Thursday, January 23, 2014


The child sex trade, supported by the police and politicians.

Zen Gardner has written: Not Without Our Consent

According to Zen Gardner:

Wars, and other bad things, happen - because we trust the bad people and cooperate with the bad people.

For example, "no worldwide massacres would happen without soldiers."

Why do we allow the bad people to get away with it?

"Because waking up to the true reality around us is too much work, and way too uncomfortable."

Too many people trust the military, the royal families, the scientists, the TV newsreaders and the religious leaders.

Mumbai's caged girls, treated better than the girls and boys held prisoner in brothels in the USA and Europe.

Here is an example of turning a blind eye to what is going on.

India has a child sex trafficking trade that involves 10 per cent of the population - and sees girls as young as nine being sold into the sex trade.


But, this child sex trafficking is also taking place in the USA, Europe and much of the rest of the world.

Mumbai has India's largest concentration of sex workers, housed in a red light district that is the largest in Asia.

In India, "the police, local politicians and government officials all get a slice of the lucre."


It's visible in Mumbai but not in New York or London.

It's not just girls.

Boys make up 50 percent of the sex trafficked victims in the U.S

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in New York / And Boys Too / (ECPAT-USA),

The gangs who sell drugs are usually also involved in selling children.

And these gangs sometimes work as mercenaries for the security services.



Anonymous said...

Yes Aangirfan

the world is in the thrall of Narcissists

I would be an expert on the narcissistic personality disorder, because even if you were to discount my looneyversity degree, my true accomplishment in life is to have survived a NPD mother AND husband.

ENTHRALLED: to be held in bondage

glamour, desirability, certitude, belonging BLAH

but we ALWAYS know a narcissist because of the devastation left in the wake of their total lack of empathy=dissociation.

Hard, hard lessons which the Zionists exploit to the HILT.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Iraq a hotbed of human trafficking

Anonymous said...

Psychiatrists tell us that disaasociatited personalities comes from early trama or pain inflicted ona young mind, some say the circumcisions done to young unathatised boys causes them to be psychopaths, which is why so many jews have the disorder

Anonymous said...

@Anon 13:44 - Perfectly stated

Anonymous said...

Here's a reason why we let bad people get by with stuff.

I'm not saying that Phil Robertson is a bad person(I probley like the guy).


This is Exibit A a Big Reason why America takes to people.

If you want to be liked in America all you have to do.

*Like Country Music
*Talk with Some Draw (Perfer)Southern Draw

Do those 3 things you be loved in America.

Speaking of Nashville if you read "Trans-Formation Of America" by Cathy O'Brien and "Thanks For The Memories"by Brice Taylor.

You'll find Nashville full of CIA Operatives and Sex Slave runners.

Btw Excellent Article Aangirfan

Sullen Boy said...

Lovely graphic (teh second one)... Why did you make it downloadable?

Anonymous said...

Sorry 12.44, I can't let that stand.

I know in Australia from WWII onwards the majority of Australian males were circumcised. Whilst no one knows for sure why, it's my considered opinion that what with two entire generations of Australian men fighting jungle wars in WWII, Malaya, Borneo, and Vietnam - or to put it another way, spending years without showering and seeing more smegma than a man could spit a wheel of gruyere at - they decided that foreskins were bullshit and good riddance.

Or that's why my old man got me done anyway. And between me and that majority of Australian males, pre-anti-circumcision movement that is, I don't think we devolved into some kind of talmudic psychopathy. And speaking of which, best I can make out the anti-circumcision movement, particularly the medical fraternity, is fairly heavily Jewish. Go figure.

Besides which, trauma induced disassociation takes a lot of doing. Have you not read Brice Taylor's book? In amongst what was done to her a circumcision would look like nothing. By way of trauma that is. And circumcision is nothing - done surgically it's pretty much painless, delivering precisely as many tears and trauma as a banged knee (of which there will be plenty and with no great harm done to the child). How now a circumcision?

I'm constantly struck by the hysterical nature of the anti-circumcision crowd. There's something not quite right in the circumcision debate that I've yet to put my finger on. One day I'll figure it out.

Off I go now etc. etc.

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