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Andrew Ash, who was abused by members of a pedophile ring, which included a female member of parliament.

A female member of the UK parliament sexually abused a thirteen-year-old boy called Andrew Ash.

Andrew Ash was brought from a government children's home, to parliament, to be sexually abused.

Female MP abused boy in care - ‎

Female MPs.

The female MP was part of a pedophile ring 'at the heart of government', a ring that included Sir Jimmy Savile.

Andrew was also trafficked to Amsterdam on a number of occasions.

Female MP abused boy in care - ‎

Andrew Ash was taken to 'drug-fuelled parties' in the UK parliament in the 1980s.

At these parties, boys and girls as young as 13 were reportedly abused.

Andrew, now 45, gave the name of the former female MP to the police.

Jason Smith, from a children's home in London, was murdered by members of a pedophile ring with links to top people.

Andrew says he was frequently transported to London from the North of England, where he was in care, to take part in child abuse parties for top people.

Andrew says the pedophile ring included Sir Jimmy Savile's driver David Smith.

Smith died in mysterious circumstances in 2013, just before he was due to give evidence in court.

Sir Jimmy Savile, believed to have been working for the intelligence services.

According to Andrew:

"It wasn’t just politicians; there were also a number of celebrities, including Jimmy Savile, who seemed to have a lot of good links to MPs and powerful businessmen.

"There was usually drugs like cocaine and speed available as well as bottles of champagne."

The female MP "was extremely drunk and was laughing as she did it.

"I didn’t really know what was going on but the others around her were goading her on.

"I must have been about 13 years old at the time and felt humiliated."

A former Home Secretary accused of not doing enough to investigate pedophile rings.

The police have video footage and photos of a senior male MP with Andrew.

Andrew says: "I remember being filmed with this MP, who was abusing me in a garage of a very prominent building behind a Rolls-Royce."

Andrew was interviewed for 70 hours by the London Police's Paedophile Unit.

Police officers called at Andrew's home in Yorkshire in May 2013.

Interviews were carried out in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and in London. 


Andrew says: "The interviews were usually carried out in blocks of three, normally every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

"On at least two occasions there were two other officers present that I didn’t recognise. They didn’t ask me a thing, they just scribbled notes.

"I asked who they were but all I was told was that they were from 'upstairs'. It was clear from the tone that they were intelligence officers.

"They had obviously been made aware of the high-profile names and the sensitive information I had given police."

Sydney Cook

Dutch intelligence officers attended at least one interview.

Andrew says he was abused in Amsterdam, on a number of occasions, by members of a pedophile ring which including convicted child murderer Sidney Cooke.

Andrew says he was abused by a top celebrity

He said: "This particular person was able to get youngsters into glitzy nightclubs in the West End. After one evening he invited me and a young girl back to his house where he made us have sex before joining in."

More here: Female MP abused boy in care - ‎


Female members of the UK parliament in 1983
BarkingJo RichardsonLabour

Batley and SpenElizabeth PeacockConservative

Birmingham, EdgbastonJill KnightConservative

Birmingham, LadywoodClare ShortLabour

BroxbourneMarion RoeConservative

ClydesdaleDame Judith HartLabour

CongletonAnn WintertonConservative

Crewe and NantwichGwyneth DunwoodyLabour

Derby, SouthMargaret BeckettLabour

Derbyshire, SouthEdwina CurrieConservative

FinchleyMargaret ThatcherConservative

GloucesterSally OppenheimConservative

LancasterElaine Kellett-BowmanConservative

Mitcham and MordenAngela RumboldConservative

PeckhamHarriet HarmanLabour

Plymouth, DrakeJanet FookesConservative

Sheffield BrightsideJoan MaynardLabour

ThurrockDr. Oonagh McDonaldLabour

WallaseyLynda ChalkerConservative

West Bromwich, WestBetty BoothroydLabour

Wolverhampton, North EastRenee ShortLabour

Elected in 1987:

Virginia Bottomley.

Ann Widdecombe,

Mo Mowlam,

Teresa Gorman,

Diane Abbott,

Ann Clwyd.

Maria Fyfe.

Rosie Barnes.

Joan Ruddock.

Dame Peggy Fenner

Audrey Wise.

Maureen Hicks.



Anonymous said...

He said: "This particular person was able to get youngsters into glitzy nightclubs in the West End. After one evening he invited me and a young girl back to his house where he made us have sex before joining in."

Is this the same person ben fellows named?

Anonymous said...

I really hope Andrew sees some justice and lives. It is terrifying that so many children have been, and still are, suffering at the hands of cruel, evil people. Even now, it's hard for children and young people to be listened to when they ask for help, but I think it is improving. However, the top dogs are still very powerful and need taking down and brought to justice, without anyone else protecting them. I'm of the opinion there are some people in prison now, who could testify but are too terrified and so continue to live out sentences for offences they either did not commit or were involved with in some way, but not the actual crime. I'm thinking particularly of connections with the paedophile rings and their 'procurers'.
Today, we have the news that two young girls, aged 12, have gone missing in North London. The kind of psychic work I do, makes me believe they have been abducted and taken North to one of the cities in the Midlands, like Birmingham. Further results suggest the abductors are connected to one of the biggest and most powerfully protected paedophile rings in England. I think this is run mainly by someone very high up within the police (and probably Masons) and was the ring connected with Jimmy Saville and so many other twisted bastards. ('scuse language, but I am hopping mad about this!)
Let's hope the police can move quickly on any intelligence before this grand high Poobah gets a chance to stop them. If the abductors can be found and questioned quickly enough, who knows, they may give names and info that will lead to the whole thing tumbling down. I also think one of the abductors has links to, or is indeed, the 'procurer' who really took April Jones. However, we shall see what transpires, if anything.
Take care out there everyone.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to take back what I said about the missing 12yr old girls from N.London - obviously my divination method is up the creek! Still think there are links between certain 'procurers' and the powerful people running the paedo rings.

It's up to you Aang, whether you print either comment. Meanwhile, keep up the good work.

shirlz007 said...

apologies to comment on a different topic... but is anyone else getting really f****d off at the reporting of the NSA/GCHQ mass surveillance? The amount of released info, the pace at which it's being released... Specifically Glenn Greenwald!!! The 'treasure trove' of information contains details of financial manipulation, ties to Israeli Mossad, banking institutions, spying on and blackmailing members of Congress/Parliament.
At first I supported the steady drip of information (keep the story in the limelight)... now Im thinking just dump everything on the net!!! (Cryptome?)... bollocks to Greenwald and Laura Poitras!

Anonymous said...
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So nice to get some good news:


I missed this at the time

"Smith had 22 previous convictions for sexual abuse against young boys

A former BBC driver found dead in an apparent suicide ahead of his child sex abuse trial has 'cheated' his victim of justice, a leading lawyer has today said.

The body of David Smith, 67, chauffeur to disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile and other celebrities during the 1980s, was found at his south-east London home, on Monday - the eve of his court appearance.

It has emerged the former driver was a prolific sex offender with a string of previous convictions for sexual offences against young boys, dating back to 1966, on his criminal record. ....."

Now why should the delightful David Smith (apparently) kill himself on this occasion after surviving his previous convictions?

Isn't it odd how people who have embarrassing information on the big fish or the government -so conveniently wake up dead when the stakes are high:

".....Among those who have called for an inquest or have doubts it was a suicide are former Tory leader Michael Howard, and Liberal Democrat minister Norman Baker, who wrote a book saying Kelly was most likely murdered.

A group of doctors say Hutton's findings should be discarded and a new inquest held. Dr Stephen Frost said: "We have lots of evidence … No coroner in the land would reach a verdict of suicide as Lord Hutton did."

Experts in forensic pathology point out the sceptics may be expert in their own fields, but not in the science of establishing the cause of death.

Hutton has kept silent since his report, breaking it only to write a letter denouncing the conspiracy theorists. Hutton's conclusion is supported by the available facts and experts: "At no time … was there any suggestion from any counsel for the interested parties or in any of the extensive media coverage that any of the police officers engaged in investigating Dr Kelly's death or any of the medical or scientific witnesses was involved in any sort of cover-up or plot to make a murder appear like a suicide."

Dyke claimed that: "Some of Dr Kelly's wider family don't believe it's suicide."
"Chilcot inquiry succumbs to secrecy: Some 'private' sessions are arguably necessary, but a staggering 35 secret witnesses provoke suspicion of a cover-up"
2004 BBC director general Greg Dyke pays for his disobedience over the sexed up WMD "dodgy-dossier"
Against all odds an 'Independant' Government enquiry finds the Government blameless (quelle suprise) and the messenger shot.
"After the Hutton inquiry, how can any broadcaster claim to be free?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Aang - search in vain for an inquest being opened for David Smith, Savile's driver. Working hypothesis: it never happened.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aang, Hi Anonymous,
You're right,you know! I remember thinking immediately I heard the news about David Smith's death, that it was probably murder - he was 'neutralized', silenced - so he couldn't give evidence. He must have known who else was involved besides Saville, which would have made him a very dangerous witness to a large number of people. I would not even give credit to him being kept safe under witness protection.
I just watched one of the Bill Maloney films on YouTube, so now I feel really glum. Still, all those who really want truth and justice to prevail and all the wicked, twisted, sick creeps to be exposed and punished, must keep positive, optimistic and keep putting that kind of energy out there so we WILL change the world. We have to; the way Homo Sapiens has carried on, for far too long now, has to stop!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this story? I used to work for a firm in the East of England many years ago. Almost everyone in the firm was a Mason, from the bosses down. They knew most of the local police, because one of bosses said so, because he said 'most of them are Masons'.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who put together the list of women Mp's from 1983 but they really should be told that Vivian Bendall is a MAN.

Anonymous said...

not forgetting Margaret Hodge Mp she covered up a massive pedophile ring and moved people on and paid people off to keep it quiet...her husband Henry Hodge was an appeal Judge and she lived just 4 doors away from Tony Blair who then years later made her childrens minister, sick...obviously one of the untouchables...

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