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Christine Keeler, who, as a teenager, was used by members of the elite.

One can imagine certain people at the Bilderberg meeting in Cannes in May 1963, such as David Rockefeller, Edward Heath (friend of the Rothschilds) and Antoine Pinay (friend of Rockefeller), discussing the following possibilities:

1. The removal of John F Kennedy.

2. The removal of Britain's prime minister Harold Macmillan, to be replaced by Harold Wilson.

3. The removal of General de Gaulle.

4. The giving of nuclear secrets to Israel.

Bilderberg may also have discussed Martin Luther King, growing opposition to nuclear weapons, a future invasion of Cyprus, the spy Kim Philby, a possible big war in Vietnam and the famous Dr Stephen Ward.

The top spy Stephen Ward told the teenage prostitute Christine Keeler and the Russian spy Eugene Ivanov: "A man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I assure you of that." 

Stephen Ward


Certain top people would sometimes get together at the suite of King Olav of Norway, on the top floor of London's Dorchester hotel.

These people included: John F Kennedy (before he became president), Dr. Stephen Ward (who supplied girls to J F Kennedy) Sir Simon Marks (MI6), Roger Hollis (Boss of MI5), Willie Brandt, Francois Mitterand and Averell Harriman (who introduced Stephen Ward to the elite).

A child victim of the CIA's Monarch/MKULTRA mind control programme.


Stephen Ward was involved in the Monarch mind-control programme, designed by the security services to create mind-controlled politicians, assassins and sex slaves.

The teenage prostitute Christeen Keeler often said that 'Ward controlled her'.

Sir Jimmy Savile, who was a frequent visitor to children's homes, such as Barnardos.

Ward was a frequent visitor to Barnardos children's homes.

(The security services are believed to use children from children's homes, such as Boys' Town Omaha and Barnardos, to be mind controlled and used as sex slaves)

Clay Shaw

Ward knew Clay Shaw and David Ferrie, both linked to the Kennedy assassination.

Ronna Ricardo


Ronna Ricardo was an Irish girl who was raped and abused as a child.

Several men 'had dumped her', the last being an American who held the key to the atomic bomb.

JFK and a 'mind-controlled sex slave'.


"Ronna Ricardo ... told me a few things about ritual masonic abuse of children, involving many top people.

"She was involved in supplying young girls...

"She was involved with Ward in trying to get a camera in to take photos of the abuses...

"She knew of one 10 year-old girl who disappeared after being taken to hospital by the police. Just vanished.

"There were rumours of an orphanage in Ireland (Ronna had contacts in the IRA) where men she named for me filmed children being abused by people specially chosen for blackmail - as they were being slowly strangled to death by Anthony Blunt. Snuff-movies."

Blunt and the Queen


Some British spies have been involved in sex and black magic parties.

Varda Proctor the wife of spy Dennis Proctor threatened to inform the authorities and then very kindly committed 'suicide'

Astor, friend of Stephen Ward

According to T Stokes:

"Britain's intelligence services listed the names of all those who went to Russia from the thirties onward...

"The records show visits to Russia from members of the Astor family.

"Lord William, 3rd viscount Astor, was to hold sex and black magic parties at his grand house, where Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies seduced the rich and famous.

Stephen Ward

"Stephen Ward, was a master occultist who at these orgies would conjure weird spirits to visibly appear, which sound identical to those at Bilderberg ceremonies.

Churchill who took an interest in the occult.

According to T Stokes:

"MI5 informant Stephen Ward treated Winston Churchill for alcoholism and depression, and got him painting for therapy, it was said to be what Ward knew of Churchill that ensured his murder.

"Sir Anthony Blunt then bought up all Stephen Ward's drawings of the royal family and destroyed them, so no links would be found of Satanism and perversion in any inquiry, between the royals and a black magician...

Queen Elizabeth and a Druid ceremony.

"Attendees at these parties told of Sir Anthony Blunt asphyxiating young boys...

"Sir Anthony Blunt could do as he wanted he ... would trawl the late night London lavatories for young men incapacitated by drink or drugs, to bring back to their flat over the Courtalds institute...

"The top catholic exorcist Dom Robert Petit-Pierre claimed the exorcisms he had to perform at the Astors huge estate and Wards cottage, contained the most potent satanic entities he had ever come across, including the spirits of several murdered boys.

"The evil spirits were similar to the entities surrounding the devils chimney, the Aleister Crowley wartime rituals on Britain’s south coast for Winston Churchill's occult Black group experiments.

"Dennis Proctor, who helped run the pre war ministry of power, helped government supply contracts only go to those Jews approved by Rothschild..."

Herbert Morrison, of Jewish origin.

"The grandfather of Tony Blair friend Peter Mandelson was former government minister Herbert Morrison.

"Intelligence files from this period, state quite clearly that Morrison was instrumental in informing other powerful Jewish businessmen connected to the Russians which products would be going up in the annual budget...

"Dame Shirley Porter who is the daughter of Jack Cohen founder of Tesco supermarkets, had close connections to the late Herbert Morrison, and all these people are linked to the Rothschilds, who fund both Britain’s New Labour and Conservative parties..."

One of Stephen Ward's girls, Mandy Rice Davies, with Israeli soldiers.

According to Henry Makow: 

(Profumo Affair Exposed Illuminati Control /Profumo Affair Exposed Masonic Control):

"A tightly-knit satanic sex cult subtly controls all states and pits them against each other in a profitable and diverting Punch-and-Judy show...

"Keeler witnessed the 'Communist' Stephen Ward meeting with 'Fascist' leader Oswald Mosley.

"In Oct. 1962, she overheard Ward tell Eugene Ivanov, his Soviet contact: 'a man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I can assure you of that.'

"Ward was a spy master who used the innocent Keeler to get information from important men...

"Ward made his subordinate Soviet Naval Attache Ivanov seduce Keeler in order to compromise Profumo.

"Stephen Ward was an Illuminati agent whose job was to undermine the Conservative government to make way for Harold Wilson's Labour Party...

Written by TV personality Michael Bentine.

"Christine Keeler... slept with everyone from Ringo Starr to George Peppard...

"The Masonic elite were/are into every form of sexual depravity and have inducted society as-a-whole into what is in fact a pagan sex cult...

"At Cliveden, the seat of the Astor family and a center of British power, Keeler reports finding in the wood 'a witch circle, the real thing, about ten feet in diameter.'

"Keeler describes orgies: 'Stephen knew all the Masonic handshakes and he said that at some of the parties the girls would just wear Masonic aprons. They would be flicked up and down like a sporran,' he would laugh.

"Some of the women... were heavily into sadistic sex and there were 'black magic' parties which were really just an excuse for group sex sessions. There would be phallic totem poles around which all these women would bow and scrape.'

Ward lived in Spring Cottage on the Astor estate Cliveden "which became a site of both magical & more hedonistic activites."

"The 'cream' of British politics, business, culture and law participated in this scene...

"Perhaps sex addiction and a lack of what Mathew Arnold called 'high seriousness' are prerequisites for our political leaders.

"After all, they must represent the interests of the Masonic central banking cartel, and in case they forget, must be easily black-mailable. This may explain our choice of US Presidential candidates.

"Mankind will continue to be a perennial underachiever so long as we are secretly governed by ruthless greedy Satanists and their minions".


Anonymous said...

Please read this. Fernbridge/Fairbridge is now a murder investigation. Allegedly a young boy raped and strangled

Anonymous said...

I had it on very good authority that the new Christine Keeler book is bunk, its a revenge tool froma once very beautiful girl.
I saw mention of stokes here, remember he had an argument with his freind Peter Wright who wrote spyctacher, stokes said the info gained by Stephen Ward was very high quality, ward who treated both the Rolling stones and Beatles was set to entrap eugene ivanov and get him to defect

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:57 AM, Profumo/Ward is a hobby of mine, ALL of Keeler's books are bunk, ghost written disinformation. Same with Miss MRD. Using the girls thus allowed 'them' to whitewash events in a controlled manner.

By the way, how did Ward treat The Stones, they didn't exist at the time? He was dead summer '63, probably not able to practice from Jan '63 so would barely know The Beatles.

SH does exist, he's in the Birth Register for London. Norse father, probably soldier in exile army, defuse figures but about 4,000 men made it to UK, so he could well have known Norse Royals. He's been on the www since 1998 or so (always used real name) thought to be a nutter but events are beginning to back up some of his ramblings. If he knew Ward as well as he says why haven't the girls mentioned him sometime. Because he's one of the things they've been ordered not to mention? Why?

I was given MRD's possible email address by a contact - apparently you can buy millions of adresses on the www - emailed her pretending to be SH, just a "Hi, how are you, babe!" to get a gleeful reply "Wow, talk about a blast from the past!"

So it would seem it was her email and she did know him, but not in contact.

And they steadfastly refuse to release the files on Ward as they are 'too sensational', even the court transcripts from the trial, public documents all have the right to read! MRD apparently, after much effort, got the transcripts referring to her part in the trial, to find it was felt-penned to the degree they even erased her own name!

Again, there's more to this than they want us to know. They're covering someone's butt, that's what. Somebody with the power to order our govt around.

What the hell did they do they need to cover up so badly!?

Anonymous said...

at the time of Daniel Morecamb's disappearance Dec 2003 there were 67 pedophiles known to the police, living in the small hamlet that is home to the M's/

The waters are so muddied that the process of the 'investigations and subsequent outcome is no surprise.

No surprise at all.

The 'word' of a pedophile, prostitute and/or too many police simply cannot be trusted.


Most of the above have never even heard that word.

Knowing what it means is a Journey in itself!

Peace xx

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