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Adrian and Lee Johns and siblingsSABOTAGE OF WHISTLEBLOWER'S CAR? Adrian Johns died in a mysterious fire in Brighton.

2000, Feb - In the UK, the Waterhouse Report concludes that "widespread sexual abuse of boys occurred in children's residential establishments in Clwyd in North Wales between 1974 and 1990."

(Here is an Aangirfan post about North wales 'hidden' by GoogleMany of our posts are disappearing from Google.)

Deaths of former residents of children's homes in Clwyd:

Robert Chapman, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, fell to his death from a railway bridge. Robert Arthur Smith, a former resident of Bryn Alyn, killed himself in May 1978, aged 16, by overdosing on painkillers. Barry Williams, former resident of Little Acton Assessment centre, Clywd, found dead in a flat where he lived in poverty, aged 21. Peter Davies died 1985. Adrian Johns, former resident of Bryn Alyn, died in a 1992 fire aged 32 in Brighton, Sussex. Verdict - unlawful killing.

One of the North Wales children's care homes reportedly used as a boy brothel by MI5

Deaths of former residents of children's homes in Clwyd:

Heath Kelvin Jones, former resident of Bryn Alyn, found dead in 1992 in a bedsit, aged 18. Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due to solvent abuse. Peter Wynn hanged himself in January 1994, aged 27. Brendon Randalls, former Bryn Estyn resident, died aged 27 from alcohol abuse in April 1994. Allegedly the victim of a serious sexual offence.

Deaths of former residents of children's homes in Clwyd:

Richard Williams was found dead in a car aged 18 in July 1994. Alleged to have suffered maltreatment while in care. Craig Wilson hanged himself in November 1994 aged 16. Lee Johns, also known as Lee Homberg , former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had been sexually abused. Died in February 1995 aged 37.

Mark Humphries hanged himself in February 1995 aged 31. Allegations of sexual abuse against care workers. Simon Birley, former resident of Bryn Estyn, was found hanging in May 1995 aged 27. Allegations he had been sexually abused by care worker. Tony Wallis found dead 1996.

"Some have even speculated that Princess Diana sealed her own fate after threatening to reveal networks of pedophilia within the Royal family."

2000, sept 8th - William Straw, the brother of top UK government minister Jack Straw, is found guilty of an indecent assault on a young teenage girl. / THE MYSTERIOUS JACK STRAW / Police, pedophiles

Cagnes sur Mer.

2001 scandal near Cagnes sur Mer in France.

"Every year, a grand ceremony was organized in a satanic Templar castle near Cagnes sur Mer, by and for the .... family.

"Those present include many members of ..... in particular.

"The program is orgies, torture, and murders of children and adults...

"The thing is that in 2001, many victims escaped [10] .

"This resulted in a real panic in the surrounding countryside and the intervention of the French gendarmerie.

"The .... army smuggled out members of the ..... family.... hiding with bags of potatoes [11 ]...

From Yves Saint Laurent's book la Vilaine Lulu. Translate this page

"Foreign security services have videos made during rituals in the castle.

"The CIA and Mossad have their copies, and it seems that copies are for sale around the world...

"Satanists have infliltrated everywhere: politics, justice, media, social services, business... freemasonry and various sects..."

2001, May - Judge Anthony Russell (Stuart Hall Judge) reinstated as judge following gay brothel scandal.

Emma Watson attended the Yves Saint Laurent spring/summer 2009 show at Paris Fashion Week in France (http://www.emma-watson-fans)

2003, 3 June - The Guardian has a news story entitled: 'Toulouse officials ordered murder, says serial killer'

"Alègre (a jailed serial killer), a policeman's son, organised the city's prostitution business, providing under-age girls for sadomasochistic orgies at a courthouse in the city and at a chateau owned by the town council." 


On 21 July 2004, The Daily Mail reported: "The case for the conspiracy theorists was further strengthened in 1984 when a horribly mutilated woman escaped from a house in a village close to Auxerre and led police to a cellar where she and two others had been imprisoned for up to three months and subjected to appalling abuse.

"A list of 50 people, rumoured to include several French 'notables' who had paid various rates to torture and abuse the women, was discovered by police." 


Daniel James Morcombe

2003 - 13-year-old Daniel James Morcombe is kidnapped in Queensland, Australia.

In August 2011 Brett Peter Cowan (Cohen) is charged with Morcombe's murder.

Pedophile Ring: Daniel Morcombe

An anonymous caller told Dan's father that a pedophile ring was involved.

* It took a full year for police to draw up the first set of suspect composites and 3 years for police to draw up the second set of potential suspect composites from interviews conducted with a handful of women.

* There was a proven nationwide pedophile ring operating in Australia.

John Allen, boss of a number of children's homes in North Wales

2003: Following the coroner's report into the death of former Bryn Estyn clients, police launch a new investigation in which John Allen is cleared of a further 36 offences when a judge rules that he would not receive a fair trial under EU human rights legislation.

Neville Husband "I was told by Husband that you could easily be found hanged at Medomsley, and that that year, six boys had already hanged themselves."

2003 - Church minister Neville Husband, who worked at the UK's Medomsley juvenile detention centre as a prison officer, is jailed for child sexual abuse.

The detention centre was used as a boy brothel and a number of children died in suspicious circumstances.

Kevin Young was taken into care at age two.

(The Guardian - The abuse of boys.)

Kevin was sexually and physically abused by those who were meant to look after him

In 1977, as a teenager, Kevin was sent to Medomsley detention centre in County Durham in the UK.

Neville Husband, who worked at Medomsley, repeatedly raped Kevin.

Kevin Young

Kevin Young says: "I was raped repeatedly, tied up and ligatured (around the neck). It was the worst of the worst."

"I was told by Husband that you could easily be found hanged at Medomsley, and that that year, six boys had already hanged themselves."

"He was so sure of himself that he was able to take me out of the prison against my will and to his private house just outside the prison gates...

"Three or four others raped me as well...

"A rope was put round my neck and turned till I passed out."

Brad Lane with Reggie Kray at Gartree prison. (Yorkshire PostReggie Kray was a UK gangster who provided boys for top people. In 1969, he was jailed for murder. Reggie Kray's prison file, seen by the Daily Mail, shows he spent hours talking to young offenders and writing to schoolchildren (The Goodfather: How Reggie Kray spent his later yearsGartree, a prison in the UK, has had a lot of prisoner 'suicides'.(Murder behind bars and other inmate deaths at jail ...Brad lane died young.

The prison service and the police all knew about Neville Husband's interest in boys.

James Millar Reid was governor at Medomsley at the time when Kevin Young was abused.

In 2000, he was visited by detectives who were investigating Husband.

A few days after the visit, he went missing and his body was found in a wood in Stelling Minnis, near Canterbury.

Martin Narey was the assistant governor at two places where Husband worked.

He went on to become boss of the notorious Barnardo's, the charity for vulnerable children.

More here: The abuse of teenage boys in a detention centre. (Ian Evans brought our attention to "THIS ONE")

Reportedly, many children are murdered in children's homes.

Often, top people are involved, reportedly.

Warwick Spinks, linked to child rape, torture and murder.

2003, May - Grant Russell, a sex tourist, is murdered in an apartment, in Prague, belonging to Warwick Spinks.

2004 - Warwick Spinks is a very rich man, having 'businesses' and properties in South Africa, Namibia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, France and England.


2004, March 28th - Jimmy Savile has dinner with Tony Blair.

Austin Trey Bernard

2007 - Austin Trey Bernard is found guilty of raping his son and daughter.

He is the first of seven Hosanna Church (Louisiana) members accused of molesting children as part of a devil-worshipping ritual

Bernard confessed to sexual abuse of the children as well as satanically-themed ritualistic abuse including the use of animal parts and blood.[60] The room had been decorated with pentagrams.[60]

(The newspaper reports on this story have apparently disappeared.)

Baby Peter

2007 - death of Baby Peter in Haringey, London.

The case is linked to a top pedophile ring.

BABY PETER COVER-UP; TOP CHILD ABUSE RING (This is another post that is difficult to find on Google. And the big 'alternative' news blogs such as 'Whatreallyhappened' never seem to mention such material)

Massive child abuse and child murder on the island of Jersey. Some of our posts on this appear to be difficult to find on Google. And you will find few mentions on the big 'alternative' news sites. "I'VE BEEN BAD FOR YEARS AND YEARS".

2007, January - Former social worker, whistleblower Simon Bellwood, makes an official complaint about the care of children on the island of Jersey.

Social service's Minister of Jersey Stuart Syvret acts on the complaint.

Stuart Syvret is later jailed after trying to expose the scandal of child abuse.

2007, May - Simon Bellwood sacked ''for speaking out'' about the child abuse in Jersey.


In 2009 a child sexual abuse allegation was made about Jimmy Savile to the police in Jersey. The police there concluded on legal advice they could not charge Savile - and they had no access to the information uncovered in the ledger in 1964 (Battersea ring) because of the limited way that forces were sharing intelligence.''

2007 - Madeleine McCann goes missing in Portugal on 3 May.

Massive numbers of trolls are employed to divert attention away from the subject of a pedophile ring.

Reprtedly, Jean-Michel Nihoul was released from jail on 4th May 2007. (Cached )

The Bilderberg meetings began near Istanbul on 31 May 2007.


Edward Heath (above) and Jimmy Savile were frequent visitors to Jersey.

2008, February - Police move into Haut de La Garenne children's care home on Jersey.

Initial reports suggest that human remains and other evidence of torture and/or murder are found.

Police boss Lenny Harper attests that ''court cases and statements made to my team [during the 2008 inquiry] that children in Jersey care homes were 'loaned out’ to members of the yachting fraternity and other prominent citizens on the pretence of recreational trips but during which they were savagely abused and often raped.''

If they complained they were brutally beaten and locked in cellars.




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Satanism! I honestly had no idea how prevalent it is amongst British Security, politics, Royal Family... I think for the past few years I've been suffering from a form of 'cognitive dissonance'... I just wanted it be a bunch of Bond villains who in it for money and power!

I remember The Jersey House of Horrors on the morning news back in 2008 (remember it like 9/11)... and I remember my stomach turn.

People say 'if that was going on, they wouldn't have been able to keep such things a secret'... THEY DIDN'T! People knew of Edward Heath! People of Jersey know exactly what has gone on! Ken Livingstone has published details of Kincora!

Bill Maloney makes me chuckle... he gets passionate about it!

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