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Wall and Blair.

General Sir Peter Wall, the head of the British Army, could be prosecuted for war crimes.

Dossier on 'abuse' by UK forces in Iraq goes to ICC - The Independent

A 250-page dossier names Sir Peter Wall and gives details of beatings, electrocution, mock executions and sexual assault.

The dossier has been presented to the International Criminal Court.

The former UK Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon and the former UK Defence Minister Adam Ingram are also named in the report.

Iraq torture.

The dossier is the result of several years' work by Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) and the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR).

In 2006, the International Criminal Court stated, in connection with the UK military, that: "There was a reasonable basis to believe that crimes within the jurisdiction of the court had been committed, namely willful killing and inhuman treatment."

Innocent man tortured to death by the UK military.

The new dossier given to the ICC presents evidence of the "systematic use of brutal violence, that at times resulted in the death of detainees, while in the custody of UK Services Personnel". 

The dossier states that: "there is evidence of brutality combined with cruelty and forms of sadism, including sexual abuse, and sexual and religious humiliation". 

Victim of the UK in Iraq

Normally the ICC only targets enemies of the USA and NATO.

Professor William Schabas, a UK expert on human rights law, says: "What this application does is throw down the challenge to the court to show there are no double standards."

Victim of the UK in Iraq

Among the evidence given in the dossier:

"A soldier brought my eight-year-old son into the room. 

"The officer started slapping my son round his face and shouting at him... 

"I was on the floor in a terrible condition and couldn't move."

A victim of depleted uranium, used by the UK in Iraq

A boy states: "The soldier put his boot on my chest and pulled my trousers down.... 

"I was shouting and was curled up against the wall. 

"Then the soldier pulled me by my legs away from the wall. He turned me over on my stomach. 

"He started rubbing his penis on my back, while the other soldiers watched. 

"Then I felt him ejaculate on my back. 

"I was trying to move away but another soldier came and pressed his foot on my legs."

The UK military are a bunch of sadistic child abusers.

Sir Jimmy Savile, close friend of the UK military.





UK military ships Afghan heroin to uk on military planes

Murder gangs 'run by British military intelligence' in the ......


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UK gov’t urged to back child trafficking victims

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as 'orrible as it is Aangirfan, please just keep printing these reports.

We must all make up our own minds about Life, saw we Live; by publishing these pictures and accounts with names, those who are in the sphere of influence of people so named might be encouraged to either blow the whistle, name the abuser, confront the abuser, or take legal action against the abuser/

We must all do our God-given duty for the benefit of our human family.

Peace and Gratitude xx

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