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David Headley's name is not on record in any US prison database.

"For all you know he may be back in Mumbai or Delhi laughing his head off while plotting another attack!"

David Headley's Last Laugh

Ken Haywood 'of the CIA'. KEN HAYWOOD AND 'CIA TERRORISM' IN INDIA. The Tehelka newspaper revealed that, in India,over 100 US Christian evangelical groups were fronts for the CIA. (Tehelka)

A big false-flag terror attack is expected in India within the next few months.

According to Satya Sagar: 

"A strategic terrorist attack" or "an abrupt and devastating economic crisis engineered by a cabal of large hedge fund managers" could decide the outcome of the 2014 Indian election.

2014 Indian Elections And David Headley's Last Laugh Satya Sagar, 23 January, 2014,

Sonia Gandhi (right) of the Congress Party, who is allegedly an asset of the CIA.

The CIA and Mossad have so thoroughly infiltrated India's security services and police that they can easily carry out an 'attack'.

In December 2013 there were warnings of an 'attack' from the chief of the Intelligence Bureau, the Indian PM and the Navy Chief

Modi of the BJP party

The Intelligence Bureau mentioned the opposition leader Narendra Modi as a possible target.

The Times of India mentioned large amounts of explosives arriving in Kashmir and being smuggled into the Punjab and Delhi.

The Times of India mentioned Yasin Bhatkal, alleged boss of the 'Indian Mujahideen' telling the police about a plan to 'nuke' the city of Surat in Gujarat in India.


In January 2014, M.K.Narayanan, former National Security Advisor (NSA), claimed that Kashmir is going to be targeted by the Taliban from Afghanistan.

Narayanan is reportedly a member of the Indian 'deep state'. 

2014 Indian Elections And David Headley's Last Laugh

The National Security Advisor (NSA) is the chief executive of the National Security Council (NSC). The intelligence agencies such as the Research and Analysis Wing and Intelligence Bureau report to the NSA.

 2008 Mumbai attack - like Operation Gladio.

In 2008, Narayanan was the National Security Advisor, when the 26/11 attack in Mumbai took place.

These attacks were organised by David Headley, who reportedly works for the CIA.

The USA wants India to be within the US camp, and not within the China-Russia-Brazil camp.

According to Satya Sagar: 

"The logistical complexity of the operation involved and the ultimate ease with which it was executed raises questions whether India's top intelligence brass were just plain incompetent or actually complicit somewhere in such 'terrorist' plots."

2014 Indian Elections And David Headley's Last Laugh


The 26/11 Mumbai attack came six months before the last general elections.

According to Satya Sagar: 

"A major terrorist attack like that in Mumbai could have pushed both public opinion and the Indian government towards sending troops to Afghanistan, helping the US/NATO operations immensely...

"The Indian government at that time did not get tempted to go to war with Pakistan..."

2014 Indian Elections And David Headley's Last Laugh

David Headley who reportedly has been behind MANY of the terrorist attacks in India.

According to Satya Sagar: 

"The Indian government was willing to meekly accept a US refusal to extradite David Headley and even allow restrictions to be placed before Indian interrogators trying to access him...

"David Headley's name is not there on record in any US prison database.

"For all you know he may be back in Mumbai or Delhi laughing his head off while plotting another attack!...

"While the Indian government was making public noises asking for Headley's trial in India at the same time M.K.Narayanan was treacherously assuring the US ambassador in India that he did not believe these demands were 'serious'!"

2014 Indian Elections And David Headley's Last Laugh


According to Satya Sagar: 

"There seems to be a section of the Indian army and intelligence, which has been arguing strongly for the need to get involved militarily in Afghanistan...

"India has been consistently among the world's top arms importers for the last couple of decades (in 2013 it was the world's largest importer)."

This means "lots of money made in cuts to arms agents and their pals in the Indian military."


According to Satya Sagar: 

There are several trillion dollars worth of valuable mineral deposits in Afghanistan.

Indian corporations may have their eyes on these minerals.

The US, and Japan, would welcome an Indian military presence in Afghanistan.

Japan wants to contain the rise of China.

So, we have an US-India-Japan axis emerging.

Satya Sagar is a public health activist and writer based in Santiniketan, West Bengal.

There is a theory that the CIA simply wants to break India up, to stop it being an economic and military rival.


Anonymous said...

ref "David Headley's name is not there on record in any US prison database"
just curious, did anybody check if Bernie Madoff is actually doing time in the US or is he off in a posh beach resort near Tel Aviv??

A. Peasant said...

In 2010 aboutt 160 trucks full of explosives went missing in India.

Greg Bacon said...

Anon, checked out Bernie Madoff at the Bureau of Prisons site below and they had no record of 'Bernie.'

But they do have Jonathan Pollard listed????

Anonymous said...

It is known the CIA belive over the nect 75 years India is expected to sora ahead and they want to extinguish all threats,
Chine is the big worry for US oppresion but India ia second

Anonymous said...

@Greg Bacon 8:48AM
thanks for the very interesting link.
Upon my search Bernard L Madoff is shown with with reg nbr 61727-054 at Butner Medium..
Maybe TPTB acted swiftly...

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