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Solly Nahome, who was Britain's top crime boss.

According to a UK police report, gangsters have infiltrated all the key parts of the criminal justice system from the police to the juries to the prisons.

They have infiltrated: "Revenue and Customs, the Crown Prosecution Service, the City of London Police, the Prison Service ... juries and the legal profession."

The corruption of Britain: UK's key institutions infiltrated by criminals

Finchley in London, home to top criminals and a very large Jewish population.

In 2000, a key police informant was secretly helping the police with an investigation into the importation of £10m of heroin by a Turkish gang in north London.

The informant ended up being tortured - by the son of a top policeman.

The corruption of Britain: UK's key institutions infiltrated by criminals

Leon Brittan, of Lithuanian Jewish origin, who was the UK government minister in charge of the police at a time when fears were growing that the police were protecting the Elm Guest House child brothel.

Gangsters have infiltrated the London police by bribing corrupt officers.

This is according to a report, based on a police investigation called Operation Tiberius, leaked to The Independent.

The report, written in 2002, found that the London police suffered from 'endemic corruption'.

Exclusive: Scotland Yard's rotten core

The Glasgow gangster Tam McGraw was reportedly protected by his friends in the Glasgow police.

Reportedly, certain top UK gangsters have always been protected by the police and by the security services MI5 and MI6.

Terry Adams, 'protected by the police'.

Operation Tiberius concluded that gangsters such as the Adams family, and the gang led by the Kray Twin's friend David Hunt, had been allowed by key police officers to:

1. Avoid prosecution

2. Take part in mass drug importation and money laundering.

Exclusive: Scotland Yard's rotten core / Case studies: Operation Tiberius

David Hunt, 'protected by the police'.

Research conducted by The Independent suggests that only a tiny number of the officers named as corrupt have been convicted.

Sir Jimmy Savile Savile with his friend Mick Starkey, a West Yorkshire police inspector. The UK's top pedophile rings are believed to be protected by the police and by the security services.

One senior investigating officer has said: "I feel that… I cannot carry out an ethical murder investigation without the fear of it being compromised."

One police officer was found to co-own properties and racehorses with a man said to be one of Britain's top gangsters.

Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick said: "I am not aware of anything in the Metropolitan Police that has resulted in infiltration..."

She is the Dick in charge of terrorism.

Michael Howard, of Romanian Jewish origin, who is close to David Cameron, and who was once the minister responsible for the police and MI5

Michael Howard is a top UK politician who was once the leader of the UK Conservative Party.

Like Leon Brittan, he is Jewish [1]

1. There are allegations that a criminal was released from prison after paying a bribe to one of Michael Howard's relatives.

"Career criminal John Haase told a Labour MP that he was released from prison early after making the payment via one of Mr Howard's relatives."

Michael Howard, the drugs baron and an extraordinary £400,000 bribery claim (Daily Mail 1 November 2008)


2. Michael Howard was Home Secretary, in charge of the police, when the Baybasin gang allowed by the UK authorities move from Turkey to the UK.

The Baybasin gang, a Kurdish gang, controlled up to 90% of the heroin which entered the UK.

Huseyin Baybasin and his gang knew all about the involvement of top Turkish politicians and officials in the international heroin trade.

Blair and 'drugs gangster' HASHIM THACI

3. Michael Howard released two dangerous gangsters from jail

Paul Bennett and John Haase were granted a royal pardon in July 1996 on Howard's orders.

The decision came 11 months into 18-year sentences.

Michael Howard's cousin, Simon Bakerman, was released from prison on the day Howard became leader of the Conservative Party in November 2003.

Bakerman was in jail for running an illegal factory making amphetamine and ketamine pills.

Jim Murphy

Lewis Rodden is a convicted gangster.

According to the Sunday Herald, 11 April 2010, Lewis Rodden appeared at a Labour Party election fundraiser for Jim Murphy, a top UK politician.

Government minister Jim Murphy of the Labour party has a problem - reportedly a gangster attended his election fundraiser

Labour councillor and Strathclyde (Glasgow) Police Authority member Betty Cunningham is 'on first-name terms' with Lewis Rodden.

The son of top politician John Reid married the daughter of notorious gangster Ronnie Campbell. 

(Home Secretary Reid's father-in-law arrested in £280000 drugs bust ...)

Former top politician Jack McConnell's name has been linked to Eddie Lyons, an alleged 'gangster'.

In early 2010, the Labour Party's Steven Purcell had his name linked to gangsters, such as the Iceman.


Baby P, who was tortured and killed.

On 9 April 2009, the media revealed that the police were 'culpable in the Baby P case' .

An assault case against Baby P's mother was ‘left to drift’ for months


The Satanic Jersey cover up continues

Reportedly, Daniel Morgan (above) was murdered "because he was about to expose a drugs conspiracy linked to police corruption." Diana, captain beaujolais, alleged mistress, drug trafficking

Are UK criminals being caught and dealt with?

According to Nick Davies in the Guardian, on 17 August 2005, "the system is bringing justice in only 3% of offences committed."

In other words, the vast majority of criminals are getting away with it.

The few that do get dealt with are often the inadequate losers.

According to Davies, in the Guardian, "courts continue to experience delays."

24% of prisoners are not delivered to court on time;

52% of civilian witnesses come to court and do not give evidence;

64% of prosecution witnesses come to court and do not give evidence.

Files of evidence provided by police to prosecutors are on time and up to quality in only 43% of cases;

and the preparation by prosecutors is effective in only 60% of cases.

Conspiracy fever: As rumours swell that the government staged 7/7, victims' relatives call for a proper inquiry.

In the UK, what happens to those who are found guilty?

According to Davies:

Forty-four per cent of fines are unpaid;

up to 40% of community punishments are unserved.

Can the police be trusted?

Police Corruption in UK is at "Third World Levels" according to a report in The Telegraph on 10/02/98.


The British Newspaper "The Telegraph" reported that it was in possession of a confidential document containing the minutes of a meeting organized by the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS).

Ray Mallon

The case of Ray Mallon:

November 20, 1996 - Ray Mallon becomes the new head of Middlesbrough CID and takes the extraordinary step of pledging to quit if he fails to slash the crime rate by 20 per cent.

August 6, 1997 - Nine months into the job and his pledge to cut crime appears to be working as figures plummet towards the key 20 per cent mark.

December 1, 1997 - Detective Superintendent Mallon is suspended by Assistant Chief Constable Robert Turnbull, the force's disciplinary officer.


Anonymous said...

Aang - The books Judas Pig and The Charity committee are about one of the people you speak about.

Hidden in plainsight?

shirlz007 said...

WHAT'S THIS!!! 'tear the London Met a new arsehole day!'... buzzing! :D

Former Army Intelligence Officer, Ian Hurst, described The Met as a 'cesspit' of corruption.

'Former British army intelligence officer Ian Hurst has made strong allegations against the Metropolitan Police, claiming there is "corruption at the highest levels".

British Intelligence Says Met Police Are 'Institutionally Corrupt'

... remember when 4 Met Officers where suspected of being Al-qaeda spies!

I would personally describe London Met as 'an institution that makes The Departed look like as God damn children's show.' wankers!

shirlz007 said...

London Metropolitan Police... more leaks than OAP care home

Anonymous said...

Nothing new , they had to have a clear out of Met detectives in the 1920s and probably a few times before then. The Met was born corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Blimey! we used to think Challoner at West End Central was an evil c***
back in the 60's - mind you the top villans always had one or two coppers 'straightened out'.

shirlz007 said...

theres more!

-The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals

Secret report shows how organised crime infiltrated judicial system as well as police with prison service and HM Revenue & Customs also compromised

The Mails got it...
-Scotland Yard corruption: leaked report claims police were bribed to DESTROY evidence, SLEPT with criminals and intimidated witnesses

Internal investigation into corruption at the Metropolitan Police was leaked
File from 2002 says that organised criminals could access records 'at will'
Claims officers owned houses and racehorses with suspected gang leaders
Also alleges officers were paid £15,000 to destroy surveillance logs
Another accessed records for drug supplier he was having sex with

I think The Guardian is running a piece, Press TV... RT has an article (relating to death of Mark Duggan)

''WE'RE THE SWEENEY SON!... and our more than adequate yearly salaries, pension scheme and job perks just don't seem buy our dinner!''

Anonymous said...

GCHQ has close links with city police forces, the CIA who support econimically GCHQ leant on them to tell the met polics to
ease up. The reason was that black gangs were upsetting the politically corect crime figures by committing loads of crime.
In east london the regional crime squad were telling gangs who to burgle

Anonymous said...

There's a bigger behavioural picture to see here on the lines of bullying in the school playground.

The world is a kids' playground where a lot of people get beaten up.

If each of the children in the playground could overcome their fear of being the next to be beaten up, no one would end up pushed around by a minority gang. As it is most kids are always busy playing other games and trying not to notice what's happening in the corner.
By doing that they actually encourage the bullies. Everyone is forced to join them.

We’ve now got our self-feeding leadership backed by the full force of the military and prison system - and lots of children in the playground say they’re in it for safety’s sake and cowardice

If the children in the playground who are not in the direct line of the violence were to pull themselves together, monstrous bullies would never be created in the first place.

As well as that individuals would not be singled out for punishment.
And an insoluble problem of violence for the whole group would never even arise because everyone would be protected by the butting horns of the fiercely protective herd.

We fail each other completely.

The way we do it is exactly back to front. A small police force has to save us all.

And some people have gone mad trying to feel big and strong by raping babies.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret seems to be out there on his own in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

The krays were jewish gangsters who took over from Peter Rachman who took over from Billy the rat and Jack Spot.
All jewish gangs from W W II when our men were away fighting.
The occult writer Dennis Wheatley who was close to Churchill suggested to him that the thousands of jewish men in the UK who had evaded conscription
should be put into an army to fight Germany, but Churchill and Lindemans said NO

Anonymous said...

8.55am you have touched me to the core.

Today I was telling some people about the young kids in my apartment complex. There are about 9/10 who play together every day, but there is one, a six year old boy, who is forever screaming and crying on how mean his 'friends' are

Soooo many times I have gone out to 'rescue' him

I hear him every day: Stop being Mean to me….and 'play nice!"

and for all the cruelties displayed by the mob (and let me tell you, the girls are by far the worst offenders) my precious 6 year old returns…again and again and again….

I speak with him,listen to him, return him to his mother and also encourage him, and as I do, I know that this is a microcosm of the Big WOrld.

I happen to belong to a womens' org which ostensibly cares for girls and women.

Only a tiny handful of us recognise the fact that there will be nil gender equality until we take a good hard look at HOW WE RAISE BOYS.

Peace xx

Anonymous said...

Media Coverup of Impacts of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing on Native People in the Pacific

Anonymous said...

The Warburg Family & Enron

Anonymous said...

This mud needs raking but I fear it is a losing task. When the insult level is this high and rising, Satan's outline is clear. I am so glad for the cyclical facts of life. Next life ,I come out swinging.The rest of this life leaves me content in knowing at least they didn't boink my stargate and I may even have poked them in the nose when the upper boys got careless. I am sure they didn't want some ditch digger riding high into their 60's. When I can not crap easily I imagine a Hillory C. type figure and thats as kinky as it gets.Good luck, I pray you are helping some innocent.

Newspaceman said...

Here's a story from this week from Edinburgh, re a security firm boss torturing a young man.

The local counciller wrote to the "judge", asking him to be spared jail.

It never worked, but shows the mechanisms :


Anonymous said...

Rik Clay was a young rent boy who learnt the secrets of the illuminati, once he began whistleblowing, he was murdered.
The US mafia is said to be sicilian but at the top is always jews and so it is over here too

Anonymous said...

6:01 AM Anon said: The US mafia is said to be sicilian but at the top is always jews and so it is over here too

Absolutely. Read:

The ‘King of the Jews’ Is Dead


Edgar Bronfman—one of the world’s most powerful Zionists—finally dies

The patriarch of a crime syndicate-connected empire that has operated in the sphere of the Rothschild dynasty is dead. On December 22, Edgar M. Bronfman—longtime head of the World Jewish Congress (WJC)—died at age 84. New York magazine once described him a “sometimes coarse, bullying businessman” but noted “there are some people who would simply call him king of the Jews.”
Edgar was son of Sam Bronfman who immigrated to Canada from Russia and made his fortune in liquor, gambling, prostitution and drugs. Going “legitimate” when he assumed control of the Montreal-based Seagram distillery, Sam forged links with the New York crime syndicate headed by another Russian Jew, Meyer Lansky, and during Prohibition supplied—and thus controlled—the “spigot” of liquor funneled into the United States and distributed by the Lansky mob.
Even Chicago’s celebrated Italian-American gangster, Al Capone, owed his rise to his own Bronfman connection. It was Lansky who sent Capone to Chicago from N.Y. in the first place, assigned to work for Johnny Torrio (Bronfman’s Chicago contact) who was moving to unseat “Big Jim” Colosimo, as Italian-American Mafia chief in the Windy City.

Read the rest:

Newspaceman said...

6.01 - My recollection of Rik is that he appeared from nowhere onto the Red Ice "news" section. At that point he had one blog post, re the then forthcoming Olympics, the "antichrist", and a faux alien invasion.

I happened to leave a comment on his blog, noting that he was referring to Prince William, he subsequently e mailed me, I replied.

He then released part 2 and 3 of his blog posts, again they were on Red Ice.

He then, not much later, appeared on Red Ice radio. Twice.

He then allegedly killed himself. I recall his funeral arrangements were fairly esoteric, ashes to be scattered @ 11.11 am for example

Many rumours then abounded that he was murdered.

Thing is, Rik did'nt appear to hold too many "secrets of the illuminati", thus he could hardly "whistleblow". He was also totally wrong about the "aliens".

Where is your source on the "rent boy" angle, my understanding was that he was a musician, indeed his parents worked in the industry.

Maybe he was MK'D for a purpose ?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is a huge leap but, doesn't the child in the hospital bed look like a young Kristine Keeler? I wonder if this was Aang's intention all along. I am ultimately entirely intrigued by your depth of knowledge and wisdom. You have an understanding of the breadth of these issues like no other that one kind of wonders what you and you alone could do with massive powers and support along with a badge. All Love, Light, and Laughter to you Aangirfan

Anon said...

Where is the picture of "the child in the hospital bed"?

Anonymous said...

"A child victim of the CIA's Monarch/MKULTRA mind control programme."

Believe me Aangirfan, there are many highly intelligent, educated, good-hearted people who have no real idea/concept of what you write/describe. I have met them in my life and they just cannot comprehend; are thunder struck when I speak of what I have learned in my professional and personal aspects of my life.

I have gone back and copied the caption of the photo I believe John Alan to be thinking of.

Aangirfan specialises in hard-won Life Lessons, and from the moment I found Aangirfan, I recognised this, and said so.

It takes a pure hearted convent girl to recognise one


Again and again and again….xx

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