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Ian Robertson Hamilton, QC (born 13 September 1925) is a lawyer. He is best known for his part in the removal of the Stone of Scone from Westminster Abbey in 1950.[1]


Canadian woman falls off horse and wakes with Scottish accent.


Newspaceman said...

It's surely curious that Hamilton and his cronies repatriated the stone on Christmas Day and returned it on the 11th April.

Given that 11th April is the 101st day of the year (normally), that it's the date Prince William received his RAF "wings" from his father, that it's the date Lord Cullen received an "anonymous" letter suggesting freemasonic involvement in the Dunblane massacre and indeed the date that the school gymnasium (scene of the carnage) was demolished.

It's also the date that William of Orange and his House of Stuart wife Mary became joint sovereigns of the United Kingdom, as part of the Great Revolution. The Glencoe massacre came the next year, some sort of blood sacrifice in honour of the pair ?

Thus, obviously, one could be concerned about the true motives behind the return of the stone, considering that all recent UK monarchs have been crowned upon it, & it's alleged Biblical /Egyptian connotations.

Why do you think freemasonry is stuffed full of Egyptian symbols - the all seeing eye, the pyramid etc.

You think Hamilton is a freemason, my understanding is that many in the legal profession are.

It's curious too that this year at New Year, the National Monument of Scotland (Edinburgh's Disgrace)@ Calton Hill which was founded by freeemasons, was illuminated in purple light for the event. Bear in mind that Jacob's ladder runs from Calton Hill down to Regent Street.

(Purple being a royal colour.)


Note, I'm all for independence but not on (Hamilton's words), the "chattering classes" terms. But, as Hamilton points out, the "masses" will decide on voting day.

dognamedblue said...

don't forget the giant obylix at the bottom of the hill ;)

sovereigntea said...

Members of the establishments of both Scotland and Jersey are embroiled in and implicated in child abuse scandals. The establishments of both Scotland and Jersey seek to break up the UK and become "independent". Might the lever being employed to incentivise the said establishments to seek "independence" be their rather obvious links to child abuse and cover ups. They see "independence" as a way of evading the justice that many of them so richly deserve.

'We are getting a raw deal,' says Sir Philip Bailhache, the island's assistant chief minister
Jersey is not governed by the UK but is not independent either


According to the Yinon plan it is desirable to break up nation states into smaller units. Might the EU employ similar thinking.


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