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In 2013, it was reported that 'Soldier N', an officer in the UK's notorious SAS regiment, had boasted to his family that the SAS murdered Princess Diana.

The former wife of 'Soldier N' claims that she was paid cash to buy her silence about the accusation.

She says she was given a brown envelope filled with bank notes by an SAS officer who told her to 'keep quiet about Diana’.

The SAS officer "warned her that she would end up dead like Lee Rigby" if she did not keep quiet.

"The officer said that if I spoke out ... I might have cause to worry about my safety and my children’s safety."

She has now gone into hiding.

SAS wife's bombshell: Regiment bribed me to keep silent about Diana murder claims.

In hiding.

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The Court Martial of SAS Sniper Danny Nightingale led to a letter written by witness 'Soldier N', and sent to his in-laws, coming to public attention.

In the letter, 'Soldier N' boasting that the SAS were behind the death of Princess Diana.[71]

The parents of 'Soldier N's estranged wife wrote to the SAS's commanding officer, claiming 'Soldier N' had told his wife the SAS "arranged" Diana's death and it was "covered up".[72][73]



Anonymous said...

The SAS are just terrorists
the SAS man recently in trouble for bringing back a souvenir officers pistol from iraq
claimed he was a sniper and had killed "hundreds of people "
what a filthy scumbag.
The marches of army men coming back from abroad were hated by English people because it was a reminder of shameful actions in an illegal war

shirlz007 said...

£500? I know of women who where paid more just to make stuff up!

Sir David Spedding--Head of MI6--was ordered to organise the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales and her friend Dodi Al Fayed.

Richard David Spearman--Chief of staff for Sir David Spedding. He was given an assignment and moved to Paris two weeks prior to the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed.

Nicholas John Andrew Langman--Principal assistant to Richard Spearman. He was also involved with Spedding in the murder.

Richard Billing Dearlove--the incoming Head of MI6 in September 1999--was in Paris two weeks before the Aug. 31, 1997 crash.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Aangirfan, today's Scotland on Sunday is carrying a story re Mohamed Al Fayed and his proposal to erect a statue of Egyptian princess Scota, should "we" vote for independence.

Obviously Mohamed is a believer in the "myths" as is Uri Geller.


Anonymous said...

Not sure the army-man tried to bribe her or threaten her, sooner he was being kind to the widow of a much respected comrade, hearing grumblings on the grape-vine that raised the hackles on the back of his head he warned her she was rocking boats and annoying people who might be pushed into harming her or the kids, telling her to lay off, slipping her a few quid if that helped her to go under cover until it blew over. £500 pounds is nothing much as a bribe, probably all he could afford.

But it does indicate there are people out there who are considering action to silence her: ergo, there's something to all this business.

Greg Burton said...

What goes unstated is the situation of Diana's two children, Princes Harry and William. Do they know what really happened to their mother? That she was assassinated? Are they in danger as well? Are the real characters behind the "Deep State" really just using the Royals for their own advantage? Is the Illuminati plan to eliminate royalty, reduce the world to a Satanic communo-fascist oligarchy, murder billions in the process a reality?

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