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Above, we see a victim of the Bad Nenndorf 'concentration camp'.

The Bad Nenndorf 'concentration camp'

The Bad Nenndorf 'concentration camp', in the town of Bad Nenndorf in Germany, operated from June 1945 to July 1947.

There were dozens of similar 'torture camps' in other locations, including Rome and Cairo.

The Bad Nenndorf camp held male and female 'suspects' of various nationalities.

Many of the 'suspects' were entirely innocent.

Victims of the British concentration camp. Photographs: Martin Argles. The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep ...

The Bad Nenndorf camp was run by the British military and its commanding officer was MI5's Lt Col Robin Stephens.

In January and February 1947, a number of prisoners from the Bad Nenndorf camp were taken to a civilian hospital.

These prisoners were suffering from frostbite, malnutrition and various physical injuries.

Some of them died.

Child victim of a British concentration camp in South Africa. 

Inspector Thomas Hayward of the London police was sent to investigate.

Hayward listed the abuses at Bad Nenndorf: 

The British officers used torture equipment which they had got from the Gestapo.

Prisoners were systematically beaten and deliberately kept in temperatures well below freezing.

"Prisoners could be stripped and repeatedly doused in water. This punishment could continue for weeks, even in sub-zero temperatures.

"Naked prisoners were handcuffed back-to-back and forced to stand before open windows in midwinter. Frostbite became common."

Starving child in a British concentration camp in South Africa.

 At Bad Nenndorf some prisoners were starved to death.

Prisoners were forced to walk up and down their cells from early morning until late at night. 

When moving about the prison they were expected to run, while soldiers kicked them.

The commanding officer at Bad Nenndorf was Robin "Tin Eye" Stephens of MI5 (Britain's Gestapo).

Many of the prisoners were simply suspected 'leftists'.

Others were people who had offered to spy on the Russians, and were tortured to establish whether they were genuine.

One of the men who was starved to death, Walter Bergmann, had offered to spy for the British, and fell under suspicion because he spoke Russian.

Another man who starved to death, Franz Osterreicher, had been arrested while attempting to enter the British zone in search of his gay lover.

One victim of the cold cell punishment was Buttlar, an anti-Nazi, who had spent two years as a prisoner of the Gestapo.

"I never in all those two years had undergone such treatments," he said.

Abu Ghraib, run by the sadistic gay Nazis of the US military.

After the inquiry at Bad Nenndorf, Charges were brought against four army officers: Lt Col Robin Stephens, Lt Richard Oliver Langham, Capt John Stuart Smith, and Capt Frank Edmunds

They all 'got away with it'.

The only officer at Bad Nenndorf to be convicted was the prison doctor. At the age of 49, his sentence was to be dismissed from the army.

The interrogation camp that turned prisoners into living skeletons / Revealed: UK wartime torture camp / The postwar photographs that British authorities tried to keep hidden

Baha Mousa, tortured and killed by the UK military.

"According to new research, Britain bears 'significant responsibility' since 1945 for the direct or indirect deaths of 8.6 million to 13.5 million people throughout the world from military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain."

In 1972, the UK military murdered 14 innocent civilians on the streets of the UK.

Britain is not very civilised.

At the age of five, some British children do not know their own name.

The children who are so neglected that at the age of five they do not even know their own name.

In 2006 it was reported that life expectancy in one part of Britain was 56, lower than in Bangladesh.

If you are born here, you can expect to die at 54.

The UK military was responsible for most of the terror in this part of the UK.Website for this image

The British military has a long history of acting like Nazis.

Left: Thaci, linked to drug and organ trafficking. Centre: UK General Sir Mike Jackson.

The Sunday Telegraph revealed that Britain's SAS trained Pol Pot's forces .

Jane's Defence Weekly reported that the British training for the members of the 'coalition' was carried out "at secret bases in Thailand for more than four years".

Remember that Britain's SAS trained the Khmer Rouge

Baha Mousa

Private Stuart Mackenzie was in Iraq in 2003.

He was attached to the Queen's Lancashire Regiment which ran the detention centre where Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa was held before dying from the 93 injuries he sustained.

Mackenzie kept a diary.

Extracts from the diary were produced at the court martial of the seven soldiers who were acquitted of abusing prisoners.

Diary of a squaddie: Sunburn, sore feet and three more Ali Babas ... )

Mackenzie wrote:

Leg and a winged (threw) Ali Baba (an Iraqi) into Shat al Arab (canal) for stealing wood.

Piss funny.

Iraqi victim of the British military and its US friends.

Mackenzie wrote:

On 4 hour patrol.

Found 3 Ali Babas (Iraqis)

Beat them up with sticks and filmed it - good day so far...

Caught 3 Ali Babas - beat fuck out of them in back of Saxon.

One had a punctured lung and broken ribs and fingers.

One had a dislocated shoulder and broken fingers...

Harry Farr. General Haig signed his death warrant and he was shot at dawn on October 16, 1916.

During World War I, Britain executed 306 of its own soldiers, some as young as 14 years of age.


From an article by Harvey Thompson:

A typical case is that of Harry Farr, who joined the British Expeditionary Force in 1914 and fought in the trenches.

His position was repeatedly shelled, and in May 1915 he collapsed with strong convulsions.

In hospital, his wife Gertrude - who was denied a widow's pension after the war - recalled:

"He shook all the time.

"He couldn't stand the noise of the guns.

"We got a letter from him, but it was in a stranger's handwriting.

"He could write perfectly well, but couldn't hold the pen because his hand was shaking."

Field Marshal Haig got promoted because he was a dear and close friend of the homosexual Lord Kitchener and the homosexual Lord Esher. Lord Kitchener: The Truth At Last - The Truthseeker / Earl Haig | Obituary

It is now thought that Farr was possibly suffering from hypacusis, which occurs when the eardrums are so damaged that the auditory nerve becomes exposed, making loud noises physically unbearable.

Despite this, Farr was sent back to the front and fought at the Somme.

After several months of fighting, he requested to see a medical orderly but was refused.

Sadistic homosexual generals sent many young boy soldiers to their deaths.

In Farr's Court Martial papers, the Sergeant Major is quoted as saying "If you don't go up to the fuc**ng front, I'm going to fuc**ng blow your brains out" to which Farr simply replied "I just can't go on."

The Court Martial was over in 20 minutes.

Harry Farr had to defend himself.

General Haig signed his death warrant and he was shot at dawn on October 16, 1916.


Prior to World War II, elements of the British military were fans of Hitler.

According to Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, a pre-war head of UK Naval Intelligence, Hitler was "absolutely terrific."

Wing Commander Frederick Winterbottom, a pre-war head of MI6's air section, reportedly hoped Britain and Germany would unite against Stalin's Russia.

(Hackitectura Advance - [History of M15)

The sadistic homosexuals in the UK military just loved the sadistic homosexuals in the Nazi military.

British concentration camp.

Giles MacDonogh has written After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation.

(A hellish peace)

According to MacDonogh's evidence, at the end of World War II, the British military and its allies went in for rape, torture and murder.

Another victim of the Brits.

Reportedly, the British military also got into bed with the top Nazis.

After the war, "British authorities called off the hunt for the man who organised the Nazi Holocaust just 17 months after the end of World War II, files have revealed.

"The files relating to Adolf Eichmann were released by The National Archives. They show that at the time the decision was made, Eichmann was hiding in the British-controlled zone of Germany.

"He went to Argentina in 1950."

Eichmann search was ended early

Horst Kopkow

Horst Kopkow, one of Hitler's top spies, who ordered the murders of more than 100 British secret agents in concentration camps, was spared execution as a war criminal and went to work for MI6.

Britain became a refuge for top Nazi war criminals.,,2-1611185,00.html

The British and American elite protected the German Nazi elite.

The German Nazi elite protected the Zionist elite.

Palestinian children kept in cages.

The Nazi Israelis keep children in cages out of doors, during the cold winter.

Israel government tortures Palestinian children by keeping them in cages

The American Nazi military, who put Saddam into power and who carried out 9 11.

Historian Mark Curtis has written: 1. 'Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses' (2004) 2. 'Web of Deceit: Britain’s Real Role in the World' (2003) Published by Vintage.

Paul Cochrane, at,  reviewed Curtis's books.

(Unpeople, Dirty Wars and a Web of Deceit – Britain’s Foreign ...)

He wrote:

"According to new research, Britain bears 'significant responsibility' since 1945 for the direct or indirect deaths of 8.6 million to 13.5 million people throughout the world from military interventions and at the hands of regimes strongly supported by Britain."

Innocent villagers murdered by the British military in  Malaysia. A few of the bodies were mutilated by the British, according to reports. The village was burnt by the British; and the women and children 'were taken away', presumably to a concentration camp.This massacre was carried out by the notorious Scots Guards.

Curtis said he came up with the term 'Unpeople' because he thought it adequately described the British government’s attitude towards people who are expendable in Britain’s pursuit of economic and political goals.

Curtis said: "there was a British army officer who was quoted in Iraq as saying the Americans view the Iraqis only as Untermenschen, the Nazi concept of subhuman.

"In a way, the British have no real different regard for Iraqis than Americans."

Mark Curtis says that in 1971 an official British investigation found that the British army's torture techniques "played an important part in counter-insurgency operations in Palestine, Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus and the British Cameroons (1960-1), Brunei (1963), British Guiana (1964), Aden (1964-7), Borneo/Malaysia (1965-6), the Persian Gulf (1970-1) and in Northern Ireland (1971)".

Kenyans under the British.

In KENYA, the British used beatings, sexual humiliation, hooding, sleep deprivation, and bombarding with white noise.

32 Whites were killed by the Mau Mau during the five-year state of emergency.

More whites died in traffic accidents in the capital city, Nairobi.

Kenyans were forced into concentration camps and routinely tortured.

Some 150,000 Africans died as a direct result of the British policy.

A British concentration camp in Kenya.

There was a "constant stream of reports of brutalities by police, military and home guards", wrote Canon Bewes, a British missionary.

"Some of the people had been using castration instruments and two men had died under castration."

Other brutalities included slicing off ears, boring holes in eardrums, flogging people to death, pouring paraffin over suspects and setting them alight and burning eardrums with cigarettes.

The British are still thought to be killing people in Kenya.

A British district officer admitted, "There was outright abuse of power and some of the crimes committed were horrific.

"One day six Mau Mau suspects were brought into a police station in the neighbouring district to mine.

"The British police inspector in charge lined them up against a wall and shot them."

A mobile gallows travelled the country.

Over 1,000 were hanged, their bodies displayed at crossroads and market places.

The British bombing Malaya.


The British used terror in Malaya.

This involved aerial bombing, massacres of villagers, dictatorial police measures and the "resettlement" of hundreds of thousands of people.

British Marine with the heads of victims. Website for this image


During the state of emergency, from 1952 to 1957, the British army used torture.

According to Cypriot Nicos Koshies:

"They took me to the Special Branch and they started beating me.

"They took off all my clothes, they tied my hands and feet.

"They asked somebody to come in.

"He was taking a stick to put up my bottom, he was putting cloths in water and putting them on my face so I could not breathe, he threw me down and danced on my stomach when he was wearing boots.

"After 12 days I could not recognise myself."

The British in Cyprus, desperate to hold onto their military bases.

According to James Callaghan in the UK House of Commons:

"On 29 June 1957 an inquest was held into the death of Nicos Georghiou.

"Dr Clearkin said in evidence that bruises in the head were sufficiently severe to have caused the injuries to the brain, perhaps bumping the head against a hard object."


In 1953 a coup organised by the British and the USA overthrew Mossadeq and gave power to the Shah.

British SAS forces (Britain's SS) trained the Shah's Savak secret police.

SAS officers helped train the Iranian army in special operations against the Kurds.

In 1979, the Britain's MI6 and the CIA used the Muslim Brotherhood to put the MI6 agent the Ayatollah Khomeini into power.



In Aden, later known as South Yemen, SAS squads used terror against local villages.

An official investigation found that from 1964 to 1967 detainees at a British interrogation centre were routinely tortured.

Their eardrums were burst.

Others were forced to lean against walls with their fingertips for day and subjected to white noise for hours.


Former detainees in Bahrain have described being beaten, electrocuted, whipped, tied in excruciating positions for days on end, kept awake, starved and having their toenails torn out.

A civilian tortured by the British army in Northern Ireland.


The UK military was responsible for much of the terrorism in Northern Ireland.

The Compton inquiry acknowledged that the army hooded suspects, fed them on just bread and water and blasted them with noise.

An Amnesty International report said, "It is because we regard the deliberate destruction of a man's ability to control his own mind with revulsion that we reserve a special place in our catalogue of moral crimes for techniques of thought control and brainwashing.

A victim of the British military in Northern Ireland. The UK military used waterboarding in Northern Ireland.

"Any interrogation procedure which has the purpose or effect of causing a malfunction or breakdown of a man's mental processes constitutes as grave an assault on the inherent dignity of the human person as more traditional techniques of physical torture."

A European human rights report found that British army techniques amounted to "inhuman and degrading treatment" causing "at least intense physical and mental suffering".



Mengele, Oswald, the CIA

Anglo-American fascism

aangirfan: The Intelligence Game - James Rusbridger

Roger Casement: Secrets of the Black Diaries - BBC


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Anonymous said...

Aangirfan sometimes I feel physically ill reading your blog

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This means that I had to 'grow up' when I was quite 'old', and the unlearning and re-learning were all painful and bewildering.

Such is the success of the brainwashing by the prevailing culture, which in Oz has been British.

I now see of course, how blessed my life has been and is.

Thank you as ever for all you do, as together, somehow, I hope we can make a difference for those who truly suffer.

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