Thursday, January 02, 2014


New Year's Eve feeding the homeless in downtown Seattle. Left to right: Wayne Madsen and Silvija Germek. 

'The limousine liberals who run Seattle have passed an ordinance that makes it illegal to feed the homeless. However, it is perfectly legal to feed seagulls, squirrels, and pigeons. WMR happily broke Seattle's inane law to brighten up New Year's Eve with food donations for the less fortunate among us and, in return, received a wealth of information on the plight faced by the homeless within the "liberal paradise."'

January 1-2, 2014 - SPECIAL REPORT. Seattle (WMR).


Anonymous said...

precious participants in the Aangirfan co-operative xx

Anonymous said...

It's not just in Seattle. Here in Britain some local councils are trying to bring in bye-laws to make it illegal for soup kitchens to feed the homeless as they are 'encouraging the problem' and bringing the area down! Where's Charles Dickens when you need him to write about the scum who are running this now dump of a country?

Anonymous said...

'who's' in control?

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