."

He entered a pink room, met a man with kind eyes, and met his father and talked telepathically with him.

Then he was back on the hospital ward ceiling looking down at the nurse and the doctor.

He saw the nurse putting a swab into his mouth to clean it.

He could also see a woman beyond the cubicle curtains.

The man with kind eyes said: "He’s got to go back" and Tom found himself back in his body.

Tom says this experience removed any fear of dying.

Tom also found that right hand, which had been stuck in a claw-like position since birth, was mysteriously cured.

Fred Williams, in his 70s, had a terminal heart problem.

One night in hospital, he lost consciousness.

When he regained consciousness some time later, he looked very happy.

Fred told his relatives that, while unconscious, he had been visited by his mother, grandmother and sister, all of whom were dead.

Rajaa Benamoura, a Moroccan woman in her 30s who ran a clothes business, had an anaesthetic injection for minor surgery.

When she regained conciousness, she found that she had acquired a deep understanding of quantum physics.

She decided to study the subject at university.

Her professor came to the conclusion that her knowledge of quantum physics could not have come from textbooks.

Her scientific 'theories' have recently been confirmed by other scientists.

"Time and time again individuals returning from an NDE note quite clear changes in personality, psychological states and emotions. These have been documented as ranging from increased intelligence and psychic abilities through to heightened senses.NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES - Book Reviews.

Pam Williams had a Near Death Experience after childbirth. 

While unconscious, she saw a doctor try to revive her.

She said: "All the time this was happening, I felt fine: full of joy, peaceful, gently floating towards brilliant light.

"Suddenly, in the distance, I heard my eldest daughter shout, 'Mam'. I remember thinking, 'Oh dear, Jacquie needs me,' and I came back with a jolt.

"I’m not a religious person but I believe there's a warm, peaceful, beautiful place after death."

The Wisdom Of Near-Death Experiences by Dr Penny Sartori, to be published in February 2014.

Read more: The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences- Dr Penny Sartori / http://www.dailymail.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

As much as I like the concept of NDE, I'm put off somewhat by the lack of consistency amongst NDE stories that exist amongst various cultures.

It's funny you should mention India insofar as the common denominator amongst Indian NDE stories is a trope about being bureaucratically assailed that seems entirely absent from Western stories. In the Indian stories people don't float towards a light so much as find themselves facing some variation of a civil service apparatchik who demands that they answer questions and jump through hoops. Or somesuch.

Which is odd I think. It makes me wonder at the universality of it all.

But whatever! For mine this doesn't put a dent in the logic of 'there is nothing to fear'. Well... not beyond a 'computer says no' kind of thing.


best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Towards the Destabilization and Breakup of Thailand?

Anonymous said...

Sen. Lamar Alexander's ex-chief of staff commits suicide after child-porn charges

Anonymous said...

British inteligence used to sponsor training for certain psychics to be able to leave the body at will, Dennis Wheatley spoke of it as did Dion Fortune and Roald Doahl, all worked for Churchill.
The disgraced psychologist Susan Blackmore and the smarmy quack psychologist Chris French were paid to rubbish out of body travel, while quietly acknowedging in private of its existence

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from my favourite NDE:

So as I was moving toward the light I said, "Please wait a minute, just hold on a second here. I want to think about this; I would like to talk to you before I go."

To my surprise, the entire experience halted at that point. You are indeed in control of your near-death experience. You are not on a roller coaster ride. So my request was honored and I had some conversations with the light. The light kept changing into different figures, like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, mandalas, archetypal images and signs.

I asked the light, "What is going on here? Please, light, clarify yourself for me. I really want to know the reality of the situation."

I cannot really say the exact words, because it was sort of telepathy. The light responded. The information transferred to me was that your beliefs shape the kind of feedback you are getting before the light. If you were a Buddhist or Catholic or Fundamentalist, you get a feedback loop of your own stuff. You have a chance to look at it and examine it, but most people do not.

I can't WAIT! Still, must fulfil my mission here..... which also involves having a great time revelling in Divine abundance.

Anonymous said...

Swedish gangster who claimed he had photos of the king in compromising sexual situations is found dead with four bullet wounds to the head

Anonymous said...

I’m not a religious person but happen to have a close relationship with the Creator. It’s always the same, Western civilisation has been built up on a foundation of Christianity (mostly made a religion as opposed to true Christianity which is a relationship with the Creator) yet once the decadence was introduced through the 1800’s culminating with the passing of WW2 the new spiritual paradigm shift becomes a mix of Eastern Mysticism. I read about this phenomenon from others writing in the 1970’s and it continues to point to an afterlife but what afterlife?

Here’s an account from the child of a church pastor

Here’s an account from an atheist where I’d suggest there isn’t bias except he’s of a Western culture yet coming more so from a new age philosophy:

I’ve said it elsewhere at my best friend’s funeral he contacted me from Paradise to share among other things: “You’re gonna love it here.” I know that.


Anonymous said...

Not too sure if it was a 'near death experience' as such, but it is one of the strangest experiences I've had, and it changed my life (wouldn't say for the better!). I was involved in a high speed car accident a number of years ago, I rolled a vehicle 9or 10 times at 90/100 mph. I remember bracing myself when I realised I had lost control, and then I must have blacked out, because the next thing I remember is coming round (with the vehicle in a tree, down an embankment). A witness stated the crash lasted 'a minute, maybe more'. The paramedics (and police) didn't believe I had walked away without hardly a scratch, let alone no broken bones or head injuries. X rays showed I may have fractured a vertibre in my neck... but I was discharged myself from hospital the same night. (Later X rays show no fracture in my spine)

Anyway, since the accident, I noticed my 'extra sensory perceptions' where on fire! I could 'see' or 'feel' things before they happen, sometimes split seconds, sometimes minutes or days. I can only see things, in terms of my personal or physical safety (sometimes others... if I like them). It also works around people... I can tell someones intentions towards me, just by looking at them. In short I can sense when my life is in danger, and my reflexes (especially when driving!) are like a Jedi!

The strange thing is, I had a flashback years later, and I remembered, being surrounded by bright light (gold light), and a voice (telepathic or whether it was my own conscience) telling me 'theres NOTHING you can do in this situation... your life is in 'someone' else's hands.'

Not exactly the usual NDE, but strange... didn't really make me a nicer person either!

Anonymous said...

'Rajaa Benamoura, a Moroccan woman in her 30s who ran a clothes business, had an anaesthetic injection for minor surgery.

When she regained conciousness, she found that she had acquired a deep understanding of quantum physics.

She decided to study the subject at university.

Her professor came to the conclusion that her knowledge of quantum physics could not have come from textbooks.'

This account confirms for me what I and others know, have always known. That is ETERNITY.
The fact that nothing Divine really dies.

The ancients had factual 'scientific' knowledge and utilities which are these days withheld from us, because a certain Tribe have all our basic utilities metered for their exclusive profits.

But the ancients live on in us.

I have had similar experiences to the above, and can vouch for the veracity of the eternal power of NOW.

Peace and gratitude Aangirfan for all your hard work and presentations. xx

Anonymous said...

anony 1.00pm

I quietly smiled reading this in the article to which you referred above.

'Markovic, a 70s boxing champion, was born in Serbia but fled to Sweden with his father as a young child, becoming a neutralized citizen in 1982.'

Reading the comments were funny. So this person was naturalised some decades ago, but is now neutralised.

Freudian slip on the part of Daily Mail?
Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

I was for 17 years a civil servant
at Whitehall and i can tell you that especially in W W II
psychics were used by old Winston and his entourage, this caused a row between him and RAF boss Hugh Dowding, which meant Dowding was replaced.
I could name a few of those psychics who could leave the body
in regular NDE experiments, i have seen T Stokes name come up on aangirfan but he was only one of several with strange ebilities. Both his son and grandson are also T Stokes, and hearsay claims they are a psychic family.
Also Stephen Ward had healing ability he could take away headaches etc, toward the end of his life Churchill was in much stomach pain through his over indulgence, and Ward helped him ona regular basis as did a man called Harry Edwards

Anonymous said...

Great article. On the other side, please consider how we got here.

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Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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