Friday, January 24, 2014


Gregory M. Pyle (above) was a northern Illinois sheriff's deputy in charge of investigating child pornography.

Pyle has admitted in court documents that he took a 9-year-old boy from suburban Chicago to Milwaukee in 2008, sexually abused him and posted the photos online.

How much contempt do we have for law enforcement?

Kimberly Epperson

An Army sergeant who recorded herself sexually assaulting her 3-year-old son has been sentenced.

Kimberly Epperson, 25, stationed at Fort Sam Houston near San Antonio, Texas, at the time, sent photos and videos of the child to Army Sgt. Wade Perkins via text message and e-mail using her phone, according to court papers. 

How much contempt do we have for the military?

How much contempt do we have for CNN?

A balloon release in Mikaeel's memory. "The date he was reported missing was Thurday, January 16th. The occultists favourite, the full moon, was the 16th." Hocus Pocus ?

Roy Greenslade, in the Guardian, writes: "Some newspapers covering the death of three-year-old Mikaeel Kular have been tempted into territory that would appear to take them very close to contempt of court."

Mikaeel Kular's mother

How much contempt do we have for courts?

Joanna Yeates

Christopher Jefferies was the innocent man arrested in 2010 during the hunt for the murderer of his tenant, Joanna Yeates.

Christopher Jefferies was unfairly hounded by the media.

How much contempt do we have for the media?

In 1973, Wendy Sewell was sexually assaulted and killed in Bakewell Cemetery in the Peak District.

Stephen Downing, then 17, was convicted of her murder but was cleared after 28 years in jail.

Nobody else has been charged with the killing.

How much contempt do we have for the police?

A finding of being in contempt of court may result from the publication of material deemed likely to jeopardize a fair trial.

Of course some people believe that juries are often deprived of information that could lead to a fair outcome.

In India, the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi (above) has said:

"This country is not poor.

"The people of this rich country have been kept poor for the sake of politics… 

"Congress Governments have failed to eradicate poverty despite repeatedly projecting it as a main plank for the last 60 years."

Chai-Wala : someone who sells cups of tea.

According to Modi: "The Congress’s political future lies in keeping them poor… Its mentality is anti-poor."

Apparently referring to the 'chai-wala' barb at him by Congress leaders, Modi said it was because of the party’s mentality that "no Congress leader is ready to tolerate a tea-vendor, son of a poor mother holding his head high. They mock the poor."

How much contempt do we have for the politicians.

As you can see from the above Gallup Poll, the majority of Americans are very naive.

76% of those polled have confidence in the military and 65% have confidence in the police.

How much contempt do you have for the average American?


Anonymous said...

Media Spin Machine in High Gear: Top Three Media Lies About the Syrian Peace Talks

Anonymous said...

HERE'S ANOTHER ONE: New York police chief charged with possessing child pornography

Anonymous said...

'You live in NY, I live in Syria; let me tell our version of story' - Syrian FM to UN chief

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sibel Edmonds Explains the CIA's "Reverse Engineering" of Erdogan

Anonymous said...

'Highly militarized rioters attempt to start civil war in Ukraine'

Anonymous said...

Here's what it is about The Average American.

If it's something silly,stupid let's us say Football.

About Men who hold a stupid oval shape and run it from one end to another.

Folks get mad and shoot one another such as in the case of a Alabama Fan.


When it comes to the Zionist Pedophiles who run this World,who Steal Murder and Butcher innocent Men,Women and Children.
*Steal your money thru Banker Bailouts,not paying Taxes,get everything handed to them with Taxpayer money.
*Taxpayer Money,Men and Women being used so the Rothschilds can genocide innocent Men,Women and Children in the Middle-East.

The Average American doesn't want to talk about it and thinks your nuts.


Damn!!!The American will FIGHT you for their favorite FOOTBALL TEAM.


It's my favorite pastor once said"If the people get as passionate about Lord Jesus Christ as they do their Sports the world would be turned upside down".

I totally agree if Americans get as passionate how their country,foreign policy being runned,about who's running their country,about bringing the Zionist Pedophiles to justice,about the truth of why we're in these wars,about where their taxpayer dollars are going as much as they do their stupid football games America would be turned upside down.

Anonymous said...

Modi is a fundie fascist Hindu piece of shit psychopath and murderer, not unlike the other politicos he criticizes.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on, Anonymous1!

Anonymous said...

Why the Military Industrial Complex Needs Al-Qaeda, the Best Enemy Money Can Buy

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