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Friends for Ever 

Iranian kids by Hamed Saber

Zbigniew Brzezinski sees Eurasia (Europe and Asia), as the center of global power.

Brzezinski believes that the USA must ensure that no country, other than the USA, should be allowed to dominate Eurasia.

Hence the policy of 'divide and rule'.

Hence bombs in Volgograd and Lebanon.

The journalist Pepe Escobar has written about pitting Sunni against Shi'ite and Arabs against Iranians.

All in Play in the New Great Game  / Asia Times 

Pepe Escobar refers to various rivalries:

1. The USA versus China.

2. Iran (Shi'ite) versus Saudi Arabia (Sunni).

Iran and Saudi Arabia are rivals in Afghanistan. 

Iran has increased its influence in Afghanistan "through the Persian-speaking minority communities, by supporting the Karzai regime and by developing ties to elements within the Taliban." 


Two girls and a bicycle
Iran  by Damon Lynch. IRAN IS RUN BY THE CIA

3. The USA versus Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The USA appears to be becoming more friendly with Iran, while Saudi Arabia and Israel are firm enemies of Iran

The USA, having apparently decided not to bomb Assad, has fallen out with Saudi Arabia and Israel over Syria.

Gonbad Kavous

Iranian kids by Shapour

4. India is allied with Iran against Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

India, Iran and Afghanistan have planned a railway line "to facilitate trade - especially Afghan mineral wealth - to and from Central Asia." 

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shirlz007 said...

Indeed it seems the CIA has turned on The Saudis, and maybe even The Bush crime family syndicate (leaked CIA report into 9/11 points directly at The Bush administration and The Saudis)

''one (or more) foreign Intelligence Agencies''... ISRAELI MOSSAD!!! (or the 'insane Israeli terror posse' as I call them)

One it becomes common knowledge, Israeli Mossad and The Netanyahu Government where primarily responsible for carrying out the attacks, Americans will want revenge! Biblical style

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