Thursday, January 16, 2014


CanSpeccy writes:

"The world is, and nearly always has been, the play thing of the elite...

"Democracy was an anomaly resulting from temporary elite fear of losing the loyalty of the masses, which they needed to wage war with mass armies.

"During the early phases of the industrial revolution, the elite also fear mass uprisings, and Luddism, by the industrial working class. 

"But the military is now a high tech business dependent on relatively small number highly skilled techies, paid well enough to ensure loyalty to the elite.

"Meantime, the industry of the West is being offshored to ThirdWorld sweatshops or robotized, thereby making the industrial proletariat of no value - a mass of useless eaters to be got rid of through slow motion genocide achieved by the promotion of non-reproductive sex, free abortion services and denigration of life-promoting religion."



Anonymous said...

where does CanSpeccy write that, Aang?

CanSpeccy said...


Thanks for all the links.

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