Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The elites claim to be worried about the people's rage.

In the Financial Times, on 15 January 2014, Martin Wolf writes that failing elites threaten our future.

According to Martin Wolf:

1. The elites got us into the disastrous World War I.

"This calamity launched three decades of savagery and stupidity, destroying most of what was good in the European civilisation of the beginning of the 20th century."

2. The elites in 1914 were ignorant and prejudiced because they wrongly believed that empires are good and that war is glorious.

3. As a result of World War I, we had dictatorships in Russia and Germany, the Great Depression, World War II and eventually the Cold War.

4. The elites brought about the disastrous financial liberalisation.

The elites have "mostly misunderstood the consequences of headlong financial liberalisation."

The result has been "economies collapsed; unemployment jumped; and public debt exploded."

5. The elites have brought about the disastrous situation whereby the leaders of the large corporations now owe loyalty to no particular country's electorate.

"If the mass of the people view their economic elite as richly rewarded for mediocre performance and interested only in themselves, yet expecting rescue when things go badly, the bonds snap."

6. The elites created the disastrous Euro.

The result has been "huge recessions, extraordinarily high unemployment, mass emigration and heavy debt overhangs."

Power is now concentrated in the hands of Germany and "a trio of unelected bureaucracies - the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund."

7. "If elites continue to fail, we will go on watching the rise of angry populists.

"The elites need to do better.

"If they do not, rage may overwhelm us all."

(Financial Times, 15 January 2014, Martin Wolf - failing elites threaten our future.)


The elites claim to be worried by the people's rage.

However, if any revolts do occur, you can be pretty sure that they will have been organised by the elites.

Not all the members of the elite are stupid.

Some people did very well out of World War I.

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Anonymous said...

Jackie Kennedy 'had an affair with ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev and so did Bobby Kennedy' claims psychic to the star's book

Anonymous said...

CanSpeccy said...

The world is, and nearly always has been, the play thing of the elite, and not many of them either.

Democracy was an anomaly resulting from temporary elite fear of losing the loyalty of the masses, which they needed to wage war with mass armies.

During the early phases of the industrial revolution, the elite also fear mass uprisings and Luddism by the industrial working class.

But the military is now a high tech business dependent on relatively small number highly skilled techies, paid well enough to ensure loyalty to the elite.

Meantime, the industry of the West is being offshored to ThirdWorld sweatshops or robotized, thereby making the industrial proletariat of no value — a mass of useless eaters to be got rid of through slow motion genocide achieved by the promotion of non-reproductive sex, free abortion services and denigration of life-promoting religion.

shirlz007 said...

I'VE JUST CALLED FOR 'A NEW WORLD ORDER' (The Guardian)... and I NEVER thought I would use those words!!!

Delete my comments Aang... but do a piece on how Western Intel Agencies are now going behind their own politicians backs, in regard to Syria/Iran? (the warnings where given in regard to 'The Arab Spring'. in regards to Al Qaeda, Iran being the main target... YEARS AGO!!!)

Do a piece on how Nat Rothschild (A NOBODY... like everyone else) and Tony Hayward now have control of Kurdistan's Oil fields! (I see future carving up of The Middle East and it's borders)

More importantly (on a personal note... sorry to ALL the loyal readers)... WHY AM I/WAS I TAPPED UP LIKE A F*****G MUG!!! :'(

Obviously 'The Great House of Rothschild' is NOT the most powerful cabal going!!!

Why do I feel like god damn Annakin Skywalker from Star Wars? Straight Up!

Anonymous said...

drunk deserter liar coke-head Bush.

He 'belongs'….tah-dah!

which is more than most kids do….

but O God how the ends result for these low-life scum/parasites

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